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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Bobby Orr #4 hockey jersey. Boston bruins. Has some stains / dirt scattered throughout. Will need a cleaning. Size 54.

Older / antique table lamp. Unique umbrella shade. Gold and black.

Christmas theme 1 ounce silver bar. Dated 1988. Fine silver .999. Includes case.

Hunting knife. Brand new and never used. Includes case. Camo theme pattern. Blade measures 4.50" long. Made by Elk Ridge.

In good shape. Features 3 adjustable shelves. Measures 55" tall, 16" wide, and 15" deep.

Lot includes a tackle box with lures and tackle. Mixed selection of pieces. See pictures for more details.

Never opened, and still new. Model number 58-8558-0.

1 ounce .999 fine silver bar. Snowman theme. Dated 1996. Includes case.

Lot includes a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey. Name on back is Raymond, #12. Size adult L / XL. Original tags.

Lot includes 21 lp's and 17 45's. All in good shape. Some great bands / albums. See pictures for record details.

Lot includes a selection of brand new, and never used Indiana Jones action figures. See pictures for figure / character details.

Lot includes a Samurai sword with hard case / sheath. Showing some minor wear to case.

Over 40 million years old. Considered a fossil. Measure 2.2 cm x 1 cm x .3 cm, 1.2 cm x 1 cm x .5 cm.

Includes 2 needlepoint seated chairs. Showing some wear.

Stationary storage case. Country theme top. Has a scratch along the right side. See pictures. Flip top lid. Measures 16x11.50x5.

Lot includes a Roseville pitcher that measures 9.50" tall, and a apple themed lidded cookie jar, showing some wear. Signed on the bottom. See pictures.

Curio cabinet. Gold coloured metal with glass shelves. Showing minor wear. Measures 24" x 12" x 6'. Contents inside are NOT included.

Framed hockey photo. Measures 22.50" x 18.50".

All in great shape. Original first edition. Illustrated.

Early crock pot. No chips or cracks. Measures 11.50" tall, and 11.50" round.

Size adult medium. Has been hand signed by many players. From a few years ago. See pictures for autograph details.

Includes a Toronto Maple Leafs record named "Let's Talk Hockey". In good shape. Unique and rare record.

Double mirror used for shaving. Made in the 1920's. Measures 35.50" x 9-3/4".

Pear shaped facetted citrine from Brazil. Approx 2.7 cm x 2.2 cm x 1.7 cm.

Mixed titles, see pictures. Original games for first Nintendo system.

Folding knife made by MTECH. Brand new, and has never been used. Includes original box.

5 collectors plates. Fairy tale theme. Include the original boxes and coa's. All show no chips or cracks.

16" sterling silver chain.

Mink hat worn by a guard at the Kingston Prison For Woman. In good shape, minimal use. Size is small/medium.

Clock is incomplete, and untested includes head piece, clock, and 2 weights. Measures 13" long and 10" wide.

Giant needlepoint picture. Original art work. Gold frame. Measures 67" wide, and 31" long. Frame has some damage, otherwise great shape.

Kitchen storage cabinet. Showing wear from age and use. Painted white. Measures 45x16x42.

Collectors 1974 crisp Canadian $2.00 bill. Comes in protective plastic case/cover.

Lot includes a tap and die set. In good shape. Missing only one piece.

Lot includes 14 cups and saucers. All in good shape with no chips or cracks. Mixed makers.

Measures 36" wide and 80" tall. Wood frame with glass pains. Some wear.

Lot includes 8 brand new packages of Hello Kitty toys. Never used or opened. These can be used with toy sets in lot 478 and 477.

Old carpenters wood plane. Regular wear from age and use. Seems to be all original. Measures 18" long.

Bone china tea cup and saucer lot of 2. Both show no chips or cracks.

14" long sterling silver chain. Features mother of pearl pendant.

Snowflake theme earrings. Sterling silver .925.

Lot includes an assortment of older stamps. Come in protective holders. Mixed themes and years.

Lot includes many drill bits in a set. Overall good shape. Comes in metal case seen in pictures.

Cabinet with glass front. Showing wear from age and use. Measures 20.50x20x64.50.

Barbie still in the original package. Barbie has never been removed from package, but package has some damage / wear. See pictures. Barbie is wearing a green velvet dress.

2003 toy of the year. Roller coaster theme toy.

Collectors $5.00 Canadian currency bill. Comes in protective plastic cover.

Lot includes a Comic Con exclusive bobble head. Named the Fertility Idol. Lot also includes an unopened package of Secret Saturdays figures, and a Ucha Warrior figure from Indiana Jones.

.925 sterling silver bangle. Rope design. Signed Mexico.

Lot includes metric and standard sizes.

