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Album has the story of the Penny Black in booklet form with a Penny Black stamp. The second album has the history of the Two Pence Blue along with a genuine 2d blue stamp. Great addition for your collection.

The gold coin 30g of 22 karat gold (.916.6) grams. The silver coin is 60 grams .999 silver. There is also a bronze medal. All medals celebrate Menachem Begin. Gold plastic capsule is broken. Gold coin is marked G - .916.6 on rim of coin.

2001 Sterling silver Volunteer dime, Sterling silver Desjardins dime, 7 coloured 25c coins, 12 official 1st day coins, UNC Lucky Loonie 2004, 2006 80th birthday of the Queen 25c, Blue Jays stamp and medallion set.

Picasso Colourized Commemorative 20 Euro. Beautiful Congo Republic 5 Francs with multi-colour Kissing Cupids. Israel 1998-99 year set. Argentina Eva Peron Commemoratives. Miscellaneous other coins and subscriber medallions. Beautiful colourized Namibia $1.00 coin with multi-colour whale and calf. Miscellaneous World Bank Notes, fantasy Notes all in near UNC to uncirculated condition. Many Notes from India, China, Thailand, Cuba, in excellent condition. China Metallic set 2 pieces Money God.

Lot consists of Canada Remembers (6 medallions in display case), poppy 25c coin, Veterans 25c coin, 2005 Victory nickel, roll of Veterans quarters, 60th Anniversary coin and medallion set, 60th Anniversary D Day coin and medallion set with CD, and 60th Liberation coin set, 1 sterling silver 50c coin - Battle of Britain.

Consists of 2 Pure Silver and 5 bronze Replica Coins commemorating the importance of agriculture, culture, traditions and history of various regions. Species shown are Dates, Barley, Fig, Vine, and Wheat (in Bronze) and olive, and pomegranate (in Pure Silver). Israel Government.

Album tells the story of Canada thru stamps and First Day Covers with designs struck on a micro fine surface of 24K gold. A lovely album illustrating Canada's history.

The 1996 $2 Piedfort is struck in Sterling silver proof quality with an inner core covered with 24k gold. The coin weighs 25g. Also in the set is 2 uncut BRX $2 notes.

Coins are sterling(.925) silver. Each set of 2 coins weighs approx. 43.2 grams. Limited Edition coins. Total weight is approx 172.8 grams sterling silver.

Reproduction 1/2 Shegel (.925) 11.7g. 1998 1(NS) 14.4g (Proof .925). 1998 2(NS) 28.8g (Proof .925). 2005 1(NS) 14.4g (Proof .925). 2005 2(NS) 28.8g (Proof .925). Einstein 100th Anniversary of Theory of Relativity. 2004 1NS (Proof .925) 14.4g. 2004 2 NS (Proof .925) 28.8g. 2003 1 NS (Proof .925) 14.4g. 2003 2NS (Proof .925) 28.8g. 2004 1NS (Proof .925) 14.4g. 2004 2 NS (Proof .925) 28.8g. Total weight of sterling is approx 227.7 grams. All weights approx.

Medals include Golani Brigade, Columbia Space Shuttle Crew, Holiday Blessing, Israel's Fallen Soldiers etc.

Album tells the story of Canada thru stamps and First Day Covers with designs struck on a micro fine surface of 24K gold. A lovely album illustrating Canada's history.

Beautiful coin. Highly graded by ICCS.

Beautifully illustrated bound Torah written in English and Hebrew. Ancient Jewish 2000 year old coin with Hanukkah candle - lighting blessings book. Shabbat Blessings with coin.

Coins included are 1995 proof Peacekeeping dollar, 1997 10th Anniversary sterling silver proof loon dollar, 1999 Year of the Older Person proof sterling silver dollar and 1996 proof $2 coin. Also included is the Voltigeurs of Quebec Sterling silver 5c coin.

Snowbirds set includes a .9999 $5 silver hologram coin, 2 mint stamps, souvenir sheet and booklet. 1992 Canada quarter set.

