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3 tea servers, 11 silver trays, 8 Sterling Silver goblets from Mexico, 1 butter tray and 2 candle holders

Sessions clock is brass with gold overlay French antique. Black clock is American antique1 12" working Sessions Box Clock w/key in great condition, 1 16" 20lb vintage clock with slight scratches and paint discoloration.

1 36" French chair with no stains and in good condition

1 72" x36" Table, minor scratches on top of table, 6 34" height chairs w/ minor scratches. Seller States High quality. Paid $4,000.00 new

Sofa 84" x 35 height with red pillows and cushions, side table with minor 20" x 16" table 38" x 20" height Seller states High quality. Paid $5,000.00 new.

1 19" ft Jean Francois Millet Painting 1857, 2 - 20" ft French art picture frames

1 34" Crystal Chandelier hanging light. All intact, good condition

1 36" x 23" wooden rocking chair with minor scratches

1 78" Armoire, paint chipping and comes with 4 drawers and other compartments for clothing.

1 43" decorated mirror and - 38" 4 drawer dresser with marble top, no cracks or minor scratches on table legs.

Miscellaneous watches which includes 1 Swiss army watch and a women's Claremont watch, pearls, necklaces, rosaries, empty old perfume bottles, Miscellaneous military buttons and empty jewelry boxes

The Great Outdoors 12 Black Stained Wood Chairs w/black cushions (only 6 shown) Matches Lot 5 Also includes 2 armchairs not shown in the photos

1 pub table With minor scratches to table top, Pagoda Bar stools, 4 wooden black Bar stools w/cushions (3 Bar stools shown) Matches Lot 4

1 mirror with scratches and black stain on right hand side of mirror, 1 dresser with scratches on top of dresser and 9 drawers

1 48" x 48" 1946 O'Keefe & Merritt white Oven model #420-6 w/minor scratches and some rust. In workable condition, oven, griddle, giant burner. Connecting equipment included.

1 French chair with stained white upholstery and paint chipping

1 wooden table with slight scratches, 2 armed chairs and 2 non armed chairs

1 58" vintage mirror frame with stand and marble top. Antique from France. Paint on stand is chipped.

5 assorted vases from China, no scratches or chips, great condition

3 Hot wheels toy cars in original boxes, firefighters truck toy, Buddha statue, Trend saucer and matching cup, fruit basket, decorated ducks and witch figurine (table not included)

1 wooden rocking chair with slight scratches

2 wooden chairs, wooden chair w/slight scratches, 1 wooden chair with slight scratches

1 French chair with stained upholstery and tears on the arms of chair.

9 Cristal J.G. Duran wine cups, 1 crystal standing bowl, 2 Flintstones McDonald cups, 1 1ft crystal light, 4 Mikasa glass goblets

2 Black 78" length 40" height table with slight scratches on table top with standing legs. Matches lot 4 and 5 Seller states nding legs. Matches lot 4 and 5 Seller states paid $1,000.00 each new

2 width wooden chairs w minor scratches

1 7x9 rug with minor stains.

1 24"x 22" wooden table with minor scratches, 1 18" x 17" width golden wooden table, 18" x 21" wooden table Measurements are approx.

2- 26" Roman lights with lamp covers with slight stains, 1 24" damaged chandelier lamp (broken chandelier parts provided) with damaged ripped lamp shade, 4 golden painted muses Roman characters

1 27" ducks painting w/minor dents on frame, 1 28" mother and son painting in wooden frame w/minor scratches, 1 22" wooden frame with mirror

60" Executive Art Steel Tank Desk with legs w/Minor scratches and has 7 drawers

Assorted books such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, war and piece and other books, art pictures are miscellaneous, 2 sz.small Sweaters hand crafted from Hong Kong, black and white with pearls stitched on.

100s of assorted Albums including Barry Manilow and various artist.

1 Magnavox Studio System with turntable (no needle), slight scratches. speakers not included. Cds from various artist, Jimmy Buffett and Bette Midler. Comes with vinyl from various artist, the romantics and Christmas carols. Am-Fm Stereo and tape deck

38" hanging clock, 2 matching angel candle holders, 2 matching standing candle holders, 1 black standing candle holder

12"flower plate, The first Christmas Eve plate by Gerald. Miller (made in Israel), plate #9380, 1 Gorham Plate, 2 book holder and 15" wall decorations and 2 gold wall decorations

2 24" Laced Dressed Doll Lamps in good condition and working.

2 matching wooden chairs, 2 matching bentwood balloon back chairs and 1 wooden stained cushion chair wooden chairs

1 7ftx11 ft rug with black stains needs cleaning

1 51" length 57" ft wide Light blue with matching bench, piano is not tuned and has slight scratches on top of piano. 1 cracked piano key

1 37" width 19" black leather ottoman with slight scratches.

1 rocking chair with stained cushion and minor scratches Matches Lot 17

1 rocking chair with stained cushion and minor scratches Matches Lot 16

Child Craft set 1-2, 1 A Treasury of art masterpieces book, 1 children's stories book, 1 Bible Children's book, 1 child craft "science and industry book, 1 child craft "art and music" book.

1 18" wooden record LP Storage with various scratches and glue mark stains.

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