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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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2 prints 40X30 and 30X28.

Rings, one marked 925, Mount Royal High School school ring 1968, necklace, and more. Note wear. Some vintage pieces. Some backs of earrings are missing. Includes some vintage pieces from the 1940's.

Raccoon fur coat.

Filing cabinet 36X17X40, filing cabinet 15X27X29. Note stickers and scratches. Keys NOT included.

Coffee table 36X36X16. Note chipped corner. Granite top, may be able to sand chip smooth.

Antique table. Solid mahogany Top can flip up and be detached easily for moving 30X30X29. Note damage.

HP Officejet pro printer 8600 plus, and filing cabinet 28X18X31. note: printer is untested.

Wall mounted shelf and bench. Bench has easy to clean pad. Note dirt, wear, scratches. Bring tools to remove. Shelf 49X11X17, bench 50X17X19.

Garmin nuvi GPS, Uniden cordless phones, Panasonic 4.0 megapixels camera, and more. All untested. GPS betters may not be fully functional.

Dressed 30X18X28, frames without glass, and desktop storage unit. Note scratches and key not included.

Books including Antiquing for Dummies, Feng Shui for dummies, Gone Girl, cookbooks, oil lamp, cat figure, clowns, more. Note damage.

Fertilizer, planters, pots, watering can and more. Shelving unit is NOT included. Note dirty and some may be damaged.

Cycletrack, bike rack and bike helmet. Note all untested and wear.

White teacups, saucers, salad plates and dinner plates for 36. Jars, freezer packs for lunch bags, and cutlery. Note wear.

4 patio chairs and two folding loungers. Note damage. 4 cushions included. Chairs from 24X25X39 to 24X29X40.

Costume jewelry including earrings, brooch, New York bracelet, bracelets, and ring. Note some backs of earrings are missing. Includes some vintage pieces from the 1940's.

Dog crate for medium or large dogs.

Pelican 1120 case and 3 sleeping bags. Note wear.

Baseball bats, assorted sports balls, tennis racket, ball rack, miscellaneous Lego, helmets, and more. Not untested, wear, and some damage.

Wine glasses, champagne glasses, and other assorted glasses.

14 cranberry glass dinner plates, 8 cranberry glass bowls, 8 cranberry glass salad plates, purchased in the early 1940's according to seller. Note scratches.

Mirror 19 inches.

Vases, figurines, cake plate, kettle, glass dishes, and more. Note cake plate in 2 pieces, seller advises it can be fixed. Note wear and chips.

Royal Grafton coffee cups, candle, candle holder, miscellaneous decorative bottles, frames, BBQ items, containers, Liquid Gold, Off clip-on, Air Wick essential oil refills, and more. Note wear.

Bissell Little Green cleaner. Not tested.

Silver plate and stainless steel cutlery. Other miscellaneous cutlery including knives. Note wear, stains, damage to some knives.

Shelving unit 16X16X68, Sanyo Walkman, Super Nintendo, VCR, and more. All untested. Note damage on shelving. No earphones.

3 planters ranging from 20X10X10 to 16X16X24. Plants will be removed before pick-up. Note need to bring through house and down stairs to remove.

Heritage Fine Furniture Solid wood table 59.5X17X28.5. Note scratches.

Books including The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Help, books by Jodi Picoult, Hot Cars, candles, and more.

3 lamps up to 67 inches and 3 candle holders. All untested.

6 rung ladder, tool box and more. Note wear and paint on items. All untested.

Pots, pans, cutlery, and other miscellaneous kitchen items. Note wear.

Glass top kitchen table. 38X38X30. Note scratches.

Heritage Fine Furniture Solid wood framed mirror 37X44.

23 inch insignia TV, pine shelving unit 25X9X33, and more. Untested. Note scratches.

Antique Mini wheelbarrow from Nova Scotia. 17X34X14, bucket and more. Note damage.

Original art by Cartni Rees 24X20 and bear print 22X27.5. Note wear.

Antique table solid mahogany 24X24X29. Note scratches.

Paint brush, paint tray, roller, assorted wall scrappers, 2 wall lights likely for bathrooms, 2 ceiling lights for hallways or bedroom, dining room light, and more. All untested some missing pieces. Note shelving unit not included.

