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18 pieces, triangles, steps, squares, half circles, rectangles

4 Skate Ramps, red metal with black surface. Dimensions; Biggest one is 62”w x 86”l x 43”h Two smaller ones are 50”w x 86”l x 17”h The square one is 50”w x 48”l x 17”h This lot comes with 7 helmets and 3 skate board supply kits

10 blue plastic chairs Dimensions; 16”w x 16”l x 33”h (this lot contains 10 of chairs shown, lot 41 has 11 more) 2 brown plastic chairs Dimensions; 15”w x 15.5”l x 33”h (not pictured)

11 blue plastic chairs Dimensions; 16”w x 16”l x 33”h (this lot contains 11 of chairs shown, lot 2 has 10 more)

9 fabric chairs, show some wear Dimensions; 20"w x 20"d x 32"h

Huge lot of pre-school toys Mats, chair, suitcase, foam building blocks, house, kitchen oven etc.

two 5 ft tables (see lots 9,43, 44 for other tables photo)

Arena Score Board in working condition Big and heavy! Bring appropriate equipment and assistance to remove. This will be taken off the wall prior to pick up.

Orange filing cabinet, unlock, no key Dimensions; 36"w x 18"d x 75"h

Heater on wheels, Garrison Dimensions; 61"w x 13"d x 26"h

Baseball equipment 2 helmets, 1 bat, 2 chest protectors, 1 home plate, 1 catcher's mask and 1 bag

Philips Sound System Radio, untested

6 small blue plastic chairs Dimensions; 11.5"w x 11"l x 21.5"h

"Visitors" and "Home" Wood Signs Dimensions; 8ft x 2 ft

3 wood shelving units on wheels, two shelves per unit Dimensions; 47"w x 11.5"d x 33"h

Two 8 ft long tables, See lots 42, 43, 44 for other tables shown in photos.

Kitchen pots, utensils, measuring Cups, pots, mixing bowls, knives, baking tools, cookie cutters.

Used golf clubs in bag 27 clubs of various brands

8 Gardening tools, like new

Huge lot of children's books

Two 8 ft long tables, (see lots 9,42, 44 for other tables in photo) Note wear.

5 Kids Size Skates and 13 pairs of laces (black and white)

Outdoor sports equipment; Badminton, foam paddles, ping pong paddles and balls, pylons, frisbees etc.

One 6' wood top folding table, One 6' plastic folding table- paint marks. (see lots 9,42, 43 for other tables in photo) Note wear.

Little Tikes Used High Chair Made of plastic Dimensions; 24"w x 17"d x 37"h

Assorted nets in good condition

Black fabric bags with handles Dimensions; 10"w x 10.5"l

Mixed computer equipment 8 Screens, 11 keyboards, 1 printer, Mice etc. All untested

Two bookshelves, three shelves each Dimensions; 36"w x 18"d x 52"h

Little Tikes Kids Basketball Net Net shows some wear Made of plastic Dimensions; 29"w x 23"d x 66"h

9 Plastic bins of various sizes (4 have lids)

2 soccer nets Dimensions; 124"w x 45"d x 42"h

Blue table with white board Dimensions; table is 59.5"l x 30"w x 21"h white board is 24"w x 1/2"d x 36"h

Framed Vincent Van Gogh Reproduction Dimensions; 20"w x 1"d x 26"h

3 wood bookshelves, 2 shelves each Dimensions; 41"w x 14"d x 42"h

Video games equipment-Dance revolution mats, rock band guitars, drums, steering wheels all untested

Playmobil Pre-school table on wheels, one side missing wood paneling Dimensions; 36"w x 25"d x 15"h

2 wooden storage unit, unlocked no keys Dimensions; 441"w x 19"d x 24"h

Kids Chalkboard Dimensions; 22"w x 27"d x 43"h

Christmas and Halloween Decorations Christmas tree, ornaments and Halloween RIP foam sign

Kids Desk with metal legs on wheels Dimensions; 36"w x 20"d x 26.5"h

Dimensions; 70.5"w x 24"d x 52"h

Dimensions; 25'w x 22.5"d x 34"h

Desk & storage unit (show some wear) Dimensions; desk 48"w x 20"d x 28.5"h storage 30"w x 20"d x 29"h

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