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For individual and family use. Prevention, Symptoms and Treatment, etc.

1977. FP463. In working order. Includes 8 cartridges: Walt Disney's Cinderella, Big Bird's Birthday Party, Bugs Bunny in the Lions' Den, Mickey Mouse and the Giant, Sesame Street Numbers, Cookie Monster in the Kitchen, On My Way to Sesame Street, Disney's Flight into Space. Some wear on cartridges, and Cinderella sticker not affixed, some staining on adapter.

Various pieces of copper. 11 pcs incl. pot lid. Note: some wear, stains, wax residue in dipper, tarnish.

Made in Italy. Navy space age polymer, 40/50s era, cotton. Approx 38" tall when folded down. 45" long from handle. Hard rubber wheels. Staining on fabric, interior, exterior. Rust, tarnish on framework. Note: does not meet current safety standards.

1906 New Century Library Edition of Jane Eyre. Leatherbound. Note: wear on cover, scratches, scuffs.

In working order. 7 pcs.

Moving parts in working order. Light up goal not tested, condition not known. Note: wear, stains on box. Approx 36 players, metallic. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Boston. Note: some stain, rust on characters, Stanley cup broken. Note: some pieces missing, damage.

Original landscape paintings. Five different artists. Signed Burnett, Roman, Keine, R. Sun, D. Batts (sp? hard to read) Note: some staining, wear on frames.

England. 12 cups, 13 saucers, 8 plates. 33 pieces total. White with gold trim.

Various pieces. Some tarnish, staining. 12 pcs.

Approx 13.5" x 8".

Approx. 12.5X8X5. Jewelery box, lift out compartment, sectioned. Petitioned drawer and sectioned main compartment. Note: damage. Jewelery, some 925 silver. Signed enamel pieces. Various. Assortment of styles, etc.

Rene Magritte, Le Chateau des Pyrenees, 1959, reproduction. Framed. Ready to hang. Approx. 37.5 x 24.

Smith-Corona. "Super," "Keyed for Speed." some wear on case. Working condition NOT known.

Film editing tool. Portable. With handle. Working condition NOT known.

Various brands: WhizzWheels, Thames Trader, Matchbox, Corgi Juniors, Aston Martin, Husky, Ford, Tootsietoy, Hot Wheels, Jaguar, etc. Note: wear on most, staining, paint scraped.

Black. Red inside. Note: some wear on outside and scuffs.

iSi brand. Glass bottle, covered in metallic mesh-style layer, red print design, with plastic and metallic dispenser.

Automatic Stop Mechanism/Quick Review System. Made in Japan. Model no. TP-748. Includes carry case/strap.

Painted dark green. Note: some wear, rust. The C.O. & S.F. Co. Ltd. Approx 26 tall. 1 pr.

Approx. 54 tall. Note: some pieces missing.

The flavour that's in favour. Rochester Brewing Co., Inc. Rochester, N.Y. Note: wear, price tag residue.

Various pieces. Including dishes, bowls, candle holders, decanter covers, dessert bowls, candy dish, etc. Various brands. Some matching pieces. Depression glass, cut glass and crystal. 67 pcs.

Three full colour animation cells featuring painted background and separate character layers. Some wear, stains.

Includes Instructions for Using "Fulgor" Tricolor Flashguards pamphlet, Snapshots with Your Brownie Hawkeye Camera Flash Model pamphlet, camera, two plastic covers, box. Working condition NOT known.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth portraits. 29 x 22.5. Some wear on frames.

1979. Complete Set.

Light fixture, cloth covered wire. Working condition NOT known.

Royalcraft binoculars and case. 7x50. 372 ft at 1000yds. No. 3196-447. Note: wear on case, lining torn. Binoculars in working order.

Super Eight. Model 346. 115 V AC. 60 Cycle only. Portable. Working condition NOT known.

Published by Houghton Mifflin Co. Colonial Dames and Good Wives by Alice Morse Earle 1895, and Diary of Anna Green Winslow, a Boston School Girl of 1771 by Anna Green Winslow, Edited by Alice Morse Earle 1894. Fifth Impression.

6 jars. Atlas E-Z Seal, blue, Perfect Seal, Safety Seal. Various Sizes. Largest approx 7.5 in tall, rest about 5.5 in.

