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iComfort Infrared Sauna SAU1520-H. Tested and work. Comes apart in panels. Easily assembled in 30 minutes with two people. Very good condition and used lightly. Purchased roughly 3 years ago. Retails at $2599.59., 51X43X77, must be disassembled, very heavy, bring help. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

14ft sail boat with trailer all parts of boat including mast are in the garage. Last used summer of 2013. (Seller has no other information available about the boat.)

Honda 2500 generator with cord pull start, with gas can. Untested. Last used under 2 years ago.

Frigidaire freezer chest 29X22X33 in good working condition.

York Mega Max 3001 weight machine, with arm press and more, this machine is in parts and will need some knowledge to assemble. Note heavy. Structure in good condition. Weights have some wear and will require clean up.

Three speed air cleaner, Air cleanser/purifier. Working and tested. Purchased new under 2 years ago.

Wilson Flat Shaft clubs approx 9 clubs that includes an off set putter, and Wilson Bag. All unused. Tags still attached to bag.

Home made trailer 6 1/2 ft by 6 1/2. Fully functional.

40, 30, 25 and 20 lb cast dumbbells, and one bar and weights.

Battery charger, small car compressors, buffer, window black out, and more all in working condition.

Far Infrared Hothouse Dome Model number YS-50 with arm rest, and timer, purchased new. Tested.

Misc parts and scrap metal, Bostitch power nails, screws, nails, and more, vice not included.

10in TradeMaster bench saw, and hand planes, In working condition.

Set of 20 solar lights, out door porch lighting like new, interior hall light new. All unused and in boxes.

Yard works 4.5hp gas mower, Last used summer of 2014.

Tribal bike with Aluminum Tube Technology. Barely used and stored indoors.

working, barely used, also JVC CD player 1bit PEM D D Converter, working. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Four panels with different art work 12X36. Some wear.

Mastercraft reciprocating saw, and power planer, grinder, skil circular saw, Black and Decker drill, all untested.

Computer functions but screen is broken. 

Metal frame wheel barrow and Scott's seeder. Seeder is like new and used once.

Snow King Murray select 10/27 blower worked last snow season. Last used winter 2013.

Nortel and Avaya telecommunications equipment. Commercial parts and installation parts, brand new cables, boxes.

Gas Weed eater feather lite CT260 26cc 6in cut with extra line, working.

Maximum power drill, hearing protectors and more, untested.

Power Mac PM225-16 gas chain saw with gas can, working.

Four matching hub caps, car speakers, old cassette decks, misc plumbing and more.

4hp Cub Cadet 22in lawn mower untested.

Telescope model number 78-9470 with tripod. Purchased new and never used.

Three matching tables with waved edges, one coffee table 48X20X16, two end tables 18in dia 25in high, all disassembled and may be in need of repair, might be missing parts. Quite heavy.

Adjustable rigid workstation, large industrial HCX fan and industrial construction lights. All like new. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Approx 14 black chairs. Padded seat and back rest. Most chairs were only used once for a party. Two chairs used regularly. One chair has paint marks on it. Very good condition otherwise.

Leather tool belt holder full of tools, screw drivers, pliers, cutters, electrical tester and Lufkin wheel measuring tool and more.

Mastercraft miter saw, like new, works.

BeauMark stainless barbecue with four burners and side burner with propane tank. Last used summer 2013.

Two speakers model KSC10, equalizer model KPM4100, both tested and working. Yamaha amp model EMX212s, with box of cords, and mic stands and Kurt poster, all other electronics are untested.

Black leather look massage chair in working condition, with one extra back piece. Note wear and torn top cushion (which is removable by velcro and is replaceable) . Very heavy. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Socket set with case some sockets missing, laser with laser spotting glasses, Cross Beam Laser Level unused - like new and in box.

Four pc set 31in

Mastercraft case with drill bits incomplete, hole saws, tapes, roll of plastic twine and more.

Infrared blood circulation foot massager, and icomfort home and car massager, Dr Hoe massager with VHS tape, blood pressure machine, and more.

Gas powered pressure washer with yellow gas can, tested and working.

Large set of industrial shelving 52X84X10ft long contents not included. Very heavy. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Two Frigidaire tap water filters, with extra filters. Both tested and working. Recently uninstalled.

Samsung SCX-4623FW, Digital camera HP Photo Smart C30, Laminator, and binding punch, All tested and working. Digital camera is quite old.

Two matching with charger and one EnGenius, with base station all untested. The matching 2 has "demo unit not for resale" on it

14in hand tile cutter, grout, trowels, and diamond hole saw cutter.

Two plastic folding tables 72X30X29. Like new. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Hoffman double base pot with lids, Lagostina pots, in nice condition and more.

Circular saw, drill and light with case, batteries and charger works.

Star Trek special edition movies and Next Generation, also Rocky collection, misc music CD Jimi Hendrix, some country genre, and more.

