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Blue and gold with reproduction of Fragonard painting. Some wear, scuffs on gold detail.

1612076. Working condition NOT known. Takumar-A zoom lens. Pentax strap included.

3 cels, some wear, tears. 3 total

Chain-style bracelet. Some wear, tarnish.

Cels notated, some damage, crumples, tears. 3 total.

Asian-style motifs, floral, writing. Stamped on bottom, signature. Some wear, residue. Approx. 9" tall each.

Some wear, staining, tarnish. Strap broken. Working condition NOT known. Fastens into case.

OM G. Made in Japan. 1084325. Some wear: scratches. Working condition NOT known.

The Edmonton Journal Nov. 22, 1963 with headline President Kennedy Killed in Ambush. Toronto Daily Star Jul 21, 1969 with headline Man Walks on the Moon.

The Beano Book: 1973, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 2000, Sixty Years - The Beano and The Dandy - History of Fun. Some wear, 78 book spine torn. The Beano Summer Special single comic. Some wear, torn, staining, residue.

Two pieces. Waterloo, Ont. some wear, carved markings on desk, tarnish, rust on metal parts.

Bentley Flick Butane Lighter. In original packaging. Working condition NOT known. Metallic cigarette case with zigzag pattern. Some wear, scuffs.

26X34.5. Framed. Reproduction. City Center Joffrey Ballet. Some residue on glass. Ready to hang, wire supports.

10 total, size 7.5. Some wear, residue. About 24" long.

One green, one aquamarine colour. Some wear and residue.

Raymond Waites Empire Certified International Corporation. Made in China. Some wear, residue. Hanging hardware installed on back of plates, included. Includes: Felis Pardus, Equus Zebra x 2, Felis Tigris, Elephantus Indicus. Cracked style glaze on plates. Some wear, residue.

GE Exposure Unit x 2, Weston Exposure Unit x 2, Osram Flashbulbs, 3x Reflectors, two in cases. Cronoscope: WP10RF. Selby Micro110, World's Smallest Camera. Working condition of all items NOT known. Known parts missing from Cronoscope: flash tube and rubber ring. Some wear, exposure unit cases torn.

Some writings include: Trenton Brewing Co, Finley Ackerman & Co, Gordon's Dry Gin, "Prepared by Dr Peter Fahrney & Sons Co," Consumers Brewing Co, A Liebler & Co - "This Bottle Not to be Sold." Some wear, residue.

Possibly 20s-30s era. Brass and frosted-style glass. Have been rewired. Some wear, rust and tarnish. Twist-knob missing on one. Working condition NOT known.

15 total. Some wear, jan 91 cover bent. Includes oct 85, may aug dec 86, jun jul nov 87, jun sep oct 88, feb oct dec 89, jan 91, jul 92.

Some wear, paint scraped and scuffed. Handle loose.

Adapter included, takes 4 AA batteries. Working condition NOT known. AM-FM Transistor Radio. Leather cover, built in. 2651.

Issues for May 6, 13, 20, 27, June 10, 17, 24 1939. Some wear, torn pages. Some pages may be missing.

Knobs, door plates, some tarnish, parts may be missing. Working condition NOT known.

15 Total. Includes nov 76, apr 78, jan apr oct 82, jan feb mar apr july dec 83, feb july 84, jan mar 85. Some damage, tears, loose cover.

Similar models, both in brown cases. Some wear, staining, tarnish. Back compartment doesn't close on one. Some wear on cases, particularly straps. One camera included Argus L44 in separate case. Working condition NOT known.

B22. Working condition NOT known. Some wear, staining on case/camera. Fastens to case.

Two part case. Camera fastens into case. Some wear, tarnish. Working condition NOT known.

In case with key and spool of film. Working condition NOT known.

Box not included. Possibly pieces missing. Some wear, stains, monkey tail broken.

Hot Rod - oct 69, Speed Age - aug 53, Headquarters Detective - dec 47, Movie Story - sep 48, Strength & Health - oct 57, Saturday Night, Magazine of Contemporary and Business Affairs - dec 60, Carmen's Railway Journal - jan 53, Revealing Romances - feb 55, Movie Land - no. 24. Some wear, tears, stains, pages bent on some.

