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Wooden wash stand, 18X14X33. Extremely worn but very sturdy. Assortment of frames in various sizes. Some collage. RCA Victor radio model RGC29W, walnut finish. Untested.

Needlepoint footstool, 12X15X8. Sturdy but in need of repair. Ornate silver colored tabletop mirror 11X17. Unmarked.

Assortment of serving pieces including cream and sugar (lid missing), Staffordshire - Old English Bouquet pattern. Woods ware small bowls(rims chipped) and more.

Assortment of books, varying topics. Ornithology, biography and more.

Older postcard assortment from Yellowstone national park, and Stereo-opticon 3 D viewer with assortment of pictures. Both older.

Eclectic assortment of books. Older dictionaries, history and more.

Set of 11 shrimp forks, and salt and pepper shakers. All marked sterling.

Some animals, some florals. All very worn. Center picture signed by artist, seller tells us was appraised about 10 years ago for 135.00.  Seller states that one is a lithograph of a 1908 charcoal by W.L. Taylor titled "Hanging of the Crane" (in lot pics on left) as well as an original etching by D.P. Tyson entitled "The Feast of Lanterns" purchased from Harlow McDonald Co. In NY. (Asian etching on right in lot pics).

Assortment of decorative items. Plates, vases with gold filigree (from 1920's according to the owner), and more.

PAL System folding ladder. Measurements unavailable, estimated at 12 feet fully extended.

Assortment of topics. Horticulture, poetry and more.

Herman Miller dresser, 56X19X39. Five drawers and a side cabinet. Some veneer chips and missing hardware. Scuffing and general wear.

Danish modern style, 24X30X30. Unmarked. Finish very worn but chair is sturdy.

Assortment of older wood building blocks, wooden pull toys in varying stages of repair and more.

Assortment of candlesticks, small pitchers, some marked sterling, one pewter.

Assortment of small dishes, plates bowls most marked sterling.

Assortment of baskets, picnic hamper, assorted kitchen tools/utensils and more.

Assortment of planters and more. Some chipped.

Older still camera. No markings. Possibly handmade.

Child's desk 36X16X30. Good overall condition. Some wear.

Some novels, classics, hardcover and paperbacks.

Music cabinet 23X17X43. Three shelves inside. Shelves could use reinforcement. Some scratches and alligatoring.

Collection of 12 soup or serving spoons. May be sterling. Unable to read markings.

Table,31X18X20. 4 wooden crates. Wood table top(partial) 34X21.

Playing cards, card games, older hymnals, clarinet reeds and more.

One river scene 16X19, on board. Signed Grafton Healley (Political Science professor-Adelphi Univ. retired.) Second, street scene on canvas, 11.5X14. Unsigned.

Assortment of frames, one silver plated on brass, ladies folding fan, vases, and dried flowers.

Assortment of decorative serving pieces. Small plate, compote and more. Marked sterling.

Wood stained wardrobe, 36X20X60. Three shelves. Solid construction. Finish extremely worn and scratched.

Collection of older appliances, irons (Hotpoint and Greyhound), toasters(Manning Bowman, Westinghouse) and more.

Set of 8 teaspoons marked sterling.

Assortment of kitchen equipment. Bread box, pressure cooker, Bundt pan and more. Large griddle pan marked Reeder Manufacturing in lot but not included in pictures.

4 Ball Ideal glass jars (3 clear, one blue), plus misc glass jars and lids. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Salt dishes, punch bowl and cups, small decorative plates, salt spoons marked "Denmark".  Seller states one of the small etched vases is by Lars Kjellander(1868-1931) of the Kosta glassworks. Numbered 395.

Bookends, possibly brass. Wood cigar boxes, geodes and more.

Varying types of photos and prints and two Asian bamboo rolled screen prints.

Collection of serving spoons, most marked sterling. Also collection of older collectible spoons.

Possibly a nursing rocker. 17X30X37. Finish very worn. Some seat damage, loose joints.

Assortment, old and new, including atlas, books on health, children's encyclopedia set The Book of Knowledge from 1911, and more

Green glassware. Small plates, tumblers, and more

Washbowl, pitcher and assorted accompanying pieces. No distinguishable markings. Pitcher marked "006". Rose pattern with gold edging.

Eclectic assortment of treasures. Ice cube tray, box camera, popcorn popper, and more.

