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Gold filled ring with 3 main stones and 6 accent stones on the band.

Rose gold filled thick band ring. Very good condition

PS2 with 5 games, controller, Internet network adapter, and 8mb memory card. Popular & fun games included are SOCOM navy seals 1 and 2, Fifa '06, JAX combat racing, and everyone's favourite Resident Evil. Tv not included in this lot. Tested and working

925 sterling chain and pendant. White cz stone in pendant. Both are stamped 925. Chain is 22" long and pendant is 1.3/8"

Gold filled men's ring with black onyx coloured stone. Size 9

Nintendo Wii sports bundle with accessories pack and brand new travel case. Sports games are bowling, tennis, baseball, golf, and boxing. Also included is big bass challenge with fishing reel attachment. Comes with wiimote controller and nunchuck. Tv does not come in this lot. System and games are tested and working

Original snes video game system. Comes with one controller and 3 great games. Includes super Mario world, Bart's nightmare, and Mario paint with mouse. This system is tested and working. Tv is just to show it working and is not included

Original nes action set. Comes with 2 controllers and the zapper gun. Comes with original super Mario/duck hunt cartridge. In addition, it comes with rad racer, Dr. Mario, r.c. Pro am, and super Mario bros. 3. All tested and working. Tv is just to show system working and is not included. Check out the other game systems in this auction

14k white gold filled chain. Nice twist style. About 18" long

Heavy 925 silver chain bracelet. 3/8" thick and 9" long. Excellent condition.

Men's gold filled ring with black onyx main stone and small white stones surrounding. Size 11

Handcrafted ceramic mallard duck dish. Aprox. 9" long.

Vintage Sega GameGear handheld video game with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Mortal Kombat. Tested and works great

Japanese Olympia slot machine. Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. I put this machine in the auction to go with my valentine theme. Could use a replacement key but can be opened with the key that comes with it with persuasion. Otherwise this machine works great. Comes with approximately 200 coins.

Xbox arcade edition with 120gig hard drive. Comes with hd rgb cable and power supply. Also comes with one wireless controller. Charging cable not included. Also included is NHL 10 game. Dvd tray jams sometimes and needs persuasion. Tv is just to show system working and is not included

Rose gold filled chain with stamped pattern. About 18" long

Gold filled bracelet with cz stones. Valentine's Day is coming

Gold filled earrings with heart shaped stones. Valentine's Day is coming

925 silver ring. Chain of hearts design. Stamped 925 (sterling).

Chanel Chanel pants. new with tags .

Gold filled necklace. About 18" long.

Xbox 360 arcade edition with aftermarket auxiliary cooling fan. Comes with hd rgb cable and power supply. No controller or hard drive. This system is tested and working. Tv is to show system working and is not included

Very old bench

3 boxes with magic game cards all kinds may be some worth a lot

10k gold filled ring with cz solitaire.

Silver tone with red heart stones and white crystals

14k white gold filled bracelet with heart charms. 7.5" long with extra 2.5" for adjustment

Black label , lifted research and cavi. New with labels

14k white gold filled necklace. Classy snake chain is 20" long

3 tin lithograph pictures. For bar or man cave. Included are Moosehead, Budweiser, and Alpine beer. All are in excellent condition with no rust, dents or paint loss. They are about 8"x12"

Lovely Gold filled ring with 9 stones. Valentine's Day is coming

6 lucky Buddha bottles come with basket .

10k rose gold filled ring. White cz solitaire stone held by 3 claws.


Brand new in box men's boots. Size 12

Turtle beach head set works with pc and Xbox 360. Ear force X11


Gold filled ring with emerald coloured main stone surrounded by 14 clear stones. Stamped size 9. Valentine's Day is coming

Original Sega genesis video game system. Comes with one controller and 3 games. Includes John madden football 92 and 93 as well as jack Nickolas golf. Tested and working. Tv is just to show system working, not included

Wooden miniature rocking horse. Hand carved and hand painted. 9"x6".

Ladies coach brand purse. Some wear. See photos

Snow tube / water tube. Ride on inflatable winter and summer fun. Comes with brand new DC shoes winter hat. Sweeet

10k gold filled ring. 2 sided with love on one side and 5 small white cz stones on the other side. This is a small size ring about size 6. Could also be worn as pendant

James Keirstead framed print. Magic's first Christmas. 21"x17" frame size

10k gold filled ring with ruby coloured main stone.

