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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Hand knotted runner, 162 x 31, plus fringe.

Metal frame, double bed complete with bedding as shown. Also, floor lamp.

Collection of men's watches including Fossil, T4G HFULER, Boy London and more.

Violin, sheet music, recorder, clarinet, metronome. Also, two pieces of framed art.

Wool runner, measures 99 x 30.

Hand knotted, 90 dia plus fringe.

2012 Hyundai Sonata, VIN 5NPEC4AC7CH401548. Four door sedan, PS, PB, PDL, 2.4L engine, CD player. Note: scratches on body. Mileage 39812. Car runs and has new battery, no mechanical or safety report available.

Stainless in canteen. Service for 12, and serving pieces.

Hand knotted wool rug, 76 x 50.

Graco play pen with cover, 40 x 28 x 31. Jumper. Blanket and art. Has not been checked for current safety standards.

Complete with books and more stamps.

Framed prints, largest 23 x 20 and smallest is numbered print, Peter Etril Syder, Sunday in June, 172/950, measures 5 x 4.

Also Nippon and thimble collection.

Runner, 76 x 25 plus fringe.

Honda HS80, on tracks. Note: Working condition not known.

Survey Equipment

Pine three over four dresser, 39 x 19 x 46.

Toro. Working condition not known. Manual included.

Signed Marta Brostoromsky, 13 x 17. Smaller card, 6 x 8.

Two three drawer units, 24 x 20 x 28 each. Two door cabinet, 35 x 20 x 27. Hutch 36 x 13 x 44. Book shelf, 24 x 13 x 44.

Prints, 18 x 12 and 14 x 12.

Eight pieces, cubes to build wall unit, 24 x 15 x 24 seven pieces. One larger display cabinet 24 x 47 x 24. Modular. Note: contents not included.

Runner measures 75 x 24, plus fringe.

Weedboss gas powered trimmer. Note: Working condition not known.

Large number of catholic items including books, crucifix, beads and more. Also table, 60 x 18 x 16.

Twelve cups and saucers including Aynsley, Paragon, Royal Adderley, Royal Albert, Wellington China and more.

Includes towels, sheets, shoe shine kit and more.

2 pcs, hutch, 44 x 13 x 47. Lower, 44 x 18 x 26.

Table, 24 x 12 x 28, metal base. Mirror 24 x 30.

Inlay detail, 48 x 22 x 19. Floor lamp, bright brass pole with pleated shade, 59 h.

Reversible fur and rain coat. Full length, size 14. Includes scarves and umbrellas

Includes various hand tools. Makita cordless drill model DC 1470. New John Deere hat, and more.

Two pcs, signed M. Cechova, 16 x 12 and 25 x 11.

Otoscope, blood pressure meter, weights, resistance band.

Collection of toys. RBK skates, size 10, E width, as new in box. Also gloves and skate guards.

Landscape, signed illegible, 34 x 13. Smaller, not signed, 12 x 10.

Signed by artist, Marta Brostoromsky, watercolour mixed media art, 13 x 9.5.

Limoges serving pieces. Includes 5 platters, 2 sauce boats, 3 covered bowls, 1 large serving bowl. Note: handle broken off one serving dish.

Panasonic AM/FM stereo radio and CD player with remote.

24 x 24 x 29. Matches Lot 357.

Three drawer dresser, 31 x 20 x 27. Computer desk, 32 x 21 x 29. Hutch, 32 x 11 x 32.

24 x 24 x 29, matches lot 364.

Garden tools, jumper cables, extension cord, hand tools, cleaning products, and more.

Tall bookcase with contents, 36 x 30 x 72. Includes books on variety of subjects.

Signed Petra E, 03, 23 x 31.

Pine dresser, 31 x 17 x 39. Lamp, 54.

Watercolour, signed by artist, Marta Brostoromsky, 13 x 17.5. Matted print, 7.5 x 9.5.

Polish traditional costume and fur lined vest

Limoges setting pieces, includes 17 dinner plates, 12 luncheon, 12 salad, 12 soup bowls, 12 dessert, 11 shallow nappies, 3 saucers.

Camera, binoculars, radio, cassette recorder. Three drawer cabinet on casters, 16 x 20 x 24.

Largest signed original, 19 x 18, smaller, 15 x 12. Signature illegible.

Detached cushions, napped upholstery, 90 x 36 x 29

Leather like two cushion love seat, 65 x 38 x 32.

Signed, Petra S, 15 x 21

Signed art, 7 x 11, signature illegible.

Toaster, kettles, stick blender, wood salad bowl, demi tasse cups, new water bottle, green garbage bin with bags and more.

Epson printer/copier/fax/scanner. D-Link modem, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Also includes computer bag. Note: table not included.

18K Birks gold band. Also, silver ring

HO scale Athearn train pieces and Transamp 1 Model 20.

Collection of games, and more.

Reupholstered, 26 x 26 x 39.

Hand knotted wool, 48 x 33.

Largest Marta Brestovsky, 81. 14 x 23. Oil on canvas, Tipokin, 18 x 22. Two other PCs, and two wooden pcs, tallest is 28

Inflatable single mattress, PFD, sleeping bag, ice shoes and more.

12 demitasse, Czechoslovakia china, one Blue Danube. Brass salt and pepper, and more.

Signed Scmant, 17 x 14. Unsigned oil on board, 17 x12.

Three shelves of hand thrown pottery, various pieces, some signed.

Desk, 63 x 30 x 28. Book shelf, 24 x 11 x 42. Stacked bankers boxes, 17 x 24 x 46.

Unsigned, 35 x 48.

Amana 33 x 30 x 67.

Soapstone wolf original, wood sculptures, 6 h. Drum and candle holder and more.

Signed, illegible, 23 x 18.

Drawers of cutlery, baking trays and cooking pots.

Includes various office items, blank paper, note books, and more. Shelf unit measures 35 x 13 x 54.

Two loungers, two chairs.

Four shelves of decorative items and books.

Three various textile and thread pcs,framed one measures 19 x 9. Signed matted watercolour, 13 x 9.5. Plaque.

Driftwood table lamp, 25 h. Driftwood sculpture, 26 h.

Several pieces various mediums.

Five pcs, churches, largest 25 x 16. Smallest 9 x 15.

Includes plates, bowls, glasses and tea pot and kettle, and more.

Includes rolled print, original art and plaques.

Includes iron and ironing board, cleaning products, brooms, and more.

Tray of men's wallets, belts, linen and cotton hankies, pins and more.

36 x 13 x 44. Also books, English and Polish.

Table, 16 x 16 x 19. Oval mirror, lamp 15 h. Push button phone.

With wood hatchets, largest art measures 38 x 14.

Includes hat, scarf, books and masks.

Largest 16 x 13 smallest 4 measure 9.5 x 7.5.

Office desk chair, desk accessories, drafting tools, coin set pen holder in acrylic, hole punch, pencil sharpener and more.

Larger, watercolour mixed media, signed by artist, illegible, 13 x 19. Watercolour with two boys, signed by artist, illegible, 10 x 14.

Silver plate and wood and China and glass. Also, linens.

On large silver plate tray. Includes decanters, glasses, dishes and much more.

Five pcs art, rustic.

Large 31 x 23, needlepoint 7 x 9, frame damaged.

Various decorative items from around the world.

Misc contents of four drawers in kitchen. Includes bread box, difficult to remove.

Fan forced heater, Bionaire humidifier with replacement filters. Beaumark humidifier.

Solid wood chairs with seat cushions, 17 x 19 x 36.

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