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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Possibly leather, headboard 79X8X47, footboard 79.5X25, king size mattress 76X78X23, good condition. Located on second floor.

Lilliac male pelt three quarter mink coat, size medium 9 or 10.

Necklace with 14 ct. gold clasps. 6 mm pearls.

Wood, carved, came from the Art Shoppe, 56X23X35, located on first floor.

Portable DVD player with remote, digital picture frame, EZ moving pads. Not tested.

Pine, good condition, base is 46X21X26.5, top 46X21X54.

3.0 grams.

Wood pedestal table, good condition, 24X16X28

Vintage oval wall mirror with carved wood frame, 28X44

Pear shaped brilliant cut diamond approximately .40 ct by gauge. 23 round brilliant cut diamonds each weighing .30 ct in total. Ring stamped and trademarked 2.16 grams. Birks appraisal 1,500 dollars.

Approximately 8 inches long.

Wood, good condition, 29X17.5X76, Contents not included, in basement.

Signed by Carl Brenders, 786 of 950, 19X26

Canon T70 35mm camera, spare lens, carrying bag, and Sony Handycam Video Hi8, all not tested.

Marked 925. Various stones. 7 inches.

Ring is missing stone. Total 34.7 grams.

Wood and wicker, some wear, 48X24X20, on first floor, contents not included.

Wicker, originally from Maine, good condition, 28X28X30, matches lot 69.

Wicker, originally from Maine, good condition, 28X28X30, matches lot 67.

2, brand new, still sealed.

Wood and fabric, wear, 23.5X26X43, in basement.

3 table lamps, 60 and 20 inches tall, rosen pineapple, good condition.

Pair of table lamps, 30 inches tall, candle sticks 17 inches tall, not tested, good condition.

Metal, very good condition, 25X27

88 grams. 3 strand 16.5 inches long.

Trees, one is 15.5X12, second is 9.5X17.5

1.8 grams.

10 ct. gold and opal earrings, 10 ct gold and jade earrings. Total weight 1.8 grams.

1 jug, 2 covered jars. Good condition. Large jar is 17.5 inches tall.

New in box.

7 pairs of shoes. One pair is Christian Loubsoutin. Mostly size 8 and 9. One pair of shoes and purse is Anne Klein.

Ceramic, good condition, 30 inches tall.

Good condition, 20X14.5X15

Only used once. Not tested by staff.

4 coats, and one fur collar. Burberry three quarter, reversible coat, Italian leather green jacket, fun fur jacket, dyed fox stole collar, size 9 and 10.

2 signed prints, Raccoon Young K10024, and Whitetail Deer 012, each 12X10

From 27X27 to 9X14

Costume jewelery with some loose rhinestones.

Amethyst necklace, clasp broken, war pin, Seiko watch, not working, pearl necklace and matching bracelet.

Coleman car cooler, 15X17X24, California Innovations portable cooler. Not tested.

Wood and fabric, needs to be reglued, otherwise in good condition, 22X23X34.5 Matches lot 8.

Trees, one is 20X15, second is 17X23

Impressionistic, 27X21

7 inches long. Good condition.

2 Canadian handcrafted wood decoy ducks, signed, slight wear.

One tea pot, 2 covered jars. Good condition. Tea pot is 9 inches tall.

Appraised price is US 3,030 dollars.

3.5 grams.

Fair Maiden, HN2211, good condition.

Ceramic, good condition

4 Floral prints, each 13.5X10, 3 architectural prints, 6X3.5, no frames

4 Prints, 8X11

2 Pair, total weight 8.9 grams. Seller states sterling but not marked.

Women's Hats

Tea pot, bowl with ornamental flowers, 2 ceramic covered jars. Good condition.

Metal with fabric shade, 63 inches tall, not tested.

Good condition, each 9X9

Cast iron and tempered glass, 72X42X29, heavy, on first floor.

From 24X36 to 26X18

Perculator, ceramic jugs, kitchen utensils, and more.

New, still sealed.

Fabric, tapestry pattern, slight wear, 23X17X16, matches lot 4, in basement.

Wood and fabric, needs to be reglued, 22X23X34.5 Matches lot 7.

Beaver Ponds Stream in the Gatineau Park, written inscription on back, 10X13

Wood, end table, semiround, slight wear, note stain to top, 26X13X28

Large, heated chafing dish.

5 collector plates. 3 are framed, 2 unframed. Good condition.

Wedgewood Peter Rabbit bowl and cup. Good condition.

Signed RM Stewart, landscape, 15.5X23.5

Still Life, 9X7

Leather, set of 4, good condition, 17X21X35

3.9 grams.

3.5 grams.

Candle sticks, shelves, racks, and more.

Plus attachments. Not tested.

Wood and fabric, some wear, 15.5X17X32.5

Loons, numbered 93 of 750, 11X19. Slight wear to frame.

16X23. Slight damage to frame.

Courting Loons, 2235 of 2750, slight wear to frame.

3 signed and numbered Chinese prints, each 5.75X5.75, on hand laid paper. Two frames needs repair.

Serving bowls and more.

Impressionistic, 30X21

Lake scene, 13.5X10

Royal Moment Mute Swan, 284 of 375, 9X14

Needs to be restrung. 58 inches long.

Morellato ring, natural diamonds, pearl, and metallic base, price was 110 dollars.

Fabric, good condition, 66X39X33, on first floor

Good condition, 41X29

Vileda Virobi cleaning cloths, air leg massager, weights, ball, and more.

Closet organizer new in box.

Fabric, good condition, 90X40X33, on first floor

Jean-Claude Picot, signed, certificate of authenticity on back, 24X29

Bassinette 33.5X21X29, old teddy bear possibly from 1930s in good condition, dolls.

From 7X9 to 5.5X7.5

Shadow boxes and other frames, from 3.5X5.5 to 1.75X2.75

Wood, some scratches, 23X23X21

Wood, drop leaf, some wear, opens fully to 39.5X54X30, located in garage.

3 serving dishes and picture frame.

Cassettes, CDs, and outdoor speakers, not tested.

Print 1. Bronze Candelabra found in Herculaneum. Print 2. Candelabra Collection in the British Museum from Book published Oct. 1811. Print 3. Candelabra in the possession of Thoms Hope, Esq. each 4.75X3.5

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