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5 1/4" diameter each, there are a few small chips on these old pieces. See pics.

Old dark green carved Jade sword, 17" length by 4" width.

1 3/4" natural egg yolk amber pendant strung on a piece of leather. 1/2" thick amber bead necklace, Amber ring set in Sterling silver, pair Amber earrings set in Sterling silver.

19th century French corner chair, all finely hand carved including a face at the back. Excellent condition, needlepoint seat upholstery. 28 1/2" height, 26 1/2" wide. Chair is not fragile and is quite comfortable.

10k gold chain s 15" in length and 10k gold pendant is 1"w x 1 1/2" h. Hand painted porcelain miniature plaque of a little girl holding a dove.

18th century ornate embossed creamer, solid silver - 4 1/2" in height. Total weight 112 grams, or 3.6 troy ounces. Excellent condition, hallmarked on base.

15 3/4" in height. Excellent condition, signed on base 'M' inscribed mark.

24" x 18" . Vintage 1960's, original watercolor.

Everything you see here, all sold as is.

Large 28" in height, all hand carved in a heavy dark wood. Old man is surrounded by children and walks with a dragon stick. Condition is excellent but for some minor wear in a few spots, see pics for details.

Sterling silver glass with French paste rhinestones. 2 1/2" x 3/4" in antique box. Excellent condition, no stones missing.

Original box for Victrola, double sided original advertising featuring Nipper the RCA dog. 28" w. x 14 1/2" d. x 14" h. Excellent condition, has been stored in a dry basement.

Original vintage painting, framed. 21" w. x 24 1/4" h.

Old wood sashes with original 9 panel glazing. Architectural salvage in excellent condition. 17 1/2" w. x 32" h. x 1 3/4" thick.

Brooch weighs 2.5 grams, 1 1/2" wide. Antique piece in excellent condition.

High quality copper cookware by Tagus Chef, Made in Portugal. 4 pieces in used yet excellent condition. (6" w. x 2 3/4" h.)(7 1/4" w. x 3 1/4" h.)(8 1/4" w. x 3 3/4"h.)(10 1/4" w. x 2 1/4" h.)

Antique Continental Silver Enamel Spoon .800 silver with hand painted enamels of town of Waldhof coat of arms at top. Marked on back '800' 'X' and logo mark. (see pics) 5 1/4" in length. Mass: 15.2 grams.

Old Baltic amber necklace, mass 50 grams and length is 21".

Old Red pinstripe celluloid Waterman's fountain pen (4 1/2" length)has 14k nib, Old Black Waterman's fountain pen (5" length) has 14k nib and maroon chrome Waterman's fountain pen (5 1/2" length).

Ranging from 5" to 5 3/4" in length. 2 have 14k gold nibs, the other 2 look gold but I cant see the mark. Excellent condition and vintage lot.

Baller Austria Signed Bronze 2 1/4" height+ Cast Berlin Bear (2 3/4" h. including stone base).

Old watercolor painting on silk. Very fine craftsmanship. Original frame and label on reverse has info. See pics.

25" in height, minor wear to spot on shoulder. See pics for details.

10 1/2" h. x 11 3/4" l. Wood, and apparently film used real clapper board.

Metal sculptures from India, older pieces.

In very good condition but for a small chip in cloisonne on corner (see pics). And some edge wear on the match holder.(see pics). 3 1/2" w. x 3" d x 1 1/2" h.

33" x 22". Split in table top, still intact together with heavy cast iron base. See pics.

3" w x 2 1/2" height. See pics.

Hallmarked on reverse,'N' monogram. 5 3/4" in length each. 248 grams sterling silver total weight of 8 pcs.

Impressionist painting by William Blackwood. Oil on board in original frame. 11 1/4" x 9 1/4".

In excellent condition, cleaned recently. 63" x 38 1/2"

Jacques Villon is the pseudonym of French artist Gaston Duchamp (1875-1963). Matted but unframed, protected with acid free materials. See pics for info on back.

Pair of 1817 - 1818 Engravings of Parisian Costumes, see pics for details. 7"x 4 1/4".