Some wear, small tears and residue. 33x23.5

Lenticular card ticket. Image changes from football to stadium image. Ticket in plastic case, wrapped. Possibly scratches on plastic case. Some wear in wrapping.

Packaging still intact. Incl. poster, instructions, Hockey Digest, card price guides, NHL record LP, 50 cards, binder, plastic card sleeves.

Includes Cleveland Indians Official Score Card booklet, Marvel Comics' Star Wars #17, Harlem Globetrotters Official Souvenir Program 27th Season, Sport sep 57 - vol. 24 no. 3, Steak House in Ghost Town Knott's Berry Farm Buena Park California info pamphlet, Miami Beach Oceanfront Motels Resort Bureau pamphlet, Thousand Islands foldout postcard-size photos, Cook Book Guild ad, Fleischmann's Mixer's Manual, Adams Garlic Pearls remedy pamphlet, Robin Hood Flour promotional calendar. Some wear, residue, staining, tears.

Black shell, red interior. Includes handle and shoulder strap. Metallic accents, lock, zippers, feet. Key missing. Various compartments inside. Some residue, staining.

Working condition NOT known. Light wear, tarnish.

5 decorative plates. Signed "Patricia Fisher, Canada" x 2, "Claude Perrier," "de Passille-Sylvestre Ste. Adile, P.Q." X 2.

20 maps in total. In case with info on spine. 2 non-National Geographic maps: California, San Francisco. National Geographic Maps include Bird Migration in Americas, Heart of the Rockies, Prairie Provinces, Pacific Ocean, Traveler's Map of Mexico

TV Low-High FM-AM Receiver. Model no. RF-1101. Some wear, scratches. Working condition NOT known.

3x lenses, Minolta focusing screen and magazine, Kodak Instamatic auxiliary lens, wide angle telephoto and wide angle viewer. Bolsey filter kit. Working condition NOT known.

Missing one piece: kitchen stove. Wear on box.

Designs incl., horse, heraldic lion, goat, personified sun, donkey, large ship.

1963 edition of Boxing Yearbook, Boxing & Wrestling March 63 and July 62, Boxing Illustrated March 63 and August 62. Some wear, tears, crumpled pages.

15 cards per pack. Sealed.

Sealed. 1992.

Some wear, scratches. Illustration/sticker on seat back mostly worn off. About 25" tall x 22" front to back x 14" arm to arm.

Some wear, crumpled edge and staple holes. Approx. 33x23.5

Some wear on label, stains residue on nozzle. Nu Jersey-Creme Co. Toronto.

Pair. IK 4805. Some wear, tarnish on metal, holes on tip damaged, residue inside. About 5.5" tall. AH on bottom.

AAA Batteries. Some wear, insignia tag broken. Working condition NOT known.

Blonde wood with glass doors, glass shelf, mirrored interior, light fixtures, leather accented exterior. Light scuffs, cracks in leather. Working condition NOT known. Wooden legs with mirror accents. Relatively heavy. Dolly/wheels not included. 54X30.5X9.5

Black. With handle. Some wear, case torn, tarnish, stains inside.

Made in England. Approx 8.5x5 (widest diameter).

Approx 16" tall incl shade. Wooden, donkey tail moves. Shade still in plastic wrap. Some wear, wood chipped in places.

Working condition NOT known. Possibly pieces missing. Some wear, rust, tarnish.

Film cartridges, manuals, transmitter/receiver, filters included. Working condition NOT known. Case by Tenba, included.

Off white/grey. Handle. Some wear, stains, some inside compartments damaged.

3 boxes: Airfix Modern German Infantry - 29 pieces, Matchbox British Commandos - 13 combat troops, Plastic City military vehicle - 36 pieces. Some pieces may be missing. Wear, residue on boxes.

36 packs. 10 cards per pack. Box open, packs sealed.

13 issues: includes aug 56, jan may sept 57, apr june dec 61, jan may aug sept dec 62, jan 63. Some wear, scuffs, tears, staining. Some puzzles and activities completed inside. Marks, writing on some covers.

