South Frontenac (Ontario, Canada) SELLER MANAGED Auction (January) - Battersea Rd

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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
A max bid would make it more difficult for others to outbid you.

A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

In response to other bids, the auction system will automatically increase your bid in the smallest increment possible (up to your max bid amount) in order to maintain your lead position.

To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

You now have a max bid.

You can raise or lower your max bid at any time by entering a new amount.

If you wish to remove your max bid you can do so by entering an amount equal to the current bid into the bid form.

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You can add a max bid to protect your item against other bidders by using the form above.
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You can enter the minimum bid of %s or a greater amount.

If you bid more than the minimum bid you will get a max bid that the system will use to bid for you against other bidders, up to the amount you enter. So if you enter a bid of %s for this item, the system will place bids on your behalf in response to bids from other users until someone bids more than %s.

A graded coin slabbed by ICCS MS64 condition this mint coin has tone and lustre book value near 800$

A high grade 1921 silver Canadian 10 cent coin

Sterling silver province coin sealed in hard plastic capsules 12 25 cent coins in total set comes with tench and English paper work and 1992 dollar coin Ottawa city hall Note: Newfoundland coin has spotted patina on the coin 13 coins total

A well designed and crafted ring with 10 small diamonds just over 1/2" in size

All coin age are sterling silver except then the penny and loonie coin selective gold plated 2 dollar coin

Set is worth around 200$ comes with paper work and original redwood box coins are in mint shape 1oz 1/2oz 1/4oz 1/10th oz and 1/20th oz $5 $4 $3 $2 $1 face value royal Canadian mint government issues coin set Note: light ware to the lid of the box rainbow hologram colour

Ring weighs 1.5 grams and is 3/4" in diameter flower pattern stone setting comes with box

A high grade collector coin exerts fine condition very nice hair lines with deep tone and some mint ouster

A solid 10 k gold ring 3/4" inner band ring weighs 1.7 grams

A Canadian silver dime very fine plus grade dark patina no damage circulation dime

A solid 10k gold chain with heart charm with a diamond setting 9" chain weighs .7 grams

A rare 1947 maple leaf Canadian silver 50 cent coin ICCS graded VF30 golden brown patina nice hair lines

A coin set in hard plastic holder 4 silver coins these are circulated coins 1962

Ring weighs 1.4 grams and is 5/8" in size

A sterling silver Canadian 50 cent coin some dings on the rim other then that no real damage toned and some jewels visible

A Spanish coin in plastic with paper work in plastic flip coin is very old and made of silver dark Ocean patina on the coin

Coin comes mint sealed in hard plastic capsule coin is pure silver and has 20 $ face value

Centennial coin set 1967 silver goose dollar 6 coin set sealed with original paper work and envelope

A sterling silver captains ship wheel pendant on 32" sterling silver Chain 7.3 grams

Jersey is in good shape Vancouver Canucks I think it is a medium

Coin is graded G4 Victorian 5 cent sterling coin

Image of a wolf 2013 20$ 20$ coin sealed in hard plastic capsule mint

Large sterling silver commemorative dollar set in leather holder with paper work and plastic box

Coin has lots of ulster and original mint strike very visible coin is 80% silver

The ring is 3/4 inch around and the inner part is just over 1/2 inch this would be a women's pinky ring

The ring size is 3/4" and it weighs 11.8 grams it is a large heavy ring blue stone has wear and scratches

A sterling silver 5 cent coin 1909 round leaves variety in vf+ condition almost every jewel in the crown is visible the coin is to small to see them well in the pictures

A mint shape Canadian bullion 1 oz coin light milk spots visible

Coins come in holder along with box and paper work macintosh apples genuine leather case

A slabbed graded near mint au 58 1943 near 3 variety iccs flip

I am un aware of metal content or purity looks to be a used piece 5" long x 3.5" tall

A silver half dollar of Canada circulated

A lot of world coins large and small from many countries some that do not currently exists

An old Canadian 10 dollar bill nearly crisp some slight wrinkles

A Canadian 2 dollar bill comes in plastic protector bill is in mint crisp condition

A 4 coin set discovering nature 1996 coin comes in holder with appear work in the box coins are 925 and mint shape sealed in hard plastic capsule

A mint sealed in a hard plastic capsule 1983 silver coin in box

Set comes in brown leather case in a brown plastic box set comes mint sealed with paper work

A jeweller made broach "the chief " made of 925 sterling silver and weighs 53.8 grams and measures 2.25"x2"x3/4" a very unique and well sculpted piece