3 step wooden step stool, in excellent and good functioning condition. Original stain with faux finished painted steps. 24"x 14.5"

Reticulated outdoor scene in cast white metal with bronze finish. Dates to 1910-1920's. 23" in height, as you can see the original slag glass panels are missing, tabs to hold new glass in place are still intact as is the rest of the ornate scene on the cast metal shade.

Everything you see here, almost all are unused but for a few.

Brass with cloisonne enamel work, excellent condition. 6" in height each, matching pair.

35 1/2" and 24 1/4" in length. See pics.

Brown cast aluminum last is 15" height, black cast iron last is 8" in height. Make Great doorstops, etc.

Old leather bound boards with tooled gilt spine and raised bands. Book on the occult, by J.G. Lockhardt. 395 pages, excellent condition with some wear to cover. See pics for details.

Oil on Paper Monotype Signed Judith Livingstone. 8 1/4" x 16 3/4".

26" x 12". Excellent condition, original watercolor.

Everything you see here.

The Emily Award is a frosted acrylic pyramid with molten gold poured into the bottom that forms a bloom, unique to each piece. Designed and produced by Emily Carr alumnus, Martha Sturdy, the award is handed out to one person each spring. 5" in height and marked on base of pour hole "MARTHA STURDY CANADA".

A.E.M.S. enamel on sterling silver (military school), Masonic sterling silver ring, dated 1966, enamel on sterling 'Senior League 25 Years' ring.

(Ca. 1904-1924)3 1/4" l. x 2 1/2"w. x 1" h. Excellent condition, Mass 23 grams.

11 3/4" x 9 3/4". Label on reverse reads: "Original watercolor on silk, Mandarin Study Artist: Won Tai Peking, China.' Very finely painted on silk.

Silver plated with art deco enamel Chinoiserie decoration. Monogrammed BLJ on back. Spot for lipstick (or coins?), lipstick, mirror and powder puff. In excellent condition. Together with a 1920's deco painted tin, and mesh bag with orange bakelite snaps. Some wear to orange and black enamel paint and mesh bag. See pics.

Excellent condition, fully illustrated. See pics for condition.

1895 Thomas Walker , Chester. (Hallmarked on reverse of each). Each is 5 1/2" in length. 108 Grams of Sterling silver total weight.

Khan Oriental Carpets Ltd. Pattern "Old Ivory". 52" x 73" excellent condition.

Vintage Aurora Talentum, in excellent condition with 14k gold nib. 5 1/4" in length. Made in Turin Italy. Underside of nib marked 'M'.

Old lamp with carved decoration all over. 22 1/2" height in excellent condition, has been rewired and has new shade.

668 1/2" x 38" Wool and in excellent condition and clean.

12" diameter , 30" total length. All hand strung on wire cobalt glass beads twisted around wrought metal frame, includes original cap with ballast inside. Made in Italy by Banci Firenze. Label inside: BF Banci Made in Italy 02 ART 712.1349 110V 5 GY6,35 HAL 12V 58W.

Weight of all 8 pcs. : 567 grams Excellent condition, large 8 1/2" in length each. 1890's. - early 1900's. Excellent condition, see pics.

Sterling silver rings, see pics.

Big lot of crochet and needlework, linens and lace. Size ranges from smallest doily (7"x7") to large square linen table cloth (46 1/2" x 46 1/2") and all sizes in between. See pics for details, a very clean and excellent condition lot of estate linens.

6 gram total weight, marked inside SIFFARI 10K. Comes in old ring box shown.

9" h. x 6" w. x 8 1/4" l. Old wood sewing basket together with old figural and advertising needlebooks.

"Near Kleinberg" by W. Blackwood. 11 3/4"w x 10".

Handcrafted, painted wood and metal sailboat. Gold painted named 'Martina' on bow. 25" in length. Heavy, solid and expertly built.

1920's, made of finely hand cut black paper. 7 1/2" x 6 1/4".

42" x 28" in excellent condition with only minor edge wear. (see pics). Old lithographed 4 color image of a laughing clown. Comes stored in clear stiff top loader protective sleeve.