Serial no. 2668. 8mm. Made in USA. Working condition NOT known. Some wear, cover damaged, scuffs, staining, rust on latches.

300214 A YTSM. Exposed film inside. Strap included. Working condition NOT known.

Maddock, circa 1927. 4 cups and 4 soup bowls. Yellow/purple/green floral design on white.

136 pages. Some wear, spine scuffed and torn.

Pink. Some wear, stains. Several compartments inside.

National Costume dolls with movable arms and legs, sleeping eyes. Original packaging, sealed.

The Tourtellot Hardware Co. Ltd. jan 52, Canada Bakery Homemade Bread and Buns oct 57, Crystal Confectionery jan 50. Some wear, light stains.

Plastic curvilinear case lighter in grey. Circular ashtray, silver with orange interior. Orange bottom. Some wear, surface cracks on lighter, staining and scuffs on ashtray.

65 Perfection. Stippled white on black design. Wooden handle. Grip to attach to counter top. Separate parts, some wear, tarnish, rust.

Some wear, small tears, holes from thumbtacks.

Some wear, small tears, stains, crumpled. 36x40.5.

Various glass pieces. Crystal trifle dish, small chip on rim. Dessert bowls plates cups. Some chips on banana split bowl. 7.5X5X2

Some electroplated copper, lead. 11 pieces total. Dishes, handles, salt and pepper shakers. Some wear, tarnish. Various styles and patterns. Broken sections on one piece.

England. 22 pieces total. Cups 9572 x 7, saucers x 7, small plates x 6, bowl x 1 and large plate x 1. Some wear, hairline cracks on some pieces, may not be visible in pictures, light wear on pattern.

Chicago, Ill. A. Daigger & Co. Model LAB. Working condition NOT known. Some wear, parts missing: back winding mechanism, scratches.

Adapter and microphone included. Working condition NOT known.

Mouli grater, Speedo Super Juicer, Endurance stainless steel measuring spoons, Foley food mill, nut chopper, flour sifter, press. Some tarnish, residue.

Working condition NOT known. Some wear, rust, tarnish.

Hasbro game. Some wear, box damaged, some labels/stickers peeling.

9 card packs. Sealed. 1991.

Box missing. Some parts may be missing.

Mount Kisco, New York. Working condition NOT known. Some wear, tarnish, scratches.

The Observer's Book of Aircraft, Aero Modeller Annual 1959-60 and 1961-62. Some wear, dust jackets torn, scuffed.

Approx. 13.5 x 14. Floral pattern, made in England. Some wear, scratches on mirror. Residue on back. Ready to hang.

An enterprise exclusive, Toronto. Some wear, chips, residue.

Some wear, stains on label. Viewfinder with Trip to the Zoo slides.

Photograph of German (?) railway and cityscape reproduced on canvas. Not signed. Some wear, ink damaged at top of canvas and in various spots.14X24

Published by The Canadian General Council of The Boy Scouts Association. Copyright 1952 Canada, revised edition. Some wear, writing inside cover and back cover. Some residue, light scuffs, tears.

Some wear, tears, residue. Unused.

Some wear, staining, damage to top portion. Note: Current safety standards not checked, not verified for use with infants or children.

Two pieces, cover and pot. Chinoiserie-style detailing. Some wear, chip and crack on lid, may not be visible in picture. Residue on surface. Approx 10X13X7

Four pieces. Some wear, paint missing, residue, some pieces bent.

Used stamps. 42 total.

Country & Western Music Jamboree. I Believe in Country. Reader's Digest. RCA and Columbia collections. Some handwriting on Jamboree package. Records may be scuffed or scratched.

WFX 252 117v. 60Hz. AC only 15 watts. Ser. no. 02881. made in Japan. Includes counter, record levels left and right, microphone input, filter, left and right volume, mode, selector, standard buttons. Working condition NOT known.

Working condition NOT known. Some wear, tarnish, rust.

Male 2165 Kaye. Carrying yoke with holes, possibly pieces missing. Female 2168 Kaye. Some residue. Approx 15" tall.

Possibly 50s era. Articulated limbs. Some wear, staining, pulled threads. About 10".

Printed in Great Britain, 1972. Some writing inside covers, mild staining on cover.

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