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PNEU VELO BAUDOU "La Sirene", by Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942), 44X60, circa 1920. Professionally restored. Linen backed and shrink wrapped on a board.

Amber necklaces.

Necklaces and broaches, vintage Baltic amber.

Impressionist original pencil drawing, "Mendiante", by Rodolphe Duguay, 1934, 4.5X2

Needlepoint, dated 1824, good condition.13X13, Name sewn on sampler. Mary Playle, 21 May 1824.

The Snow Slide, 18X24

1904 poster, "La Chauve-Souris",22.5X31, linen backed and shrink wrapped on board

2 numbered prints by Takahashi, "Wind", 4/26, 1964, "S. No. 9", 5/54, 1968. Both 8.5X7.5

La Robe Rouge, by James McNeill Whistler, 1894, 11.5X8

Impressionist landscape, 1958, 24X21

Impressionistic Landscape, 1972, 16X11

Birks nut dishes and SC. S. Co. salt and pepper shakers

Jean-Francois Millet, 1855-1856. etching. Woman sewing by a window. Includes the book pictured with reference to this etching. "Charles Meryon and Jean-Francois Millet Etchings of Urban and Rural 19th Century France.", 3.5X4.5, includes book

Landscape, 1989, 17.5X11.5

Carved and painted sign, reads: DRUGSTORE Medicine for Stomach "SOKUJIKO", 19th Century, some wear, 36X14.5

Winter landscape, unsigned, 22.5X18.5, slight damage to frame.

Vintage French lamp, brass, works, 12X20

Forks, frames, and more. Total weight 173.2 gm

Weighted serving pieces, hallmarked, seafood pieces, serving knives, an opener, and more.

14X28. Ca. 1870 Woodcut in color, triptych. Actors by Kunishige. Includes Certificate of authenticity on reverse.

10 kt gold ring with aquamarine and diamond chips. Large size, possibly size 8 but not verified.

Rue Des Toiles A Bourges, by Charles Meryon (1821-1868), 8.5X4.75

The Don, by J. Kerr, 1984, 20X16

Crowd scene, by A. Lepere also signed in pencil in corner. 12X9

Rodolphe Duguay. (Canadian, 1871-1973) Woodcut. "Le Brassin De Savon", 9X7

Landscape, 27X19, slight damage to frame

Landscape, 1975, 14X10

Sheep, 9.5X5, damage to frame

Needlepoint sampler, 7X10, good condition. Believed to be from early 1800s, possibly circa 1820.

She's Too Young And You're Too Old, 6X4

3 Etchings by Joseph Pennell, "Venice", date 1883, "St. Paul's Wharf, London", date 1884, "Canal of Venice", date 1883.

"Man Releasing Innocence" by Shizueye Takashima 1963, damage to canvas, 35X32

Mary Gregory beaker and Mary Gregory oil cruet, hand painted, 2 other pieces, painted with hallmark sterling silver rims.

D'apres Lamasure, 10.5X5

Sterling silver charm bracelet. Total weight 85.1 gm

Le Pont Des Saints-Peres A Paris, by Lucien-Marcelin Gautier, 1882, printed on fine, hand-made, laid paper, 16X10

2 compotes, total weight 164.2 gm

Les Graveurs Du XIX Siecle, by Valentin Poulquier, 1887, 5.25X8.75

Poster of a clown, Hanneford Circus, vintage lithograph, 28X42

Kunisada Utagawa, 1786-1865. Signature Toyukuni ga. C.1855. An actor leaning on a pole, carries a large boulder on his back. In front is his sword, tied in a cloth. Frame needs replacement, has a damaged corner. 9.5X13.5

Still life, name illegible,16X20

4 pieces, including a Kralik vase, small chips to rim. iridescent. Iridescent bottle unsigned, a clear iridescent crackle bowl, signature illegible, and large unsigned pulled feather vase.

14 kt. gold ring, total weight with citrine is 6.3 gm

Carved tables, hexagon tops, slight wear, 13X19

Arts and crafts, Mission style table, made by Comstock, Peterborough, 16X18, good condition.

