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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Projector screen, camera tripod, Sony HDD 2000 movie camera, Sony 8NTSC Handycam movie camera, Nikon Nubis 200 camera, Samsung AF Zoom 1050 camera in case, Fujifilm Fine Pix A210 camera, Optex Televideo Producer. Also headphones, Anscomatic movielite, unopened packages of photo print paper, box of twelve new Super8 take up reels and more.

Royal Worcester, Coventry pattern. Eleven dinner plates, side plates, dessert plates, soup plates, cups and saucers. Serving bowl. Similar pattern by Charter Club, four dinner and luncheon plates.

Assorted prints and frames from 10X12 to 18X22.

With crystal drops, untested. 22X24. Few pieces missing.

Carved Asian figure. Pair of heavy ceramic figures. Pair of Romeo and Juliet porcelain candle stick holders and bowl.

Assorted prints from 10X12 to 24X30.

Mixed woods cedar chest with drawer. Note some marks on top. 44X20X31.

Six boxes of Sauder library shelving. Each box contains three adjustable shelves with fasteners to make one unit 29.5X11.X71.5.

Decor resin parrot. 33 high.

Assorted materials and sizes from 5X7 to 14X18. Five phot albums. Scrap book and plexiglass photo holders.

Assorted sizes and styles of purses including two Gucci purses.

Shell collection, loose shells and rocks.

Large tray, tea and coffee pots, cream and sugar.

Three framed maps, 2 are 19X17 and one 24X34. Assorted prints from 10X12 to 15X17.

Antiqued frame with bevelled mirror.  28X34.

Samsung portable stereo system, pair SBS speakers. Fiftieth Collectors Edition Orson Wells, Citizen Cane VHS movies and books in box, mint condition. New, unopened, The West Wing Complete Series, all 7 seasons, DVD set and more. Untested.

Walnut finish with carved edges two tiered table. Note scratches. 25X25X30. Brass and glass plant stand. 21X16X29.

The Columbus Sword mounted on wood. 55X13.

Pedestal dish, cream and sugar, footed dish and lidded footed dish, large bowl and plate and more.

Jewellery box with costume jewellery. Cowboy boots size 10 to 11. Ladies shoes size 9.5. Tote bags, caps and more.

Covered serving fish, tray, gravy boat, tea pot and more.

Royal Albert Sweet Violets tea pot, cream and sugar. Imari bowl. Two Swinnertons bowls. Five luncheon/fruit plates from West Germany and more.

Ship plaque, 2 in a bottle, and 4 models.

Assorted record albums including Ringo Starr, Genesis, ZZTop, Super Tramp, The Payolas and more. Forty plus albums.

Single roll away folding bed. Folded 38X15X44. Cot in excellent condition.

Pots, baking pans, muffin pans, new in box Corning casserole with lid, new Calphalon baking pan and more.

Set of Krustchev mariska dolls (possibly Gorbachev depicted). Pair of marble horses heads book ends. Carved and painted burro, ceramic bird.

Assorted prints from 10X12 to 21X34.

Alphabet linking floor tiles, Jolly Jumper, markers, new Paint Brush Pens set, ping pong paddles, plastic wagon, truck and play table 24X18X5. Games include Mind Strap, Trivial Pursuit, Rack n Roll Bowl, Rock Trivia and much more.

Wood bottom with brass tray floor lamp. 16X51. Working.

Grate electric logs, untested, brass candle holder with glass hurricane shade and more.

Car replicas of Porsche and Mercedes Roadster, note wheel comes off. Carved and painted whimsical pieces, wall plaque and more.

Faux rattan mirror.  23X28.5

New in boxes, Hot Tools curling iron, clock and Digital Lab am fm clock radio. Untested.

Painted drum, tin, glass grapes, glass coasters, lidded casserole dish, painted lidded box and fish and more.

Set of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedias, medical books, history books, entertainment, geography, novels and more.

Three decanters with stoppers. Pungh bowl, lidded candy and butter dishes, glass swans, candy dish and two nappies.

Collection of Major League Baseball plastic helmets. Assorted sport cards, baseball books including Sandy Koufax Road To Glory and more. Two baseball bats, Louisville Slugger collector bats for Jack Buchanan and Keith Fisher. Plastic collector drink cups and more.

