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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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1922 edition. Anne of Green Gables of Prince Edward Island. This looks like a first addition? There are no other reprints or editions listed in this book after the 1922

Vintage Old Pal fishing tackle box. This vintage green looks great on the shelf! Full with tackle and new fishing reel line etc. Note box and clasp damaged 7x13

Pewter, copper, leather, etc. Box is 7" long.

Bohemian Glass. Uranium Vaseline blue green color. Made in Czechoslovakia. Atomizer works Excellent condition. Original sticker.

Smallest is 14 1/2" tall other is 19" tall. Age unknown. Small crack in shade is shown in photos.

Bookends are very heavy but medium is unknown. Looks like 1921 marked on back. Vintage Books are 'England & Canada' 1902, and the 'Ontario Readers 3rd Book' 1925.

One is 40 oz and the other is 25 oz. Gooderhams est'd 1832 on bottle front. Little brown jug

Never out of original wrapping. 40" high, 25" wide. Comes with Original shipping box. Complete set of 1999 cards. Ready to hang.

6 decorative cups and saucers. Royal Adderley, Old Royal Bone China, Collingwoods, Consort. All say Made in England. All gold trimmed.

9" long and 5" high. Orange, brown and gold. Wicker handle.

About 9" long and 4" high. Medium unknown but is likely either bronze or brass.

Excellent workmanship in creating this work of art. 11" by 13". Ready to hang. 1983

Display item for Wayne Gretzky's Commemorative Hockey Cards from McDonald's. 1999 Upper Deck cards. About 75" tall. Complete set of cards Available...see items #72 and 73.

Amazing Irice Ring Top Depression Glass Perfume. Star burst pattern. Glass is lightly colored. Large Aprox. 7".excellent condition. Original sticker on base.

Vintage 9x14" wing span. Albatross?

Tall brass sculpture . Made in India .

20" long and 8" across. It works.

Elephant face on opener, bulldog faces on shoe horn and bottle opener. Silver letter opener has knife in handle. Dogs made in Italy.

All wood. 28" high, 28" long.

Heavy ornate vase with custom wood base. Fish decorating inside.

Art Gallery card with Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe. Four cards

Christmas Wedgwood collector plate with original box and papers

Old wooden cheese box from the Chateau Cheese Co., The Borden Co. Limited. Age unknown.

Old but it appears to be all there. Some water damage to end of box.

From Prince Edward County. 14" long 6" high at the head. Metal eyes.

Clear, brown and blue preserving jars with lids. All about 7 1/2 " high.

Two heavy metal ( silver over brass?) table protectors. Embossed patterns are deep.

One blue, one green with gold highlights. Dragon motifs.

Warm Summer Day depicts a heritage home in Grimsby. Bio of artist on back. 8"x10"

On front of helmet it says 'Mine Safety Appliances OO PGH., PA' in very small letters.

No cracked windows. A bit of wear as shown in photos. Like new tires. 23" long with crane up as in photo. Crane swivels.

In case labelled Franklin Mint. Two deer in scene on handle.

About 9" tall. Grey one is Avon, handcraft in Brazil 1977, the other has faint markings on bottom but hard to read.

7 and 9" high milk glass vases. E. O. Brody on bottom of both.

Just discovered inside a jar of old marbles. Bag made to carry marbles. Feels like about a dozen, two larger than others. Jar Not opened since purchased many years ago.

Age unknown. Sticker says Made in USSR. About 14" tall.

Vintage cats and dogs with different colour jewel eyes. Made in Hong Kong

Early cream coloured set with stands. Very ornate set. Two singles.

Matchbox, Majorette, Hot Wheels, Welly, Tonka are some of the names on these vehicles.

16" by 12" framed. Artist Tela Purcell.

56" by 42" handmade with a variety of vintage material patterns. 2 repairs needed. Both are shown in photos.

Reunion Fody Bird, base, Original box, CAO in place, info card. Part of the Aldon Exotic Bird, Vanished Species Collection 1981.

Kona Finch. Part of the Aldon Vanished Species Collection. 1981. Bird, Original Box, base, CAO in place, info card incl.

