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Includes: 2 ring of 18k, 2 rings of 12k, 7 rings of 14k, 1 ring of 10k and 7 rings of sterling silver.

10k bracelet & necklace with a heart locker, brooches, gold pin & 24k gold leaf.

Assortment of 4 wall mounted decor, 2 hurricane lamps and "The Lady of The Garden" Statue.

Painted wood with glass cabinet with a lock 24X13X51.5

4 Different size ladders: 1x 1 step ladder, 2x 2 step ladder, and 1 little giant ladder system (has not been used)

Has collection of 6 pieces : 300ft capacity screen, 2 Sears projector stands model: 46984050KJ. Film screen stand, 2 Reverse Camera company 8mm projectors in original cases.

Variety of necklaces, chains, bracelets, pins, scarf clips, earrings within a leather Mexican jewelry box. More bijoux items no precious stones. In some items, some stones are missing.

Solid wood Tallboy with dresser drawer fronts woven like rattan - Linen/ Clothes Cabinet with 7 drawers. 34X18X51.5 Matches lots 131, 134, 132.

Expendable table in excellent condition. Open: 63X42X28.5 closed: 27X42X28.5 Incl.: 2 leafs. Table size with one leaf: 73.5X2X28.5. Table size with 2 leafs 83.5X42X28.5

Haywood Wakefield Dresser 1950 (stains in the drawers). 54X19X34

Sunbeam Homer Grinder Sander, Duracraft Bench Band saw model 20412. Both items have manuals. Working condition unknown

Solid Wood Mahogany Finish Chest with metal/ brass handles 23X13X13.5

Box filled with comics from 1975

Sewing Wood Incliner Station with 3 drawers. Drawers include buttons, threads, needles and more. 43X20X51

3 Volupte cases, Elgin American pressed powder, clipped mirror

Hand made carpet Aztec motive 52X81

Set of 6 Haywood Wakefield Chairs 1950.

Selection of Praying Rosaries and coins Joannes Pavl VSII

Pierre Cardin Key Holder/ Ring with the letter L, Coral set of Necklace and earrings and brooches.

Violin in case ( missing strings) no additional information available.

Total Pieces: 2 End tables, glass, stone, metal decorative end table. Made in the Philippines. 24X28X22

Harp Chroma-harp 21 cord. Wood is cracked and chipped at the bottom .

Designed End table/Console with Glass, stone, metal decorative. Made in the Philippines. 48X18X26.5

RYOBI BT 3000 Cutting System 10' precision with a verity of Vices.

Kodak camera - Vest pocket model "R". Minolta zoom lens 58mm and Vivitar filters

2 wooden stationery / letters and writing letters chest.

Sterling weighted bowl, 2 candle holders - Damask Rose Heirloom Sterling, 2 pieces of a 3 candle holder with no base

Includes : Genuine Onyx cufflinks and pin by Grand Prix / swank, Silver cufflinks, Tie clips, Money clips, Cigarette metal holder case with lighter and pocket knives.

Has collection of: A set of necklace with earrings by Paul E Morrison Jewelry, silver sterling with pearl necklace, Cultured pearl by Imperial, 1 gold earring, brooch by Krementz, Switzerland

A 1950 Haywood Wakefield Buffet Hatch. Upper part glass door and a wooden shelf, lower part 3 drawers and 2 side doors. 48X19X58.5

Bohemian crystal made in the Czech republic set of 6 Martini glasses, set of 7 Margarita's glasses, Punch set includes 12 cups, 2 ladles, bowl and tray, wine cooler, wine decanter, ice picker, 9 bottle openers toothpicks and stir picks and more.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Set with extra ink cartridges, 2 hand made souvenir silver spoons, 1 St Petersburg souvenir spoon, 1 letter opener rosewood handle by Carrib

5 single sets by Uoagco- Japan, Royal Tuscan, Paragon England, Montrose.

