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Adagio GDP-8800 digital grand piano, 46X55X36, not tested, with piano bench and music books. Located in basement. 3 steps to backyard. There are many steps at the side of the house. If you remove the piano through the house, there are 15 steps from the basement to the first floor. NOTE: buyer can make special arrangements to move piano on Monday March 2 only in the morning. You can play the piano or you can set the piano to play by itself.

Oak dining room table, wood, slight wear, 66X42X31, extra leaf is 15X42X31

Wood tea wagon with painted tiles, slight wear, 21X40X29

Playmobil 5300 doll house and furniture.

Rancho safety plus loft bed. Bed 42X80X48, one support has small crack, desk 36X24X31, chair 17X17X32. Attached desk can be switched on right or left side. 

Tempo 620T treadmill, folds up when not in use.  not tested, 60X32X58, mats and dumb bells.

Pair of ceramic elephant tables with glass top. One elephant was repaired, other elephant has glass top but not attached, 24X18

Acoustic guitar with case, model ACGO, recorder, and more

Large lot of Christmas decorations: wreaths, tin boxes, ornament storage container, and more.

6 dining room chairs, 2 are arm chairs, good condition, 19X21X48

Silk flowers with ceramic stand, 12X12X56

3 artificial plants and planters, 1 is glass plant, all in good condition, 14X26 , 29X12X39, 9X24

Lot of glass and ceramic planters

Slider rocking chair, good condition, 24X24X36

Wall mirror, bronze finish frame, bevelled glass, 42X29, good condition

4 lawn ornaments, good condition

Metal storage container with 15 drawers, on casters, good condition, 16X25X38

Large stone top patio table 42X84X29, , 6 chairs 25X32X37 with brown cushions.  Small round metal and glass table 24X26 and single chair 28X27X34.  Most items are outside, may need to remove snow. Bring appropriate assistance to move.

2 artificial flowers with 3 silver coloured glass planters, 9X10 to 16X8, good condition

Oriental ceramic planter with stand, good condition, 14X17

Lot of collector plates and metal plate holder

Woman's coat crafted by Inuit artist. Fabric with fur trim. Embroidered. No size given.

Pool chemicals and tarp.

Two collapsible tables, 30X72X30; does not include items on top of table.

Pair of lamps with woman and dog, fancy shades, not tested, appear to be in good condition, 18X34 and 18X36

Faux leather, good condition, 54X40X39

New in box.

Ceramic jugs and bowl, figure of young girl. Good condition. Camedia digital camera C-720, not tested.

Oak chair with wicker back, good condition, 22X18X37

Wood. Slight wear. Good condition, 52X18X31. Matches lot 103 and fits into the open space under the bed.

Large lot of Christmas decorations, snow men, stuffed figures, and more.

7 Poster frames, 26X36, new in boxes

Oak, 62X86X46, good condition

Western denim jacket, sequins tops, western boots, and more

Faux leather, good condition, 46X40X39

Candles, lamps and more

24 foot aluminum extension ladder.

Karcher power washer, model 330, not tested, some tape on nozzle.

Metal storage cabinet, folk art painting, good condition, 13X21X24

Model 6212C, not tested.

Glasses and mugs

Distressed - look finish, 26X9X27 and 21X8X22

4 tools and stand

Faux leather, good condition, 46X40X39

Tinkerbell cookie jar 10X12, and 2 mugs -- 1 is Mickey, second is one of the seven dwarves. Note: Tinkerbell has chipped wing. Two Disney clocks.

iRobot Roomba vacuum with charging upgrade, not tested

Very large metal wall decoration.

4 NHL sweaters, Christmas light up jersey, and Christmas lights

7 boxes of Armourplank hardwood flooring, honey oak colour, new sealed boxes

3 planters, 2 ceramic 1 metal, 14x15, 19x25, 11x13, good condition

Paula Deen cutlery set, place mats, steam kettle, stainless steel tea set, and more

Faux wood and glass, slight wear, 40X16X83

Skis and boots.

Planter, lamp, candle sticks, and more

Bear collection with clothes and shoes, etc. Includes wicker toy basket.

Faux wood coffee table, 43X16

Mugs, plates, angels, candle luminary, poster that lights up, all in good condition

Glass serving plates, punch bowl, ceramic serving pieces, and more. Note: white shelf not included.

Pots, pans, tupperware, and more, 2 cupboards

Dual powered charging station, cordless phone, Citizen DVD player, model CDVD667, Audiovox model D7000XP, digital camera new in box, cables and transformers, and more

CCM roller blades ABE#C 3 size 7, Bauer Supreme Enforcer men's skates size 8 appears to be new, Nike basketball shoes size 12US, woman's CCM figure skates, size 7 appears to be new

Pair of collector plates with wall holder.

Oil painting, wolf in a landscape, 23X35

3 section office desk, 66X30X30, 36X20X30, 66X36X30, all fit together, one section includes built-in credenza, faux wood, good condition, office chair slight wear, 24X22X33, hutch is 66X16X36; contents of desk not included

Blankets, towels, bedding, and more.

Metal mitre saw, not tested, saw is 29 inches long.

Faux wood round end table, good condition, 23X16

Works, 24X42X34, Note: Contents not included

From 4X3 to 19X16

Girl watching rainbow, 15X19

Tennis rackets, basket balls, helmet

Books including fiction and non-fiction, CDs, DVDs, and VHSs.

Genesis G-608 5.1 A/V surround sound receiver with 4 column speakers. 1 speaker needs repair, 1 speaker is off the base, not tested.

Sanyo, works, 21X17X13, model EM-V829

Laundry hamper, waste paper boxes, towel racks, floor mats, and more

One puppet needs repair, 32 inches tall

Van Gogh print, print with 2 women needs repair, ceramic plaques, 23X18, 17X13, and plaques are 22X5

Still life, 29X24, Frame has small crack at one corner.

2 wooden shelves and 1 metal shelf, 23X5X10, 35X7X7, and 18X8X21

6 pieces from 15X10X27 to 15X12

Cabinet, faux wood, 24X15X24, shelf 49X16X14

Fabric and wood, slight wear, 33X70X36

Black and gold rim, slight wear, 60X17X31, mirror 39X43

Black finish with gold trim, 23X17X22, good condition

Fabric and wood, note wear, 34X91X32

Fabric, slight wear, 42X39X34

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