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Large lot in bin, also included. (Assistance can be provided to bring this heavy lot to your car during the pickup)

19" diameter solid brass table, removable tray See pics.

All 3 with silver plate labels, French decanter in green colored blown glass and pewter resting on a pedestal. The decanter includes a stopper in blown glass of the same color resting on a curious neck with four pouring beaks. Pewter "Tudor Rose" touch mark. Made in France. Plus 2 old cut crystal decanters, see pics.

See pics.

Christie Luggage, tweed patterned vintage luggage. 14" and 21" widths. See pics for details.

24" strand. Authentic raw Baltic amber nugget necklace.

Unsigned but apparently is of Hungarian origin. 26 1/2" x 21". Some wear to canvas, see pics.

Tagus Chef Portugal copper cookware, including 12 1/2ǃ_ fish skillet (22ǃ_ in length to tip of brass handle). 10ǃ_ 8 1/2ǃ_, 5 1/2ǃ_ diameter skillets with brass handles. See pics.

3 3/4" x 1" green Moorcroft, and 3" X 1" blue bowl. Both are in excellent condition with no cracks, chips or crazing.

5" in height in excellent condition.

Framed antique painted tile, 4 1/2ǃ_ x 4 `1/2ǃ_ Signed J. Wynstone.

24 pcs. See pics for details.

48ǃ_ x 24ǃ_, see pics for details.

37" x 26" x 20". 1910's- 1920's solid oak (? - see pics) refrigerator. No motor but still with Zinc lined interior, that has been painted red. Original nickel plated cast brass hardware. Brass plaque reads: "Kelvinator - The Oldest Domestic Electric Refrigeration - London, Ontario Canada. " 'Better Always Better". (Assistance can be provided to bring this heavy lot to your vehicle during the pickup).

3 pcs, vase signed Fris Holland, Poole NY dish and hand thrown vase. See pics.

2 Murano Italy glass necklaces and 3 Czech glass necklaces. All are old pieces. See pics for details.

11 1/2" height, bottle green glass with figural leaf stopper.

26" to top of finial. (Comes with lamp shades, not shown)

Brass with cast iron bases, 18ǃ_ height. 11: width.

17pcs. 6 pcs. - 4 1/2" water glasses. 11 pcs, 4 3/4" wine glasses. 1920's vintage.

Owen Meredith's Poems, Vol,1,2, and Lucille. Gold embossed green leather board covers, very good condition see. pics. 1860's.

12 1/4" in height, in excellent condition. Marked on base: MN and E&L. Japanned wood handle, see pics for details.

Zippos, advertising lighters etc. Everything you see here.

Solid bronze and brass, 5" x 10" triple candle.

In antique frame, see pics. 19 1/2ǃ_ x 15 1/2ǃ_

9ǃ_ h. jug and 5 - 3ǃ_ cups. Cast ormolu metal mounts on blown glass. Made in Russia.

35 1/2ǃ_ x 25 1/2ǃ_. Mont St. Galeriell, J. Mauch.

3 1/2" pair and 5 1/2" pair with leather case. See pics.

Black faced, quartz watch, new battery installed by Jeweler. Includes, box and extra links for band.

Alva Museum Replicas, 15 1/2" in height. On original marble plinth.

Framed, signed Serigraph. 27 1/2" x 21 1/2".

698 grams total weight, see pics.

Everything you see here.

E. Thomas & Williams Ltd. Cambrian No.1 10160 - Makers Aberdaire. Wales. 10 1/2" in height, 3 1/2" in diameter. In excellent condition, looks to have been never lit, a working replica of antique miners lamp.

Porcelain plates and cups and saucers from 1800's with bird decorations. In excellent condition, from Germany or England and are unmarked. 5 pcs. 9" plates, 6 pcs. 6" plates, 6pcs. 5" nappies. 6 sets (12pcs.) cups and saucers. Includes the storage bags it was found in. See pics for details.

7" diameter, 8 1/2" in height. Excellent condition with no cracks or chips, silver or silver plated mounts are hallmarked, see pics.

Including Chase double dish. See pics.

Original black, red paint. 12 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 3".

Gold painted plaster/wood framed mirror. 35 1/2" x 14". See pics.

Inlaid wood and brass, with all wood chess pieces. See pics.

Everything you see here.

14 1/2" x 18 1/2"

Auld Mac 6 1/4" in height.

Watercolor painting in damaged antique gilt frame. Extra pieces of frame included. 14 1/2ǃ_ x 21ǃ_

Tagus Portugal, copper cookware with brass handles. 8 1/2", 7" and 6" diameter pots with lids in excellent condition.

Solid bronze ashtray, owned figural pheasant. 6 1/4" x 5 1/4" X 3/4".

