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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Date and origin unknown. This appears to be an early drawing of this aboriginal community and the children hurrying to school. 24x19. 27x32. in frame. note condition reframing and re-matting would clean this up.

7" high at peaks, 10" across.

Castle China make. numbered.

JM Eckart ULM ND on back. Rupp on label. About 13"x 14" closed. Lots of leather straps and buckles, pockets and pouches.

About 8' long, 2' wide.

Vintage Bag is 3 1/2" long 4" wide at top. With chain it is 12 1/2" long.

12" long x 4 1/2" tall. Has feet.

Spiked Noritaki dish is 5" wide, small cups are 2 1/2" tall, others are regular tea cup size

Knife in sheath is 8 1/2" long, the other is 7" long

Lovely sound.

Both unused. Panther knife is 8" long, Old Timer is 7" long. Both with original boxes.

Amazing quality vintage and newer dolls from around the world. Handmade clothing, knit sweaters, real caribou. Wood and wicker set is scented.

Desk top is 21 x14 and has an inkwell. Seat is 20 X11. There is a shelf under desk top. Seat folds up.

18" ring and 5, 8-9" characters. Repair to underside of ring. See photo. All ropes, suction cups, paper in place.

Box is 15" long x 8". Some damage to seam at bottom of box - see photo.

This is an original Atari replacement top new in plastic wrap from 1987. Molded characters look amazing. Never used.

19"x 25". Ready to hang.

12" x 11". Chin strap in place.

Largest shovel is 51". Cultivator is 57".

19"x 25". Ready to hang. Some damage to frame, see photos.

Frame 16 x 13. Robert Bateman, 1980. Ready to hang.

Metal blade is 4' long. The rest is all wood.

Versatile and unique cranberry glass set with removable Metal handles. Footed bowl with tarnished silver coloured base and six cups. No chips and handles work perfect.

29" tall, 19" long. Steeple is loose.

Sides are removable. About 5' long. Box is 2' long. Metal wheel and struts.

Large doll is Alaxander very good quality doll with high detail. Red and white doll is a music box and plays "Go To Sleep". Leather sandals and clay pot. 2nd large doll note damage

From the 80s and 90s in excellent condition

1918 Ford Model T Runabout Bank and 50 Chevy Panel Delivery Truck Bank.

Robert Bateman, 1979 in frame ready to hang. 15" x 13".

12.5 w 8.5 d 5.5 t. Brass trim accents and hinges. Bottom drawer opens automatically when lid is lifted.

Two lamps with blue shades. Both working 25" tall.

1905 Ford Delivery Car Bank and 1932 Ford Delivery Van Bank.

5" glass set, 6 1/2" vase set.

Unused. Bag is 24" long. 6 mallets, 6 balls.

3 1968 Mattel Hot Wheels Super Charger buildings. 1 double decker. 2 single. 1 is in excellent condition including decals. Approx. 45 cars, some are not Hot Wheels. 17 tracks and connectors. 2 -vintage redline curves. 2 clamps 1 redline. 2 vintage redline jumps. 3 vintage redline risers. Other accessories.

Mixed lot Large wood and chrome elephants are 7.5" tall. Dolphin is pewter made in Canada

1917 Ford Model T and 1926 Mack Bulldog Delivery Truck Bank. Have not been out of original boxes.


26" high at back, seat is 12" deep, 14" wide.

All have stoppers except 1 shown in last photo. Tallest is about 7".

Large blue is 5" tall, others are about 3 1/2" tall.

Cups are 3" high, 4" across. 7" saucers not an original match but fit well.

Very collectable. 10" Pitcher. Lidded Box 4.5". Bud vase 7.5 Never used. Photo from catalogue shows many other Midnight Rose options.

Little Snowflower

McCormick-Deering No.121, 10 feet long.

About 8" long and 7" high.

Special Edition, 1:18 Scale Model

Paper missing on top of packaging. Car not affected, 1:18 Scale

1926 Mack Bulldog Delivery Truck Bank and Canada Post truck with 3 other vintage style cars.

Truck is 17", bucket reaches out to 24", operated by handle. About 12" high.

2 unopened rolls of solid vinyl wallcovering, pre-pasted, scrubable, strippable, metal trimming guide, seam roller, paper hanger knife and wall sealer.

