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6 sets with coin & stamp & history of Ministers.

1935 $20 Bank of Canada BC-9b,

1976, 1983, 1987, 2003.

Confederation copper/nickel coin, Panda coin, Japanese stamps, Legends & Folklore book with sterling coins.

First edition proofs 5 pages of 10 silver coins per page.

2000, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 1980 with certificates.

Series 1 to 7. 24 coins with stamps.

The 25c coins are not silver. 2008 Cardinal 25c coin, 2008 Woodpecker 25c coin. The 1970 dollar is copper nickel.

Certificate of authenticity that these are antique coins.

The Aircraft that Made History 14 sterling medals 29gms in box.

There are 10 coins in the set. Each coin is sterling silver with gold plated cameo. Proof quality. 1995-1999. Each coin weighs 31.1 grams of sterling silver. ( 28.77) grams of silver

The Tanks that made History. Set of 6 medals 925 silver 93 gms each.

2004 Sterling silver Lucky loonie. Weight is 7 grams. 2004 50c Sterling Silver Clouded Sulphur Butterfly and Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. Each weigh 9.3 grams. The swallowtail is a hologram coin and the Clouded sulphur is selectively gold plated.

Includes: Contains various wooden merchant tokens as well as a number of coins. American Friendship/Peace, & misc coinage.

The Tanks that made History. Set of 6 medals 925 silver 93 gms each.

Sets are 1996, 1998, 2005 and 2007 with COA's. The 2005 set has the tufted puffin dollar and the 2007 set has the trumpeter swan dollar.

2005 Red Enameled Flag silver dollar (.9999). Tax on buyers premium only.

First edition proofs 5 pages of 10 silver coins per page.

Includes $25 curling 2010 Vancouver & winter games coin collection. Box for Olympic coins included.

Set of 12 silver medals with colored lithograth on each in velvet case with certificate.

1932 coin set in case, 2008 playing card series 1 Jack & Queen only in case, Winnipeg silver dollar 1874-1974.

12 50 c proof sterling silver pieces in boxed set.

2009 $25 olympic Spirit, $25 SkiJumping, $25 Cross Country Skiing, 2008 Snowboarding.27.78 gms.

Celebrating Thayendanegea 1742-1807. With certificate. The commemorative sterling silver dollar is gold plated. Six of the 8 coins are sterling.

The Golden Years 2005 925 approx 28gm., Windsurfing 925 silver approx 28 gms, Maimonides 800th anniversary pure silver 50 ,gms. Stamps & bills included from year of the Rambam Moses. Artistic miniature included.

2006 White City of Tel Aviv Unesco World Heritage 925 approx. 30gms. & Parting the Waters 925 approx 60 gms total.

2006 Medal of Bravery Red Enameled silver dollar (.9999 pure). Tax on buyers premium only.

1993 to 1997 Double struck sets with certificates.

2 art medals by Rubin & 3 silver medals, Merchant Ships, Israel 50 & 1961 coins.

$ 25 coins. 925 silver & 27.8 gm. each. Bobsleigh, Speed Skating & Home of the Winter Games.

1998 2 sets. One with mirror finish. and one with antique matte finish.

Athletes Pride, Biathlon, Alpine Skiing 27.78 gms each.

7 coin set with .9999 Silver colored Maple Leaf.

Set of 5 bank notes replica in sterling with gold plating in wooden box.

2 bronze medals, 5 silver coin sets.

Silver maple leaf hollogram set 2003 in wooden case. Coins are 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/10 oz., & 1/20th oz.. Celebrates the 15th anniversary of the silver maple.This item is Non Taxable buyer to pay tax on buyers premium only.

1953-2003 proof special edition coronation set. .9999 silver Dollar to penny set, Anniversary 125th Royal Military College of Canada 5 cent .925 silver in case.

2004 & 2005 1 oz. .999 Tax on buyer's premium only

100 Years since the Death of Theodor Herzl with paper and sterling banknotes, Ben Gurion with stamps & paper & sterling banknotes. Approx 38 gms each.

$25 925 Figure skating & Ice Hockey coins & Olympic games coin collection included. Coins in folder are the Olympic quarters.

State medals, End of WW II, FAO 50th, 6 pcs.

Sterling 2000, "Bluenose", train "The Toronto " & "Taylor Steam Buggy".

$20 The Hopewell Rocks, The Poppy $1 coin, $20 Diamonds 31.39 gms.

10 coins in set. Each coin is sterling silver with gold plated cameo. Proof quality. 1990-1994. Each coin weighs 31.1 grams of sterling. (27.77 grams of silver)

Includes 10 sleeves with sterling coin & biography of each person from the Norwegian Mint.

3 sets of sterling coins & 2 state medals.

2008 Proof set and one 2008 Specimen Set. The 2008 Proof Set contains Sterling silver coins and the $30 coin is sterling.

.9999 1 oz with enameled leaf. Tax on buyer's premium only

2001 The Scotia Train, The Marco Polo 2001, Russel Model L Touring Car 2001.

Iceberg 2004, 2003 Niagara Falls, 2003 & Aurora Borealis 31.39 gms each. Rocky Mountain decal coin. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only.

White tailed Deer & Walrus & Calf in wooden boxes. Also includes 2 $5 stamps. One stamp in each is cancelled.

Set of 12 .925 quarters with proof 125th Anniversary of Canada dollar.

2008 Crystal Raindrop colored coin. Coin is fine silver. .9999. Weighs 31.39 grams.Tax on Buyer's premium only.

Dollar bill BC-45b-i BR unc, $2 BC-55c B/T C unc, $2 unc 1986.

