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Trunk is made of wood with decorative and functional tin strapping. Chest is missing one handle on the side. 29.5" x 18" x 22".

This lamp is in working condition and stands about 58" high. It has a round base which could be brass and wood is possibly maple but has not been confirmed. Shade has no holes and diffuser has no chips

Size of coat is 40R. There are slits on both sides for buttons which there are none.

Lamp is adjustable that allows the arm to be lowered or raised. It is about 22" high and comes with a green enamel finish and a single socket with turn switch. It is in working condition..

Lamp is in working condition and stands about 57" high. The metal is possibly brass and wood possibly maple but this could not be confirmed. Shade has no holes and diffuser has no chips.

This is a one piece unit measuring 27" x 15" x 23" (or 21" to the top of the table only). Note picture that shows small repair to seat.

Lamp is in working order. Shade can slide up and down. Lamp is 14" tall

There are three 8" and two 6" milk glass diffusers. There are seven assorted glass shades, two that match.

This art deco style lamp is in working condition and is about 5' high. Lamp has not been cleaned so as not to disturb the patina.

This lamp is in working condition and stands about 58" high. It has a round base which could be brass and wood is possibly walnut but has not been confirmed. Shade has no holes and diffuser has no chips

Case is 33" x 23" x 4". It has locking hinges so that the glass cover can be lifted and held open. Hardware is new and has been replaced a few times as noted by the screw holes. The trim on one side is chipped in the corner (see pictures). Check pictures for more detailed description..

Lot includes David Bowie, Billy Joel, and Johnny Cash among others. Condition varies. Also includes 6 empty white sleeves..

Piece shows homestead scene with house, trees and a horse. Seller believes this to be the door from a stove. It is 27.5" x 15"

Sled has piece of glass that is put on seat so that it can be used as a table. This is in Swiss Davos Style. 39.5" x 13".

Undetermined number of Lego pieces of various colour and style. Lego was used to build Star Wars vehicles as pictures show a few in various stages. Lego works as they should..

Lamp is 21" tall and 16" from globe to globe at it's widest. Light switch can be turned so that one, two or all three of the lights are on. This is working..

Clock is about 12" across and comes with a key. The glass face cover opens to wind and set the clock. It is working. The vanity chair is made out of twisted brass and is about 17" high.

Lot includes brass lamp adorned with plastic jewels (one missing) and a metal adjustable neck "clam shell" shade lamp. Both lamps working.

Both items in this lot work as they should. Clock is run by battery and is 19" round. Scale gives accurate weight..

This steampunk style lamp has been retrofitted with normal electric socket that accepts bulbs. The mercury bulb was removed and replaced so that this could be used as a lamp. Works fine..

Lot includes pair of Rayban sunglasses with case, small wood drum, bicycle seat, hand made native bead art (19.5" 23.5").

2 boxes of unopened Polariod FP-100C instant colour film (expiry 11/2015), one long Opticam lens that says 500mm around the ring and a red Tamrac camera bag with padded compartment for camera and gear. Vintage Da-Lite Silver Flyer film screen which works as it should. The lens has not been tested..

Milk glass with clam shell design. It is 21" across and this light works..

1969 complete

Table is vintage and in mid century modern style. Dimensions are 27.5" Wide x 27.5" Long x 18.5" High. Table is unsigned but has Jalk's signature brass biscuit fastening the legs. See here for example:

Print in frame is 14" x 17" Print is 7" x 9.5"

Suitcase is 24" x 15" and shows wear on the outside (see pictures). All metal clasps work fine however both leather straps are broken. Inside all buttons and snaps are in working order with no rips or tears to the fabric.

Case is lined with red fabric and clasp works, closing the case. Binoculars have no chips or scratches on the lenses and come with original lens covers. These work as they should..

Lamp is in working condition and is 7' tall. At the bottom there is an extension pole that gives the lamp a few more inches so that it can be adjusted securely. There are glass shades with a metal lattice diffuser in each light. They can be rotated so that one, two or all three of them are on..

lot has a WWII "Ike" uniform from a corporal in the USAAF. It has buttons, patches and ribbon group. The person that wore this uniform was in the 9th Air Force. Ribbons show that he was in Europe during the war. Note condition issues on collar as well as some mothing overall. Size is 34L

Print in frame is 18" x 15" Print is 8" x 5.75"

No makers marks but seller told when radio was restored that was of East German origin. Radio pulled from console so speakers will need to be hooked up (not included in this lot). 3.5mm headphone/speaker input was added during restoration so that modern devices could be played through amp. Box with amp is 22" x 9.5" x 13.25"

Commercial metal slicer RYP Speed Cutter brand. Comes with 9 attachments and instructions. Turned on, works. Other attachments untested.

