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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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1946 Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass-early Gulliver's Travels. Both complete hard cover books.

39" at back, 34" at front, 27" wide. Original stencil used to paint ivy is inside. Drawer.

Blade/handle is 17" long. Sheath is 15". Hat is about 14" long and 7" high.

15" across, 6" tall. Pat. 1931, No. 1. Made in Brockville. Nuts & bolts in place.

Two heavy solid brass coloured and etched pieces of fine art. Age and exact origin unknown but they are inscribed.10.5x9.5. True craftsmanship. Colors are crisp and clean and the detail is deep.

Top is 38"x 21". 34" tall. Needs refinishing. 4 drawers all work. All hardware in place.

All in good condition. Various lengths. Brass dog head, wood duck head.

Heavy, about 24" long, 13" tall. Appears to be older from base. Very unique wood grain and very hard. Polish and artistry very bright. Artist and markings unknown

Two hunting knives. One lockback folding Uncle Henry LB7 with case. Made in the USA. Made in Brazil hunting knife with custom case.

The way food was kept before the electric refrigerator. Large blocks of ice stored in the top kept food below cold. 25" wide, 40" tall.

Bowl is 7" high at peaks, 10" across. Bird is 51/2" long, 3" high.

All are 9"'high, 4" wide at base. Some have a bluish tinge. All glass and metal lids in place. Crown and Corona brands.

1931 " The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain. Possible first addition .1952 Winnie the Pooh

Most from the 50s, 60s. See penny for size.

Framed Aboriginal Image of man and Bear. 10.5x8

Some have measurements marked on the sides, one is a baby bottle with lid.

Basket is 19" long, 14" to top of handle. Large Florida cones have been sprayed gold. Many are up to 6" long.

Frame is 18x15. Ready to hang. Paper on back is ripped and one mark on frame. See photos. Some shadows in photo not on original picture.

9" long. Customer designed. Note various Colors on handle.

Older RCMP knife with sheath. Note wear.

17" to top of handle. 6" across. Writing: Hiram I Piper Co. Ltd.

13.5" long sword point. Age and origin unknown note condition

16" long. Just lay out the dough and roll this through it to quickly cut donuts.

All stoppers in place except one of the men. Tallest are 5".

Each spear is about 50" long. Centre circle is 14" across. Looks like porcupine quills in centre. 16" of spear end is metal. Ready to hang.

Tiki Old Wooden Ship - Very Detailed. Builder and Origin unknown. Rope ladders - Canvas Sails - Metal Beam - 38" tall 24 " long. Excellent Craftsmanship. Note condition.

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches. Not all in working order.

Hand Painted Flowers on Milk Glass. Brushed Brass. Working electric oil lamp style lamp. 21" tall. Very good condition

Longest is 9" in sheath.

About 7" high in middle, 9" wide. Chin strap in place

5 pair eye glasses with cases, one has lenses only. One is dated 1946.

Table is 24" x 25" and well-made heavy. Chair is 25" at back, seat is 13" wide 11" deep.

71/2" tall, 81/2" wide.

Working Flambeau 3 tray fishing tackle box full of tackle. 16x8x8. Trout lures flies spinners bait cast spoons weights bobbers etc.

All about 8" tall. All tags in place.

Lots of Tonka, some Disney, Mattel. All used.

Untested. Note wear, some outer parts missing. 4x6"

3 blue flowers and maple leaves made in Canada. Wedgwood & Co., Johnson Bros., WH Grindley & Co. Marlborough, Grindley.

Jar is 6" tall. Various types and sizes of marbles.

Large bell is very heavy, about 6" tall and 6" wide, has ringer in place. Small bells are 2 and 2 1/2" tall. One is missing ringer.

Philips air cleaner. Working

Stone Folk Art Church. Owned since the 60s. Handmade. Courtyard is 23"x17". Church is 13"x9" and 23" high. Can light with cord thru back door. Cord comes with it but is very old. Untested. Carpet on each end of bottom. Heavy.

Most about 12". "Made in Mastermi Canada, A&J 1923, Ladd Beater 1908, Skyline made in England, The Taplin Mfg Co."

Skyline, Maynard, Mastermix, Ekco Prod. Largest is 12" long.

10" tall, 4 1/2" at base. Both Crown brand. Glass and metal lids in place.

Tallest are 11". Smallest is 5 1/2". All like new. 8 wire lidded, 2 corked.

Builds to over 3'. Looks to be all there. Parts Not taken apart. Made from plans by Smithsonian Institute, Washington. Box is 29" x 16".

About 20 toys. Some are new others are gently used.

5 Micro Jet & vehicle Magnifier collections, 8 different mini soldier sets and some cows and horses. All have not been out of pkg.