Toronto maple leaf Schneider jersey, Toronto Blue Jays 1992 and 1993 World Champions print, history of baseball print, history of the NFL print, and more.

Weights, yoga mat, and exercise ball. Note wear.

Storage bins, shoe racks and more. Note dirty. One is 12X13X38.

Cabinet 25X24X25, storage drawers, tarps, car brushes, car mats, and more. Note dirt. Trickle battery charger untested.

4 dinning room chairs. Comes with new fabric for reupholstering. Note scratches and dirt. Matches lot 837.

All linen in closet. Sheets, towels, blanket. Note wear.

Baby gate, central vac accessories and cart. Note damage.

Rug 63X89.

Coventry copper pan, double boiler - bottom pot possibly copper, Noritake dishes, glass bowl, pottery by Kim C, knives with block, baskets, and more. Note chips in large glass bowl. Not wear.

Water bottles, glasses, dessert dishes, vases, mugs, plates, bowl, and more. Note wear.

Shelving unit, soap dispensers, clothes books, soap dish and more.

Asian print. Seller says it was originally purchased in China.

Older Side table 16X26X28 and lamp, 25 inches. Purchased in 1940's. Note scratches and lamp is untested.

Brooches, shoelery (shoe jewellery), necklaces, bracelets, and more. Includes some vintage pieces from the 1940's.. Note wear.

Hose, hose holder, rake, shovel, and more. Note wear. Hose has not been tested.

Iona milkshake blender, Cuisinart mini blender, Sunbeam stand mixer - no bowl, George Foreman Grill, miscellaneous appliance pieces, and more. All untested. Note wear.

Assorted linens including blankets and sheets.

Alexandria drum. Note damage, and dirt on case.

2 folding tables 30X72, one pine table in pieces, 4 folding chairs 18X18X24. Note damage. Unsure if all pieces are present for pine table.

Assortment of Tupperware and other plastic containers, pitcher, lunch bag, and more. Note damage.

Briefcase, Epson Stylus photo 820, binders, and more. Note wear and untested.

Rug 98X62. Note wear.

Aisha NSX-5200 stereo unit with speakers, speaker stands, and Sony CFD-V17 CD radio cassette recorder. Note all untested.

Rug 98X63. Note wear.

Mirror with wood finish frame. 40X29

Hat box, hats, clock radio, 2 magnifying mirrors, Norelco razor. All untested. Not wear.

5-in-1 paper trimmer, assorted needle point material, sewing bag, knitting needles, and assorted baby items. Note wear.

2 prints 40X20 and 29X33.

2 Orchid prints 27X26.

4 rugs from 24X60 to36X60. Note wear, dirt, and damage.

Armani Collezioni tag.

Pants size 34 and blazer.

2 tier Antique table, solid mahogany 24X31. Note damage.

Handmade beaded Picture. 10.5X9 and bulletin board 15X16.

Flower girl dress size 7, semi-formal dress, shirt size small, Campbell soup shoes size 7, Kellogg shoes size 7, muff, and more. Note damage and wear.

Purses, and clutch. Note wear or damage on some items.

Suit made in Portugal.

Shelving unit 44X12X50 and table 19X19X30. Note dirt and damage. One table not touching floor. Not sure if this was a table or garage issue.

3 prints from 25X15.5 to 28X12.

Suitcase, duffle bags, shoulder bags and more. Note dirty and possible damage on some items.

Rosewood Shelving unit with optional slide-out television shelf. 40X17X77. Appears to be in a minimum of 2 pieces. Note scratches and damage. Please bring help to move. Tools may be required to disassemble. Note in basement.

Silva couch Canadian made . Solid wood frame 72X38X33 note wear.

Plastic trays, baskets, Old Amsterdam teacup, Chinese style doll on stand, hand-crafted beaded flowers, and more. Note wear. Teacup is larger than normal size, can be used as a salad bowl or platter.

Patio table 35X35X28. Note weather damage. Note no outside exit from patio so need to bring through house to front door through kitchen.

Shelving unit 28X12X30, Bruce hardwood floor, CD rack and more. Note damage.

Stylus chair 42X38.5X38. Note wear.

Sectional. 96X96X35. Note well used, damage. Note on second floor.

Ottoman 26X26X12 note wear. 5 Birds. Owner says the birds were made by the author of the Elliot Moose stories Andrea Beck.

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