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4 piece set of Limoges floral print teacups & saucers with dessert plates

This Siamese cat is numbered 1559 Beswick England on the bottom. There is also a Beswick sticker on the side of the cat. The cat has a gloss finish. Length of the cat is 7". There is no damage seen on this cat. Sowing a picture of all 3 Siamese cats to illustrate the difference in appearance & size. Purchase all 3 or enjoy any one of your choice. See lots 13 & 15 for matching Beswick cats (as shown in photo)

The standing Beswick Siamese Cat has a gloss finish. The original Beswick sticker is on it. It is approx 7" tall. There is absolutely no damage to this cat. Showing a picture of all 3 Siamese cats to Illustrate the difference in appearance & size. Purchase all 3 or enjoy any one of your choice. See lots 14 & 15 for matching Beswick cats (as shown in photo)

A very old ring, with a center natural untreated turquoise cab bezel set with a twisted frame and a large oxidized band set with groupings of ‘moon’ shaped appliqués. The shank has the following outside marks: NO and a lady’s profile, with a small letter w and 3. It weighs 9.2 grams and is about a size 7 3/4. It tested sterling using the appropriate acid test and in very good shape (no damage noted; please disregard camera reflections).

Lovely oval shape rainbow moonstone cabochon set in sterling silver (925) with a triple shank, about a size 7, 4.9 grams and in very good shape (no damage noted).

Weighs 18.9 grams, 1 ½ inch in diameter, marked 925 (sterling), the genuine rhodochrosite cab is ¾ inch in diameter, and is in very good shape (no damage noted)

Wooden coffee table with carved leaves motif around edges and legs Metal corner designs Stamped on bottom 38L x 22W x 17H

The black onyx oval cab, a carved tribal/Aztec face, bezel set with a double frame, features a triple shank, weighs 10.1 grams, about a size 6 ¼ (can be resized), marked Mexico (the rest has rubbed off), tested sterling and is in very good shape (no damage noted, what appears as dust specks are not present)

Light weight ring, 5.5 grams, about a size 6, featuring a dog’s head with floppy ears and ruby red stone eyes (not tested), marked 925 (sterling), and in very good shape (no damage noted).

This solid concrete stone is a lovely way to memorialize your pet either in your garden or as a headstone. It measures approx. 10" high & 9.5" wide. It can be painted or simply enjoyed in it's natural state for years to come.

Certificate of authenticity stating that The Dream Time Pendant accompanied by this certificate was crafted in sterling silver & issued strictly in a limited edition. It is further certified that the pendants symbolic design was hand-enameled in hues of gold & amber. Length of the sterling chain is 17" end to end when the piece is lying flat. Dated September 14 1978 & signed for the Franklin Mint by William F. King - Vice President Collector Relations.

This signed carved wood piece has the moose butting heads on a base of wood which is also carved in detail. On the front of the base is Lake Louise 1974 & the signature of the carver R Lagossa. The full name is also carved into the underside of the bench like base. The pair of moose have great detail. A beautiful piece for a collector of wood carvings. No damage seen. The height is 7" & the width is 14".

These dangle Art Deco style, earrings about 1 ½ inch long, are marked 925, feature oval turquoise cabs, with marcasites and are in very good shape (no damage noted, turquoise cabs have tiny silver inclusions, no missing marcasites).

It is about a size 7 ¼, 10.4 grams, top 5/8 inch wide, marked J R Mexico 925, the genuine oval turquoise cab about 3/8 inch long and in very good shape (no damage noted; the stone has natural line cracks and inclusions; please disregard camera reflections).

This cat, about 1 ½ x 1 inch is marked 925 (sterling), has a tear shape, amber stone body and is in very good shape (no damage noted).

2 Antique non working wooden adios one is a floor style other is table top. Both in need of major restoration

Primitive hand carved wooden dough bowl

These light weight earrings measure about 1 ¼ inch long (incl. ear wires), have oval lapis lazuli cabs (1/4 inch), pierced, marked 925 (sterling), with a nice frame design, and are in very good shape (no damage noted).

They are about 1 inch long, are marked 925 (sterling), have a round bezel set garnets with a silver leafy design and are in very good shape (no damage noted; please disregard camera reflections).

Excellent condition. Has the initials CR on the bottom. Height of the vase is 12" tall.

