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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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58.5" tall, 30" wide. 3 wood shelves all have plate grooves at back. Contents not included.

31" tall, 18" wide. 4 lights work either as 2,3 or 4 at a time. Pretty with colored bulbs. One crystal is missing and one globe is loose, 6' long cord.

3 tea cups and saucers, small vintage plate, 2 Jonathan David figurines, Olympic watch, glass jar. One cup has repair see photo.

strap is 75" long. One Bell missing.

Never opened. Made in Canada. 73" by 36" by 16"

3 bells on a 14" strap. Appear to be brass bells about 2.5x2.5".

11" tall about 8" wide. Turns by heat from candles and/or a breeze. Characters on 3 levels and 6 candles. Never used. Instruction sheet included.

46.5" tall at back, 25.5" arm to arm, seat is 18x19". Matching piece of material is 80" x 75" with a 21"x 10" corner piece missing on one side. See photo.

Sea captains are plastic. All others are glass or china. All stoppers in place.

Copper salt and pepper, candle holder, 5 different vintage egg beaters.

75" wide, 82" long.

Heavy 6" tall lid, plastic lifter, 4.5" pedestal plate. 11" tall with lid on 11" platter.

7 knives, longest is 12" in case.

16" wide, 14" tall. Wood

5 different vintage egg beaters and a food grinder with suction cup bottom. All about 12" long.

Prince Edward Dairies, Lakeview Dairy 10" bottles and 2 unmarked. Milk bottle cardboard caps also. I cork lid.

Cake keeper is 11" wide, 5" tall. Brown bottle is 12.5" tall, silver plated footed serving tray is 10" wide, 5" tall without handle. Needs polishing.

Main pole is 6.5' long, poles are each about 5' long.

Blue serving dish is 9" wide, carnival like dish is 9" across, glass dish is 12" long, 4.5" wide

Paper garlands, fold up trees and bells, candy canes, Santa's ladder, stars, wood characters.

25" long, 9.5" wide. Origin unknown.

Similar but not identical sizes. Some are 7.5" others are 7" tall. 2 smaller. 3 have lids.

Used twice. Comes with original box, owner's manual, 2 drip trays, grill sponge.

Large bell is 6", small are 3" and 2.5". 3" is missing ringer. One is 3 3/4".

19" tall, 22" long.

2 sets of lights never out of box and a tree topper. 1 3/8" red wired, glitter ribbon, almost 19 yards, old fashioned Santa and a basket centerpiece.

8x12" case hold chips, cards, dice and table cover.

8" box with vintage buttons

Many well loved toy cars and transformers (one 1984). 1/24 Chevrolet Corvette limited edition 130/300 from 2001 McDonald's Collector Club convention - never out of original box. About 40 items.

2000 Barbie. Cost $59.99 in 1999. Original receipt attached to bag. Barbie is about 12" tall.

All have lids. 10 have bluish tinge, one is clear

13" wide, 13.5" tall. Has handles and a spout. Heavy

Neck label reads long medium. About 4 feet long. With belt.

Blue tinted Jar is 6" tall. Contains a variety of marbles in several sizes. Lid glass piece is clear.

6 Chef's hats come off and each has a stopper on bottom. (One is inside) 3 1/2" tall. Bench seat lifts. 10" Cabinet has one glass shelf and decorative side panels.

Wooden, metal figurines, bank, lobster cage, flags, etc.

Engraved circle is 16" wide and can be hung. Lid circle is 17" wide and one section needs gluing.

Wood. 17" wide, 12" tall. Cloth lining.

Starfish is about 9" across

Stencils, vinyl letters, variety of Letraset sheets

Box is 6"x4.5. Wide variety of nib sizes.

2 quart, 7" tall 9" wide. Never used.

Gift registry binder lists figurines by year of introduction. Never used. All figures in original packaging.

Holiday figurines in original packaging, 1 cloth badge, 3 buttons

Mr and Mrs Santa salt and peppers, 11 light tree topper (untested) variety of loose bells, 2 larger bells with red ribbon, 2 miniature collector plates with stand, CocaCola decoration.

Family of 4 acrylic snowmen unopened, never out of box. 10 glitter garlands, only one has been used once.