1966 & 1968 birth year sets, 1920 booklet with various coins & Jacques Cartier Mint coin Silver Jubilee silver coin. 1966 set is silver.

Mint set 5799- 1999, uncirculated Jewish leaders, sterling Port of Caesarea with certificate, state art medals with certificate, bank note & coins.

Holy Land Wildlife, Biblical art, State, of Israel, Music, total 8 sets.

English Farewell set, bronze Apollo series, Israeli coin & stamp, Complete Decimal Issue UK. Disney coin set.

10 x $20 sterling coins depicting Olympic events in velvet box & certificate.

.9999 1 oz with enameled leaf. With privy mark. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only

Six of coins in proof set are sterling 925 silver coins &. Proof dollar is 24 kt plated. & sterling Loon dollar 2006.

Bank of Canada Lasting Impressions 2 bills in set.

925 silver & 7.5% copper 31.103 gms. 2002 The William Lawrence, The D10 Locomotive & The Gray-Dort.

Biblical Art 925 approx 50 gms, Ezer Weizman .999 50 gms, Journey from Ethiopia to Jerusalem 925 approx 50 gms., Nights of Pogroms pure silver 62 gms.

2 sets are proof sets- 2001 & 2006. 2001 coins are sterling except for loonie & penny. 2006 has gold plated sterling silver Victoria Cross dollar. 6 of 8 coins are sterling silver. The other 2 sets are specimen sets. The 2006 set has the Snowy Owl dollar.

$25 2009 Freestyle Skier 925, 27.87 .gms & $25 Skeleton 925-27.78 gms.

Weighs 311.04 gms & diameter of 65 mm. # 002036.

2009 Summer Moon Mask. Coin is 31.39 grams of .9999 silver. Tax on Buyer's premium only.

1975 to 1979. Double struck sets with certificates.

Presidents of Israel, government coins & medals & Holy Land Wildlife with certificates.

Jewish Contributors to World culture set in box, Jerusalem 2000 mint set.

Includes: 1999, 2001 specimen set, polar bear & loon coins & stamp sets. $10 bank note set.

Operation Jonathan sterling medal, Biblical Art & Holy land Wildlife, & 3 bronze art medals. With certificates.

The Fund for Strenghtening Israels Defence 925 medal, Clandestine Immigration 925 approx 38gms, Memorial Day 2005 bklet with stamps and .999 coin.

$5 Fine silver .9999 Breast Cancer Awareness coin. 2008 Silver Maple Leaf .9999 1oz $5 coin. Tax on Buyer's premium only.

The Peregrine Falcon & Sable Island Horses in wooden box with stamps. 28 gms.

The Polar Bear $2 sterling coin & stamps,The Moose $5 .9999 fine silver coin 28 gms & 2 $2 stamps in wooden boxes with stamp in each set is cancelled.

2006 National Parks $20 coin, fine silver .9999 1 oz. Tax on Buyer's premium only.

1998 to 2004 with certificates.

13 sterling 50 cent coin set of famous Canadian Festivals with certificate.

2007 Celebration of the Arts 925 & 7.5 % copper 25.175 ,gms, $30 Vimy Commemorative 925 & 31.50 gms.

The dollar celebrates the first French Settlement in North America. It is .9999 fine silver & weighs 25.175 grams.

2004 50c sterling set of 4. This sterling silver set shows the evolution of the coat of arms and the Queen's portrait over the years.

$20 .9999 Silver Crystal Snowflake coin. Weighs 31.39 grams. Tax on Buyer's premium only.

2007 25c Ruby throated Hummingbird nickel plated steel.

Marconi, 2 coin set 1901 to 2001, UK 2 pound coin & Canadian $5 coin both sterling with certificate. Israeli coin sterling with gold wash.

1982 to 1986 Double struck sets with certificates. Each set contains .500 dollar coin & a copper nickel dollar.

.9999 1 oz with enameled leaf with privy marks. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only

Celebrates the outstanding achievements of Olympic athletes. Loonie is plated with 22kt gold.

2006 Pengrowth Saddledome Hollogram $20 coin 31.39 gms, $5 Silver Maple colored coin 31.39 gms & $1 special edition Courage Exemplaire 25.175 gms. Tax on buyer's premium only.

2003 Canadian National FA-1 Diesel Electric. 31.103 grams weight each of sterling silver (28.77 grams of silver) The Bricklin SV-1, 2003 The HMCS d'or,

These 2 $8 Fine Silver .9999 coins weigh 31.15 grams each and have a gold plated inner core. The coins honour the 125th anniversary of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Coins were issued in 2005. One coin honours the Chinese railway workers and the other commemorates the opening of the transcontinental railroad. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only.

The 1998 SML has a privy mark celebrating the 90th anniversary of the RCM. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only.

Olympic bronze medals, 1994, 1948, 1993, & Hope of Israel sterling coins.

Includes bronze state art medals with certificates & sterling coin sets Biblical Art & Israeli Proclamation of Independence scroll with silver coin & certificate.

Jerusalem Reunited, Euro 1996 & a state medal.

Includes: 3 bronze, 1 bronze with colored lithograph, silver with lithograph "Cameo of Love", set of 2 silver coins 3 milenia Jersualem coin.

12- 1999 Millennium 25 c set in case & 1999 13- 25c set in holder. 13th coin in regular set is RCM souvenir medallion.

2008 Dinosaur coin $4 .9999 silver. Tax on Buyer's premium only.

Includes: tribes of Israel stamps, postcards withs coins, Prime Ministers of Israel coin set in case with certificate.

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