Oliver Twist and Pickwick Papers, 328 and 171 pages each. 10" x 7" see pics for details. Illustrated by J. Mahoney.

In original frame, original glazing. 17 1/2ǃ_ x 12ǃ_.

Signed 'Leits'. 29" x 17 1/4". Framed and includes overhead light.

10" x 14 1/2". Kasamatsu Japanese Woodblock Print 'Summer Bamboo' ca. 1954. In original frame, excellent condition, see pics.

16 1/2" in height, in excellent condition with colorful old Chinese porcelain feeder.

22ǃ_ x 8ǃ_ See pics.

Assorted pcs. including johnson Bro. Store display, Beneagles whisky, cat, stein, Nippon etc. Everything you see here.

Falconware Misty May, bulbous form, 7 1/2" height. Ducks in flight. Made in England in the 1930's

Moorcroft, Royal Winton and other pieces, see pics.

10 pcs, some chips. See pics.

Uher 7000 Stereo. Reek to reel from the 1970s. Bought it working, sold untested.

Pfeiffer - Enjoy Real Beer. 11" x 11" Embossed cardboard, aluminum and plastic sign from the 1950's.

Everything you see here, all in excellent condition.

Hanneford Circus, 28ǃ_ x 21ǃ_. mint condition , shrink wrapped onto cardboard, ready for framing or display.

Heavy porcelain and wood mortar and pestle with a chipped lip (9 1/2ǃ_ x 5ǃ_). Also cast green stone mortar and pestle set (8 1/4ǃ_ x 6 1/4ǃ_).

Staffordshire dog, (as is, cracked on backside, see pics), etc. Other old pieces are in very good condition. everything you see here.

Orrefors, Val. St. Lambert, Bossi Bla. Etc.

Everything you see here.

1898 bookplate engraving from ǃ

Illustrations by Birket Foster, F.R. Pickersgill, R.A. , J Wolf, G. Wolf, Noel Humphreys. 6" x 8 1/2" x 3/4", 228 pages. Gold embossed leather on boards.

16 1/2" strand of polished raw Citrine nuggets, each approx. 1" in length.

Victorian antique Majolica pitcher, made in England. French Majolica plate and German Majolica plate. See pics for details.

Old saucers and plates, see pics.

20" height, 20" width. Green glazed interior with brown dragons decoration. Some chipping to glazed dragon decoration, but planter is not cracked. See pics.

Everything you see here, all antiques: yellow ware bowl, enamel maple sap bucket, wood spools, horse brass and Weller redware pitcher.

Fisherman 13 1/2ǃ_ x 11 1/2ǃ_. Unsigned.

Antique alabaster deco clock, as is. Portmeirion Clock, working battery operated Quartz movement made in W. Germany.

Bunnykins, Shelley plates, cup and saucers. Everything you see here.

Everything you see here.

Old painted wood double magazine stand, see pics for details. 26" in height.

12" in height. Excellent condition. Birds and roses decoration.

Signed ǃ

7 pcs, see pics.

Old Frame, see pics.

Drawing signed by Chip Feldman , framed. 16 1/2ǃ_ x 11ǃ_.

Woodenware, Lacquer, paperweight. etc.

Vintage Hot Wheels , Corgi Lesney Toy Cars in Box Everything you see here, RRRumbler etc, 18 cars and painted green cedar cigar box.

Old solid pine primitive stool with hooked rug covering as found. 7" h. x 12" l. x 8" w.

16 1/2ǃ_ x 13ǃ_. Marchesa Elena Grimaldi Cattaneo.

10 1/2ǃ_ in height.

Seascape by A. Cowley, 19ǃ_ x 13 1/2ǃ_ . As is see pics.

Assorted old porcelain and glass, vintage egg cups. See pics for details. In excellent condition.

14 1/4ǃ_ x 10 1/4ǃ_ x 2 1/4ǃ_. 1964, fully illustrated see pics.

See pics.

Vintage Wade (England) porcelain figures, given away in boxes of Red Rose Tea. 30 pcs all in excellent condition, including Gingerbread Man. Also included is Wade Whoppa Nursery Rhyme Humpty Dumpty. 31 pcs total. See pics.

Everything you see here.

14 1/2" x 9 1/2", in original antique frame. See pics.

Frogs, Angels, 15 pcs. Approx. A signed Monet and another Triad. See pics for details.

10 pcs. Ranging in diameter from 5 1/2ǃ_ to 10ǃ_. See pics for details.

See pics, excellent condition.

11 1/2" x 4". Painted tin, old.

Big lot, everything you see here.

Readers of Yugoslav newspapers were asked to choose the mascot for the 1984 Winter Olympics from a list of six finalists. The winner was Vu

11 pcs. all in very good condition, 2 Moustache 'barber' mugs. See pics for details.

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