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Black and white photographs in paper envelope. Some damage on envelope, tears. 47 total, doubles of two images.

Munro Games, Toronto, ON. Player controls, goalie controls and ball release. Missing goalie control knob and ball release knob on green side.

9 pcs total. Various shapes and sizes. "Solid Steel," "Eagle Lock Co 178."

3 pcs. Green upper. Under part white. Some wear.

White Owl Brand, Phillies, Walnut Premier Selection, John Hay, Robt. Burns, Webster Cigars, Vega Fina, Chaba Puro Bahiano, Dutch Masters Queens. Cigars not included. Some wear.

Not tested. Working condition NOT known. Some wear on key faces, space bar broken, rust on paper insert.

Signed on bottom.

Cleveland American League Champions Pennant. Cleveland Indians Official Souvenir Score Card Vol. 9 No. 5, Copr. 1955, The Cleveland Baseball Co. 24 pages.

Original Japan Design. Made in Japan.

15 piece set includes truck, platform, scaffolding, camera with reflector, three news anchors, and five small pieces of news equipment. 1977. All pieces fit in van.

The Hostess's Complete Handbook by Josephine Shaw, "Needlecraft for the Home" by Eileen Franklin, "Decorating Handbook" Ed. by Miriam B. Reichl and "Personal Beauty" by Nancy Daggett. 1951 and 1952. Illustrated. Stain on covers (residue).

Jos T. Pearson & Sons, Phila., P.A. Various sizes: 7 1/2 to 11. Wear on two pieces.

3 coins, legal tender in Canada, each contains one Troy ounce of pure silver. One each for Speed Skating, Downhill Skiing and Hockey. Some staining on cardboard packaging.

5 pieces. 4 rectangular, 1 round with brass top. Some staining on one bottom.

JA376589. Not tested. Working condition NOT known.

Gear shift knobs for Fiat x2, Monza x2, MG x2, Lotus, one with gear display. Wear on some boxes.

4 pcs total.

Medicine Hat Potteries.

Dansk International Designs Ltd. Red gloss and matte finish, white enamel interior. Wear on surface coating, chipped enamel inside.

6 books total. "The Merchant of Venice," "The Tempest," "Romeo & Juliet," "King Henry the Fourth Pt I," "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare. "The Spanish Tragedy" by Kydd.

Trenton 1940s-50s. Blue bill (?).

12 Pcs. Darth Vader x 2, Princess Leia x 2, Yoda x 2, Chewbacca, C3P0, Ewok, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, The Emperor. In working order.

Working condition NOT known.

Ken-Wel (H1060). Lace-up.

C16070 Horn Push. In 2-piece box. Some wear on packaging.

Made in England. "Cutter head is carefully designed to cut paper and card materials up to a max. thickness of 1.5mm." O/N 7549. No. 51800. Patent 1247681. Scratches and wear. In working order.

Stone blocks in wooden box. "Series: Even Numbers Original Box," "Of absorbing Interest to adults as well as children." Stain on bottom of box, cover cracked, some pieces broken. Approx. 180 stone pieces, 6 wooden pieces incl. box.

2 pcs. 1 pkg 1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball Cards, 132 Card Series. 1 pkg Topps Baseball Cards, the Official 1989 Complete Set, 792 Picture Cards. Unopened.

Crystalline Stone Mounted On Wood.

Pennants for Harcum Junior College, Cardinal Dougherty High, Bishop Neumann, Northeast High School, Philadelphia, Monsignor Bonner High, Cornell University and St. James. Approx. 27" x 10". 4 with 2 sets of ties. Total Pieces: 7. Stain: faint, on Cornell pennant. Wear: on Cornell tie, one torn.

Knickerbocker Plastic Co., Glendale, Calif. Pat. No. 2630108.

Brass sign mounted on wood.

6 korthallare, Pukeberg, Sweden. 6 placeholders in cardboard package.

Neighing Horse Toy on Wheels. (Harness-activated Neighing sound.) Puppy Dog Rocking Horse. Pair of Roller Skates.