Gold colored watch keeps time, other two need new batteries. Strap on Timex needs new pin. No cracks on faces.

Table is 18.5" x 11" x 20". This holds at least 25 records in small slots. More records could be held in the larger slots. Made of brass wire and has a brass musical note on each side. Player piano scroll is vintage and made by the Universal Music Co and is numbered 79117 which is "Three Romeo's, Selection". Comes in original box and has been rolled out to what you see in the pictures so I can only base condition on that. (untested in piano). Also included a green magazine holder stamped "HHT 5/66"

Both are in working order. Please see pictures of top of radio. Radio is 10" x 5" x 5"

Lot includes lamp with "Santa Maria" sailing ship on a teak base and marbled plastic base "bullet" lamp with flower decorations on shade. Both working.

No rips in first quilt (46" x 67"), second quilt has condition issues. Please see pictures. (74" x 87")

Lights are in working order

This is in working condition.

Lot includes "At The Movies" Dispenser and Peanut with clock in his belly (clock is untested and likely needs a new battery), fan (working), dry erase board (untested) among others..

Lot includes Art Deco metal lamp with adjustable neck (shade is 19.5" & base is 6" x 9") and square lamp adorned with tile. Comes with shade

They are 16.75" x 14.75" (Bird) and the other one is 17.75" x 13.75". Material is fabric and made like a quilt. Hand made.

Everbilt brand in boxes and never been used. 4 handles, 2 gate lock kits, and 1 decorative garage door adornment kit

Two unused in box Everbilt decorative hinge kits & sealed Clue DVD game.

Grundig amp has been tested with the following: Radio - working, tape player - working. Please note inputs on the back are DIN (5 and 2 pin). Lot includes 2 pin DIN speaker plugs and wire. Table radio is untested. Please see pictures for condition.

Lot includes Futurama playing cards in a Slurm can (unopened), Futurama Robot Devil Clicker (unopened), Lionel train car, Popeil Tadpole Pocket Fisherman (untested), model die cast Superman delivery truck, Britains Die Cast Howitzer

Lamp is about 54.5" high. Comes with white glass diffuser but no shade. It is in working order

Monitor is working and shows no chips or cracks. This monitor DOES have HDMI, DVI, VGA inputs..

Lot has one brass or copper spoon stand, one 4 pipe holder with glass jar humidor with lid and one 9 pipe holder with glass jar with lid..

Lot includes bridle with blinders which has a metal military medallion which reads "pro aris et focis" or For God and Country. Scotch tops are about 21" x 12" and are adorned with brass cover on the end which holds tassels

First clock is a classic two bells alarm and rings when set. It has the Pillsbury Dough Boy displayed on the face. Second is blue and sparkles when the light hits it right.

Walking stick is 34" long

Monitor is working and shows no chips or cracks. This monitor has inputs of DVI, VGA, S-Video and Component. There is NO HDMI..

Desk lamp shade is on a metal arm that can move exposing the light to varying degrees. It is working and comes with a pen holder. 7.5" x 6.5" x 3". George Nelson clock works and has a glass cover. This appears to have been part of a bigger lamp to which this was fixed in the centre. Clock uses battery in the movement..

Mirror has no chips or cracks. 30" x 16".

Lot includes 4 CoCo Joe's figures and vintage "Hawaii" table lighter (Working)

Lot has a Steampunk style sting light with metal shade. Cord is cloth and has a rocker switch to turn off and on (cloth cord dates lamp to early 30s and before). Shade has three wire legs to stand on desk. Also, vintage wood carved lamp is 22" tall. Wood unknown but has significant grain. Shade is stiff and material unknown though possibly fiberglass. Both lamps working.

Lot consists of magazines from 1971 and 1972 Please see pics for condition

Please note chips on keyboard and side area. This doesn't affect functioning of the laptop. Please note that this DOES NOT come with any operating system installed. This unit turns on and appears to load but no more testing is possible due to lack of operating system. Screen has no chips or cracks..

There is one carved mask, one small statue and one figure that is made to be hung on a wall. All are made of undefined wood and are between 14-15"..

Lot includes Celtic, Manchester United, TFC and Belgium scarves..

