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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Decorative wooden cabinet with metal handles. Wine rack wooden shelving inside, plus 2 drawers. 47X21X61. Good condition. Also, 2 metal and glass lamps 71" tall. Slight rust and wear.

Wooden round table with glass top and tablecloth 32X29. Fake plant in decorative standing pot bought in Hong Kong 32

Sea green, 100% wool Patterson, Flynn and Martin rug with fringe. Some dirt and a few pulls but overall good condition. 198X123

A G. Castiglione oil painting in an ornate painted gold frame with a few chips. 27X20

4 fabric rotating chairs set 33X37X32. Includes 4 matching pillows. Great condition

Great condition wooden armoire 38X21X57

Large painted canvas with gold colored frame of 3 men around a mirror. Includes writing in bottom right corner of "Lopt Ique". 59X66.5

Includes Panasonic TV, 31" screen, plus Toshiba cassette player, DVD player with assorted cables, Bionaire humidifier, and more.

2 black leather cushioned Herman Miller rolling chairs, 23X25X42 and 23X24X34. Slight wear, but good working condition.  Description sent by the Herman Miller customer care department says  " They are Eames Aluminum Group Soft pad chairs.  The tall one is Executive and the one with 2 cushions on the back is the Management Soft pad chair."

Plus filing cabinet 15X24X28 rust damage at top, slight wear.

Exercise bench, bosu ball, weights, ball

Ps2 with 2 controllers, assorted cables, a memory card and assorted games. Working condition unknown.

Bed with bedding 56X79X21, pair of night stands 30X19X31, corner cabinet 30x30x31, dresser with 3 drawers 30X19X31, desk with 3 drawers 48X19X31, cabinet with doors 30X19X31. Velour covered slip chair and pillow 31X36X27.

Demon CD player and Carver amplifier. Good condition

6 dining room chairs set. Wood and fabric. Great condition 39X21.5X18

Fake plants in pots and 2 gold halogen lamps 69. Hanging print not included.

Beautiful wall mirror with gold detail. Great condition 61X45X24

Gold metal and glass coffee table 63X54X17. Table has three levels that spin. Small chip on side

Sony digital DVD player. Good condition. With remote

Matching lamp figurines of 2 wise men with beards in light blue robes and staffs. 29" tall.

Smithsonian Institution Astronomical Telescope, f = 700mm, D = 50mm. Excellent condition.

Alberti painting on canvas with wood frame 52X42

6 bamboo framed watercolors of plants 33.5X27

6 dining room chairs without arms, 2 with arms. Wood and fabric, great condition 22X23X39, armchairs: 25.5X20X39

Electric powered red ESH 750ex Go-Ped. Working condition unknown.

Large white patterned couch. As new condition. Includes 3 stitched pillows. Couch: 89X33X30

5 framed watercolor prints of plants and flowers

A black knoll lamp in good condition. 19" high, 12" diameter.

Decorative wood table: 34X34X30, 2 bridge table covers, 4 fabric chairs: 19X25X41

Monopoly print 21X25. Vogue print 18.5X23.5. With frame 25X31.Three additional framed works and a painting on metal with a gold frame.

Grometric mirror side table 44X15X31. Good condition. Contents of table not included.

Live potted plant and misc. lawn animals and decorations.

Ladies set of Cobra and Calloway golf clubs as well as assorted ladies golf-wear, socks, gloves, tees, a jacket with the tag still on it, golf balls and size 38 shoes.

Glass shelves with silver framework. 42X17X82

Silver and glass shelving unit, 3 working lamps, one gold, one metal, one ceramic. Electronic TV box and remote NOT included.

Real Rattan love seat, 2 lounge chairs, and magazine rack. Love seat: 65X32X34, chairs: 35X29X34, ottoman: 25X23X16

Two 3 drawer dressers 31x19x31each. Vanity-desk unit 48x19x31. Mirror 37 diameter. All in excellent condition. Items on Table not included.

4 small prints: 17x14, 2 medium size prints (set): 21x18, pair of large prints: 33.5x29.5

Includes almost** everything in the closet Stacks of assorted dishes , plus an old rusting iron scale, old leather boots, a heavy glass lamp cover, a pair of old roller skates, and more. **Note: Does not include the safe, white stained glass shade and alcohol.

Assorted men's and women's jackets including Ellen Tracy, Kristin Blake, Italian made and more. Also high end dresses such as Watters, Valerie Parr, and more. Varying conditions.

2 black metal bar stools 22X22X44

Good condition wooden cabinet with two matching side tables 76X21X32, 26X17X25

Live tree, live orchid, fake planters, wicker basket, lawn cat statue

Collection of 8 assorted women's Callaway golf clubs, some Big Bertha. . Good condition.

Pair of mirrored plant holders with plastic plants. One short and round 14" high, the other square 35X19X16

Wooden table (legs chipped), 6 wicker chairs, plates and ladle chairs: 35.5X20X28, table: 67X40X29

Slightly larger than a love seat with subtle patterning on the fabric. As new condition. 64X37X28.5

28 pieces of white lawn furniture plus small black covered grill. Furniture includes table and chairs, serving cart, love seat recliner, ottomans, glass side tables, umbrellas and lounges. Good condition, slight wear.

Evening gowns - no sizes, outerwear sizes L, XL, 1X. Tennis skirts size 20.

