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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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All unopened. See ruler for size. Locomotive untested box is 14 in long.

Hasbro Tamara 85, Hasbro 1985 on 3 planes. F15 has no visible markings.

One of the first Desk Top Phones in the Province of Prince Edward Island.

Variety, some collectibles. untested

Made by Western Clock Co. Limited Peterborough Canada

1988 20th anniversary of Hot Wheels. Other Hot Wheels and 5 Jam Pac cars.

Good morning clock made in Canada. The other has no visible name. Both about 4-5" tall. Untested.

Teco, made in Canada for T. Eaton Co. Limited. Untested. About 5 tall, 3 3/4 wide.

Brinley Lawn Roller. Just fill with water. Excellent working condition.

Blanket and pillow included with 15in and 13in dolls. Bed is 31 x17in

Hello Kitty and Beast Machines Transformers. All 18 toys are included in original 2000 store display.

Toro S 120 Snow Blower Electric, like new. Yard Works Double Shovel like new.

7 Star Wars Episode 3 Pin Collection Albums. New unused condition.

Front lift works well, all wheels turn. About 20in long, 10 tall. Not new

4 are 1985 McDonald's. Car is unmarked. Charge and Run toys come with instructions.

Antique Union Station Tin Toy. Mar Toy.

Handmade Wooden Canada Goose Nutcracker.

Vintage Wooden Box with 3 cent Stamp. Dove Tailed.

RCA Victor Globe Trotter radio, 19 tall, 14 wide, 10 deep. Untested

Many packages unopened, some opened empty packages to use to fill with lots of loose hockey cards. From several different sets and years. Some baseball and football.

3200 count Lot of Action Cards, Marvel, X Men, Indiana Jones, The Shadow, Ghost Rider and great lot of 1991 Wrestling WCW cards.

14 bud vases make 7 pairs. 2 pairs are not exactly the same but quite similar. All about 6in tall.

8 Furbies included in this original 1999 store display.

One pitcher has chip out of spout

Longest is 5. One has chip in handle.

1996 Spiderman, Superman in unopened sticker books, Monsters, Inc. and Bedroom Astrology with 33 glow in the dark stars.

2000, Limited Edition produced exclusively for the club. Pins are also mainly from the McDonald's Collectors Club.

1970s Air Canada Stewardess Doll in Original Box. Made in Holland. Excellent condition.

Very old and not in great condition. About 10in tall

Many unopened packages, some opened and empty to fill with Lots of loose cards. Some baseball and basketball cards. Large hard to find Gretzky card. From several different sets and years.

Dancing, Singing Bill Clinton Doll in original box.

3 John Lennon Papers of his assassination. December 1980. 35 years ago.

Ready to hang. Clark Gable, Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson. About 4"x6".

Largest is heavy wood, 8 in long, 7 in tall.

Largest is a 14in Henckels Twinworks. 2nd longest is 10.5in and smallest is 3. Red is Joyce Chen.

Limited Edition cards 2002 convention and 12 hard to find collector pins and a purse

Metal Sleigh Bell Wreath.

2 Framed Posters, One Signed small Water Colour not framed.

Lot of Vintage Playboy Magazines and 2 Calendars, 1968, 1972.

Dynalights are 1975-76, Matchbox are 1974, 1983, Corgi is 1979, Hot Wheels is 1982, Jam Pac is 1981. All unopened.

3 feet deep, 4 feet wide. Tilts. About 33-34 tall. Measuring swivel arm and side tray are included. Will need two people to move it.

Peter Pan boat and characters. Several sections come apart.

Mermaid, long sleeve wedding dress. Worn once. Size 10-12 dry cleaned and sealed in box after 1980s wedding and never opened since. Shoes worn that day only are size 8.

Metal LOL 73 on front of hat. Note wear. Newspaper is Hamilton Spectator, Dec. 31, 1975.

12in and 10in. Large are 4.5 wide at top.

Several different makes. 45 vehicles. All used.

7.5 tall, 10 back to front, 9 wide. Note 4 red dots on front.

All tags, tag covers and coke bottles in place. Different from 1999 set. First time out of original bag.

12 footed milk glass containers. Tallest is almost 6 tall. 2 shortest are 2.5 tall and 6.5 wide. Most are about 4.5in wide at top. 5 pairs. One has markings on inside.

22 side to side,19 back to front. Mariachi made in Mexico. Chin strap in place.

