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17 in long in sheath which also holds two smaller knives

75 Canadian Tire Anniversary Collectors bank with key operated lock. Box is 9in long. Limited Edition.

Note wear.

2 knives, 2 sheaths 10.5 and 9 in. Note wear

Books are dated 1905 and 1907. Bookends have green felt on bottom

16in long in sheath. Note wear

22.5in long in sheath

11in long in sheath. Note wear

17.5in long in sheath. Note wear

9- 10 in long. No COA.

13.5in long in sheath. Note wear

Variety of badges, pins and buttons.

Note: penny for size comparison.

One Zippo lighter. All Untested.

All about 7.5in tall

14in long in sheath. Note wear

Variety. See penny for size comparison.

Never used.

3 unopened are 1981 and 1990. Bag of 1.5in wheels

Vintage Lighters And Cigarette Holder. Untested.

Variety. See penny for size comparison.

All about 7-8in tall. Hulk has his belt.

About 5.5in long

Earrings, necklaces, brooches. Some are vintage.

Largest is 12in long in sheath.

One has wood lining. Both are metal. See ruler for size.

Cast iron. About 10in long, 8.5 at back. Many moveable parts.

All cartridges and box are empty. One box has only the lid.

Six in total. Longest is 4in.

Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Corgi Junior, Lledo, Bag of 1.5in wheels. 2 in unopened packages .

Romper Room Digger Detective Dog with pull string. Works well.

Larger box is cloth lined. Small has removable drawer.

Necklaces, earrings, charms. Some are vintage.

15.5in long. Has removable shield. Note wear

1973, 1$, 1986, $2 and 1978 silver dollar

Tallest are 9in, smallest is 7in. All have glass lids.

37x41in. Index of named locations on back

About 5in tall. Larger are 6.5in wide

Case is about 18x17.5 in. Knife is about 3.5in. May not be original matching box or pouch

Variety in vintage blue tinge preserving jar. Lid is clear.

Variety of Collector Marbles In Vintage Jar

Bank has key operated lock. Box is 8in long.

Bus is dated 1979, 1927 Talbot van back doors open, 1911 Maxwell Roadster, Majorette Chevy and race car.

9 and 6in vases. Similar pattern.

Electric chef clock needs rewiring. His eyes move. Teapot clock is an 8-day windup. Both have wear and are untested

Motorcycle front wheel turns left and right. 2 boxed vehicles are unopened.

1986, $2 bill, 1973, $1 bill, 1867/1982 confederation/constitution silver dollar

Limited Edition Replica Sears Delivery Van

Tallest is about 9in, others are about 7in. Note bubbles in large blue jar

Never used. About 4x4.5in.

See ruler for size comparison.

Fellows & Co. Chemists, St John NB is embossed on front. 8in tall

Test 1.5-22.5V. Special setting for lithium batteries. Untested.

Tops appear to be brass colored, bottoms look silver. LB, EPAL, 890 is on bottom of vases. Bells all have ringers, string is about 2 feet long


2 McDonald's boxes plus 11 collector pins.

Ford tractor and 2 pull along and 2 Models of Yesteryear unopened plus 9 loose cars. Matchbox car boxes are 6in long.

Decorative Box is about 7x4.5in. Some wear on box

Four pieces in total, tallest is 8.5in, next is 7in.

In original box appears unused.

See ruler for size. Dog is missing one foot.

Top 5 are empty, 3 have glasses, one pair does not have a case. 2 loose lenses. Some vintage. Note wear

1995. All 10-11in tall. 3 in unopened bags

About 8in tall

Decorative Wall Carpet, 40x 21in

About 3.5in long and wide

9in throwing knife with how to book and sheath. Looks like ACC Germany on steel part of knife. Not a Viper knife. Note wear

Variety of Vintage Collector Buttons.

Variety of Collector Key Chains

Tallest is 13.5in. Boy has repairs.

Usage external, use with caution, not to be taken and poison all written on bottle. RICO is on bottom. About 3.5in

Variety of 12 Collector Bottle Openers.

Variety. See ruler for size comparison

5 different unopened toys plus store display with 4 toys, 12 collectible pogs in case and power coin package, plus under 3 toy unopened

15 cards plus 9-card puzzle picture

Various lengths, sizes. One may be military.

Various sizes and lengths. Some leather.

Variety of lace trim.

Variety of Wade Red Rose Tea Figurines, 8 in total.

One pair of 9in Milk Glass Vases.

Makes musical sounds as it moves. Feet peddle along too. About 9in long

Inlaid ladies image on front. "Mondaine" stamped on inside

5 pages of 39 hockey cards.

70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, plus 2, 1867-1992 and 1952-2002 commemorative coins.

Made from steel due to lack of nickel during the Korean War. Some were plated with chromium. Note wear

Pennies from 1980s and 2000s plus 1 each 1867-1967 and 1952-2002 commemorative coins.

Wagon is 9in long, wood object with drawers is 10in tall. Plane is about 9in long

About 12in long. Note wear


Variety of Collector Key Chains

2004, All unopened Teenie Beanie Bears and meal bag.

In original bags all with tags. 1-12

All with tags, some tag savers. About 8in tall, Erin has matching Teenie in package. 5 bears, 9 beanies, one Teenie.

3 large in unopened packages. 7-10in tall. Small set of four is from 1987.

Blade is 6x9in

1990 by Revell. Front wheels turn right left, side doors open, trunk lifts showing contents. Metal.

From McDonald's Great Gretsky Giveaway 1998. 41 cards in 6 pages plus some checklists.

25oz, 9in brown bottle has trademark and small chip on neck see photo. Insulator markings say B.T. Co. of Can. Small chip on bottom. Tallest is 11.5 in. Small clear says Dr. Bell's Medical Wonder, Kingston, ON

Variety of hats and flowers.

Variety of items for office, crafts, DIY projects and more.

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