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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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11 3.5" teacups; 14 5.75" saucers; 28 small dinner/salad plates 8"; 15 bread plates 6.5"; 12 salad bowls 7.5"; 12 fruit/finger bowls 5.25"; 12 dinner plates 10.25"; 2 serving trays 18 x 12.5 & 14.5 x 10; 2 serving bowls Oval 10,5 x 7, round 8.5"; 1 small round serving/butter dish 7.75"; 1 gravy boat 10,5 x 6; 2 uncovered serving bowls Oval 10 x 7, squared Oval 9.75 x 6.75; 1 oval serving dish 8.75 x 5.5; sugar, creamer. Category B/C pick up.

30 Teaspoons; 2 Ice tongs; 5 serving forks; 2 Ladles; 8 serving spoons; 1 Ice cream scoop; 1 set fish knives & fork; 1 set of knives, fork & spoon. Category B/C pick up.

tall: 4W x 10H; short 5.5W x 4H.Category B/C pick up.

Embossed Queensware made in England Of Etruria & Barlaston. 16 dinner plates 10"; 20 salad plates 8"; 16 bread plates 6.5"; 4 two handled cream soup bowls 5" & 4 matching saucers 6.75"; 17 teacups 3.5"; 16 saucers 5.75"; 1 round shallow serving bowl 10.5W x 2" H (cracks noted); 1 Oval serving bowl 9.75 x 8 x 2.5H; 1 small round covered candy dish 5.25 x 4; 1 teapot 9 x 6 x 4.5; creamer, sugar. Category B/C pick up.

Size range: Rounds approx. 12" ovals: 15 x 12; smalls 12" and under. Category B/C pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

Signed card affixed to chairs reads: "Rev. W.J.Brewster From St.Johns Parish Warehouse Point, Conn. June 23 1916. This chair was made by Nathan Margolis Hartford, Conn. June 23, 1916". Arm: 30W x 25D x 39.5H. non arm: 24W x 23D x 39.5H. Category A pick up.

Chair: 33W x 34D x 42H Ottoman: 21W x 16D x 14H Category A pick up.

13W x 18H.Category B/C pick up.

10 water glasses; 1 pitcher; 11 conical parfait cups; 13 stemmed dessert cups; 12 footed dessert bowls. Category B/C pick up.

Royal Doulton Windsor H4970. 9 cups 2.75" x 2"H, 10 saucers 5". New Chelsea Staffs: 8 cups 2"W x 2.5"H, 8 saucers 4.25".Category B/C pick up.

42W x 19D x 18H. Handmade, on 4 caster wheels. Key missing. Wear. Category B/C pick up.

3 Full bottom Drawers, 3 top drawers. Loose knobs. 43.5W x 18.5D x 45H. Helpers needed to move. Category A pick up.

20.5" x 12.5"; 18.5" x 12.5"; 16.5" x 12.5". Category B/C pick up.

Bowl: 8.5"; tall vase: 6.5 x 11; square vase: 6 x 3.5; small vase: 4 x 6.5; damage to tall vase noted in photo. Category B/C pick up.

Pitcher 6.5"; Ewer 6.25"; deep Bowl 5W x 5H; Stand 6.5W x 4H; box 4.5 x 4.5.Category B/C pick up.

38W x 18.5D (33D w/ leaf extended) x 42.5H. Wear. Helpers needed to move. Category A pick up.

41.5W x 48L x 2.5" thick. Frame border is 7".Category B/C pick up.

Swing Legs, 43W x 33D x 30H. Category B/C pick up.

3 teapots with warmer, creamer, sugar and 6 spoons. Category B/C pick up.

2 drawer. 44W x 21D x 34.5H. Helpers needed to move. Category A pick up.

Vintage 8 drawer sewing desk. 44W x 22D x 30H. Wear evident. Working condition not known. Needs helpers to move. Category A pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

Sherwood 17.5W x 13.5D x 5.5H; Sony: 17W x 15D x 4H; dynace speakers: 11.5W x 10D x 19.75H.Category B/C pick up.

22W x 62H Category B pick up.

7 Dining Chairs . 2 arm: 25W x 21D x 41H 5 non-arm: 22W x 21D x 41H. Category A pick up.

Yellow vase with handles and striped pattern: 6" tall x 2.5" at base. Blue/White footed dish w/ 6 "seashell" feet and attached rope work glass handle 6"W x 4.5"D x 7.5" tall. Herend Hungary hand painted woven china dish. circa 1920's. 4.5"W x 1.75"H. Category B/C pick up.

revere style bowls: 2-9"; 2-8"; 1-6" . Pedestal dish 5.75"; lids 6.5".Category B/C pick up.

5 Adjustable shelves in each. 30W x 71H x 13D. Bring help to move. Category A pick up.

with 3 interchangeable stoppers. Category B/C pick up.

Cabbage theme: teapot, creamer & sugar. Floral theme: Teapot and butter dish. Category B/C pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

6 10.5" Gibson dinner plates, 4 bread plates 7.5"; 2 Gibson coffee mugs; 4 11" Dansk dinner plates, 4 7.5" Dansk bread plates; 1 Evesham english serving dish 10.25"; 6 8.25" Evesham small plates; 1 Rooster scalloped olive serving dish. Category B/C pick up.

10"W x 25"H. Category B pick up.

White Lamp: 17.5W x 28H Green Table Lamp: 16W x 27H Brass Lamp: 12W x 23H Category B/C pick up.

Gilded gold 38W x 45.5H x 3.5' thick. Helpers needed to move..Category B/C pick up.

Silver plate. 2 sugar, creamer, teapot, sugar tongs & 12 spoons, Category B/C pick up.

cracks noted in photos. chafing pot: 10.5"; covered dishes 12 x 8; tray: 14 x 6.5.Category B/C pick up.