Ring weighs 3 grams and has a green malachite stone 3/4" inner band size this ring is an older piece and is signed

Coin is 80% silver and in mint shape

Coins are from 1906 1905 1903 1902 4 coins mounted on a pin broach small Canadian 925 sterling silver 5 cent coins darker tones could use a cleaning jewels are very visible close up

A pristine mint crisp 100 dollar Canadian bill 1975 in plastic protective holder

Royal Canadian mint coin in holder with box

A British coin set 1970 with holder and paper work

Lightly worn with light wrinkles 20 dollar Canadian king George bill

A 1946 silver half dollar of Canada well detailed some tone on the kings neck and cheek

All dates are in the 1911-20 range

There is a dime quarter and a 50 cent all Canadian silver coins

A mint sealed Canadian Olympic coin in hard plastic capsule

Coin is in mint shape with stunning hair lines and blue patina

Crock is 6" tall and 3.5" diameter "the pinnacle" 1930 made in Canada

A circulated 1901 barber dime 90% silver circulated

A perfect mint shape crisp 50 dollar bill of Canada 1988 comes in plastic protector

A very nice old Canadian 50 very very light wrinkles if any still very crisp

Mint ouster still on the coin it is in circulated condition it weighs 28.3 grams and is larger then a Canadian silver dollar

A 5$ face value coin with the Olympic torch in hard plastic capsule in mint shape

An iccs slabbed coin graded f12

Coin weighs 28.2 grams it is in high grade near mint condition it's purity is 80% and it is larger then a Canadian silver dollar

A silver 1973 RCMP coin mint sealed in hard plastic capsule

A circulated 1940 Canadian silver 50 cent

Coin is silver and in a hard plastic capsule high grade mint 1992 silver Canadian dollar coin

Monarch precious metals hand poured 1 oz bar

The first year of the nickel dollars mint sealed specimen strike comes with envelops and paper work dime and quarter possibly 50% silver

A dish made of brass with a lid with etched design signed rb India

Coin is worn and old 925 sterling silver 50 cent of Canada dark tone and patina

A high grade mint Canadian bill crisp 1967

A circulated bill with lite wrinkles 10 dollar Canadian

A very lovely set of 2 bowls 2 bowl plates and 4 dinner platter royal Victorian 1933

A very crisp bill close to mint shape if not mint no folds bends or staining comes in protective plastic

A mint 1987 Canadian silver 1 dollar coin in hard plastic capsule

Card is in hard plastic case some slight corner damage serial numbers No 31299 topps baseball

A silver quarter graded very good 10 iccs slabbed coin

A stained glass bat symbol

Set it perfect mint proof 1990 comes with paper work and holder

Coin is circulated no major problems

A mint condition coin sealed in hard plastic capsule 1989 silver dollar of Canada

Coin is 925 sterling silver 1907 25 cent slabbed and graded by iccs

Coin is first year of issue and has paper work and is mint sealed in the box

A dime in almost uncirculated shape 90% silver coin from world war 2 times

A good looking 925 sterling silver Canadian 5 cent coin with patina

6.5"x4" golden originals Johnny bower card

Bill is hi grade mint crisp 20 dollar Canada comes in plastic protective holder

A silver dollar mint sealed in hard plastic capsule any scratches are on the capsule

A commemorative silver dollar in royal Canadian mint holder mint sealed in hard plastic capsule no paper work

The wheels on the wagon spin freely and it is a very well detailed piece of jewelry 1" long x1/2" tall it weighs 4 grams

A golden brown patina on king George and the rest of the coin it is larger then a Canadian dollar well detailed hair lines

Coin is mint sealed in a hard plastic capsule Calgary coin 1975 silver capsule has scratches and ware coin is in high grade mint condition

A very old silver coin in high grade with dark patina and very well detailed

A large silver South African coin king George 1948

Lots of stamps from many country's including Canada and USA many blank spaces

Package is slightly torn possibly opened but everything is there retail 39.99

An artist designed Toronto maple leaf stain glass 9"x6"

Coin is mint sealed in hard plastic capsule 1978 commonwealth games of Edmonton

Coin is worn and dark patina 925 sterling silver

Bill in in circulated condition wrinkles are visible but bill is in very nice shape

Brand new belt buckle sealed in package

A mint sealed set of Canadian coins 1981 mint set

Dark black patina coin is made of bronze it has detailed images for a coin of this age

1.25" diameter and they weigh 7.1 grams 925 sterling silver

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