Can has no holes however there are scratches on the paint. See pictures for condition. This is 23" x 12" with the opening being 9"

Fan works fine and kilt seems to have no moth holes. Note scratches on fan (see pictures for details).

Various months, various years (1972-1986). Please see picture for condition. Some covers loose, some books tight.

Lot includes pepper mill shaped as bottle of wine with holder shaped as waiter carrying mill on back. Waiter made of a resin. Green glass orange juicer and glass pieces for hanging candelabra.

One Coleman liquid fuel lantern with box (untested) and one coloured glass oil style lamp with hearts. This is an electric lamp that takes normal bulbs. There are no chips or cracks on the on the glass chimney or lamp base. This lamp is working..

Lot includes wood framed Labbat's Blue display board (18 "x 24"), O'Doul's mirror (19.5" x 16.5"), Guinness bar towel, Upper Canada Brewery bar towel, and British "The Pub" bar towel..

Cabinet comes with key and lock works as it should. Note scratches on bottom by doors caused by opening and closing doors. 23.5" x 14" x 44".

Lot includes Sony Sports Walkman (untested), Diamond USB TV Capture Device (TVW750U - Untested), Rocketfish HDMI Splitter (working), Patriot Box Office 1080P Media Player LAN enabled (untested), D-Link Mainstage TV Adapter in box (Never used & in box)

Vintage walking sticks made of natural wood and bamboo. Length of the sticks range from 34-39"

Table is 47" x 30". Comes with extension. This table has only been set up with extension so please consider setup without as "untested". There is some fading or wear of the top (see pictures). Table will come disassembled with all the parts.

Lot includes marble double inkwell, Book with six posters of Victorian children in good condition, Eagle folding pocket knife (note condition, missing eagle inlay on one side and other one is loose though blade opens and locks as it should. Also, Grundig portable speakers (untested), small brass incense burner, Peak Freen's tin box (note condition) and baby monitor (working).

Old display stand from retail environment. Shelving Intact (18.5 x 18.5 x 48.5). Working Schweppes "regulator" style electric clock. Keeps proper time however pendulum doesn't work (19 x 13.5).

Lot includes two vintage hand made "cracked" glass paperweight balls, hand carved green cup with face in side. Material unknown but possibly organic, 6 vintage speakers

CD storage and cataloging unit with two drawers. 15" x 7.5" 24".

Bankesta Model. Note wear on table. 24.5" x 44" x 16.5"

Vintage walking sticks made of wood. Light colored stick has makeshift pipe "built" in.

Lot includes 4 signed CoCo Joe's Lava figures. Note chip in top corner of one. Others have no chips..

Record holder keeps about 50 records (33 RPM) upright. Vintage two tier table with "leaf" design which has been cut out and used as the top tier. 24" x 24"

12 ribbed glasses and 6 short glasses

Table is 46" x 30" x 8.25".

Untested. Note scratches.

Keyboard is Logitech K-800, Vantec 10 port USB Hub with power cord, and D-link DHP-540 Powerline AV 500 4 Port Gigabit Switch (needs other powerline adapters to work with a network). All working.

Lighthouse is 16" tall. Base is 7.5"

Lot includes used skates (laces not included for all skates). Bauer Vapor- size 5D, Easton Synergy 800C - size 7.5, Easton S7 - Size 6D

Table is laminated walnut with trim on the side. Tin tracks are vintage however do not know if it is a complete set or what type of train runs on it. There are 12 pieces.

Heater has original cord and, thus, has been not tested. It has cast iron legs and possibly copper lined inside. (note condition).

Skates have been used. Three pairs of ice skates (Bauer Vapor sz 4.5, Nike sz 3, & Bauer Vapor sz 3). Inline is Bauer Fitness 3 size unknown..

Light is in working condition. Note wear due to age (patina) of light. It has not been polished or cleaned so as to leave the light with it's vintage patina.

shade is 16" across. Light is in working order.

Bike is well used. Please see pictures for cosmetic condition. Physical condition is bike is ride-able. Dimensions - Tire to Tire - 32", Ground to Handlebar - 25"

Unused and untested (no co2 cartridge). Inside is clean, rubber seal not cracked or dried out.

26" x 22" x 21". Please note wear on one table as well as scratches (see pictures)

Lot includes three white figures, two frogs, one dolphin, small saucer and a multi-colored wine glass

Lamp is recently untested but was working last time it was connected. It is around 13" tall and in good physical condition..

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