3 pieces of Asian themed wall art. Large piece in golf frame: 31X45, Two smaller pieces: Frame 25X36, Art17X27

Ceramic teapots, candle holders, bowls, and punch/soup bowls with ladle. Garden/vegetable themed

Assorted sports equipment including 6 tennis rackets, golf balls, helmets, a baseball mitt, a hockey stick and more, plus a plastic green wagon.

Fabric couch (2 parts): 82X44X32 and matching ottoman: 57X23X19. Includes 3 matching pillows. Great condition

48X170X90 good condition shelf, good for holding appliances and dish-ware

White kitchen table with metal and plastic high chair. 60X38X30, good condition

Paper plates, Plastic cutlery and cups, baking pans, bender, candle holders

Detecto-medic scale. Heavy, working condition18X22X76. Towels not included.

Two white lamps (31), stained glass wall hanging (36), fake plant with planter and podium

1 live plant, misc. fake plants, birdhouse, framed picture

Four motorized toys with controls. Working condition unknown. Balls, Frisbee, small skateboard, computer key board, games, art kits and plush toys.

Assorted pieces of luggage. Large hanging bag, two small garment bags. Three small totes. Shop Vac in working condition.

Glassware, white penguin sculpture, wooden horse, other trinkets

Assorted ladies high end jackets, plus a sweater and pair of size 38 snakeskin heels. Includes a medium 2XPOSE jacket, some Jeri Richards jackets, an XL Ermenegildo Zegna, and more.

Two framed prints: 33X41 and 37X25. Bottle lamps 23 height. Only one with finial. China cup and plates one with 22 ct gold detail. Assorted brass candlesticks, lacquer box, vases, hangers, 4 mannequin heads. Also a Martha Stewart blanket. Pair of lace shams.

26X11X35, 21X19X19, fake plants in decorative planters. Two fabric benches in good condition

Large black oval wooden art pieces, with green and copper colored design. 34X60.

Sweatshirts, hats, shoes, shirts.

2 boxes of cook books, cassette tapes, and a shelf of fashion and news books

White Tiffany style shade, no hardware included.  Has crack on bottom.

Bionaire humidifier model number CP-2550. Scissors, tweezers, ear scope, etc. in very good condition. Three pairs of crutches with minor use.

JVC TV with green cabinet and black metal shelving unit (separate) 45X13X48, 49X22.5X35

3 boxes assorted books. Comes as is.

1 wooden birdhouse shelf 19X13X60 sturdy and in good condition, plus 2 cow stools 30" tall, plus decorative birdhouse with slight damage.

Matisse print - frame 38x30, print - 31x23. Bishop Museum print - frame 36x37, print 25x23. Pegge Hopper print - frame 41x34, print 29x22.

Collection of wicker baskets, a wreath and vases

Variety of holiday wrapping paper, straw basket, and mops

Two white coffee tables with fabric love seat. Good condition 30X20X20, 59X33X32

Assorted box of glasses and mugs in good condition, a variety of aluminum baking material, assorted woven baskets, metal fireplace tools and grate, and more.

4 vase themed art prints, all entitled on the top right "Les Porcelaine de Chine". In heavy painted frames. All 22X18.

Lester from Philadelphia miniature piano with bench. Large scratch on top, with a few other scratches. Keys stick but mostly in tune. Piano: 55X54X37. Bench: 37X17X17. Items on top of piano not included.

Note: Professional movers are strongly suggested. Any damage to the property made by the removal of this large/heavy item will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Assorted tools, paint, 2 lawn chairs and more. Comes as shown.

Gumball machine, sewing basket, crocheted purses, flowers, tapes and books. All in very good condition. Mirror not included.

Philips VHS player. Good condition. With remote

Variety of towels and linens

Bodyguard by Landice treadmill 27X73X40

Tall extending outdoor metal ladder, over 13ft. Medium wear. Plus extending metal scrub brush and lightbulb changer.

Very heavy black metal MNON safe located in basement. 20X25X34. Combination included. Bring appropriate assistance to move. Item on top not included.

Laminate bed frame 57x78x21 to top of mattress. Two laminate cabinets with drawers 31x19x78 each. Laminate furniture at bed head 57x13x31. Laminate light unit 57x13x5. All in very good condition. Telescope not included.

Crocheted purse, 3 quilts each approximately 85" long, black White Stag ski pants, size 14. Hanging 10 pocket storage.

Large fake Asian tree in decorated metal pot. 83" tall.

Tall white Detecto metal doctors scale. Age and chips in the paint, but good working condition

Variety of cleaning and gardening supplies

Live bamboo plant in planter 96X15

Two twin beds with king size bedding, painting, and bedside radio. Painting: 40X29, bed: 79X76X24.

Driver desk corp. Black file cabinet 18X27X60

Fake bamboo tree and small plant. Both in planters 19X15X16

1 live plant and 1 fake plant in pots with stained glass hummingbird chime 18X19, 16X19

Light green shelving unit with lights on side tops. Items inside not included. Great condition 85X22X87

1 6 ft wooden ladder, pair of hedge clippers, 3 rakes, a shovel and broom, plus garage and garden supplies as shown. Slight use on all tools.

Large pastel pink TV cabinet with space for large television above and 2 shelves below. Good condition. 45X23X79

Two Gold striped plush chairs, worn and faded but sturdy. Fraying at bottom left side of one seats, plus medium-heavy fraying on back corners. Rolled up wool rug in blues and golds and more from ABC carpet. Good condition, original price $5000. All comes as is.

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