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Original Frame, signed and dated lower left

Large lot includes everything you see here. Leica, Nikon, Vivitar. Was working recently, untested.

Signed in LR. Note Label on back for Frank Jarman Galleries. Frank Jarman in operation around 1900 and first gallery in Canada to sell and promote women's art. Note: Frame has some nicks

13 inches x 9 inches inside the mounting; depicts Moel Famman in North Wales. Professionally framed in a contemporary wooden frame. Label on the back as shown. Signed LR. Huntly is a very well known and respected author of several books on painting and drawing. Huntly's work sells in the HIGH four figure range.

Marked size L.

About 54 x 62 inches. Note: some wear

Marked Men's Small. Shown on model 5'9 who wears a men's medium/women's large.

About 82 inches wide. 23 yards total available in two pieces, one 14 yards long the other 9 yards long.

Hand painted and hand stitched. Hand embroidered in silk with gold silk and gold thread detailing.

Oil on Canvas, signed, Framed in heavy and ornate wooden handcarved gold frame, high end European store COA

About 23 inches long. Note: wear, dents, has not been cleaned or polished

Teaches Fine Arts at University of Saskatoon, dated 1978 and signed. Large oil on canvas depicting train tracks and grain elevators on the prairie. Note: slight warping of stretcher

About 9 inches diameter

Marked size XS. Cost $556.00 originally. Never worn.

Four in total. Each about 76 x 32 inches. Note: one zipper needs to be replaced.

Deep wine colour. Mint with tags - Cost $160.00 new. About 72 x 13 inches

Art dominoes with designs by Pablo Picasso. 27 dominoes in wooden case.

Full set of each. Not including bowl

Largest about 10 inches diameter. All in very good condition.

Silk ties, antique bowtie, paisley pocket square and scarves, Yves St. Laurent, Dior, Hardy Amies and others. Note: Light staining on bowtie

A pair of vintage Delft vases from Holland. Taller about 11 inches tall.

About 6 inches tall. Note: antiquity damage, no paperwork

About 6 inches diameter. Barnacle encrusted. Note: antique item shows wear, shape slightly warped by age and time under water. No paperwork.

Crotchet, embroidered, lace, antique and vintage pieces. Includes tablecloth, towels, runners, rugs, curtains, sheets, aprons etc. Note: Small holes/tears/stains on some pieces

Jug about 9 inches tall with clear handle. Heavy with rough pontil. Note: crack, does not leak. Four wine glasses. Note: light wear. Two small souvenir glasses with inscription, one has lid.

Ten prints. About 8x10 inches each.

Including Royal Doulton, Royal Winton, KP Berlin, Quimper, others

Wool with all hand done silk embroidery. Note: White shawl has some marks

Handmade, about 108 x 98 inches.

Note: Box has damage

Marked as shown.

Folk art wilderness painting, oil on board, by Listed Quebec artist Marie Grier. About 6 x 10 inches. Note: painting loose in frame.

About 15 inches long, 7 inches wide, original paint and glass eyes. Signed E. Bouck. Note: antique condition.

Mask about 8 inches tall with horsehair.

About 10 inches tall by about 10 inches diameter

Note: have not been cleaned or tested

Marked size 10P but shown on a 5'9 model who wears a women's large normally. Note: a couple of tiny pinholes

About 10 inches tall.

Watches need batteries. Not tested.

Three white damask and one Appenzell embroidered linen tablecloths. Varying sizes. Note: Some may have pinholes/stains

About 9 inches long. Signed with initials.

Taller about 6 inches tall with stopper. Large pontils. Not signed.

Antique lasts and cobbler's forms with stand, high heeled adjustable boot form, shoe form, lasts and stands

About 34 inches tall by 34 wide (open). Was used to dry herbs but could be used for linens, towels, etc.

About 20 inches tall. Uncleaned, unpolished.

About 22 inches tall. Uncleaned/unpolished.

French Laundry size S-M written in pencil on yoke front and back. Note: a few missing pom-poms

About 7 inches tall. Note: wear.