Female centaur, good condition, 36X21

The Fall of the Leaves, by Madeleine Lemaire, 1893, 8X13

Snow logging scene, 22X16

Hanneford Circus, 29X22, vintage poster in shrink wrap

Pie server hallmarked 800 continental silver. Knife and fork set with sterling bands, and more

Blue Nude, by Helen Barcza, 1/7, 24X31.5

Landscape, by W. Blackwood, 11X14

2 lighters, S. T. Dupont, Paris, and Dunhill, butane, small fracture on flint chamber of the Dunhill, not tested, both gold plated.

Pretty River, Collingwood Ontario, 12X16

Landscape, name illegible, 1958, 8X4.5

Woman with children, by C. Leander, 1909, 8X12.

How to Avoid the Sunday Laws,- Prohibition related humorous lithograph from "Puck", 1889. 9X12

Image of Mt. Vesuvius, good condition, made from a conch shell, 11 inches tall. Made in Napoli, Italy in 1920's.  Natural colours.

5 pieces, blue ware, good condition, including Flow blue plate: Old South Church - Boston, Mass. Mason's 'Manchu' Charger, Royal Worcester Blue Broseley divided server. Range from 18 to 10 inches.

Steel engraving, "Windy Weather", 1808, in blind stamp states Print Sellers Publishing.12X15

Landscape, by Daniel Sherrin,1868-1940, missing paint at centre of picture as noted in photograph. 13.5X9.5

Two black and one white. Good condition. One with 14kt gold clasp.

One signed Mark Armstrong, 1996, one marked MSH 1982, one marked Tony Johnson 2003, and more

Landscape, no name, 19.5X15.5

Fall, Athabaska, 11.5X15

Landscape, 1969, 16X19

Landscape, 19.5X16

Carved cameo gold brooch, aged.

Landscape, dated 1951, 24X20

3 Beatrix Potter figurines by Beswick, "Amiable Guinea-Pig", "Cousin Ribby", and "Old Mr. Brown"

Fruit bowl, Mexican silver shot glasses, pin dish, cruet missing the stopper, and more.

Seascape, 10X6, damaged frame.

Porcelain clock, not working, 9 inches tall

Brass miniature fireplace set of a Dickens character. 9X12

Still life, dated 1912, by J. H., 16X8.5

One piece signed Shirley Alford, 2002, one signed VM, and one unmarked.

Wood with lacquer finish, slight wear, 13X9X5, no key

Signed Stromberg, B894, good condition, 8.5 inches tall

Landscape, 10.5X8.5

Landscape, signed by Gibbons, 23.5X17.5

Collection of miniature Chinese vases, good condition

Ceramic planter, slight wear, 9X11.

Sitting Man, dated 1912, 8X11

Original lithograph of 3 girls, c. 1880-1900. 8X10

3 medals, sterling silver clan pin marked Pro Rege Etpatria", Italy Star, and a medal marked 1914-1918

Impressionistic, name illegible, 15.5X10

Cupid Awake, Cupid Asleep, publisher M.B. Parkinson, diptych. 16X10.5

Bridge scene, by Levigne, 25X20

Eskimo soapstone, 6 inches tall. E8795 Jonassie Kudluk. Soapstone carving. Kangirsuk community, born 1946.

10 glass shades, portrait of a soldier, heights 10 and 11 inches, good condition.

Porcelain Japanese lamp, working, good condition. 28 inches

Glass inkwell and stand, good condition, monogrammed RAS on brass lid. 12X9X4

2 woodblock prints, 13X10.5 and 7X13

Landscape, by C.H. Matthews, 23X12

3 crystal glasses, signed Marquis by Waterford

Impressionistic Jazz Scene, 1969, 24X17

Travel poster, printed by French government, 28X42, from 1950s

Chinese cloisonne, one vase has small ding, one is 16.5, second is 17. Small ding on red vase, minor damage on black vase.

Miniature ivory pieces, good condition.

Nattawasaga River, by J. Jefferies, September 1955, 18X24

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