Black. Pink inside. Some wear on inner part and handle broken, staining.

Some wear, parts missing and staining. Working condition NOT known.

RCA Victor. Serial no.2686. Watts 15. Some parts working. Note: some wear, scratches, staining.

Large stein made in Japan. Two of "Original King 2" and "3", "300." One of "NEM Decor France". Others not prominently marked. Largest one about 12.5"

Some wear, ears chipped. Metal stands with cork. Two total.

Round tobacco tins: MacDonald's Export, Player's, Embassy, Vogue. Flat, square cigar tins: Chesterfield, Black Cat. Some wear, tarnish, scratches on tins. Rounds about 4.5" tall, flats almost 6" long. 6 pcs.

Black. Northern Electric patented 1954 55 60. Made in Canada. White refurbished telephone, originally manufactured prior to 1983. Date: 1987. Phone book, orange and black in rotary style, Eagle UK RFGD Design Appln no. 957183.

Hardcover portfolio. An appreciation by Canaday printed on folded insert. 8 individual reproductions, two sizes. Some wear on package. Top of box missing, some staining on inserts. Approx. 19.75" x 14.25" x 3, 16" x 13.75" x 5. Portfolio approx 20.5" x 14.75".

21 balls, wooden triangle. Faux snakeskin-style box, cardboard. Stains on box.

Black and gold coloured. Some wear, label scuffed.

Mibro wood planers No 3 & 4. Made of wood and metal. Some wear, parts missing.

JB655579. Portable. Wooden base. Working condition NOT known. Power cord and cover. Key is lost, cover will lock when closed.

Pepsi Cola, Sprite, Canada Dry, Nu Grape, Sun Crest, Wilson's, Wishing Well, Sun Crest. Note: some wear, stains, scratches. 34 pcs.

4 small tins for needles/pins. "His Master's Voice." Sphinx Brand. Note: some wear, staining, residue.

Aardvark 1972 Canada.

Frontier Scout, made in England. G-Man Model, Note: barrel missing. Reliable "ray-gun"-style water gun. Stampede Lone-Star. Cisco Kid Lone-Star. Marshal. 3 holsters, 2x 1975 Gabriel Ind., Inc. 1x double-holster style.

7 total. June 1984. September 1984. May 1983. February 1990. October 1984. December 1976. September 1978. Staple-bound. Wear on some.

1979. FP 944. Complete set. Note: box is damaged. Plastic and wood pieces.

Peter Austin Mfg Co. Model No 250. 110-115 Volts. 60 watt AC. CSA App. No. 12373.

Black table top with bottom shelf and wooden legs on wheels. 29 x 17 x 22.5

1981. FP 170. Complete set in working order.

Ages 3-8. FP100. Complete. Note: wear on box, some tears.

Wooden ladder. BT Standard Step Ladder Patented. Approx 45.5 tall when open. Approx. 29 wide at base when open. Note: wear, staining, rust.

342 McCoy Ovenproof USA. 3 pieces.

Reference Manual 1941-1942 Pontiac. Various postcards, photographed cars, illustrated cars and cartoon style. 30 total, doubles/triples of several. Mechanic's cap: Wolf's Head Motor Oil and Lubes. Note: some wear on book cover, spine, residue. Note: some postcards bent, dented. Note: cap stained, some tearing, thread unraveling.

Edition unknown. Some pages in front are loose.

Approx. 30 x 24. Ready to hang. Some wear on frame, screw holes.

For all 35mm and 4x4cm slides. Made in England. Transformer attachment port. Note: box torn.

Silvertone Radio. Model 10530. Sold only by Simpsons-Sears & Simpson's. Made in Canada. In working order. Note: some wear, stains.

Stainless Steel Back. Made in China. No numbers on face.

Original Classic style animation cels. 3 Total. Background, plus individual character cels.

Pink casing. Orange and white floral pattern inside. Note: some wear, staining on outside.

Various numerical values imprinted. Glass. Some wear, scuffs. 6 pcs.

Sign, silver colour embossed. Note: some wear, tears, staining.

Working condition NOT known. Note: some wear, staining.

