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Red and blue cars with roads pieces and key. 10 curves pieces, red and blue. One intersection. Some wear on box, tears, label peeling, stains. Some wear on pieces, paint worn.

Some wear, stains, residue on wood base.

Cradle and ear piece. Working condition NOT known. Cloth covered cable frayed.

Writing on back "Near Huntsville." Some wear, marking and stains. Signature difficult to read: "O.J. Coghlin" (?). 14X16

Various knobs and vintage door hardware. Knob pairs and spares, door plates, etc. some pieces may be missing. Some wear, damage, scratches, paint chipped. 7 full pairs. Working condition NOT known.

Ladies' Indispensable Assistant and Copley's Female Excellence. Some wear on both, marks, tears, stains.

Plaster gargoyle, stained to resemble stone carving. Hardware to hang. Some wear, chips. About 9x14.5.

Cackling Hen. Wooden moving pieces, wooden wheels, plastic string for pulling, plastic details. Some wear, rust on metal parts, stickers peeling in places. Approx 10.5" tall.

3 metallic, 1 wooden. Some wear, scratches. One set includes hardware and key, plates, etc. Working condition NOT known.

Made in France. Some wear, cracks, residue. Approx 6.5". Working condition NOT known.

Made in Germany. Red case. Some wear, tarnish. Approx 6.5". Working condition NOT known.

Hardware for hanging. Some residue.

7 small (2") size, 3 medium (3"), 2 large (3.75"), extra large (4.25"). Relative sizes, no standard size. Imperfections. Purple, yellow, aqua, blue and green. Some residue.

Spra-Well, Black Flag Sprayer, Hudson brand, Universal Metal Products Co, Rawleigh's Insect Duster. Wear on all, rust, tarnish, paint worn, markings, residue, stains. Longest about 19", shortest about 11".

25 cy. 10 amps. 115 volts. CSA app. No 8822. Model H22. Rotor Electric Co. ltd. Toronto. Working condition NOT known. Some wear, tarnish, scratches.

1907. First Edition. By Frank L Baum. Illustrated by Ino R. Neil. Some wear, part of front sticker peeled, stains and writing inside cover. 6.5X9

3 cels, some wear, tears. Episodes notated at bottom. 3 total.

Approx 15" tall. Brunswick, Surlyn Coated. Controlled wt. Permit no. 334. WIBC ABC plastic coated. Made in USA. Some wear, residue, stains, scratches, marks.

Heavy weight. Some wear, residue. "Patented April 15. 1879."

GRA Lab. Some wear, residue. Working condition NOT known. Approx. 8.5x8.5.

5 publications. Toronto Daily Star Aug 69, Telegram Aug 69, Telegram Jul 69, Globe and Mail Jul 69, Toronto Daily Star Jul 69. Some wear, stains, residue, tears.

Approx 19" tall. Crisa. 18.9 lts. Bottle made in Mexico. Square pattern on cylindrical bottle. Some wear, scratches, residue.

Grenadier Dining Room Coffee Shop, High Park Pennant. Some wear, stains, tears. Souvenir of Sunnyside Beach, Toronto. Some wear on text, residue.

Circa 1960. May have imperfections. Felt style feet on bottom. Approx 7.5" tall.

No. 8401. Incl. rubber type, pictures, ink, paper, tweezers. Some pieces may be missing. Working condition NOT known. Some wear, box torn, stained.

Tire style magnifier. Some wear, staining, residue. 6.5" diameter.

Wooden seal with decal, string for pulling, plastic ball on nose, wobbling wheels. Some wear, sticker scuffed, peeling. Approx 7.5" tall.

"Little Indians" motif. Some wear, rust, residue, staining. Diameter approx. 7".

Includes chain with marking "goldfilled" (?), 6 brown/green pieces, 3 green pcs (1 larger, 2 smaller), 5 tiny purple beads, 1 larger iridescent purple/green pc, 1 larger black and red marbled pc, 1 orange/brown pc, 2 yellow transparent pcs, 4 transparent colourless, different cuts. Some pieces may have wear, scratches, residue. Largest piece about 1.5".

Wood frame, glass pane with cross hatched diamond pattern. Some wear, paint scratched, residue. Approx 18.5x20.5.

Three prong fasteners, hardware not included. Step decorated with pattern. Some wear, tarnish, rust. Approx 9" long.

Some pieces missing. Some wear, box damaged. Various informational pamphlets, packaging. Camera approx. 3.5x4x2. Working condition NOT known.

24 mugs, 1 espresso cup, 2 dessert bowls, Various styles, makes, etc. one set of 4 saucers, La C'ebone Fine China Warranted 22 Kt. Gold. Set of 2 floral saucers, Crown Staffordshire. Set of 2 Eatonia. 17 saucers total. Some small cracking, wear, possible paint chipped, residue.

Sealed with tape. Possibly unopened, possibly pieces missing.