Copyright 1944 by Walt Disney Productions based on 'Bambi A Life In The Woods' by Felix Salten copyright 1928 by Simon and Shuster Inc.

Made in Germany by M. Hohner

Green is 9". Yellow is 10"

From the 50s, 2 wood bookends holding Gerry Spence and Dennis Rodman books.

Age unknown but has been owned since the 70s. 11 1/2" high and 9" across.

7" wide and 8" tall milk glass vases.

4 ducks over water scene. Some scratches - see photos.

8" tall. 4 1/2" across top. Both have E. O. Brody Co., Cleveland on bottom.

Mostly dark coloured buttons. A few metal.

Box is 6" long.

'WGermany 501-20' is on bottom of 8" vase.

Mirror 19" by 13 1/2". Ready to hang. Many signatures on surface.

15x8 Old roofing slate hand stencilled in Maine. Leather strap attached.

Old collectable Grolsch green beer bottles

Painting on linen.

8 1/2" across, 5 1/2" tall. Bases unscrew in two places. Different engraved picture on each.

Pitcher is 4" high, plate is 6" across. Made in Japan, hand painted. Gold, orange, brown colors.


Variety. Some new, some used.

Variety, all new

26" high, 11" wide. Ready to hang.

Station wagon with original box, dog, cabin, cowboy on horse, pipe, car etc. Some with original contents.

Cardinal, totem pole, lady, Packard roadster in box, barber's pole, etc. All with bottom stickers. Some with original contents.

Special Edition Barbie ready for a picnic. Punch outs on back of box provide all the basics.

Decorator Plate . No chips. No marks probably made in Germany. Aprox 8.5"

3 interesting wood pieces.

Folk Art Wood 12" tall 17x11" hand painted

Fred and Dino travel buddies from Days Inn. Apox 9"

17 catalogues and reference guides. Very detailed with lots of pictures to identify stamps.

Nice variety of yarn plus large knitting needles and set of crochet hooks in case (one missing). Heavier yarn could be used to make bags or purses.

Pool table ashtray 9 1/2" wide, Game, ice bucket, bar tools, etc. From the 80s or earlier.

15 1/2" by 12" painting, 18 1/2" by 15 1/2" framed. Ready to hang.

2 different sizes. Bought at least 15 to 20 years ago.

4 sets. All corks and lids in place. Likely 50 plus years old. Piano, dog, gold trim and wooden.

Firefighter 1910 replica in original box, bear, thermometer, pot belly stove, 8 ball, lady, pipe, etc.

Pocket Adding machine, case and instructions all included.

5 pages of a complete set of the 1999 McDonald's Gretzky Commemorative set.

Full size USA Flag with experience. Approx 54'x34'

Two nice old cars by Coppercraft. Approx 6x15. 6x12

Three leg Occasional table. Note mended. 21" tall 12" top

Not sure if all are Pokemon but most are

Includes one book printed in 1948-the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. One other is 1919.

6 new in box racing cars of Jeff Gordon, Bill Elliott, Ken Schrader and Terry L Amte. All from 1995 to 97.

1992 set complete. Shell logo on card.

1997 Racing Guide, 1/24 scale die cast racing car replica and 1/64 scale racing team transporter. Both in unopened boxes.

Plush -photo albums - bank - limited edition -pewter and crystal bear in a box Etc

Dust cover and book in good condition

15 1/2 by 12" painting in frame signed A. Smith. 18 1/2 by 15 1/2" framed. Ready to hang.

Older fast food toys from 80s, 90,s.

Made in the Philippines. 7" high 6" wide. 70s, 80s

McDonald's display of Winnie the Pooh child's meal toy. 8 toys attached.

Various sizes and authors. One is missing cover. One has some wear on spine but rest of book is ok.

50 small stuffed toys. Some Beanie Babies.

Happy, Bongo, Scoop, Twigs, Zip, Snort, Doby and Waddle. All have tags and Teenies are in original bags.

15 different dog toys. All larger dogs have tags in place.

12 hats and silk flowers to decorate them. Various sizes, 4 large black, 2 cowboy and 2 sun hats.

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