Customs Illustrated July 60. Car Speed and Style Sept 58 and July 60. Rod & Custom Oct 60, Sept 58, Sept 57, Aug 59, Jan 58. Customer Cars Oct 57. Rodding and Re-Styling Jan 58. Customer Rodder Sept 57. Car Craft Aug 57. Rod Builder & Customer. 13 total.

First printed 1871. Date of this publication unknown. Note: some wear on cover, tears, scuffs.

Made in USA exclusively for P. Lorillard Co. by Contemporary Ceramics. Chatham, NJ.

Large sticker on one side with Fancy Washington Navels. La Verne Beauties. Note: some wear, sticker torn. 26 X 12 X 11

3 total. Background and individual character cels. Original.

Some wear, some mirror pieces missing. Various string lengths attached. 13 pcs.

Jos T Pearson & Sons. Sizes 9 mostly. Some wear and cracks. Approx 37" long. 13 pcs.

1979. Note: brush missing bristles.

Excerpts and speeches made by JFK. Recorded speeches including Oath of Office, Inaugural Address, Speech on Berlin, Speech on Cuban Crisis, Forth Worth Speech, Last Speech - Dallas, Texas.

Brass fixture with copper and stained glass light fixture. Possibly 1940s. Working condition NOT known.

Vieux Loos Genievre D'Alambic. Rye and Barley Malt Spirit. Approx 10.5 tall.

Depuis/Since 1856. Brome, Quebec. 4,5,6 & 7 Sept. 1992. Illustration by Berenati, reproduction. Matted. Framed. Ready to hang. Approx 26.5 x 21.

Decorative matching pair. Use unknown. Note: some stains, tarnish. 2 pcs.

Various styles. Some wear, stains, tears. 4 pcs.

Possibly modified hurricane lamp, from oil lamp to electric chandelier. Brass, glass. Note: some wear, tarnish, rust. Chandelier portion approx. 33X17".

Approx 17". "Dee An Cee 7." Eyes close when doll horizontal. Red dress with white trim. Some mild staining.

Metallic Wood-Style Painted. EMIG, 1297 F and 1297 S.

Red and black vinyl, wood frame. Ready to hang. Backed with illustration. Artists unknown. Some wear on frame. With frame approx 20.5" x 18.5".

Hand-coloured-style photograph, still from The Ruling Class, on "paper manufactured by Kodak." Rolled. Approx 21.5" x 16.75".

Mid 80s, all fixtures work. No lamp shades. One plastic white candle casing broken into two pieces. Two different cord lengths. Approx. 27" tall, incl light/shade fixture. Shade not included.

Signature: Bavard R.D. Approx. 8" tall.

Charles Deas, A Group of Sioux, 1845 reproduction. Some dents on frame. Ready to hang. Approx. 23.5 x 18.

David Hamilton. Les Granges Saint-Andre 83350 Ramatuelle 10km de St. Tropez. Framed. Ready to hang. Approx 24 x 18.

Wooden encasings with metallic moulds. 11 pcs.


About 4" from rim to top.

Gunn painting. Reproduction. Paper on back torn. Wire hanging. Approx 35.5 x 30

22 boxes containing various pcs in various styles. 14 boxes: "1 dozen. Polished chrome. For use with 212 218 268. Knob 712." 3 boxes: "1 dozen. Polished copper. For use with 212 218 268. Knob 712." 2 boxes: "1 dozen. Polished chrome. For use with 212 218 268. Knob 711." 1 box: "712-19-01. 10 pcs. Knob Adapter for 2 in knobs. Dull black." 1 Box: "1 dozen polished copper. Pagoda Knob 2 78." 1 box: "1 dozen polished chrome. Pagoda drawer pulls 573." Individually wrapped. Note: contents of boxes may not match labels exactly.

Highlights Emancipation Proclamation. Madela Publishing, Decatur, GA. Note: door knob paper weights not included. Approx 27" x 22". Rolled. Some wear on edges.

Mathematical Puzzles and How to Solve Them. Trigonometry and Statics. Deductive Geometry and Introduction to Trigonometry. Mathquest 4. 4 pcs total.

Keene-Widelite. Indoor use. Diameter approx. 16.5". Approx. 25" long.

Approx 23X35X37.5 . Some wear, scuffs, scratches.

Hinges for fold-down drawer. Note: some wear, staining. 33.5 x 16 x 65. 1 piece. Note: contents not included.

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