Lot of 26 brooches. All in good shape. Mixed themes and styles.

Signed Bobby Hall picture. Measures 20.50" x 16".

Old large magazine lot of 20. Mixed condition.

Old large magazine lot of 17. Mixed condition.

Working digital picture frame. Screen is aprox 7".

Lot includes 13 Corvette glasses. Different styles. All in good shape showing no chips or cracks.

Lot includes a Darth Vader type statue. Old republic storyline. Measures 8.50" tall. Lot also includes a small die cast Slave One ship.

Old large magazine lot of 17. Mixed condition.

Woman's sterling silver bangle. Measures 7" round.

Large handsaw. Made of metal with wood handle. Measures 52.50" long.

Large oil painting. Comes framed. Signed by artist, see pictures. Scenic theme. Frame measures 53x29.

Early golf club. Wood shaft, and metal end. Measures 36" long.

Good shape. Has the Starbucks sign on one side only. Made of metal. Black in colour. Measures 16.75" wide, 12.50" deep, and 37" tall.

Lot includes many Sidney Crosby collectors hockey cards. 4 come in protective cases.

Full sized collie dog statue. Measures 33" tall.

King Kong DVD box set. Includes a certificate of authenticity. Includes 2 DVD's. A very unique collectors box set by Peter Jackson.

Old large magazine lot of 18. Mixed condition.

Tin sign. Brand new reproduction. Automotive company, GMC.

Showing some wear. Mixed titles.

Lot includes a book, a 8x6 collectors plate/dish, and a 9" hanging glass swinging Marilyn. Very unique pieces.

Moving picture of Niagara Falls. Electric. Plays sound white picture moves. Unique home decor. Gold frame. Measures 25.50" x 18.50". Works.

Lot of 4 brand new kids toy play sets. Can be used with toys seen in lot 479.

Lot includes a lot of 3 Squinkies kids toy sets. Rock star stage theme. Ages 4+. Lot also includes Ken from Barbie series baseball clothing. New in the package. (Note that lot 479 can be used with the Squinkies toy sets). See pictures for more details.

Includes a dress and shoes. Retail sticker is still on the dress, and reads $142. Dress is XL, and Irish dancing shoes are size 5-1/2.

Lot of older clear glass milk bottles. Different sizes and styles. One still has the original cap. Overall good shape.

Lot includes a large mix of bottles. Includes milk glass, Javex bottles, blue glass, medical type bottle, medicine bottle, beer bottle, and more. See pictures for bottle details. Overall in good shape.

Includes an original xbox games system, power plug, tv hook up cables, controller, and 9 games. See pictures for game titles. Lot also includes 2 Playstation 2 games. Was working when last used.

Lot includes 2 models by Revell. Boxes are showing wear.

Includes an unopened Wayne Gretzky NHL hockey figure. In the original box, but box is showing some wear/damage. See pictures.

Lot includes 16 older / vintage horror movie trading cards. Comedic subtitle theme. All in protective sleeves.

The smaller bed is a single, and is hand made. Includes head and footboard, and rails. Larger bed is a double and includes a headboard and footboard, no rails. Showing some wear.

Men's size 10 vintage skates. Regular wear from use. Lots of blade left.

40 cm in length. Beaded necklace. Beads are different sizes. Opal beads are graduated.

Lot includes 8 Viennese chocolate molds. Made of metal. Smaller sized, measure 2.8 cm in diameter.

Old train magazine lot of 9. Mixed condition. Some missing covers.

Sterling silver broach. Made by Bondboid. Flower theme. 2.50" long.

Features lace lining and fur collar. Size small. In good shape.

Lot includes an older basket with handle. Large size, measures 17" tall, 20" long, and 18" wide.

Lot includes a set of 6 kitchen canisters. Showing some wear. Holland theme. Blue and white.

Lot of 12 vintage collectors cards. Mixed numbers. In overall good shape. Come in protective cases.

Lot includes a large assortment of Kelly figures and accessories. All are unopened and unused. See pictures for toy details.

Vintage book by Herman Buckman.

Feature black enamel inlay.

Black fresh water pearl necklace. Measures 20" long. Features a magnetic clasp.

Wall hanging carved wood decor. Figural woman. Largest measures 19" long.

Hand made moose call. Made of wood. Signed 1975. Measures 15" long.

Lot includes an assortment if vinyl records. See pictures for titles and artists. All are in used condition.

Wooden clock case only. Still has original glass on front door. Measures 23" tall and 14" wide.

Signed by the Kingston Frontenacs around the late 1990's.

Lot includes 5 actual pieces of sheet metal from real nascar race cars. See pictures for driver details. As seen in baseball care protective holders.

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