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44 1/2" tall, 38" wide, 19" deep. Tile back and wooden top of wash stand are not secured to base. Needs some minor repairs.

34" tall, 18" wide/deep. Cushion is padded vinyl.

Wood top, metal base. 30" tall, 43" wide, 15 1/2" deep.

27" tall, 26" wide, 16" deep. Wood top is a little loose from the base, just needs to be reinforced with glue or nails.

46" tall, 22" wide, 21" deep (When all 3 are stacked)

41" tall, 22" wide/deep. Cushion is padded vinyl.

Painted top, solid wood legs and frame. 24 1/2" tall, 24" wide, 22" deep.

29" tall, 50" wide, 18" deep. Solid wood with laminate top. Has been painted.

with doors & drawers behind doors. 53" tall, 39 1/4" wide, 21 1/2" deep.

Part of a set - Headboard/Footboard (Lot # 0209) and Antique Vanity/Dressing Table and Bench (Lot # 0206)

39" tall, 17 1/2" wide, 16" deep

33" tall, 31" wide, 15" deep.

Range in size from 10" to 17" tall, 11"-16" diameter.

Lot also includes 2 Wooden boxes With Vintage, Lighters, Cufflinks, Etc.

62" tall, 47 1/2" wide, 23 1/2" deep. Some scratches and scuffs.

Part of a set - Headboard/Footboard (Lot # 0209) and Antique High Dresser (Lot # 0123)

32" tall, 13" diameter shade. Green glass base with green shade

New condition. 23" tall, 58" wide, 18" deep.

34" tall, 27" wide, 8" deep. It is wobbly and needs some reinforcement.

Beveled mirror, natural fiber matting. A couple of small nail holes through frame. 39 1/2" tall, 31 1/2" wide.

King comforter, 3 euro sham pillows, 2 king shams, 6 decorative pillows.

64" tall, 75" wide, 1 1/2" thick. Beautifully hand painted wood. One side is floral, the other is fruit.

41" tall, 27" wide/ deep. Wood glue on leg where piece was repaired.

43" tall, 32" diameter.

wooden purple flower gathering basket, cloth wine bottle bag, wooden wine rack with metal cross, 2 vintage ceramic dishes.

23" tall, 14" diameter shade. Crushed velvet shade. Base has rhinestone detail.

34" tall, 18" wide/deep. Cushion is padded vinyl. One leg is missing the bottom cap for leveling.

Average size of a ceramic box is 2 inches tall and wide. Note Tin container not included in lot.

Crackle glaze finish - 18" tall

Large one- 38" tall, 16 1/2" wide/deep appx. Small one- 33" tall, 13 1/2" wide/deep. Some scuffing/ scratches. Structurally in great shape.

Fleur di Lis topped bottles - 8"/7"/6"

43" tall, 32" diameter.

with pedestal legs and 2 leaves. Some wear on top and legs are scuffed. 30" tall, 46" wide, 78" long. Leaves are 16" wide each.

Vintage. 36 1/2" tall, 59 1/2" wide, 82" long.

31" tall, 23" wide, 23" deep. One leg needs cap on the bottom to level the chair. Some stitching is a little uneven on back.

a hanging candelabra, a round floating candle, a vintage desk lamp w/ brass base, an old oil lantern and candleholders.

47" tall, 14" diameter globe. Wired.

Crackle glaze finish - 18" tall

Crackle glaze finish - 18" tall

32" tall, 13" diameter shade. Black glass base with red shade.

White shade with black polka dots. 33" tall. Metal base with ceramic ball.

40" tall, 16 inches wide, 12" deep. Some veneer scratched off on edge.

18" tall

45" tall, 26" wide, 23" deep, leather

56 1/2" tall, 80" wide, 13 deep", new

21" tall, 12 inch diameter Satin shade.

30" tall, 13" diameter seat.

36 1/2" tall, 20" wide/deep. some fading/ stains on upholstery. Structurally solid.

6" tall, 20" wide, 11" deep. Hinged mesh screen top, metal fastener, wooden box.

Fireplace set is missing one piece.

30 1/2" tall, 16" wide, 18" deep.

33 1/2" long, 20" wide, 18" tall, with fold-up sides. The hinges are defective on 2 or 3 of the sides .

Pair of unique antique lamps. Mechanisms a little loose. Old wiring. 29" tall to top of finial. base is approx. 8 1/2" diameter

54" tall, 46" wide, 24" deep. Obviously old, but all parts in good working order. Moves a lot of air!!

18" tall, 16" wide/deep. Tufted top, trimmed edges.

21" tall, 26 1/2" wide. Vintage.

Lot of 21 . Horoscope Dry Erase /Removable

Borders Home Decor Lot Of 42

- approx. 1" x 1.5"

32" tall, approx 10" diameter, new

Mercury glass type appearance, but much heavier glass. 7"/5"/3"

Small- 13" tall. Medium- 24 1/2" tall. Large- 30" tall. Tops are approximately 12" square. Can be finished any color or style you like.

large pic is painting on canvas. Others are framed.

- 3 pillow covers (need pillow forms), 3 book boxes, black floating shelf, 'junk' pocket, floral bouquet, etc.

Lot of miscellaneous sized hurricane lantern globes

Assorted sizes of wooden chairs. Some need to be caned, some need to have a nail or two added.

New, Wood and metal construction.

Good used condition.

Nursery Removable Wall Art Lot Of 12

Ceramic with wooden top ~11" tall

Saltine container is vintage.

12" to 14" tall.

Removable Sticker Wall Art Various Designs

working condition

8'x11' New

- HomArt rectangular metal planter, Yankee Candle pack, S & P set, gardening hat, garden stakes, set of 3 planter, wind chime/bell

1 is linen, the other is paper ~ 12" each

Vintage glass pieces

Florals range from 26" to 65" tall.

Planter (broken), 2 children's chairs, metal frame, 3 wooden floating shelves.

- 2 HomArt ceramic pieces, a wall plaque, a weaved basket/box, a porcelain teapot and basin

hunting frame, hanging cross, felt basket and wicker balls

Vase is 18" tall.

18" diameter, wired for hanging.

16" diameter.

45" tall, 9" diameter urn. Urn is glass and metal.

New in box.

Approx. 5"

Wreath - Approx. 15" and 3 metal planters with tray. Stool measures approx. 12".

Glasses new in box, rooster theme. Also includes 1 coffee mug.


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