Eclectic collection of titles. Some older encyclopedias, travel, assorted paperbacks, as well as some record 78's and 33-1/3.

2 shelves of books. Eclectic assortment. Disease prevention, nature preservation and more.

Incomplete set of china (from mid 1800s as per owner). Other assorted serving bowls and more.

Eclectic assortment of older books. Kids books, child rearing, science, birds and more.

Assortment of games and sporting goods. Croquet set, badminton rackets, and game board. All older. Lots of wear. Unknown if games are complete.

Topaz color glassware assortment. Some marked made in Italy. Vase with dried flowers. Some rims on glasses chipped.

Set of 12 knives marked sterling.

Assortment of small animal figurines. Some wood, glass, and stone.

Rake, hoses(look relatively new),sprinklers, saw horses.

Assortment of old children's wood building blocks in wooden storage box.

Books of music, some children's some patriotic, all older. NY Times magazine Feb 16,1975.

Pottery mixing bowl with handle, covered pottery serving bowl, large cut glass serving plates and more.

Older wood desk, 37X13X30. Finish very distressed. Some splitting on inside compartment. Shelves need reinforcement.

Webbed folding chairs and recliners. Older webbing.

Vases, glassware, some holiday decorative items and more.

Trail Breaker sled. Older. Some damage to frame.

Wooden 36X20. Extremely worn. Does not include contents. Also includes wood crate, 40X24X18. Does not have top. Worn condition.

Older radio/phonograph combo, 30X16X32. Capehart Radio and ELAC Miracord 660H turntable. Made in Western Germany. Cabinet cherry color stain. Sturdy but wear and scratch marks.

Assorted topics. Card games, health and more.

Assortment of older small toy trucks, etc. Board games - may not be complete.

Melamine dishes. Desert Flower by International. Assortment of coffee cups, sandwich plates, dinner plates, platters, and more.

Caned seat rocking chair, 21X32X32. Back caning intact, seat damaged. Finish very scuffed, but sturdy.

Lee Household flour mill. Not complete. Missing bag. Untested.

Assortment of old radio tubes. Untested.

Assortment of glasses, spice tins, aluminum ice bucket and more.

Contents of wall and two shelving units in basement. Includes tools, wood, an old fashioned wooden extendable measuring stick, glass jars of nails, wood putty, brushes, wires and more. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Sheet music, music stand and more.

Trimmers, hand drill, hammers. Finishes very aged.

Stool, 14X14X14, opens to reveal shoe shine equipment. Paint very distressed. Also includes collapsible emergency ladder.

Youth desk,36X16X32, extremely worn with writing on front. Three shelf bookcase - 26X9X36. Painted wood finish, very distressed (does not include books).

Assortment of cookware, serving trays and more.

Painted wooden dresser, 32X19X49. Five drawers. Mismatched knobs. Finish extremely worn.

2 bookshelves, one wood, 24X9X60. Second laminate 24X10X65. Older but solid.

4 drawer metal filing cabinet, 12X24X52. Some pitting on top. Finish very scuffed.

2 bookcases: 34X13X39, and 36X12X4. Does not include glass case behind lower shelf.

Open fronted wardrobe, 48X23X48. Storage area beneath. Sturdy, but some wear. Does not include clothing.

Occasional table, 24X24X22. Painted wood. Finish very scuffed.

Assortment of space heaters(both work, one needs control knob), fans, and more. Untested except for heaters.

Painted wood dresser, 35X19X33. Three drawers. Finish extremely stained and worn.

Older Remington manual typewriter with case. Wear on case. Untested.

Tall cabinet, possibly a bar. 28X16X40. Has top that opens. Darker stain, finish extremely worn, knob missing.

Large wicker laundry basket, plastic milk crate, covered serving dish(chipped), and more.

Sony model STR-0365 AM/FM Tuner. Storage cabinet with sliding doors, dark stain, 26X15X30. Solid but very worn.

Assortment of answering machines, telephones, clock radios and more. All untested.

Painted wooden desk. 42X20X30. One bottom drawer in disrepair, some knobs missing. Extremely worn.

Older painted wood kitchen cabinet, 24X22X35. Four drawers. No top. Sturdy, but much wear.

Black metal fireplace screen 38X32.

Green cushioned reclining chair with seat cover. Rips in upholstery on arms, stains on seat cushion cover. Otherwise sturdy.

Misc wood, rope, window screen, and a white plastic Horca 6009 kiddie pool. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

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