Made in England, shipped to Newfoundland. 20 x 17 x16. All corners are metal wrapped.

17 X11" poster.

Many vintage buttons and some newer buttons in a vintage blue 7" glass jar. Lid is blue glass too.

Footed Box is 6" wide, 3 3/4" tall. Birds measure 7-8" long.

New Mouse pad, signed (not verified) Perf magazine with 3 other unsigned copies. Several stamp collection pkgs. etc.

11 items many with original contents. Bike, duck, pheasant are 7.5" long, dog is 6.5" tall.

9 pages plus one full size. 5 Wayne Gretzky

Most are Acrylic and glittered. Ready to hang. About 40 are 14".....18 are 11"......16 are 7.5" and about a dozen are smaller.

Pulley is 9" tall, spikes are 6", shoes are 7". Wheel on pulley is wood.

9" long, about 6" tall.

10" long, 7" tall

5 measuring cups, some with pints, ounces, cups. 2, 5" tall, 5" wide pitchers with no measures.

In original packaging. Never unwrapped or tested. About 5.5" tall.

Still in original packaging. Never unwrapped or tested. About 5" tall.

16" decorated wreath. 2, 12" wreaths with several items to decorate them

6" tall. Matching pattern. One has tiny chip see photo

All 10 have ear tags and tail tags in place. All new in original bag

Top and fitted bottom sheets. One navy and one white pillow cases.

Variety of sizes and colors.


Tall vases are 7", others are 4 to 4 1/2" tall

Tallest vase is 9", 3 Stemed containers are about 6". Wider are about 4" tall and 6" wide.

7 steins, tallest is 6". Car is 6" long. Pitcher is 8" tall, syrup pourers are 5 1/2" tall. Dolphin's tail has been repaired.

All are 8 or 9" tall. Variety of patterns.

6" milk glass vases in a variety of patterns. Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 6 piece condiment set.

75th anniversary cup of Boy Scout of America and misc items.

Hand knit clown is 19" tall, knitted bear is 16". 4 other toys included.

Serving dishes, small cups, rabbit wall figurines.

Each about 16" wide. Ready to hang

Lots and lots of decorations for home or business. Hanging bells and trees (fold up for easy storage) Santas ladder, gift bags, glitter garland.

Mainly Land Before Time movies.16 unopened plus one opened

Largest bear is about 14" tall, middle is 8" small is 5.5". All new with tags in place. Spangle is missing smallest bear. Others are Millennium and Glory.

Size large. Some markings on front. See photo.

Both are 40 x 42". One has two small marks, see photo.

Drawing and mathematical instruments, signs, stencils

7, 3-sided rulers in sleeves (except one), one stencil ruler and several other types.

10" tall, 8" wide.

20 lightly used vintage paints with ready to paint items, many iron on patterns and painting magazines some with useable patterns. Untested

2 Largest are 18". 4 middle size are 17" and 9 smallest are 10.5". Most unopened. 15 items.

2, 3" bells with red ribbon, 2 mini collector plates, candleholders, girl bell, 2 trees, gold bead string, ornaments, mug, giant tree bag, loose bells in pkg.

1993 World Series video is unopened. 1992 World Series Champions Sweatshirt is size large.

Pinking shears in original box. Sewing items including buttons, thread, pins, pattern.

Set of 12 Teanies unopened in original bags, plus 3 Beanies and a lamb.

Grandpa bell, vintage handpainted 8.5" dancers and girl (small chips) tiny collectibles

Label reads long medium, height approx 5' 11", weight 153 to 180 lbs.

Military? Found with military clothing. Approx. 6' long, 32" wide. Untested.

Dessert dishes are 3 3/4" tall, 3 1/2" wide. Glasses are 5 3/4" tall and 3" across. All but one glass have the grape/berry cluster design.

17" with stand. Not new

20 pocket pages, 100 heavy weight sheet protectors, many Avery labels.

20 lightly used vintage paints in holder, dome kit with moulding compound. Many ready to paint items and lots of iron on patterns. Untested.

16" and 24". Larger wreath needs "fluffing". Several picks included to help decorate wreath.

All about 4 to 5". 6 different

13" tall. Press his tummy and he talks and sometimes he lights up. Posable.

Britania, Maple, Osito, Halo in boxes and Erin large and small

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