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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Plates, cups, bowls, candleholders, vase, butter dish, etc

Trays, utensils and cup

2 cabinets total in lot. Needs a flat and Phillips heads screwdriver to move. Entire piece together, 30w, 18d, 78h just bottom half, 30h just top half, 48h cabinets only, items not included

Wards Airline Transonic stereo-Phonograph AM-FM Radio 46wide, 16.5 deep, 26 high, great condition, comes with records

32w, 18d, 76h just top half, 50h bottom half, 26h cabinet only, items not included

Glider frame is worn, cushions are faded, but not torn, comes with2 pout door chairs with woven back and seat and are in great condition

Singer sewing machine in cabinet with stool, 47w, with top extended, 17d, 30h. With sunflower sewing basket with thread, metal snaps, etc and General Electric iron

Great condition, talon feet are holding orbs, adjustable 14.75w, 19.5 h

Black with pads. 24w, 41.5h

2 total in lot.

Noritake Ivory China Made In Japan. Assorted side plates, tea cups and saucers, creamer and sugar bowl. Antique pattern soup set (not Noritake) with bowls, plates, and a small tureen.

25.25w, 13.5 d, 28h great condition

Dawn Rose By Sango Japan China

All covered in paint, wooden ladder, 59h. 2 black stools, 14w, 24.5h table, 31.5w, 29h. Laundry Table, 30w, 24d, 41h, dimensions without fixture

53.5w, 17.25d, 32.5h

Yellow Head and foot board and frame

Glass front has a crack, some wear on wood frame

Entertainment Center, armoire, bottom, 51.5w, 26d, 31h. Top half, 51.5w, 26d, 55h. Dresser, 38w, 20d, 34h. Headboard, 68w, 65h. Some damage to wood and paint. Canopy rails included.

60.5w, 22d, 37.5h

29w, 19d, 59.5h. Need a Flat and Phillips head screwdriver to take mirror off dresser to move.

Frame, 78w, 38d, 38h, comforter cover and 3 standard size pillows

5 total in lot

54wide, 29.5 tall

Assorted frames, glass owl, glass eggs, Dutch shoe, etc.

Wooden in great condition 48w, 18.5 d, 70h bottom, 32h, top half 38h. Cabinet only. Items not included.

17w, 25.5d, 27h, 35w with leaves extended. On wheels.

Assorted wooden candle holders, rolling pins, oil and vinegar set, salt and pepper shaker, etc

Arm chair great condition, 32w, 43.5 h, 26d, End table, 25.5 w, 22 d, 21h, Lamp 40h

Model ACA- 20

Glass top, rusty

Total of 3 in lot, Large 36h 24w

Lamp works and in great condition, comes with basket

like new with frame

Miscellaneous cookware. Pots & pans. Cookbooks.

Great condition 47w, 17.5d, 14.5h

Like new, includes frame

Rakes, snow shovels, edger, brooms, sprayer

Mountain cabin wall hanging, 40.5w, 29h

Total of 3 in lot, 2 oil, one is a candle holder

4 drawers, 30w, 13.5d, 36.5h


Handpainted, 3 total in lot

Travel plugs, hair dryer, curling iron, magnetic therapy, mini file cabinet, shredder, cane, Eskimo fan, adding machine

Assorted wall hangings, chicken, flowers, nature

Round table with three leafs, 54in diameter 30h, leafs, 54h,10w. The leafs are unfinished.

27w, 33.5h

L.Hitchcocks, Hitchcocksville, Conn. Warranted. Comes with 4 pads.

Electrolux with attachments and bags and Eureka Altima

Luggage, 4 Samsonite, 1 Escort

29w, 28 deep, 40h

Assorted scale, pot, kettle, mixing bowls, copper baking, fondue, Pyrex


Women Necklaces, bracelets, broaches, watches

Magic Chef .7 Cubic Feet Microwave.

Includes mixer, blender, toaster, coffee pot, skillet, crockpot.

Green & clear glass lot. Assorted Glasses, bowls, ashtrays.

Assorted tea cups and tea pots

One has feathers and the other is wool with a bow

Large is 37w, 31h, 2 smaller with sayings about Grandparents

Bath towels, sheets, bath mat, etc.

Assorted decorative pillows

Assorted Pitchers, hot plates, Asian spoons, tea cup, creamers

One large, one small

Broom, shovel and poker

Large with houses, 32.5w, 27h. 5 pieces total in lot. All have rustic wooden frames

Stool, 18h 14w, frame, 14.5w,16.5 h

Assorted kitchen utensils, strainer, potato masher, canning lids, ladle, whisk, baster, spatula, etc. mason lids are small in size

Ceramic box, ceramic dish, electric Christmas tree, works

On wheels with zodiac wallpaper on top

Assorted ceramic Seasonal, pumpkin, boot, frames

Quantity, 7. 2 have been glued at neck

Assorted kitchen linens, pot holders, napkins

Bench, 42w, 32d, 31h metal parts, tools, jigsaw, vice grips and other assorted tools

29.5w, 17.5d, 30.5h left side door is off hinges

Couch 97 wide, 31high, 34.5 deep, end tables 17wide, 26.5 deep, 22tall, lamps 31 tall great condition

2 Arm chair rockers, 26w, 23d, 34h, coffee table 41.5 w, 15.5 h

Coral comforter is reversible, assorted Comforter covers, mattress pad in queen

Assorted candles and candle holders, match books and matches in canister

By Sakura, genuine stoneware China. Woodland Santa

Assorted plastic containers, thermos, Rubbermaid

Electric Grill- looks in good condition but we didn't try it out

On stand and can swivel, 32w, 18.5d, 31.5h

34w, 17.5d, 34h

34.5w, 10d, 31h

Each couch, 50w, 32.5d, 29h. Comes with slip covers

2 Chairs, each chair, 27.5w, 25d, 30h

Love Seat, 55w, 30d, 31h, Table, 28w, 14.5d, 19h, top of table opens

Assorted Avon pieces, mugs, boots, phone, cars, Abraham Lincoln, etc.

32.5w, 19.5d, 30.5h

Assorted dessert and drinking glasses

Baskets, heart shaped wall hangings

Outdoor clothes line, rusted, laundry and metal baskets, metal shoe rack

Black stool with back, 16w, 14d, 41.5h, swivel Rocker chair and a straight back chair

3 frames, 1 flower music box that plays Edelweiss and 3 shadow boxes

Readers Digest, encyclopedias, coffee table books, comes with blue crate

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