Frame about 22.5 inches at its widest width.

About 16 x 19 inches. Antique Northern European oil on rough linen or canvas. Unframed.

Original Frame, has a signature (might be printed), unusual to see these in a double print. Note: foxing, water marks

Not marked, about 10 inches tall

One Clear Glass Ontario Dairy and two Red and White bottles, possibly Quebec or Ontario

Includes forceps, curette, syringe top, etc.

Note: scratches, some stains, wear

About 7 inches in diameter. No paperwork.

Very old, owner's family had it since 1883. Note: wear and damage, hardware may be original

Longest piece about 6 inches long. Marked as shown. Note: loose handle has split.

About 8 inches long; very heavy for size

A large cathedral candlestick (used as a unique garden lighting piece), folk art walking stick, iron door knocker and antique cast iron hardware piece. Note: wear, small rust on iron pieces

Four corners all have cutwork as shown. Cloth about 66 by 132 inches.

About 40 inches tall. Eaton brand. Made in Italy. Good vintage condition.

About 20 inches diameter by 12 inches tall. Good condition.

Wooden humidor with French hygrometer and two leather cigar cases, one marked Zubinsky, Italy. Note: wear

Large lot of vintage fabrics from the 1960s including a finished quilt top for a twin bed

Marked as shown.

Not signed, about 14 inches long

8 Napkins, cloth about 50 x 64 inches. Note: storage marks

Very delicate hand embroidery, probably late teen's early 1920s. Note: wear/small stains

Set of four. Largest about 9 inches diameter.

Tallest about 7 inches tall.

Two Moriage Japanese Marriage Vases, small Japanese vase, Japanese Satsuma vase, Chinese chop and wax, Chinese Islamic Export ware Teapot

Marked size 40.

3 antique Japanese, Chinese and Italian made lacquer boxes. Largest about 8 inches long.

In lightweight wood, marked nood.

About 11 inches tall with lid. (Lids are very hard to find for these.) Note: chips, wear

Box of 11 Amber and Yellow glass castors. Size varies slightly. Note: some have small chips

Etui about 1.5 inches long. Note: some wear

Note: wear

About 17 inches tall with rough pontil. Not marked but possibly Blenko.

Note: some losses

Brooks saddle seat and York seat. Good condition.

About 11 inches tall each. Not signed. Maker unknown. Very heavy.

Large lot including older grease pump.  small tools, socket sets in original boxes and misc. tools, hardware and architectural salvage pieces

About 24 inches long. Note: wear

About 8 inches tall with dish (size irregular).

Two pairs Gucci glasses with cases and misc. designer glasses cases marked as shown.

One marked Brevetti Italy. Note: wear

The yellow tops are unusual

Antique Gold framed Eyeglasses in original leather case, 1900, two buffers, file, razor in case. Note: wear, one buffer missing handle, leather eyeglass case damaged

Some may have small stains, tiny pinholes

Inscription reads: E.N (or H.) Norswell (or Horswell) to T.A. White, Christie St. Hospital, 2/22/39. Christie Street hospital was a veteran's hospital that housed WWI and WWII veterans with tuberculosis and later gas related illnesses until the hospital was torn down and the patients moved in the 1940s. This painting either by or to (possibly both) a veteran in the hospital is extremely well executed and depicts three cows in a very tranquil farm setting. A gift from a grateful patient to a caregiver perhaps? Note: light foxing and rippling of paper.

Not signed, good period frame. About 13.5 x 11.5 including frame. Good, antique condition.

13 Napkins, cloth about 50 x 64 inches. Note: storage marks

12 napkins, cloth about 64 x 100 inches. Note: storage marks

12 napkins, cloth about 48 x 66 inches. Note: storage marks

Three baskets, vintage, sweetgrass, handwoven. Largest about 9 inches diameter. Middle basket pre-WWI, larger two about 20-30 years. Note: wear.

Lot of men's aftershave balm and body wash, all brand new and unopened

About 50 inches wide with interesting original Victorian Hanger. Note: Wear

About 14 inches long. Note: damage and repairs

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