Wayside Market Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Port Arthur, Ontario 1953 Calendar, Thunder Bay Insurance Agency, Ltd. 1955 Calendar, Delmars Ladies Wear, Ltd. Port Arthur, Ont. 1962 Calendar, Parnell's Butternut Bread and Better Cakes, Fort William, Port Arthur, Ontario 1953 Calendar x 2, George Wardrobe Agencies Ltd., Port Arthur, Ont. 1962 Calendar, The Hunting and Fishing Calendar from Sam's Tavern and Liquor Store, Hinsdale, Ill. 1955 Calendar (12 pages, pg/month, with hunting and fishing articles opposite illustrated pages. Some wear and stains on Hunting and Fishing Calendar.

Model 4900. No. 71255. Approved-Trade & Commerce. Made in U.S.A. Chart for first class, air, printed matter, parcel post. U.S., Canada, foreign. In working order.

Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera. Manual for basic use. Manual on "How to Take SX-70 Pictures." Sylvan Flash Bar. Brown Leather Carry Case with Brown Velvet Divider, Fits Camera. One Polaroid picture. Working condition NOT known.

Model 651. No. 97167. Made in Canada by Symphonic Electronic Corporation. Volume and Bass/Treble Knobs. Adapter piece for 45's. Turntable works, but needs new needle. Folds into carry case.

Ontario Athletic Commission. Boy's Ontario District Meet in bronze and silver.

Volumes 1, 2, 4, 13 and 14 of the 14 Volume 1896 Edition of Thomas De Quincey's Collected Writing. Wear on each. One front cover missing.

Varying Conditions, wear on each.

Two prints: "Wedding Song: 'I am my beloved's and my beloved mine. Song of Songs 6 v 3'" 85/150. "Embrace: 'Let his left hand be under my head, and his right hand embrace me. Song of Songs 2 v 6.'" 34/150. Framed. Matted. Ready to hang.

Sheffield Reproduction Co. Copper x 2. Viking Plate Copper, Made in Canada x 1. Some tarnish.

30" x 20" poster. 1973. Quarter folded.

Requires 9 volt battery. Not included. Includes carry case. Cardboard packaging. Working condition NOT known.

Rosenthal Studio-Linie "Geschleudertes Glas" bowl, Nachtmann leaf motif glass dish.


American Sampler First Impressions 1981. Oven to Tableware. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Freezer to oven.

Detroit Knitting Mills 100% Virgin Wool Double Strand. Yellow. "Crusaders 81." Wear: small holes.

4 Pcs Total. "Season's Greetings and Five Little Sweethearts to You." Thunder Bay Co-operative Dairy Ltd. Printed in Canada. Illustrations: "Landing Party," "Sweet Sixteen," "Grown Up," and "Smooth Sailing" by Andrew Loomis. Mounted on card with tear-off mini-calendar, hanging ties. Some wear on all, one torn.

Ben Hardy's Flying Machine and "Bob the Castaway" by Frank V. Webster, "The Speedwell Boys on Motorcycles" by Roy Rockwood. Illustrated.

Wear-Ever Vanadium Steel. AG Ltd. Cutlery. Off white handles. Wooden storage unit. Some wear/cracks on handles, one broken. Back of storage unit has open slots, taped for safety.

Some staining and tears. Rolled poster. Was once folded. Backed with tissue, attached.

2 pcs. Rolled wall map with wooden spool. Includes attachable measuring tape. Approx 67" x 49". Some wear on lower edges.

Brown, grey and off white pieces. Decorative. Working condition NOT known.

New Course in Typewriting by Paul A. Moreland, revised edition, "Shorthand Speed Drills" by Paul Moser and "New Basic Course in Pitman Shorthand."

Working condition NOT known.

Laura's Summer Ballet by Linda Blake, "Lorna Doone" by R. D. Blackmore, "Jo's Boys" by Louisa M. Alcott, "Donna Parker on Her Own" by Marcia Martin, "The Abbey Girls at Home" by Elsie J. Oxenham, "Heidi Grows Up" and "Heidi's Children" by Charles Tritten.

Wooden casing with metallic mould.

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