Miniature house-style mailbox made from metallic pieces. Some wear, stains, tarnish. Chain broken. About 7" tall. 6" deep. 7.5" wide.

French Ivory. Three pieces. "New Haven" on one. Off white. Some wear, tarnish, staining on rims of faces.

60s scatter rugs. Some wear, residue.

Includes issues no. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18. Some wear, scuffs, markings, residue.

Black conical vase. England. Markings on bottom. Some wear, paint chips, residue.

White round pot with lid. Some wear, residue on rim, handles, base. Approx 12" handle to handle.


18x15. Off white frame. Some wear, frame dented, paint scraped. Wire hardware on back broken, not pictured.

93 nails total. Some wear, tarnish, rust, cracks, broken ends. In tobacco tin.

Various pieces. 8 pieces floral and berry motif - candlestick, wine glass, dessert bowls, etc., 3 pieces floral berry alternate set, 3 salt and pepper shakers. Some wear, residue.

7 cups and 10 saucers. Various styles and makes. Saucer/plate markings incl. Midwinter England Staffordshire, Fire King Ware, hand painted Japan x 5, Jason Bone China. Some without markings. Mug markings incl, Queensway Fine Bone China Staffordshire x 2, Crown Trent Fine Bone China, Royal Burlington Bone China, Japan, Hand painted in Japan, Made in England. Some wear, light cracks, imperfections.

1 large - 7", 2 small - 6". Some wear, residue, labels peeling.

England. Various fairy tale characters, Humpty Dumpty, Jack Horner, Three Bears, Cat and the Fiddle, Old Woman and the Shoe. Others incl fish, hippopotamus, three characters and a house with marking Jack MDXX. Some pieces broken, i.e., bears' ears, cat's fiddle. Tallest about 1.75".

Varying sizes, shapes. Some wear, residue, possible chips, scratches, imperfections.

Weekend Telegram Nov 63, Globe and Mail Nov 63, Toronto Daily Star Nov 63. Some wear, staining, tears, residue.

Black and white soccer team photo. Some damage, mat and photo bent, some staining, residue, marks.

Heat proof. 2.5 qt, USA. Floral pattern and decorative landscape pattern with birds. Some residue. 8" diameter rim.

1940s envelopes and post cards. Post marked San Juan, Washington, Alexandria, Annapolis, Saint Paul, Lexington, Indianapolis, Saratoga Springs, US Frigate Constitution. Postage stamps include First Gubernatorial Election in Puerto Rico, Air Mail, Annapolis Tercentenary, Minnesota Territorial Centennial, Washington and Lee University, American Bankers Association, Frigate Constitution, etc. Some wear, markings, crumples, staining.

ASPF American Square Pak Flask. Some wear, residue, staining.

32 pieces. Various styles and makes. Some residue, tarnish, chips, possibly light cracks. Two misc pcs, tiger cub figure and fire hydrant candy dispenser, not s&p shakers. Tallest pieces about 6.5". Smallest about 2.25".

Baby carriage, wind up musical. Horse, vase, not musical - McMaster Canada. Jewelry box with floral motif and dancer, wind up, plays when opened - children's marching song. Made in Japan. 9X5X3.5. Wooden jewelry box, Switzerland - Kaiser Walzer Zillerthal du bits mein Freud. Wind up, some scratches on wood, residue inside. Wood box does not sit properly because wind key on bottom. 7.75X3.5X4.75.

Hand made in Canada. Two with stampings indicating Wolf Sculptures. Squirrel possibly made by different artist. Individual in parka, two bear cubs, squirrel. Some wear, possible nicks and scratches.

Yellow pot and 4 mugs. Blue plates, 4 large 4 small, 4 blue bowls. Splatter pattern. Some wear, paint chips, residue. Handle on jug may be broken.

Various sizes, only one marked, "25." Largest 2 pairs approx 12" long. Next largest 2 pairs + spare approx 7". High heel style pair approx. 6". Smallest pair 4". Some wear, paint chipped, residue, scratches.

Saturday Evening Post Dec 63, Life Nov 29, Life Dec 63. Some wear, light staining, residue, crumpled edges, markings.

Possibly Victorian. Some tarnish, nicks, scratches, wax residue, imperfections, warping in places. Markings on bottom BP 2133 and E. P. Lead. Approx. 10 inches tall.

Jug, 5 plates and large dish. Made in England. Staffordshire Ironstone. Dishwasher Safe. Large dish K 376. Some residue, paint chipped, scratches.

Can anyone beat my pair? Full page illustration on leaf from Playboy issue. Issue unknown. Some wear, crumpled.

2 pcs. White on blue. Classical style scene. Some discolouration on white details. Creamer less than 3" tall. Saucer approx 4.5". Some wear, residue, staining.

Change dish. Dairy products advertising. Some wear, residue, tarnish, marks. 10" long.

Various colours, types, brands. Including nylon, wool, some merino, cotton. Partial balls.

