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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Case has lots of wear. Untested. Case is about 44in long

Box is 8in. Untested, unused.

All unopened. 1977, 80.

2, 22in skis with 2, 30in ski poles in original box. Straps on skis and ties on poles. Note wear on box.

All unopened. Made by Corgi, 1976 and 1980

10in tall. One has crack and piece missing. See photo

Untested. 30in long, 13in tall

20in long 5in deep, 10in tall. Untested but it did tick a bit when moved around.

About 8in tall, 2.5 wide. Has trademark beaver on side.

Older sleigh about 36in long

7in Knife, 4.5in sheath, 5in box

Untested. About 38in long

100 plus 2x2in glass slide covers with tape and 3 boxes used slides some dated in the 50s

Strength, Muscle Builder, Muscle Power, Iron Man, Muscle Fitness. Most from the 50s.

Unit is About 17in tall, 12 wide. 3 cars unopened and 3 used vehicles. NOTE: Wall unit does not come with cars

Authentic recreations construction vehicles, motorized blazin turbos, 5 pack Hot Wheels Emergency vehicles. 1986, 90, 93

Oshkosh snow Plow, bulldozer, dump truck, super dump truck. 1988, 90

16in long, 11.5in wide, 16in tall incl handle. Latch in place

Original preserving jars box, not necessarily to these bottles

Some variances in sets. Total of 10 vases.

Tallest are 10in, then 8.5 and smallest are 6in. Some cardboard milk bottle caps included.

Lots of detail. Most about 1.5in tall

1979, 1981, 82, 83, 86, 88, 90

Some paint chipping on sides. About 6in tall. Untested

Very sturdy and well made. Coveralls, safety, industrial white, Dec 1959, size 5. Heavy material, not worn, zipper front, lots of pockets

Various sizes

One dedicated in 1863, one in 1883. Smallest is The Work, Six Poems by Stevenson, The dairyman's Daughter and a hymnal. All show some age wear

Lamp, sneaker pomander, chess piece, train, inkwell, knight. 3 still have original contents

Each about 12in tall. One may go with number 122 juicer

Older, untested. Mostly Testors brand. Paint holder also included.

30.5 wide, 11.5 tall, 19 deep. All handles, hinges, brass corners, etc in place. Used to store military clothing

10in tall, 9.5in wide at base. With lid

Belt with tassels is about 40in around. Tassels are 16in from top of belt. Crop is 22in long

Doilies, table covers, pillow case, sheet, towel, bag of lace, piece of fine cloth. 2 doilies have stains

Size large. Very sturdy material. Well made. Domed side openings, many pockets, domed leg cuffs. All buttons and domes are present. May be military

32x46in. Some stains.

About 11in tall. In original box which has some damage to lid

2 vintage Boy Scout record books, 2 autographed by author Jack Pearse, (no COA) camp books and an early edition of Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling

About 15in tall without handle. Untested

4 and 5in tall. 4 matching sets of 2 each

Hens and roosters

Long knife is 9in

Made by Timpo Toys and Deetail. Tallest about 3in

All about 36in long

Lots of tried and true ideas for scouting and youth activities

Hand painted plate is 12in. Bowl is about 17in

About 40in wide, 21in tall

Variety, used

8 jackknives and keychain cutter

Very well made. Dated Sept 1954, size 5, height 5-7 to 5-10, chest 46 and waist 41. Buttons. And tabs at ankles, large pockets. Heavy material. May be military

Box is 5x4in deep. Wilson's Humber cigars. Spikes are all about 6in.

Turkeys and chickens

Vintage currency.

Original bag. 12in tall. Paraffin wax slab is 19x12 and about 2in thick. See number 101 for tool which may go with the juicer.

7in tall

About 24in long. Leather

Vintage currency.

No publishing date in either. Illustrations in both

Pocket watch, fish, chess piece, steer, pipe, horse. Several still have original contents

Horseshoes are about 7.5in tall

About 6in wide, 8in tall. 2 of 5 containers have small chips under lids. One lid lifts up. Note wear on holder.

Ready to hang. 26in long, 12in tall

Lego is from 1999, Food Foolers is 2000.

14in wide, 8in tall

Egg beater, food grinder, cooking spoon and jar opener

Variety. Used

Blue box is hinged

One from 1932 for Quebec scouts in English. Books full of campfire songs as well as a collection of skits, puppetry, plays

48 tall, 39 wide

Finished on 3 sides, each 24x24in

All have stoppers in place

1946 Audubon Bird Guide, Biography of a Grizzly, Huckleberry Finn, Caesar Helvetians war, Streetcar Named Desire and Dennis the Menace

1985, 86 Canadian Silver Dollar Coins

1974 Silver 50 Cent Piece And 1918 One Cent Coins

6 boxes, various colors of Taper candles, lobster butter dish, Easter egg dish, measuring cups with rack, vintage flower vase, etc.

GE stereo micro radio with headphones. Never used. Untested. Price tag 39.95

About 12in long. Handle turns.

Food grinder with 5 different disks, egg beater, masher and juice squeezer

22 and 21in tall.

7in tall

Inside box is wood. 11x5.5in

All buttons in place. Size unknown. Side of one pocket is loose

Case, Allis-Chalmers tractors, mixer mill

Cat wheel loader, earth mover, Peterbuilt dump truck, bulldozer. 1986, 88, 90.

All need polishing. Plate is 9.5in wide. Silver plate or silver?

Just heat, squeeze the handles together, insert hair, let go of the handles and roll the hair over the curler.

Games and crafts

Box is 10x10

In Box with Contents. Untested.

10in List holder, thermometer holder, 7in pitcher, spoon holder, rabbit flower vase

Appears to be all there as when new. Black body of ship is about 24in long. Made by Revell.

Camel, owl, dog, fish, butterfly, rabbit. 1 to 1.5in each

Fish, Buffalo, lion, otter, armadillo, cat. 1 to 1.5in each

Many collector marbles in several different sizes. With lid

7in tall, 6in at base

Includes 15th anniversary edition and some special editions. Most 70s and 80s.

Sharkruiser is 1989 no dates for others

Goofy Movie 2000 and Robo-Chi Pets. Some toys are loose from display but all pieces are there.

All there

Dad's cookie jar is in original shipping box from the 80s. Never used.

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