Oak finish book case desk with leather like inlay top. Minor wear. 45X18X80.

Two wood cutlery boxes containing stainless steel cutlery, steak knives and mire.

Citizen 31 day wall clock. Untested.

Pedestal dishes, platters, heavy glass dish, trays and more.

Fourteen cups and saucers including Stanley, Royal Albert, Royal Grafton, Aynsley, Strattford, Royal Winton, and more.

Nine pieces includes framed Toronto Star newspaper page dated 1969. Prints from 12X16 to 31X37.

Aluminum step ladder 6 ft. Shovels sprinkler, door entry set, pool skimmer pole, folding cane in box and more.

Pair of lidded urns made in London City. Note crazing, wear and minor chips on inside lip. 21.

Pair of crutches, 2 neck braces, Omron blood pressure monitor, Sanofi Aventis Clik Star insulin pen, and more. All untested.

Lladro Figure, note missing a finger, 14. Menorah, wall plaque and more.

Two new light fixtures. Lamp 24 high and 13 high. Untested.

Leaded glass style ceiling fixture. Note piece has come out of fixture but is there to be put back in . 16.

Three carved wood trinket boxes, jewellery box, chest style jewellery box, assorted baskets.

2 Signed prints 26X32. And 25X19.

Brass canon and horse and buggy. Five carved and painted figures. Teepee and more.

Braun Multistick immersion blender in box, Apple Magic peeler and corer, Hamilton Beach hand mixer, pitchers, plastic jugs, ceramic segmented serving dishes. And more.

Lidded ginger jar, ceramic and glass vases. Ceramic and glass planters.

Two cases containing over fifty cassettes including Willie Nelson, Billy Joel, Pat Benetar and more. Three empty cassette cases, note one is badly damaged.

Vase from Japan, pink hlass vase and bowl, pair of metal candle stick holders, china tea bag diffuser, two Un Candles and more.

Matching pattern Bavaria Germany platter, gravy boat and creamer. Hammersley and Germany pedestal dishes. And more.

Canon scanner D646U ex. Pair of Zoltrex ZX55 speakers. Binders, accordion file, Scandisk SD 512 mb memory card. Printer paper and more.

Plate baskets, trays, wood cheese and fish boards.

Rattan with glass top table. 48X30. Five matching chairs. 18X21X36.

Four salmon colour plates and bowls. Mugs, glass, napkin rings, copper kettle without lid, ceramic chicken tea pot.

Three prints, signature illegible for pair 37X35. J Geneen print. 51X33.

Healthware stationary bicycle. Untested. 36X15X42.

Ironing board and GE steam iron.

Glass baking dishes, two Pyrex mixing bowls, other bowls and serving dishes.

New in box Auto Digital Coin Bank. Vintage Miida MC840 calculator, untested. Cash box.

Premier, 4 Drawer metal cabinet. 15X25X52.

Five table lamps from 32 to 6. Untested. Green lampshade is slightly torn.

Weiider exerciser bench. 64X34X64.

New in box GoldStar Wave Plus MS- 133XC. Wave Plus.

 Car mats, cleaning supplies, brushes and more. Car seat not for sale, hasn't been verified re dates/safety requirements etc.

Leather office chair on casters. 25X25X44.

Pagoda 8X8X10. Planters, watering cans, shepherds hook and light, metal decor cst, baskets, greenery and more.

Includes table cloths and napkins, sheets and towels.

Glass top with metal frame table 60X38X28. Two metal framed chairs with cushions 26X28X36.

Pair of faux wood book cases. 28X12X48. Single faux wood book case 31.5X11X42, note back is off.

Assorted faux florals.

Assorted totes and bags.

Curved, faux wood desk. Note damage and marks. 90X37X34.

Concord Collection loveseat. Note sun fading. 58X35X25.

Possibly travertine marble. 35X18X22. Matches lot 462.

Possibly travertine marble coffee table. 32X50X16. Matches lot 461.

Green corduroy sectional sofa. Each section is 94X34X24. Minor wear.

Green console table 84X16X24.

Cushions, comforter and fabric.

Sears, 21 inch.  Working.

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