Hurricane Lamps 24% leaded crystal. Made in Poland

Hoover Nano Power Brush, Shop & Vac wet/dry vacuum QSP 6 gallon with accessories.

2 Mahogany Side Tables 19X19X16

Includes : White painted chair. Metal decorative magazine stand. Shoe rack stand.

Includes: Salisbury "Happy Anniversary" set of 2 cups and plates. Teapot. Royal Albert fruit bowl, Bristol Garden small cupcake stand

Gold Leaf wood frame Mirror 47X60X37.

Roasting, baking, cooking and grilling pots and pans.

Total Pieces 2 : 1 pure wool industrial shaggy high pile rug. 40X65 . 1 pure wool rug/ runner 24X97

7 drawer solid wood dresser dresser, drawer fronts woven like rattan 62X18X29. (not including mirror) Matches lots 131, 134, 139.

Solid wood closet/ tall cabinet with dresser drawer fronts woven like rattan. 22X18X78 Matches lots 131, 132, 139.

F. B. Rogers Silver Coffee/tea Set with candle base burner, Leonard silver plate and more

Has collection of 12 Soup Plates, salad plates, main plates, dessert plates, cups, large salad bowl and a large serving plate and cream and sugar bowls. By PTS International. Model : Fantasia. Made: Indonesia

2 metal cases and 3 wood cases and a briefcase. Briefcase lock code unknown, the lock on one of the metal case is jammed.

Assortment of rare leather, paper and wood postcards.

6 single matched sets : Queen M, Aynsley, Roselyn, Radfords, Royal Ascot, Windsor Rose. Stands included.

Chikaramachi Japan. Set of 7 tea cups with plates and tea pot. Minor chip on the bottoms of some of the cups.

Coffee table, designed with glass, stone, metal decorative end table. Made in the Philippines. 38X38X16

Black and Decker 1/2 electronic drill with manual. S.N 383-22-2887, Johnson #483 and a verity of metal and wood working rulers.

Imperial Cooper Candle Stands SN 920 and 921 and 2 additional decorative (different size) candle holder/stand and 1 contemporary night lamp

Burlington assorted Bed Linen king size

Queen size bed (Mattress) and base with 2 pillows, linen and set of extra bed covers 80X60

The Beufort, Faliro (Japan), Royal Albert, Lilac /Paragon, Adderley, Delphine and more.

Sovereign, Bolure watch 14k gold filled #8181688. Boluve watch, 14k Gruen watch. Most watches are not working, collectibles only ,some are missing bracelet/ strap and pointer.

Garden Storage and garden tools: garden broom, rake, spade, shovel, garden fork, snips, trowel, clippers, buckets and more 59X32X44

5 Hand made decorative Wall Hanging Plates by Fattah Gini Katahya (Turkey), set includes : 2 plates from batch 7-26, 1 from batch 7-21, 2 from batch 6-21 and 8-29. 2 Large cooper decorative wall hanging trays. Leather Lasso and more

Assortment of: 4 plastic table cloths, 5 fabric (Polyester & cotton) and 9 aprons and a large verity of Crochet table cloth.

A collection of plants and ceramic pots.

Leather Tool belt and a verity of tools: Handsaw, hacksaw, wrench, hooks, Mallet, Hammer, sand paper and more. Some of the tools are very rusty.

Assortment of nails different size and dims

Philco Ford Sterosonic System. High fidelity set of : 2 speakers, receiver, amplifier and VHS cassette holder. SN 78108901

Bible Books And New Testament Books. 7 items from 1909, 1929, 1930-1940 and 1979 one bible with a praying rosary.

Power Mac G4 ( Quicksilver ). 2 external speakers PN # 922-4352

2 American flags 3X5 heavy cotton: 1 flag with 49 states, 1 Bennington flag. Bob Lo Island table mats.

Round side glass table with metal base design 23.75X20

Acron superglide120 straight with 2 remotes Stairlift. SN110102468824U with Manual (not sure about warranty).

