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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Watches, bracelet, ring, watches not tested. Fake Rolex in this lot.

Resmed S7 Elite and attachments, Sunbeam humidifier, paper shredder, both working.

Marble with semiprecious inlaid stones, good condition, 15X17.5

Leather, good condition, 39X39X42

2 hall mirrors, wood, larger is 39X26.5, smaller has Chinese design frame

Tea pots, vase, chop sticks, Chinese lanterns with wicks, and more

Leather, small stain, good condition, 39X39X42

Vintage bowl made by RS Schlegelmilch Tullowitz, Royal Crown Derby covered bowl, sugar bowl and antique Cranberry

Paragon, Tapestry Rose, 8 place settings, 1 cup chipped

Some wear, hand painted front, broken back hinge, 26.25X16X14.5

Rattan back arm chair, very good condition, 27X27X40.5, ottoman 21X15X13

New in boxes.

Trays, tea pot, cream and sugar, ice buckets, and more

Queen Anne, Cloth and wood, slight wear, 25.5X26X34

Faux wood, good condition, 31X12X30.5

Reuge music box hand painted by Edna Hibel, and partially filled perfume in original Cartier bottle.

Wood, removable glass tray, slight wear, drop leaf measures 25X16X29.5 in closed position

Hitachi breadmaker HBB1002, Tfal wok, electric wok, all not tested

Lemonade set Venetian Murano Hand blown glass with silver decorative overlay. Pitcher and 6 glasses.

Spirits of the Forest, 705 of 950

Decorative Russian eggs, bowl, roosters, and more

The Old Kakadu Man by Diane Sharp, 22.75X18.25 and a hand painted Aboriginal Boomerang. Note: the print was purchased in Cannes Australia.

Oven, possibly from 1920s, rolling pin, clothes pins, kettle, iron and fry pan. Good condition.

2 ink drawings, signed, 10.5X7.5

Good condition, 15.5 inches diameter

Wood children toy dresser, good condition, 19X10.5X26

Model KSM1200B and Danby knife model KE1. Both working.

3 figures, good condition

Bazinas Furs, car coat, size 14 to 16.

Ornate vase 12X24, rice paper umbrella, both in good condition

5 Buddhas in wood, ceramic and one possibly jade, not verified.

Signed Baccarat crystal and 2 French cruets.

Made in Germany, 16 inches tall

Wood, maple, made by Krug, good condition, 30X15X30

Parisian - le Sacre Coeur, name illegible, 17.5X21.25

5 women's purses, various makers, not authenticated.

Wood, 34X12.5X41, located on second floor.

Oval wall mirror, ornate frame, 25X29

Good condition.

Glass and metal, good condition, 52X16X27.5

Chinese cloisonne bowl and vase with silver decorative overlay

Statues of Shiva, one wood elephant, and one possibly marble, not verified.

2 women's purses. Good condition.

Metal cast lamp with replaceable glass shade panels, not tested

6 cups and saucers, different makers

Hand-carved elephant 18X16, marble pagoda 9.5 inches tall, ginger jar, 11 inches tall, Elephant trunk is cracked, ginger jar lid has a crack and small hole

Chess set (from Mexico) and board and Chinese characters wood wall hangings.

Made by Keystone

Montmartre Paris with Le Sacre Coeur, 11.5X15.5

River Seine Paris, Impressionistic, name illegible, 19X23

Cissie, HN1809, Marie,HN 1370, Ivy HN1768

Signed, 8.25 diameter

Wood and fabric, 56.5X35X33, good condition. Located on second floor.

Shelley cup and saucer, no. 823343, and Booths Real Old Willow cup and saucer

Aynsley bowl, Limoges bowl, Staffordshire bell, 2 marked engraved glasses, and more

Ink drawing, signed, 21X11.25

Electroplated, All the round, 7104, spoons marked Rogers Oneida, Proposal

Wood and glass. Good condition, 20X20X3

Wood children china cabinet, 22.5X15X36.25, and children china set, cream sugar marked Noritaki.

Glass and metal, 5 shelves, 22X22X75

Island Lake, by Nita Engle, 802 of 950, 17.5X14.25, damage to back of frame.

3 doll beds, 2 made of metal, wood one is 32X18X18.5, and doll. Includes handmade quilts. Seller states 50+ years old

Wood, trapezoid shape, water stains, 24X16X25.5

Ceramic figures of Chinese men and more

Hand painted Nippon covered bowl, Ye Olde Indian Tree covered bowl, 3 plates, and one covered bowl

Barometer, ceramic flowers, bottles

From 25X14.5 to 3X2.75. On second floor.

Decanters and more. 3 trays.

Has not been refinished. Seat is single piece. Note: Wear, cracked headpiece that was repaired, 27X24X50.25

Salisbury, Royal Vale, and Colclough

4 cups and saucers, Royal Crown Derby, Paragon, and Royal Albert

Wild Rose Marsh, by Nita Engle, 403 of 950, 20X15

1 tray.

Paris - The Left Bank, name illegible, 17.5X21.25

Hand Painted on wood panel, 36X21.5

Santa, bought in Tyrol - Santal, 15 inches tall

Made in Germany, 16 inches tall

Painted wicker basket, wear, 17X14X7, vintage wood statue, 14 inches tall, paint chipping

Hand Painted on wood panels, 36X21.5

Wood, condition, 18X13X42

Not tested, larger lamp is 31 inches tall

Tureens, covered ceramic bowl, chafing dish

Large print is 18.5X24, small photos are 10.5X16.5

Made in Germany, 12 inches tall

23 inches tall, good condition. Doll is signed.

5 dolls and wood high chair, good condition, 11.5X10X24. 2 dolls are porcelain.

Lady Charmian, HN1948

Thai, 14X14, painted on cloth

Vintage Victorian wicker planter 32X10.5X35 , artificial plant 60 inches tall, 2 mirrors

Platter 20.25X12.75, dishes, wood bowl, enamel pitcher

Planter and wreath, planter is 37 inches tall

Wood with fabric seat cover, 24.25X32X39, good condition, and a king bed set -- pillows and a comforter

Size 16

Bull rushes, name illegible, 29.5X19.5

Thai, 14X14, painted on cloth

Hand embroidered, 11.75X16.5

Wood, very good condition, 45X25X76, Sony CD changer CDPCE375, Yamaha DVD player DCDC996, Panasonic VHS all not tested. In basement.

Fabric, good condition, 29X30X26

7 pieces. Good condition.

5 plants

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