The cat has a gloss finish & is in perfect condition. Beswick England is shown on the bottom along with the number 2. There is also a Beswick England sticker on the body of the cat. The height is 4". There is no damage to this cat. Showing a picture of all 3 Siamese cats to illustrate the difference in appearance & size. Purchase all 3 or enjoy any one of your choice. See lots 13 & 14 for matching Beswick cats (as shown in photo)

Comes with AF zoom lens, strap & carrying case. This Minolta camera features auto as well as manual focus so that you can take pictures precisely as you wish. The preprogrammed modes of this Minolta camera make shooting a breeze in any situation. Camera is in excellent condition & was working well at last use. Battery needs replacing.

It is the second issue in the Birds of the Seasons collection. Issued by Sam Timm. The edition is limited to an absolute firing period of no more than 150 days & has been crafted to the exacting standards of the Edwin Knowles China Company. There is a certificate of authenticity for the plate. It is numbered 2028B. The plate is in excellent condition & in the original box.

Orange in colour & 1/24 scale. The car is in good condition & has no carton.

Both pendant and bail have been white enameled; the small pendant measures (incl. bail) 2 x 1 1/8 inches, marked Siam Sterling with the letter E, and in very good shape (no damage noted, please disregard camera reflections).

It measures 1 ¼ x 1 inch (excl. round ring bail), allows room for pictures, only one inside frame is present. It is in good shape (has been cleaned, will still need regular cleaning, being gold wash, a very light gold coating over brass, hinge & closure in working order, see pictures).

Vintage Hudson Bay Wool Fall Jacket in size small

This high quality scale features an easy to read 7 1/4" dial & a premium textured mat with a durable steel platform construction. It has a 330 lb. capacity. Has minor wear & tear but it appears to be in good working order.

This cream & sugar set is in excellent condition & the glass has no damage. The base is signed Sterling by FINA weighted. The set measures 4.5" tall & the tray is 11" long.

It is car #2 Rusty Wallace driver. It is diecast metal & plastic. The car is in original carton & is in excellent condition.

By Majorette. This car is 1/24 scale. The front doors are gull wing & fully open The engine cover opens as well. Car is in good condition.

This figure does show artist marks I cannot read, measures about 5 x 5 x 2 inches and is in very good shape (See pictures).

Vintage black enamel leaf design set: The brooch, 2 ¾ x 1 inches, and clip back earrings, each 1 ¾ x 5/8 inch are in very good vintage shape from the 1950s and are all marked Siam Sterling (Please disregard camera reflections).

Very pretty baby blue dimensional ‘trembling’ brooch, 2 ¾ x 2 ½ inches, with prong set round and marquise stones, with a glass center cab set with faceted stones shaped like a flower & two branches with leaves which move slightly (made that way). The clip back earrings, about 1 ¼ inch across repeat the pattern of the brooch. Both are signed Judy Lee, in a rhodium plated setting and are in very good vintage shape, from the 1950s (no damage noted, back pin slightly bent, no missing stones, please disregard camera reflections).

This light weight, 15 ½ inch sterling silver necklace, has a modernistic look, consisting of flat round discs with a swirl engraved design, interspaced with round bezel set nice quality lapis lazuli cabs (1/4 inch dia.), lobster claw clasp marked 925 (sterling), has tested sterling, 11.4 grams and is in very good shape (no damage noted, please disregard camera reflections).

A lovely light weight marked 925 (sterling) bracelet, consisting of 7 rectangular lapis lazuli flat cabs and 6 open work silver links ending with a fold over clasp, 7 ¼ inches long, ¼ inch wide, 12 grams and in very good shape (no damage noted).

Lovely ring marked 925 Thai, about a size 6, good weight of 6.9 grams, open work design with marcasites, a center genuine rough ruby round stone and in very good shape (no damage noted, no missing marcasites).

Pretty large oval porcelain featuring a hand painted robin bird, marked Limoges (with sun rays over the o), France Porcelaine, R Leclair in very good shape (no damage noted, trombone clasp in working order).

This ornate planter was made in England. There is a makers mark but it is no longer legible. The planter has a silver plated rim & is approx. 7.5" around. Some of the gold gilded edges are rubbed due to age.

From the movie The Fast and the Furious by Universal Studios. Car is in excellent condition w/o carton.

By Bburago 1/24 scale. The car represents the Volkswagen New Beetle Cup 1999.

This great little clock works and keeps accurate time, marked Alarm 8 days, brass plated, 1 ¾ x 1 ¾ inch, with feet. The leather case reads: Hollywood Beach Florida, 1961 with monograms, Germany. It is in very good shape (insignificant age appropriate wear to the metal, writing on the bottom of the case, crystal intact and ready for its new home). A great nostalgia item.

The top of this ring reads: KT, Kingston Township Minor Hockey. It weighs 14.9 grams, about a size 11 ¼, marked Rideau Sterling and is in very good shape (no damage noted, was cleaned a little bit; please disregard camera reflections).