Includes apr 66, sep 68, mar 69. Some wear, scuffs, residue, pages may be missing.

Includes jul 70, aug 68, mar 70, dec 70. Some wear, scuffs, marks, residue.

Gretzky - Saturday Sub apr 99, Toronto Sun apr 99, Toronto Star apr 99. Blue Jays - Toronto Sun apr 01. 9/11 - Toronto Star sep 01, Toronto Sun sep 01. Some wear, stains, crumpled pages, tears.

13 pcs. Teapot, 7 saucers, 6 cups. Some residue, stains, markings.

Oil and vinegar dispenser - some residue, corks missing. Glass dish, orange tray with green leaf motif. 6 white goblets with leaf, berry motif. Some wear on pieces, residue.

Approx 11.5" long. Some wear, colour scraped, residue on bottom.

Some wear, tarnish, scratches. Approx 13.25" diameter.

Various pieces. 2 bowls: one octagonal, Silver Plate Co Wilcox 1951, one round, bottom markings difficult to read, Milford (?) Co. Pewter, 993. 2 Dishes, "A Dinner Without Wine is Like a Day without Sunshine," Wilton-Columbia-PA, additional markings. Second dish, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread," Wilton-Columbia-PA, additional markings. 2 Decorative plates, Nuremberg notables, Ges, Gesch. Second Plate, dog and pheasants, Made in Germany. Some wear, tarnish, scratches, stains, imperfections. Some markings difficult to photograph.

Medicine Hat Potteries Ltd. some wear, residue. 5" tall. 5.5" diameter.

Toronto Sun Nov 71, Sunday Sun Sept 73, Sunday Star Oct 77, Toronto Telegram Oct 71, includes various inserts, Life Magazine Jul 71, Toronto Sun Sep 72 with insert Official Home TV Program For the Moscow Series, Mrs Palmer's Valuable Receipts hanging list of remedies. Some wear, tears, stains, residue, folds and markings.

Oven. Made in USA. Some wear, scratches, residue. Diameter 8"

Pear illustration on one side. Some wear, residue. Approx 7" tall.

Some wear on red paint, worn off, residue. Approx 11" tall.

Welcome friend, glad you came, hope so much you'll feel the same. Some wear, damage, residue on frame, paint chipped. Hardware for hanging, broken. Approx. 12X15

Some wear on box, torn, staining. Manuals included. Parts may be missing. Working condition NOT known.

Includes: My Spelling Grade 5, The King's English IV, Oral Mathematics, Arithmetic with Meaning, Elementary Mathematics 4 and 5, Copp Clark Arithmetics, Arithmetic We Need, Spelling in Language Arts, Arithmetic with Meaning, The Pupils' Own Vocabulary Speller. Some wear, tears, dents on covers, scuffs, markings, residue.

Diameter 10". Wear, dents, scratches, tarnish, rust.

Faux leather covered, can-style bank, gold detail. Some wear, tarnish, scratches. Green glass bottle, Drewrys Dry Ginger Ale. Some wear, residue.

Glass lamps with metallic fixtures, wicks. Working condition NOT known. Some wear, residue, tarnish, staining. Small size,about 6.5 inches tall. Large size, about 12" tall.

Large white cup and brown saucer, 3 small white mugs, 4 brown saucers, 5 small white plates, 4 brown bowls. Some wear, possible chips or imperfections.

Vitrified. Some wear, scratches, residue, discolouration on rim. Approx 4X7.5

Two bears, two rabbits, one bird. Corks inside four pieces, one missing. Some wear, residue, broken piece on bird head. Largest piece about 3.5".

Spoon. "Baby" dish. Dish with metal handles and metallic conduit for water. Approx. 11.5" handle to handle. Some wear, spoon possibly missing tip of handle. Silver in colour.

Working condition NOT known. In paper packaging, some wear, tears.

Desert motif, palm trees, camel. Wear, tears, material damaged. Feet, wind up on bottom. Plays Brahm's Lullaby. Working condition NOT known.

Japan. Some wear, small cracks, residue. Approx 6" tall.

A-Z + bibliography and index. Some wear, scuffs, damage on cover spines.

3 tops with interchangeable bottom. Label: Fairyland size 4. Some wear. May be light stains, residue.

Largest piece about 12.25". Various pieces, some markings on back. Wear, dents, tarnish, residue, scratches.

Wooden frame with metallic mold insert. Some wear, scratches, dents. 10X17.5X5

Small blue vase with floral motif. Copeland England, Spode. K1173. Some residue on bottom. Approx. 4" tall.

Heavy weight, pen groove/slot. Some wear, scratches on bottom.

Square style, with mount, twist knob. Working condition NOT known. Adjustable, hardware not included. Some wear, residue, scratches.

Apron, cuffs, collars, hats, etc. Made in England. Some wear, stains, markings.

Teal and ash blonde wood. Wear, scratches, residue, nicks in wood.

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