Note: Will need to be disassembled by buyer. Bring necessary tools.

4 pieces : 2 sets ( each set of 2 panels for each window) fabric / cotton 38X38 and sheer (lace) 51X82

32 Assorted Glass & Ceramic vases. Different shapes and sizes.

Wooden box with an old metal frame glasses


Nordic ware platter set of 5 (Minneapolis, MIN), set of 6 glass leaf design tray, salad bowl and more.

Assortment of baking trays, Pyrex dishes and set of 8 creme BR& # 158

Evesham porcelain plate, Royal Worcester 1961, made in England

Kenmore Portable Drinking System, Holm floor stand fan, Culligun ice maker/refill dispenser.

Hand painted Nippon Set includes a cup plate and a spoon (color has faded and the spoon is chipped. Small long bowl

MG Sterling Salt and Pepper ( rusted) , 2 mini vases by Lenox, Her majesty small serving plate, "Glass and Gold" set incl.. cream and sugar and 2 small vases : 25th and 50th anniversary and more.

Has collection of Assorted Ladies Embroidered Handkerchiefs and small frames from ceramic, glass ( 3 ceramic frames are by B ceramic, Florence, CA)

Outdoor Furniture. Rusted and lost of fabric color. Oval shaped side /small table with 2 swivel and recliner chairs ink 2 leg rest. 22.5X31X22.5

Storage is currently filled with gardening soil detergents, worm and slug treatment plants products and more 46X23.5X24

Assortment of knives, grinders, corn holders, rolling pin, peelers and much more

Sunbeam food processor Big Oskar, Bean Pot - west brand electric, Heat magic Microwave hot plate (as seen on TV) and more

Black and Decker air compressor # 7759, 2 Jacks and Jump and start wires.

Christmas lot includes : Christmas lights, ornaments, candle lights, wrapping papers, about 900 Christmas light garlands and more.

Umbrella / Cane Stand with 4 Umbrellas. Towel/ clothes metal floor stand hanger.

2 Water jugs, Fruit/salad bowl, 2 large serving plates, 2 candle holders (blue stand), Milk jug and sugar bowl, snack plate, ashtray . Total of 17 items

Silver plate F.B. Rogers , crown craft, Wallace silver plate N4136, Onlida, international silver and more

Leffan China set of 2 cups and plates. And a soup bowl by Homer Aughlin #L46n8

Includes: 2 Prussia plates, 1 Kuznizova (Russian) plate, 1 Johnson Bros England, Schwarzerman mit Hammer - Bavarian plate

Has collection of about 14 Placemats and Cotton/ Fabric Napkins

BernzOmatic 7 piece jet torch kit, Propane torch kit and more

Box Includes: PEM DD converter charger, compact disk XL-M505, archer headphones, wireless headphones, 2 "Walkman" cassette tape recorder, wires, adapters, Insignia compact disk, Binoculars and more

Holly Hobbie Figurines: Holly Hobbie limited edition "series II" - "Girl sliding on ice", Holly Hobbie Collective series III - "Children playing chess", Avon - Valentines day 1982, Abingdon Vase, Ceramic pot, clay statue, glass pan holder of "Madonna and child".

Assortment of bags: shopping bags, Sherwood travel bag, Wilson sport bag, Ladies elegant lace tot, "Pearl" clutch and more.

Set of 3 Metal Folding Chairs .

Assorted Avon perfumes and men cologne.

2 matching sets of Royal Albert x2, Staffordshire collection, Calclough genuine, hand print, Phoenix- England, Royal Chelsea- England.

William Sonoma china : teapot with cup, 9 Prescut gravy bowls, Corelle Plate by Corning, Wooden rooster napkin holder, Glass sauce bowls , 2 metal saucers , oil & vinegar glass bottles with cork and more

Schumann plate (Arzberg, Germany), sauce/milk/creamer and sugar set. Total items 4

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