Very stylish brooch marked sterling Bs, 2 x 1 ¼ inch, 7.5 grams, with a center amethyst glass stone and in very good shape (no damage noted).

D table with carved edging Note: small faint circle stain. 24H x 24W x 12D

This stunning pendant features an iridescent opal inlay with a silver tone backing. It is about 1" long. It is unmarked & untested. A lovely Mother's Day gift!

This kit contains everything you need to create your own 12" stepping stone, including real stained glass. It is a new kit made by Stonecraft & comes complete with instructions. Personalize the piece of art with your own style.

An attractive vase which is signed NESS on the bottom. It is 7.5" tall.

Scale model 1:32 in original carton. Car is diecast metal & front doors open. Manufactured by New Ray Toy Co.

The bus is from 1979 & does have a few scratches. The bus is all metal.

This delightful 1980s goldtone metal/Lucite brooch, marked JJ about 2 ½ x 1 ¼ inches of a cat you can see magnified through the bowl is in very good shape (no damage noted). The fish looks very nervous.

The very stylish dimensional brooch, 2 x 2 inches, with pierced work, peridot green round stones all prong set and matching screw back earrings, 1 ¼ x ¾ inch are in perfect vintage shape, and are all marked Bond Boyd Sterling.

1980s ring, genuine flat oval lapis cab (1/2 inch long) set in a fancy appliqué design, 1 inch long x 7/8 inch wide top, about a size 9 ½ , 7.2 grams, unmarked, has tested sterling, and is in very good shape ( no damage noted).

Coat rack and umbrella stand, 1 hook needs repair and the top swivels.

Assorted 8 track tapes, many different artists such as The Beatles, Chicago, Charley Pride, Beach Boys, early Wille Nelson, Woodstock Soundtrack, Johnny Cash, K-Tel Tapes to name a few. Tapes appear to be playable but not tested, cases are intact, labels show average wear approx. 250 tapes in all one lot. Tapes sold as is check pictures.

In original carton. It has six wheels. All instructions are on the box & clearly readable. Machine is in excellent condition; carton has some scrapes on it.

An unusual miniature brass finish metal container held by two metal genies with turbans, about 1 ¼ inch tall, 1 inch across the top, weighs about 33.7 grams and each figure is about 1 ¾ inch tall. It can hold tooth picks or any other vertical items. It has a brass finish, magnetized, and therefore is not solid brass. In very good antique condition with age appropriate wear (no dings, dents, damage or repairs).

Dated 1934, 63 pages. Some of the songs are: Oh! Susanna, Cowboys’ new year’s dance, wandering cowboy, Round-up, Red River Valley, Make me a cowboy again, The Man on the flying trapeze …. In very good shape (tear at bottom left cover & 1 st page).

3 ½ x 2 ½ inches, featuring deers with mountains in the background and two rifles; the back reads: S-10, Siskiyou buckle Co. Inc., Williams, Oregon, in very good shape (no damage noted).

7 ¼ x 7 ¼ inches. A book about the story, music & photos from the original motion picture featuring Harrison Ford, story by George Lucas, 24 pages. Other than the small hole at bottom left of book going right through it, it is in very good shape, and looks like the record was never played).

7 x 7 inches. A book about the story & photos from the original motion picture, featuring Harrison Ford, story by George Lucas. Other than the small hole at bottom left of book going right through it, it is in very good shape, and there is no tape.

Vintage signed Amber glass boot

Just in time for Mother's Day! The lettering is delicately adorned with crystals & the adjoining tree has glass rubies & green colored accent stones. No damage noted. (disregard camera flash)

The clock is in working order & keeps accurate time. The clock & Tigger are made of plastic material & are in excellent condition. About 8" tall at the highest point.

An attractive amber coloured vase which is 6.5" tall. No damage seen.

Van is a Car Quest Series made by Liberty Classics Inc. It is in original packaging with no marks or damage.

Beautifully Illustrated book By Richard Coomber

About 3 ½ x 3 inches in very good shape (bottom has very ‘nicks’, other than that, no chips, breaks or cracks). Cute decorative figure.

About 3 ¾ x 2 ½ inches, this heavy buckle features the front of a truck and is marked: 1977 Bergamot, Brass Works, made in USA in very good shape (no damage noted).

3 x 2 3/8 inches, marked in the front: If it’s Rockin don’t bother Knock’in American Chicago Buckle Co., Copyright 1979, Limited Edition, serial number 261, made in USA on the back and in very good shape (no damage noted)

Keirstead framed print and Keirstead book

These lovely footed pink sherbet bowls are approx. 3.5" around. The pattern in not known. 2 of the dishes have chips on the bottom rim. (see photos).