2004 US Silver proof set (4 coins missing), 2003 US Silver proof set, Bicentennial silver set, 3 consecutive $2 notes, 2 US Civil War notes( deemed authentic)- note one has torn side , 2 consecutive $2 notes and 2 fantasy notes, also 5 Civil War notes that are reproductions or copies.

Discovering Nature Series - 1995 Birds of Canada, 1996 Little Wild Ones, 1997 Dogs, 1998 Ocean Giants, 1999 Cats, 2000 Birds of Prey. Each set has 4 sterling silver coins, and comes with an illustrated booklet.

$3 Square Sterling Silver - The Beaver, 2009 Playing Card Money - Ten of Spades - $15 Sterling Silver coin and $5 Viking Settlement 1999. These $5 coins are copper nickel.

2 Proof sets 1994 and 1995 Special Edition sets. Commemorative dollar is sterling silver in each set. The 2004 Specimen set displays the Lesser Canada Goose. The 1997 Specimen set has a Flying Loon dollar.

Vilnius Lithuania Ghetto Commemorative. Netherlands 1944 Ten Gulden almost UNC. Italy 1962, 10 thousand Lira almost UNC. 2 Germany large Notes pre WWI. 1 Germany 5 Millionen Mark 1923. 2 East Germany 100 Mark 1975. 1 French 1793 15 Sols - uncirculated. Spain 50 Pesetas 1928. 3 newer Italy Notes.

Lot consists of silver Judaica dreidel, Hardalan set and purim rattle. All sterling silver .925.

2 rolls 50c, loon roll 2005, Terry Fox $1 roll, three 25c rolls - Poppy, Alberta, Saskatchewan, 5c Victory roll and $2 roll. Bag of P/L $1 coins (25 coins), bag of P/L $2 coins (25 coins), 4 Constitution dollars and Quebec twoonie. Face value $238.00.

3 UNC Year sets - 2002, 2005 and 2006, 1999 plated test coin set, 2004 test token set (The Poppy) and 2006 test token set (Breast Cancer) and 2006 Concept token set in red case. Also included are 2 albums with sleeves for proof-like sets.

11 French Notes dating from 1952 until 1999. Many notes of very high quality. Coin is 1875 5 Fr. (.835) purity. Condition worn but undamaged.

Includes 8 silver $1.00. Silver dollars dated 1939, 1958, 1964, 4 x 1966, and Proof-Like 1967.. Charles and Diana medallion (.925). 1888 and 1902 Large Cents (each F12). 1876H and 1918 Large Cents (F-VF). 1859 Large Cent (Fine).

4 colored silver coins illustrating The Peking Opera. Each coin is 1 oz fine silver. Peking Opera 2nd series contains 4 coins and each coin is 1 oz fine silver. Two 1 oz fine silver coins from Kunming China. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only.

Album tells the story of Canada thru stamps and First Day Covers with designs struck on a micro fine surface of 24K gold. A lovely album illustrating Canada's history.

Tall Ships - Ketch and 3 Masted Ship from 2005-2006. Each coin is 31.39 grams .9999 silver. All weights approx. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only.

Coins date from 2005-2006. 2 of the butterfly coins are holograms. Coins are sterling(.925) silver.

The 2008 set has a proof 50c coin. Coin is sterling silver. Comes in a lovely wooden box. The 2001 set has a sterling silver 3c coin covered with 24K gold. The 2003 set has uncirculated coins.

Frame of Israel stamps, Israel's 20th Anniversary souvenir stamps, album with some Israel stamps (many in mint condition) and collection of used world stamps.

One coin is 2005 $30 Totem Pole with 29.137 g sterling silver. The other coin is 2006 $30 Canadarm. Weight is 29.137 g sterling silver. Finish is proof hologram.

Palau 1999 $10 2oz (.999). Gibraltar 2000 1oz (.999) proof. Australia 1993 1oz (.999) 1 dollar (broken capsule). Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only.