Wide variety: Tonka, Corgi, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Majorette. Used.

Set of two Inuit children a boy and a girl with husky pups. Age medium and origin unknown. Dorothy Francis is the Artist 6x9. 11x14 framed. Note wear on frames

New Metal Sign in plastic. Never used.

25" tall set of Brass Lamps with Blue Shades. Untested.

Gold, orange, brown hand painted. 9" long, 10" to top of handle.

15x17 and 10x13.

Basket is 18" long, 11" wide. 8 older kitchen tools also. Note wear on basket and tools.

10" Planters Peanuts (no lid) made in Canada, 8" wide Bredin's Cherry Cake, Canada Bread Co. Tabac continue is 5" tall. Note wear.

Many earring sets, necklaces, etc. ready to wear. Others are unmatched, need repair or can be used to make new jewellery. Box is 71/2"x51/2". Lots of treasures.

Both have same writing: "Chiantel Fondeue and 1878 Saignelegier." Large is 3 1/2" tall and wide. Small is 3" wide.

Vintage Brown is about 12" tall, 6 1/2" at base, has wooden handle, green is 14".

Dog has chipped nose.

Wood Swordfish is 13" long, has chip out of base. Scotch decanter is 8". Brass swordfish is 5" long, 7" tall, tip of sword is missing. Birds are on a stone base, medium unknown. Bowl is red & black.


57"x41". Some minor repairs to edges but for 40 years it looks pretty good. See photos for one 8" repair.


10" long, 7" high. Note inside crack on lid.

Very nice antiqued Canon Bookends . Aprox. 12x7 . Cannons and wheels move. Note missing one small piece of wood dowel otherwise perfect

One book is $60.00 15x12" large with beautiful detail. The complete Federal and State Editions. Robert Bateman and other Artists stamps and works beautifully illustrated in these books.

Gold and Royal Blue Frame and Border on this 21" tall x 17 wide frame

Nice wood frame quote

Kay Williams signed and numbered with certificate. Framed under glass.11x13- 18x22 framed

Elizabethan, Paragon, Royal Albert, Royal Grafton. 5 cups & saucers, 2 mugs.

11" tall. One has printing. Some cardboard lids- one fits one bottle.

4 amp toaster made in Toronto by Standard Electric Mfg. Co. 8" Kettle and 8" long heater. All untested.

In very good condition for its age.17" long, 11" wide.

Longest handle is 5. Most need oiling and sanding.

15" tall, 171/2" wide. In like new condition. Comes with 2 keys.

Possible all joints move.

Tallest is 8". Some are vintage.

1973. Carrying Case is 9 1/2"x4". Instructions included. Original box. Untested, requires batteries.

Footed food grinder, juicer, bakers plunger. Wood piece is 16" long, tube is 16 1/2". Other items are both 9" long.

German Sheppard, 2 chickens, a duck made in Japan, 5 Wade figurines. Dog is about 2" tall. See penny for size.

New in box Allied van, Tonka, Matchbox, Majoretts, Marvel. Most used.

Deluxe Digital Ear Thermometer. Life Brand

Large oval top mirror tinted glass. Very heavy. 4 feet tall x 32" wide

3 never out of 6 1/2" box. 2 photo frames. 5 figurines.

Bookends are 41/2" tall. Note chips in paint. Book of Knowledge is 91/2" tall. See photos for titles.

7" tall, 3 1/2" at base. Some have bluish tint. Corona and Crown brands. All glass and metal lids in place.

Ritz is 6" tall, 6" wide. Tea tin is 4 1/2" tall. Bredin tin is 81/2" wide. Note wear.

Royal Albert, Royal Vale, Adderley, Colcough, Royal Grafton. 6 cups & saucers and one coffee mug. See crack in one cup.


Pig and dogs made in Japan. Penguin is 2" tall. See penny for size. Pink pig is plastic. Mother pig has bone china sticker.

Large horse is 9" long, 8" tall. Made in Korea. Smaller is 5" long, 4" tall. Deer is 7x4". Small made in India.

Mostly necklaces ready to use. A few may need repair.

13" long, 51/2" tall at head

Working windmill nightlight and music box. Windmill turns and plays tune. Note condition Older but working. Light switch on cord music box plays with or without blue light on.

2 milk glass globes with pearl accents 3" base 3 matching cream coloured shades one has a crack. 2 single shades

Original Ford Brass Lock and Original Chrome over Copper Key from A 1970's Ford full size Bronco spare Tire Lock. Works perfect.

Ww11 pocket knife Canadian Navy/Army. Excellent Condition.

Both size large. Snap on one side of camouflage hat.

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