15" to top of shade. Ship etched on shade.

One Amber, one green, both 7 1/2". Note: Green one has crack, see photos.

Handle to handle, 20" wide, 12" high. Steam holes in lid. Note penny for size and wear.

Largest is 11" long with a 5" opening, next is 10 1/2", smallest is 6".

Cardinal is 8" high on stand, hawk is 10" long and 6" high.

With Charger And Batteries, box is 13" x 11". Untested.

2 steins are 9" tall, Playboy mugs are 6 1/2", wood Bermuda mug is 5 1/2".

Metal pans are 13-15" long. One has a lid. Bottle is 11" long and has measurements on side. Lid fits both pans. Note wear.

The purr-fect grandma, a special Dad, Story of God's Love, Friends Never Drift Apart, Our First Christmas Together.

Brass lantern is 12" tall and about 5" wide. yellow is 12" to top of handle.

3 6x8 - 1 12x9 - 1 15 x7 - 1 9x7. Renoir's Woman with Parasol in very nice frame. The two other paintings have square nails.

Milk glass vase. Blue glass vase. Treasure chests. Original wicker air fresheners. Wedgewood inspired heart shape box made in Japan. Slinky Jr in box

Music Box. Plays "Music Box Dancer". New in box

Tallest are 5", smallest are 3 1/2"

2 different Pepsi bottles, Wilson's, medicine bottles?, etc.

Die-cast Metal, 1:18 Scale

Ertl 1952 Cadillac Coupe DeVille and 1930 Packard Boattail Speedster, 1:43 Scale. Some damage to package only on red car.

All 10 have the Pound Puppy logo. From 18", 12" and 9".

Trays are 10" long. Mugs are 4" across. First time out of original box.

Variety of 34 cars.

9-45s, 1 long playing album, 1 cassette, 1 cd with photo booklet, 1 video cassette, many magazine and newspaper clippings.

Eagle plate is 10", needlepoint pattern is 12", pink patterned are 12", 10", 8 1/2", 25th Anniversary is 10".

Tallest vases are 9". Shell has Skin So Soft bath oil inside. Some wear on top of urns, see photos.

Flower pot is 5" tall. Chickens are about 4 1/2", raccoon is 4" long. Each comes with a box except the raccoon

28" long, 25" tall

Extraordinary Artist of dance. Time Magazine did a cover. Commissioned by Andrew Lloyd Webber to paint scenes from Phantom of the Opera and Cats. Great investment.

5 1/2"'long x 3" high.

11" high x 7" wide.

Mr Peanut is 10" tall, decanter is 9".

Vintage 9" Choo Choo found on Etsy for $50. Takes 2 batteries. Untested. Ironing board is 26" long, 22" high. Stands up on legs.

Plastic packaging window broken. Car appears to be as new, 1:18 Scale

5 1/2" truck bank and 2 older Avon cars.

Ceramic with skin top decorated with a fringe. Drum is 15" tall, top is 10" across, base is 6" wide.

Centre black mask is 12" tall, 7" wide.

Two, each 5 x 8. Contents included. Note stains on interior of one.

Many cloth covered vintage buttons in 7" blue preserving jar with lid.

Three WW2 hardcover books. Lots of history and photos.

Vintage Fitz and Floyd mint condition Woody Teapot. From the 80s I think. Very collectable and functional if you like tea from a car!

War time magazine with clothing patterns and lists made for the military. Interesting history.

Hobbies Magazines and The Antique Trader. See what was collectable then and follow the trends.

Some very old pieces. Made in Japan hand mixer. China - corn holders - mini tea acorn top tea pot - ash tray - 3D flower in box

12 clowns bean bottom and four stuffed bears.

Wooden shoes. Flower jewelry box lined inside. Assorted items. Cookie Monster alarm clock

New in box. Plays "Music Box Dancer".

4 Matching, each 5 1/2" tall

1 cup tea pot is 6" long. Sip and Puff is 7" long.

Ertl Chevy Stake Truck, 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe, 1:43 Scale. Never out of packages.

9" wide, 3" tall. Note: crack/chip. See photo.

Large is 9" wide, 5" tall.

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