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12in truck, 9in Trailer. All wheels appear to be original. Age wear

One pair matches pattern in lot 23. 3.5in tall to 3in tall

6 jackknives, one with sheath

Made in Italy. 7in long at base. 14.5in tall. Medium unknown

Made in France. About 5in long. Hasn't been out of box.

Made in France limited edition Jeep with trailer and rocket tank in box. Sherman tank, jeep and truck. With original box.

Unopened Metal die cast Limited edition Tigre tank and plastic Trans Am car.

Horses and riders about 4in long and 3 in tall.

All dated 1990

Horse and rider about 4in long, 3in tall

Plane wingspan is 6.5 in, Dolphins is 6.5 in tall. Plane swivels. Some pitting on tray

Camera shadow on coin

33x20.5in. Some pencil writing on back

No 1, 3 and iron with handle

Rear flying wings and boy missing, both may be available on EBay.

Some collectibles. Wood box holds pen with measurements on end which turns. Calligraphy set

All about 7in tall

Tallest is 5.5in, shortest are 4in

All have lids

8 and 9in tall with lids. Some have bluish tinge


14in Radio works. 4 unopened cassettes, CD tower with CDs and cassette case with cassettes

7in tall

Untested. 3 feet long

Ring is about 18 in square. Wrestlers are about 8 in tall. Referee and 4 wrestlers. Decals are on all sides of ring. One rope is loose.

About 5in long. Hasn't been out of box. Made in France

Jackpot is 5in tall, bottle opener is 9.5in

Lights up. About 2 feet tall. Vintage

10 in wide, 4 in tall

All about 8 in tall

Largest is 4 in wide

6 different lettering styles

1858-1958 commemorative and 1871-1971 commemorative

Oval is 25x19in. Lots of wear. Ready to hang Framed Print is 22x16in

One brass, one ceramic, tiny is plastic, others are metal

1955,1959, 1964, 1961, 1973, 1962, 1960

7in tall

Numbered set. Box is 10 in long

Runner tag reads handmade in Greece. Vases and runner are 5in, boat is 6in. One is an inkwell

Variety. Watches untested

$2, $1

$2, $1

39in tall sticks out about 16in from wall. Untested. Miniature lantern also, about 6 in tall

3 in unopened packages and 6 loose. See EBay for collectability. All 8-9in.


1977, 1978, 1982 commemorating Canada's 1867 Confederation

Vintage 7x9in Hinged Lid Box And Buttons. Variety of buttons. Box has wear.

1975, 1977, 1978


11x14, 12x24 and 8x10. Some wear, marks on back

Bessie books first published in the 1800s, Miss Pat is dated 1916, Anne book is 1962, Dickens book not dated

Variety of spoons

Spikes are about 6in long. Nails vary starting at 5in. Shoe is 3.5in across

Untested with paper. Keyboard works. See photos. Instruction book and paper rolls

Largest is about 14in long



Pattern on one side

Makes musical sounds when moved

Also 1981 Classic Caddy and 1975 Dodge Challenger. Pi-eyed Piper is dated 1972.

Patented July 1st, 1913 is written on side. Jug is 9in tall, 7in wide. Used to hold oil?

Long cord also

1972 Linus, 1968 Snoopy, 1963 Lucy and 1966 Charlie. All released by McDonald's


Perks are about 8in tall, enamel pan is 10x14

1867 Confederation/1982 Constitution, 1978 and 1980

Ring has expandable band. Both in original boxes. Both untested and appear to be unused.

Pin is about 2in tall


About 3in tall, 3.5 wide

Most About 3in tall, 3.5in wide. Centre one has piece missing at base, see photo

Ready to make

8x10, 11x14, 12x24. Marks on some backs. Some wear.

Old egg cups, salt and pepper, candle holders, dollhouse bathroom set, etc.





Six in total of Baby Kermit, Miss Piggy, Baby Fozzie.

1982 coin of 1867 Confederation, PEI Mathew dollar in original pouch and a 1978 silver dollar

1978 Queen's head silver dollar, 1920 King's head one penny, 1949 King's head nickel, 1951 King's head penny

Pens, calligraphy set and empty pen boxes for collectors. One loose pen has a nib

12 Petro-Canada XV Olympic Games 8in gold rimmed wine glasses. Most never used


Tallest is 6 3/4 in tall

Roosters, pigs, ducks and love

Base is 6.6 in, 7 in tall

7 geese are 15x12. Pink pigs and duck are 17x12. 8 Grey blue are 17x12, hand-woven by loom, only one of these was slightly used. Matching 44in runner for geese pattern.

20x16.5 in. 1957 Thunderbird, 1956 Ford Victoria, 1932 Dusenberg and Unnamed

6 baskets, one set can hang on the wall. Largest is 14in across

2002 Numbered set of cards, 144 of 200 made. Collector pins

Box of matchbooks from Ottawa's parliamentary restaurant, dancing bear from Russia, silver butter knife and pinchers, etc.


Pencil pointer, brush, double pocket cloth case holds 24in tool and black item

Ten in total. Taz, Sylvester, Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny. 4 with original tags. Released by McDonald's.

1918, 1927, 1926, 1936, 1969, etc.

1968 Large Mickey is about 20in tall. Small are 4.5in

11x8.5in. Lots of detailed illustrations

3 tier shelf is about 16in long and 8in tall. All contents included

Canoe is 14in long, Colonel is 12.5in, Mountie is 8in and not a bank, other 3 are

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