71H x 12.5W. crack s in glass noted. Category B/C pick up.

Covered by Cheshire Reupholstery. 25W x 24D x 38.5H. Damage noted. Category B/C pick up.

100% Wool Handmade Carpet. Garden Collection Home Depot. 11'7" long x 8' wide. Category B/C pick up.

Spindle legs. 32W x 24D x 27H. Category B/C pick up.

34.5" across x 29H. Category A pick up.

Large: 5.5" x 14" ; Small 5" x 11.5".Category B/C pick up.

All approx. 5" tall. Category B/C pick up.

25W x 26.5L x 1.25 thick. Frame border is 3". Paint on canvas is cracking w chips. Category B/C pick up.

17W x 26H.Category B/C pick up.

2 side doors and 3 center drawers. 63w x 24D x 57H. Crack in top pictured. Large and heavy. Helpers needed to move. Contents not included. Category A pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

Pimpernell collection stiff cork back placemats 15.75 x 11.75; 5 smaller placemats 12 x 9; 2 footed trivets 12 x 9.Category B/C pick up.

Cream soup bowls 4.75", saucers 6". Limoges bowl 7.5 x 6.. 4 small candle holders. Category B/C pick up.

Ladle 11" long with 3.25" "cup". repair to damage noted. 2 small Lenox birds, 3 other birds. Approx. 3"-4" in size. Category B/C pick up.

33.5" tall. 12" wide bottom "tray"; 11" center "tray"; 9.5" top "tray".Category B/C pick up.

16W x 31H. Category B/C pick up.

Antique child's rocker. 14W x 18D x 22H.Category B/C pick up.

2 Adjustable 5 shelf bookcases. 25W x 9.5D x 72H. Tools required to detach from wall. Helpers to move. Category A pick up.

1) 28 x 18.5; 2) Footed & inscribed 26 x 16; 3) footed meat tray 20 x 14. Category B/C pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

Cats are Gorham Crystal. Birds missing plugs. Category B/C pick up.

George III Style ? 2 pedestal table with 2 18" leaf extensions. 72.5L x 44W. (108.5L with leaf extensions. Tools required. Helpers needed to move. Category A pick up.

13W x 56H Category B/C pick up.

Ornate floral pattern. 26W x 42H.Category B/C pick up.

Table: 40" round. Category A pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

Art glass and Hobnail milk glass. Category B/C pick up.

Floral Cake stand 9.5W x 6.5H; Rectangle raised bowl 10W x 6D x 5H; Pitcher 3.5W x 6.5H; 2 heavy goblets; small salt holder? 4.5" H; Dory boat dish 9.5W 4D; Art deco 9.5" scalloped server with 12 surrounding indents; Cut leaf edge server 13.5 x 9.5; Floral oval server 12.5 x 8.Category B/C pick up.

Framed 10W x 12.5H.Category B/C pick up.

Wheeled feet. 46W x 32D x 28.5H. edge damage noted in photo. Category A pick up.

Category B/C pick up.

17W x 16.5D x 32.5H. Category B/C pick up.

27"H. Category B pick up.

3 drawers on each side and 2 full length drawers at foot of bed. 82"L x 76"W x 12"H. Tools required to dismantle. Helpers to move. Category A pick up.

30W x 70H x 13D. Tools required to detach from wall. bring help to move. Category A pick up.

28W x 40H x 32D. one arm slightly loose. Category B pick up.

70W x 34D x 34H. Double fold out bed. Helpers needed to move. Category A pick up.

77W x 36D x 34H Queen fold out bed. Helpers needed to move. Category A pick up.

36.5W x 20.5D x 17H. Category A pick up.

End table 2 door cabinet. 25.5W x 19.5D x 29H.Category B/C pick up.

Center drawer. Table: 48W x 30D x 31H. 4 chair 18W x 17D x 35H. May require tools to remove from condo. helpers to move. Category A pick up.

Side glassware cupboard. 4 doors with 4 shelves inside. 61.5W x 13.5D x 37H. Contents not included. helpers needed to move. Category A pick up.

98L x 39W. some slight wear. Category B/C pick up.

Wrought Iron. 4 arm chairs, 3 small 16" x 14" side tables 1 larger table 24.5" x 18". Category A pick up.

1) 13 x 17; 2) 8.5 x 12; 3) 7.5 x 7.5.Category B/C pick up.

6 tall stem cordial w/ etched floral pattern; 4 short cordial with center stem bead; 2 longer cordial with center stem bead; 3 diamond cut glass cordial; 8 tall champagne flutes; 5 rounded champagne flutes; 6 French water glasses; 12 French white wine; 14 small white wine. Category B/C pick up.

12 octagonal floral plates 8"; 12 clear bowls 6"; 2 floral patterned stemmed stands 6" W x 4" H; 3 plates/saucers with laurel wreath pattern 6.25"; 2 pewter chalices 3" w x 5.5"H inscribed: JDG 1960-1970.Category B/C pick up.

8 bowls 5"; 13 small dessert plates 6.25"; 8 dessert plates 7.5"; 2 clear candlesticks 8"; 2 green glass candlesticks 7".Category B/C pick up.

23.5W x 17D x 26.5H. Wear. Category A pick up.

2 door, 1 shelf. 25.5W x 19.5D x 29.5H. Category A pick up.

20.5W x 52.5H x 1.25 thick. Category B/C pick up.

Woven rush seats, Hand made and hand painted. 17.5W x 14D x 35H. Seat height is 17".Category B/C pick up.

4 drawer desk (1 keyboard drawer) and side door. 53W x 23.5D x 29H. Helper required to move. Category A pick up.

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