Rocawear shorts new with tags size 38

10k yellow gold filled earrings. Large ruby coloured stones.

14k white gold filled hoop earrings. Aprox. 3/4" diameter

Nintendo game boy advance sp . Comes with carrying case and accessories. Game included Texas hold'ed poker . Tested and working.

Gold filled bracelet is adjustable from 6.5" to 8" long. It has 7 cz stones which are a blue green colour. Photos represent actual colour of stones

James keirstead framed print. Sanford, NS. 21"x17 frame

Vintage 1981 Montreal expos ceramic mascot.

Rose gold filled earrings with Ruby coloured stones in the shape of sphere. Valentine's Day is coming

Wood boat with cloth sails. Aprox. 10" long by 9" tall

8mm video camera recorder. Comes with everything seen in photos. No cassette tapes. Untested

Wood boat with cloth sails. Aprox. 10" long by 9" tall

Good coffee 5cent the old timers clock ,a unique collection of tin clocks .

In good shape. Doubles anyone?

New. Size 11.5 men's dress shoes.

Wear from use. Tested and working.

Hand painted mask carved out of wood. Man wearing bird as a beard. Vintage Mexican folk art. 11x7.5".

White gold filled ring with clear crystal stone.

Gold tone necklace with rhinestone covered feather. Chain is about 16" which can be let out another 2.5". Feather is a nice 2" in size.

This cool Mario stuff doll is cool to have in you Nintendo room wrapper was open but doll was in a safe place away from dust and any other harmful stuff.

5 vintage steel beer cans.

91-92 score #1. There are 330 cards according to writing on box. I did not count them.

Dance mat new in box for ps2 or ps1 great for dance parties or practising your dance moves. Also there are 10 mix controllers for Xbox, ps1 ps2 , and game cube . Untested or for parts .

Natural cool moisture humidifier. In box. Looks used. Untested

This is Judy and she is a doll. She is a limited edition in very nice condition. She is sitting on a swing and pondering life's big questions. She is about 17" from hat to toes.

94-95 fleer ultra series 1. There are 250 cards in the box according to what's written on box. I did not count them

This game is very cool get to make spells with the playstation move . Bring things to life in you very own home. Comes with game book and camera.

This guy is in excellent condition. Probably his first time out of the box. Measures about 7 1/2 long by 6" tall

Grape vine bush in metal box very nice art work .

Life proof case protects you iPad Air . This is a top of the line case

Good for camping easy to carry

Silver plated butter dish. Unique flip lid that opens with tap of a finger.

Mother & daughter pandas. Larger is just over 5" and smaller is about 3" tall

4 coins banks made from metal. All showing age and wear. All missing bottom plugs.

Not sure what they are for

Brand new bangle bracelets. New with tags. $58 tag price value

91-92 pro set number 1.

91-92 pro set number 2.

This is a lot of 4 PS2 playstation 2 games. Extreme racer - Tokyo drift, Sprint cars 2, Power Drome, and NHRA Grag Racing 2.

4 cups with cats and Chinese writing. Gold accents. On wooden tray.

Untested ps2 micro racing wheel with peddles by madcatz.

Final fantasy X-2 official strategy guide , tells about min games ,includes area maps and accessory and item inventories , and much more !

MP3 / fm tuner with box and leather case

Mix odds and ends

More odds and ends .

12 pieces. See pic

Many zippered compartments. Leather like material.

Glass serving bowl with silver plated rim. Silver plated serving spoon and spork. Bowl about 10" diameter. Spoons about 10" long

Brand new size 6 men's shoes

Mayfair & Jackson porcelain plates. Fun cocktail theme. Might have been used once. Excellent condition. 4 plates, 7.5" diameter

Small tea pot with 2 cups. Note small chips in top of cups. See photos

satellite antenna cable tv. 25ft new in package.

Brand new hand made glass bead necklace. Can be worn twisted or as multiple strands. New with $35 price tag. About 20" long

Brand new hand made glass bead necklace. About 48" long. Can be worn double wrapped or as one long strand. New with $30 price tag

Marble base lamps with Amber coloured jewel cut look. Interesting leaves growing. Lamps are untested and there are no shades.

3 piece tea set. Silver plated glass.

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