Cordless phones, alarm clock, MP3 player, Brother label maker, power bar, contents of cabinet, all untested, misc games, Yahtzee (unopened) and more.

Land lines, phone cables, wide variety includes tub. Includes working tape recorder, webcam, power bars, battery charger and more.

GE Convection oven and four burner white range, untested. Removed from home as replaced by new stove. Has not been used in 3+ years.

Roof rack for a vehicle Unknown which model car(s) it fits.

Concrete crack filler, RV plumbing anti freeze, Muriatic Acid, and shelf 36X12X70 some damage on shelf. Good amount of chemical remaining in each bottle. Some unopened.

Three 17in screens, all untested. Last used in May 2014.

Two matching picture display screens with three panels 12in pcs, 15 places for pictures in each, very heavy both appear in good condition.

Tower Acer, two HP desk tops, Compaq tower,  hard drives were cleared off and functioned during clearing, seven hard drives, key boards, and speakers, all untested.

Blow up boat, with ore, and two wood paddles three bumpers. Emergency kit, tub and more. Blow up boat is free of any holes/tears - good condition. Emergency kit is unopened and unused. All other pieces have good wear.

Winch with cable, and 321B Coleman lantern, includes misc pipe. Winch in good condition. Lantern older with some rust and wear.

Four Wet resistant chairs, round table folding metal chairs and lounge chairs with umbrella.

Cedar Adirondack chair attached with small table 6ft wide and 3ft deep. Note Heavy. Solid wood. Can be disassembled.

Bamboo Mat 60X94. Note wear.

York 114 made in Canada weight bench with leg press. Tested and working. Barely used.

Plug in fire place look heater model number CS1205, heater works it needs a light bulb 17X12X21. Note slightly warped but fully functional.

Six ft extension ladder and step ladder combination.

Two Bridgestone winter tires and four matching rims. In good condition. Removed from vehicle last year.

Misc pcs from Dish Installation kit, Digipower Motor DiSEqC HH Motor for Satellite new in box, receiver, all untested. In good shape. Installation kit unused.

Euro-Pro sewing machine, ironing board and tie holder. All tested and working.

ionCleanse with key pad, In metal brief case. Tested and working. Naturopathic. Removed toxins from body through foot bath.

With 20in satellite and 32in satellite. Base mounted to board (bring tools).

Jig saw, drill and light with case, batteries and charger. untested.

Rakes, edgers, older broom, axe, shovel and more.

Size 9 black leather boots worn once and Converse running shoes size 8.5 never worn.

Frigidaire stainless look microwave 24X18X14, in working condition. Dent in top.

Oak look with round top and front, one with glass door 19X20X61, matching 19X20X73, in good condition.

5 of EL012B filters, 5 of EL020 filters, 4 of EL203B anti odour pet bags. All unused and in boxes.

VS pro, receiver, Dlink wireless router, EnGenius routers indoor antenna, all working.

Hedge trimmer with extension cord, untested.

Green bin, two wake boards, hose, pool items, tomato baskets, large amount of plating pots.

Citizen microwave, glass bakeware, muffin tin, drinking coolers and more.

Six light hanging light, untested.

Frigidaire Induction Burner, Hamilton Beach Juicer, Brita Water Purifier, toaster, Betty Crocker crock pot, food processor and steamer. All tested.

Misc cutlery, and knife block with stainless knives, misc mugs lots of wear, Salton kettle, untested.

Mini trampoline damaged and 2 Wilson Titanium 2 tennis rackets, exercise ball, Daiwa Graphite fishing rod and base ball bat.

Canon adding machine, EMP The Cap AGT 100, compass, Pepsi bottle, glasses, brief case and more. All tested and working.

Level (broken), saws, air blower, safety glasses, chain for chain saw, plus car hitch and more.

Helmet, foot pads, gloves, and shin pads, with carrying bag.

Size 7 1/2 CCM hockey skates and size 8 boots, includes clear tub.

Medical books, car manuals, novels, and more.

Electric street sign, double sided with extra letters some aged and damage, untested. Very heavy.

Pipe removed from house and two insulated pcs of pipe. I believe these belonged to a wood stove.

Plug in fire place look heater, model number CS1205, heater works, it needs a light bulb 17X12X21

Smoked glass corner stand four shelves, 34X18X31.

Bed cover, table cloths, shower hanging basket, shelving unit squares and more.

Sharp VHS tape recorder, with bag and some accessories batteries and charger, both untested, Early 90's model. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot

Adjustable computer table with keyboard tray 48X30X28 and office chair with a few stains, and one wood chair 36in high, Contents not included. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Two different size spray bottles, shears, vase painted with giraffes, (Some minor chips on pot.) shrub netting.

Toshiba 34in flat television (heavy) and Samsung VHS television, both work.

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