Each coin in the set carries the RCM logo. Coins are 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz. Coins are .9999 fine silver. Lovely SML set. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only.

Theme is Ancient Water Systems in Israel. There are 4 pewter medallions and 2 1st Day Covers housed in a lovely wooden box.

Holocaust Victims Medal - 49 grams (.925). Hakhel Medals - 26 grams one in(.925) silver and one in bronze. Volunteering - combined weight of 2 coins is 43.2 grams .925 silver. Total weight of the silver coins is approx 118 grams.

a)2005 Uncirculated $5.00  3 digit radar note, serial number 4164614.  b)1923 $1.00 Dom. of Canada note DC25o Campbell-Clark Black Seal, Group 4 Series E grades Fine or better. 

Three .5 oz Silver Wolf .9999. 2003 Special Edition proof silver dollar. Weight is 25.175 grams .9999. Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only.

Album contains 36 sterling silver medals and a booklet titled "The Medallic History of Pharmacy". Each medal weighs approx 27 grams. Total approx weight of sterling silver is 972 grams.

Consists of a) France 2003 1 1/2 Euro silver (.900) proof coin 22.2 grams - "Mona Lisa". b) Roman Silver Denari 125-120BC Postumia -1, Head of Roma BMC #129.

Coins are $10 Fortress of Louisbourg, $10 Veteran and $20 Notre Dame Basilica. The $10 coins weigh 25.175 grams each and the $20 coin weighs 31.1 g. All weights approx. The $20 coin is a photographic hologram. Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only.

Coins are $30 sterling silver proof finish. Coins are from the National War Memorial Series 2006. Silver content is 31.50 g each of sterling silver. Total weight is 63 grams. All weights approx.

These fine silver coins are from the National Parks collection 2005-2006. Includes Mingan Archipelago (2) Pacific Rim, Jasper and Georgian Bay Islands. Includes COA's. Each coin weighs 31.39 grams - total 5oz fine silver . All weights approx.  Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only.

Medals include Eli Cohen, Teddy Kollek, Engineering Corps, Twin Towers etc.

Consists of 2002 Year of Horse, 2004 Year of Monkey. Each is 2 Troy ounces .999 silver. Non taxable. Tax on buyer's premium only.

3 Two-Coin sterling (.925) sets-Performing Arts, Higher Education, Wolf with Lamb. All coins are sterling. Total weight for each set of 2 coins is 43.20 grams. 2 One Coin sets-We Love Our Land is .925 silver with a weight of 49 grams. Our Sons Shall Return is .925 silver with a weight of 49 grams.

The Golden Rose 50c coin is selectively gold plated, as the 2003 Daffodil and the 2004 Easter Lily. Coins are sterling silver .925.

The Norman Bethune set from 1998 has 2 coins. Coins are 31.10 and 31.39 grams fine silver. Comes in display case with box and COA's. The 2007 $8 fine silver Chinese coin weighs 23.99 grams. Also 2005 Panda 1 oz .999. Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only.

One set is proof like pliofilm packaging. The other set is framed with an 1867-1967 $1. The 10c, 25c, 50c and $ coins are silver.

1897 Russia Silver Ruble 19.6 g (.900) approx. 6 large Notes from Czarist Russia in high grade, some uncirculated. 3 large Notes from Czarist Russia circulated. 1 large Soviet (Lenin) Note 1947 lightly circulated. 8 newer Notes (Lenin) some UNC.

Huvva Synagogue - 60 gr. (.925). Yiddish Official Medal - 62 gr. (.925). Dakar Submarine state Medal 40 gr. (.925). "Healer of the Sick" - 22 gr. (.925). "Honour Terror Victims" - 26 gr. (.925). Yom Kippur War - 28.8 gr. (.925). Mordachai Medal - 60 gr. (.925).

Beautiful set in leatherette album produced by Israel gov't. Each medal is approx 47g. 9 medals in album.

This sterling silver (.925) dollar is proof quality. Scarce Canada dollar - only 9994 sold.