About 7x7in and 11 tall. Untested

Rug hooking projects are Mary Maxim. 2 large, 1 smaller hooking projects. Some quilting and macram

16x11 case full of Crazy Bones, originating from one of the oldest games in the world.

Otter, camel, fish, clock, gingerbread man, shoe house, bear, butterfly, armadillo, dog, rabbit

These appear to be Ration Vouchers for Dairy Products. 8 pieces total. Like new condition, unused. WW 2 ?.

Lot of Vintage Pez. Donald Duck, Minnie and Mickey (3). Bert and Ernie 1981 Fire truck and Race car.

42 tall, 22 wide. Will hold 6 fishing poles. Stained wood.

Older yard trolley, works fine shovel and rake lot

Lot of Playboy Magazines with 5 Xmas cards (1970, 71,72,73 ) and unopened Playboy Club letter. Also 15th anniversary issue White and gold cover.

Vintage Dove Tailed Shoe Shine Box. Ronson.

76 Star Week Academy Awards, Rocky, Jaws and Cuco Nest. 1942 Liberty, 1938 Entertainment Program Donaldson Cruise Line. 1962 The Tempest Stratford Festival.

About 20 long, 15 tall

All have lids. Various sizes, 9, 8 and 6. Most have bluish tinge.

Duma-lites are 1975, others are 1974 and 1975. Hot Wheels cars are 1990.

Variety of size and mediums. Giraffe is 12 tall, water buffalo is 7 long. Most are wood, some are plastic.

8in long. One repair.

3 pairs and a 4.5 grapevine decorated vase. Others are about 3 tall and 6, 5, 4 wide.

Vintage Coca Cola Wooden BB Bat.

Natalie Wood, Warner Brothers Cut Out Doll Set. 2 Dolls with plenty of Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Gloves, Purses, etc. Hard to find with all the pieces.

Lot of Antique Maple Leaf Curtain Rods. 16 total.

Made in the 60s, lights up and works fine. Requires extension cord. 13 wide, 11 tall.

Needle goes up and down as handle is turned. 6 long, 5 tall. Vinyl.

Lots of variety and sizes. Bus is 7in long. Tiny cars are 1in long.

Shadow box is 20x26. Larger frames are 23x18.5. Smaller are 6x7. 4 plastic frames pieces also.

Blue fringe on each end. 24x44. In very good condition.

Platter is 12in, bowls are 9, 8.5, 6.5in and dish is 6.5. Largest bowl is Glasbake, 2 others are Pyrex and platter is Fire King.

2 brass are 6 and 8. Large canoe is 10.

Both about 11 tall. Policeman is ceramic, the other man is vinyl?

One is signed R Wilson. Largest is 24x18, middle size is 19x15, small is 14x10. All are on artist canvas

Pair of Metal Orillia bookends holding Alice in Wonderland, Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens, Longfellow, Purple Springs.

About 11in back to front.

Frame is 13.5x12 in, scoop is 14 in long, heavy irons no handle, are 7 long and sifter is

Both in opened packages. No date on pkg. But likely 70s or 80s.

20x30 Star Wars 1980 poster and 2 1999 comic books, episode 1, parts 3 and 4.

Vintage Noma Xmas Light String in Original Box, Small Xmas Tree also in Original Decorative Box.

1954 Movie Advertisement. MGM Brigadoon.

Lot of 2 Avon items. Ski Doo and Motor Cycle. With cologne.

Angel has winding disk on bottom which makes music as she turns. She is 7 tall and lady is 4.5 tall

30x18 in on top, 34x18 on bottom. 2 drawers are 10x15 in, 21 in tall. Heavy.

Doug's 1st Movie display. All 8 characters included in 1999 original store display. Some damage to display but all toys Undamaged.

Larger are about 5.5in tall, small are 1.5in and 3in tall. A&W, Oktoberfest, Nakina, Barrie Flyers Hockey team, Base Borden Rod and Gun Club.

All 6-7in long, 4 tall. Heavy vinyl

Variety. Most still have matches inside

27x18. Folds flat to 4-5in. 2 shelves.

Many fully built toys plus many parts to work with to build more. Many full toys and many parts to build others. Age of 2 unopened eggs is unknown so they should not be eaten. Some parts may be missing.

Some wear but in pretty good shape.

Suncast Garden Hose Reel with small tool crib.

2 BB Bats. 1 Metal, 1 Wooden.

Lot of Gaming Products. X Box, Playstation .

Lot of Gaming Systems and Controllers . Sega, TMNT .

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