1:87 scale in box. Car & box in excellent condition.

About 4 ½ x 4 ½ inches, Moulin Rouge, Paris, in black & white, made by Limoges, marked Limoges France in green with the artist’s name in the back, in very good shape (no damage noted, no chips, no breaks, no cracks).

Assorted collectible coins

Cast iron floral trivet

Made of plastic. The colours are bright, no damage seen on Minnie but the plug on the bottom is missing. The bank is 6" tall.

Etched in the red glass heart shaped piece is "I Love You". It is 4" across & approx 1" deep. No damage of any kind to this piece. Original label Bohemia Glass Made In Czechoslovakia.

There is absolutely no damage seen on this leaf shaped dish. It is 12" across & the height is 3.5". There is a dark spot seen in the photo which is a result of the making of this beautiful piece of art glass.

Canadian pottery piece is signed Gordon Canada. The colours are brown & black on this small glazed vase. The height is 4.5".

This red & black coloured glazed pottery piece is signed "Canuck Pottery London Ltd Labelle Made in Canada". This is on the sticker which has been taped to the piece so as not to be lost. The jug is 4.5" tall & 5.5" wide. There is no damage seen.

No scrapes or chips on glass of this 1930's model car.

Pkg contains 6 ornaments representing NASCAR Car #24. Packaging has minimal damage.

A cute bronze metal sculpture, about 3 inches tall, of a naked little boy doing something into a fountain’s basin, designed by Hiëronymus Duquesnoy the Elder and put in place in 1618 or 1619 in Brussels. It is in very good shape (no damage noted).

Three Reels W Sleeves in very good shape: Queen E visits Washington D.C., Jameston and Washington D.C., and Ottawa Canada, all dated 1957.

All three in very good shape: 1950 Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo) & Pancho, 1953 Gene Autry in ‘the kidnapping’, 1953 Hopalong Cassidy in ‘the Cattle Rustler’.

About 4 ½ inches in diameter, marked Wedgwood bone china made in England, Appledore U.S.A. patented in very good shape (no damage noted)

Two have well detailed leaves and rose decorations, have gilded edges, are painted with roses, are not marked, about 2 ½ inches long, one leaf has a chip at its end; the third holder with a yellow rose and leaves is marked Coalport, bone china made in England, about 1 ¾ inch, in very good shape (no breaks or cracks).

This pair of cowboy boot mugs have large handles with a spur at the bottom. They hold 17 oz & are 6.5" tall. They are marked "Libbey of Canada" with the number 7 on one & 4 on the other. Perfect for a cold beer! They are in great shape & would be a fun Father's Day gift.

86x86 comforter with 4 matching pillow cases and 4 throw pillows Note: some tears& wear on sides of comforter. King size down filled duvet. 4 bed pillows

The scissors are in their original box & have never been used.

A Teddy Bear Picnic No. N4948 by Carol Lawson. The plate is in excellent condition but there is no box or certificate.

It is the second plate in the Nature Poetry Collection by the award winning artist Lena Liu. Crafted in fine china under the hallmark of W>S> George. Certificate of authenticity shows the plate being registered as number 643C. Comes complete with it's box. The plate is in excellent condition.

This tempered glass screen protector film guard for Samsung Galaxy tablets will fit the 10.1" tablet. It is brand new & still in the original packaging.

With exclusive race wrecked GRX. 2 movie accessories included. It is GRX vs. Mach 6. This is in original carton.

Book by Mark Lambert

13 songs are featured, by Highridge Music Inc. This album is in very good shape (no damage noted)

I Poured My Heart Into A Song by Irving Berlin, with Tyrone Power & Jonja Henie, 1939 (in good shape) I Wanna Be Loved, by Johnny Green, with the Andrew Sisters (1934) (in good shape) My Happiness by Borney Bergantine, 1933 (in good shape, some edge tears) Isle of Capri by Will Grosz with Zavier Cugat (in good shape, small tear to the fold of the cover)1934 Honolulu Moon by Fred Lawrence, 1936 (in fair shape, several side tears, two staples, still worth getting because of the front illustration).

3 signed vintage kitchenware. Note: one has a chip on bottom of bowl

Boat was rescued from a Local Restaurant, it is approx. 8 feet long and 47 inches wide, comes with some chain to hang from ceiling and mannequin with clothes to ride in boat and have foot sticking out of side of boat. Great for Sea Food Restaurant, hang from tree at cottage or from ceiling in large man cave. May need cleaning and a little TLC

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