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Modern style computer desk. Solid construction with black glass and black wood trim top. Elegant curved legs supports. Top door at the back of the desk for access to a set of plugs, including power receptacles and USB key receptacles. Desk is L48" x W21" xH30" and has a large drawer below he desk work surface. Swivel chair with 5 casters. Lexmark printer (model X4580) with Wi-Fi capability; D-Link router. Also a potted artificial green plant an a carpet/floor saver for the chair. A small plaque or coaster is included as per pictures. Note that the candle showing in the desk alone picture is not included. Desk and chair in excellent condition. Printer and router have not been used for about 3 years, but were working at that time.

Large wall mirror frames in gold and black: H55" x W17". Framed picture of crane with leaves/flowers, under glass: H28" x W16".

Five pieces outdoor furniture set: 2 armchairs, two stools and a small round table. Woven material look, in black. Weather resistant. 8 pieces of interlocking rubber floor mats, each square is 24" x 24". 6 pieces in grey, one each in yellow and lime green.

Alpine subwoofer, model SWR-1243D, 600 Watts RMS, 1899 Watts peak, 12". JVC Boombox: "Powered woofer CD System" Model RV-NB1. Large portable unit with shoulder strap. Alpine Power amplifier MRP-M500. Some connecting cables.

Corner table is L32" x W32" designed to fit a room corner. It has a shelf about 3" below the table top. Very good condition.

Sectional Sofa: black leatherette sofa exterior; beige cushions in velour fabric. Long length 111"; short length 85"; seat depth 33". Some minor wax stains on one cushion; some small nicks in leatherette behind cushions - see pictures. Two small matching pillows included.

Coffee table; rustic look with decorative metal brackets. L47" x W26" x H18". Decorative ceramic tiles are inlaid in the table top. One shallow drawer. Originally bought at The Brick for $300.00

Elephant print on canvas stretched over wood frame. W60" x H36". Original price was about $300 at Pier 1.

Framed pictures of Sidney Crosby: "The Golden Goal" 2010 Olympic Champion. Also a small child's sled in wood construction, suitable for towing a small child through snowy landscapes. The picture is W38" x H17".

The mirror is a decorative wall art piece. H49" x W30". It is framed by a molded design representing textured ceramic tiles. This unit is in excellent condition. Original purchase from Pier 1 for about $300.00

Two bamboo units: a vertical cabinet, W13" x L16" x H48". Six drawers. One drawer handle on this unit is missing and a temporary replacement has been installed (see picture). From Pier 1 originally. A corner unit with three shelves: L15" x W15" x H39". Floor lamp and desk lamp in brushed alumimium. Floor lamp has 2 lamps- individually switched -on the pole and is 6 ft tall.

Two matching table lamps with shades, and a matching floor lamp. Floor lamp is 6 ft. high and table lamps are 25" high. All in excellent condition. Originally purchased at Costco for about $300.00

Large landscape picture on canvas, stretched over wooden frame. L60" x H20". Very bright colours and very glossy finish making it hard to take a picture without reflections! Original price about $300 at Pier 1. Excellent condition.

Electric kettle, Mr. Coffee coffee maker, T-fal automatic deep fryer, Danby microwave, paper towel holder and two pictures (11" x 11") prints on hard board. All working condition.

Wood dresser with three large drawers. Dresser is L43" x W20" x H35". The top of dresser has a slight discoloration on the left front corner (see picture).

Black side table; L31" x W18" x H30". Two small drawers, curved legs. A chair is included. Chair has some cracks in the vinyl covering as per picture

Two bookcases; tall bookcase is wood grain W33" x D14" x H72". 6 shelves, needs minor repair on lower shelves. Small bookcase is white pressed board. One adjustable shelf (requires pins to hold the shelf). Chair is upholstered with green velour and has some light marks at front of the seat (see picture). Popcorn tin has clear top.

Two wood end tables, L20" x W15" x H18". Very dark brown, black under most lights. One table has a small chip on the top surface as shown in picture; Otherwise all in good condition and solid. Fan has adjustable height and controls on support stand.

Two wood end tables, both W20" x L20" x H20". Solid construction. Tables are a very dark reddish brown, appearing black in most lights. One table has a slight discoloration in one corner (see picture).

About 80-100 sq.ft. or finished Beech hardwood flooring in dark grey. 3 full boxes (20 sq ft each), one cracked box (appears full) and some loose pieces. A box of ceramic tiles. a number of pieces of laminate in mid-brown wood finish.

Framed picture of a snail shell: under glass in black frame. W21" x H21". Abstract print on canvas stretched on wood frame. W35" x H23". Both in excellent condition.

Glass shelf: W12" x L12" x H30". Three shelves supported by chrome posts. Electric fan. Base for table lamp, no shade. Silver sheer curtain: L82" x W52", with an adjustable curtain rod (33: to 60"). All in good condition.

Three Test pressure gauges (calibration gauges) in chrome cases and covers. Covers are lined with dark red felt. All manufactured by USG (United States Gauges) about 30-40 years ago. Two gauges are 0-160 PSI, one is 0-30 PSI. Also a precision metric run-out gauge, made in Germany, still in original plastic case; 1/100 mm dial divisions. Beautiful instruments for collectors or craftsmen.

Three prints. Two are a set, W24" x H24". Framed with a rough riveted metal look. Third is a print on canvas W32" x H26". Originally purchased at Pier 1 and Jysk.

An assortment jigsaw and other puzzles, and games. Includes Monopoly, 3D puzzle (St Basil's Cathedral - partly assembled), Wood & Glass "3 games set", Lord of the Rings board game, etc.

Finished Plywood Shelves, all 3/4" thick, 8@ L25.75 x W11"; 4@ L20" x W10". All have been stained mid-brown. 9 shelf rails: 60" long with shelf clips. 2 packages of grout. Adjustable closet bar and bifold door hardware -never used. Miscellaneous trim pieces. Two strange door handles made of fake old wood

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