Original West Coast Indian Carving Signed Doug Harper, 25" x 23". Has been repaired but still really nice. See pics.

Impressionist landscape. Unsigned on front, back has stamp: Myron Angus Art Gallery, 586 Yonge St. Toronto. WA-2 5487. (19" x 14 1/2")

Leather bound Koran and Mohammedism books, both are in very good condition. See pics for details.

In excellent condition, was professionally cleaned. See pics for details.

1920's art deco lustre salt and pepper shakers by Noritake Japan. Porcelain brides are 3 1/4" in height each. Red over glaze mark: MADE IN JAPAN.

Wheelground pattern all over, 5 1/2" in height, 10" diameter. Hollow in the center to fill with ice or water.

2" in height each. Both retain original stoppers. One shaker is mint the other has a chip on bottom rim and minor glaze flake near holes. See pics for details.

These have been touched up with purple watercolor however they are original plaster gilt underneath still showing. Old ones with original beveled glass as well. 9 1/2" x 9 1/2".

11 1/4" l. x 9" w. x 1 1/2"d. See pics. Collected Volumes by year full of period illustrations and stories. See pics for condition.

Range in size from 17" in length to 24" in length. See pics for details.

Everything you see here, silver plated.

3 1/2" w. x 5" h. x 1 1/4" d. 446 pages. Some edge wear and foxing see pics.

Foo Dog. 10 1/2" height, 6 1/2" length. Carved from one solid piece of marble.

Each is 2" across, green/brown/white jade.

Weight 3 grams. Real pearl and old (1920's-1940's) setting of 14k gold. Size 8 (?). Comes in old deco clamshell box as shown. Ring stand for display only, not included. (old pink box is included)

(8 1/2" dia.)(6 3/4" dia.)

Antique Doulton Lambeth foot warmer with special T. Eaton & Co. markings. Excellent condition but for small chip on threaded porcelain stoppers edge (see pics for details). 9 1/2" in length, made of thick porcelain.

Everything you see here.

5 3/4" in length each, monogrammed C. Total weight of all six: 102 grams. 19th century.

Comes with marble plinth. 8" in height including stand. Unsigned.

TW over JH - Thomas Wallis and Jonathan Hayne, London 1811 hallmark.5" in length each, excellent condition. Total weight of all 6: 60 grams.

4 antique daguerreotype or tin type photos, one in leather case (3 1/4" x 3 1/4"), some repair on one side of the case. See pics for details.

9 1/2" height, heavy brass. Functions well, folding handle stored inside.

Compliments of J. MacKenzie Dealer in Lumber Shingles Coal and Cement Acton - Georgetown. (Ontario) Wood, gold leaf decal. Original shellacked finish.

Old wooden bowl with metal frame, 12 1/2" diam. x 4 1/4" h.

3 3/4" diameter, 2 1/4" in height. End of day glass with faceted glass beads on wire wrapped fringe. Possibly Czech, Bohemia, Kralik. Excellent condition.

Vintage with real mother of pearl covering. Cigarette case: 3" x 2 1/2". Compact: 3"x 4".

3 excellent condition Sterling silver modernist rings, 2 sculptural designs one with gold flecked art glass.

Old painted African wood carving mask, 4 1/2" x 3".

2" x 1 1/4" each. W,V&S Birmingham Hallmark (William Vale & Sons reg. 1883) (h) 1907. Deeply faceted cut crystal and solid footed base.

Old cameo cut glass covered dresser jar, 2 3/4" h x 2 3/4" w. Unmarked. Together with matching ring/pin dish, 5 1/2" diameter. 268

Old Boy Scout Badges, Patches, Pins. Everything you see here.

Vintage 1920's Noritake lustre glaze bride, 6" in height x 2" wide. Includes original stopper, red overglaze mark. There is a repair at the back of her hat, see pics.

Signed Lalique France on side of base. 4 1/4" x 3 1/2". Small chip on tip of horn and on side of base. See pics for details.

Antique Cast Iron Figural Ashtray + Match Stand Boot. lady 6 1/4" x 6 3/4") (Victorian boot 5" x 4 3/4" x 3".) 

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