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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Couch is in good shape showing no rips or tears. Includes throw pillows. Measures 86x35x37. .

Vintage decorative chair set of 2. Matching set. Showing some minor wear, but will need a cleaning. Measure 25x27x34. .

Cast outdoor furniture. Minor wear. Will need tools to remove as they are screwed to the deck. Measure 21x14x25 and 38x15x27. .

6 drawer dresser. Painted at one point, and has some scattered chips. Measures 46x16.50x30. Lot also includes a wall hanging mirror. Measures 19.50x29. .

In good condition, and works. Model number FRT18QGFWO. Gallery edition. Measures 29.50x27.50x65. Come later during the pick up time slot for this item.

Lot includes 2 outdoor chairs with foot stools. Both in good shape. Measure 24x26x36. .

Lot includes planters pots, hose, rakes, bird houses, and more. Large planters are plastic and measure 27" tall. .

Corner cabinet made of wood / wicker. Different colours. Features a single pull out drawer. Measures 28x20x75. .

Retro sideboard. 2 pieces, and in good shape. Measures 72x18x58. .

Lot includes 7 pieces of art. 2 pieces are original oil paintings, 1 Keirstead print, and the rest are misc wall prints. Oil painting of city measures 56x31, figural nude woman measures 28x37. .

Lot includes a wood dining room table. Includes 2 leafs. Without leafs measures 60x42x30. Each leaf measures 18x42. Some wear from use. .

Display cabinet. Made of wood. Single pullout drawer on bottom. Measures 27.50x16x71. .

Carved wood Last Super scene. Good shape. Includes lamp for mounting over. Has glass front. Measures 49x23. .

Lot includes a Maytag washing machine. Measures 26x27x44. Lot includes all cleaning liquids above washer. The Dryer is in Lot 428 .

Weed eater in good shape. Gas powered. Model FS36. Untested. .

Good shape. Working condition. Model number C8806587590. Measures 30x24.50x48. .

Lot includes a metal rolling tray / cart. Features 3 shelves. Measures 37x21x36. Also includes 4 wood tables. Measure 39x20x25. .

Includes a pull out couch. Good shape, showing no rips or tears. Measures 77x36x36. . Bring help to move!

Lot includes a 3 metal jugs, tallest measures 14", and a fireplace wood storage box. Measures 24x15x17. .

Lot includes a 8 gallon shop vac. Good shape. .

Lot includes a single planter pot, plastic and measures 21" tall. Also includes a single flower pot with rolling base for deck. Both have flowers planted. See pictures. .

Lot includes 2 side tables. Both made of wood. Round table measures 27x21, and other measures 22x26x21. .

Lot includes 4 wood press back chairs. 2 have arms. Reproductions, and are not old / antique. Measure 18x18x43. .

Lot includes 2 ladders. Measure 6' tall. .

Good shape, and works. Features a turntable. Measures 21x14.50x12. .

Lot includes a headboard that measures 59x40, metal adjustable bed frame on wheels, unique decorative chair that measures 23x16x22, and a single nightstand that measures 15x15x26. .

Electrohome stereo in cabinet. Features a Dual record player. Untested. Includes manual. Measures 48x18x27. .

Includes 3 mental tables, 2 are on wheels. First measures 71x22x26, second measures 84x23x30, and the third measures 104x20x32. All showing some wear from use. Please come nearer to the end of the pick up time slot for these items .

Lot includes pots, pans, cutlery, coffee and tea pots, and other kitchen tools. .

Lot includes a sander, be all electric chainsaw, painting related items, electric Black and Decker drill, and more. .

Lot includes glasses, lidded container, flower vase, decorative bowl, plate set, glass bottles, and more. .

Lot includes vintage video cameras, Polaroid camera, portable radio, an assortment of records. .

Includes fan, garbage can, cooler, humidifier, ceiling light, blankets, area rug, and misc linens. .

Figurine lot. Mixed themes. Some made in Japan, and England. Also includes decorative lamp. .

Lot includes a mixed, George Foreman rotisserie, juicer, and food cutter. .

Lot includes a wash basin and pitcher (has crack, home made), sewing material basket with contents, wall handing mirror and baskets, wood table with glass top measures 28x18x17, showing some wear. Also includes a white shelf and rolling stand. .

Fisher price double stroller.

Includes different jugs made of glass and plastic. Also includes funnels, hoses, and more. .

Lot includes many piece of home decor. Includes flower arrangement, coffee pot, decorative plates, lidded canister, glass bottles, vases, wine bottle holder, wall hanging pictures, gravy boat, and more. .

Untested. Comes with some attachments. .

Wood shelf unit. Seems to be nailed to ceiling, so bring tools. Bottom right support will need repaired. Measures 49x9x95. .

Made by Kenmore. Measures 29x25x43. Untested

8 boxes of books. Most are medical related. Appear to be full sets. Also includes a file cabinet that measures 18x26x52. See pictures for titles. .

Lot includes different themed decorative collectibles. Includes 2 swords, natives in canoe, horn folk art lamp, cherub candle holders, lantern, large decorative wall hanging plates that measure 25" round, and more. .

Lot includes electric drill, hammer, hand saws, and more. .

Lot includes different chemicals for around the house / garage. See pictures for all labels. Also includes a garden hose with the storage roller. .

Flower theme couch. Good shape. Measures 88x36x35. .

Hammond autochord organ. Untested. Sheet music holder will need a few screws. Includes bench. Measures 43x21x34. .

Lot includes a vintage floor model TV. Untested. Also includes a VCR and portable radio. TV measures 39x17x30. .

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