Coins weigh 31.1 grams .9999 fine silver. The $20 coins are Sambro Island Lighthouse and Toronto Island Lighthouse. The $5 coloured SML is 31.1 grams .9999 silver. Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only. Weights are approx.

Series of 5 Official Medals of the Ships of the Israel Navy. Medals are sterling silver proof. Each medal is 49 grams. Comes in a blue velvet lined box with COA's.

Coin is sterling silver,(.925) proof painted. This is a scarce coin - only 7384 issued for sale.

This 4 coin set (1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz) displays the Canada Lynx. Set is proof, frosted relief against a mirror background. Coins are .9999 silver. Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only.

This 4 coin set (1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz) displays the Canada Arctic Fox. Set is proof, frosted relief against a mirror background. Coins are .9999 silver. Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only.

4 fine Silver Maples - 2004 D-Day privy mark, 2005 V-J Day, 2005 V-E Day, 2005 Liberation. These are $5, 1oz Silver Maples. Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only.

2005 Silver Maple Leaf .9999 1oz fine silver. 2010 1oz Piedfort .9999 31.39 grams fine silver. Non taxable - tax on buyer's premium only.

Minister Rechavam medal 61.2 grams. Jewish Liberation 81 grams. Ancient Synagogue of Aleppo 62 grams. Discovery of America 58.5 grams. Leah-Mothers in the Bible Series 20 grams. Jerusalem - 40 years Reunification 62 grams plastic capsule broken. All items in this lot are .999 pure silver. Non taxable - tax buyer's premium only.

Masada medallion. Ben Gurion Medal - 31.1 grams (.950). 2008 2 New Shequalim - 29.1 g (.857). 1989 2 New Shequalim proof coin - 29 g (.850). Baron de Rothchild coin "Israel's 34 Year of Independence 1982" - 28.8 grams (.850). 1977 25 Lirot - 19.9 grams (.500). All weights approx.

4 sheets of 3 uncut banknotes - 20, 50, 100, 200. New Sheqalin - Second series with consecutive low serial numbers - limited edition. Also included are 28 Israel banknotes.

Coins are 2005 60th Anniversary of WWII, 2005 $5 Alberta Centennial and $5 Saskatchewan Centennial. WWII coin weighs 31.50 grams and the other 2 weigh 25.20 grams each. Non taxable, tax on buyer's premium only. All weights approx.

Set contains two $5 and two $10 sterling silver coins. Coins are proof quality.

Includes 7 (5 Lirots) 1958, 1960 (2), 1961, 1962, 1965 and 1967. Includes 5 (10 Lirots) 1961, 1968 (2), 1967 and 1973. Includes 1 (25 Lirots) 1975. Total weight of .900 silver approx 331 grams. Mostly all high grade UNC coins.

Stand up easel, 28 empty RCM cases, 12 sports cases (empty), display stands, coin holder (4) and Making Change RCM Mint publication with 2003 1c coin, 400th Anniversary French Settlement empty collector card.

Israel 1986 1 Sheqel # P-51A, UNC, Bundle of 100. Israel Special Set 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 NIS, same serial.

14 items in all. Burning Bush 22g, Volunteer 22g, Hear Israel...26g, 40th Anniversary 26g, Exodus 26g, Victory over Nazis 26g, Go and Prosper 26g, Holocaust 26g, Meritorious Service 22g, 55th Anniversary 26g, Armageddon 26g, Jerusalem coin 46.7g, Go and Prosper 26g, The Knesset 47.5g. All items marked .935.

The red case contains 3 sterling (.925) "coins in history" medals. Medals include Abraham, David and Joshua. One medal is missing. Weight is approx. 50 grams each. The wooden box contains 2 medals - Music in Art. Both are bronze.

Set contains 5 sterling silver medallions. Each weighs approx 26 grams.

77 GB Pounds Face Value dating from the 1970's to present. Many are very high grade and trend much higher than Face Value.

Beautiful framed set of Israel paper money denomination 1 - 100 Lirot.

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