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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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About 11in tall, 9in wide without candles

Bayonet, sheath and hard to find frog. Description found on EBay

1939 Canadian Silver Dollar

Adjustable mirror has side clamps to hold mirror position. Bottom portion is 35 tall, 31 wide, mirror portion is 29x19. On rollers. Brass pulls

It works. Use caution as blade is not well protected. Angle adjustable

Remember The Maine on front. Cuba must be free is written on back. See penny for size comparison

Brass knife is about 8 in long

Large Knife With 2 Small Side Knives And Sheath, About 17in long

Hardly used. Original box and papers including operations manual. Untested.

1961 Canadian Silver Dollar

May be gold frames?

Tallest are about 9in tall. Vintage Green was made in England

Tonka is 10in long, Night Hawk is 8in.

1965 Canadian Silver Dollar

Five pieces in total. Untested.

1951 American Half Dollar

Variety. Untested

1978 Both in original boxes. A is scale 1:40, T is scale 1:35.

3 have original boxes. Airplane, sewing machine, John Kennedy famous presidents, antique car

Large is 12x18, middle is 6x12, small is 5x8.

Hot Wheels, Majorette, Corgi Juniors, Ertl

Old school pencil box and Kraft Canadian cheese box

1983 made by Lledo London Ltd. both come with people figures: one is a family and the other are firefighters

1972, 78, 80 Canadian Silver Dollars B

1969, 75, 78 Canadian Silver Dollars C

1976, 80, 85 Canadian Silver Dollars D

Limited Edition 1996

Husky, Ertl, Yatming, Lesney, Tomika. Most are vintage

Chains, acorns, pendulum all there. Untested. About 15 in tall

Majorette, Hot Wheels, Corgi Junior, Yatming. Bag of 1.5in wheels

1973 die-cast with driver and Whizzwheels

Both leg covers have original ties, RCEME belt buckle and braces. Also pencil from Military Clothing Manufactures Ltd.

1954 American Half Dollar

3 styles of 9in graters and 2 beaters

All untested. Poker set is unopened, Chinese checker set is unused

Marjorette, Yatming, Hot Wheels, Corgi


Contains Collector buttons

1980, 83, 85 Canadian Silver Dollars A

Money/cigarette holder, 4 lighters, one inlaid. Untested.

Hand axes, weed remover, bulb planter, peat pots

1912 Ford Model T and Lipton Tea trolley with people figures. Both in original pkgs. Boxes are about 6 in

About 11in long. First time out of box. Made in 1989 by the Ertl co.

3 have original boxes. 1912 Suiza, water pump and bucket, globe, tank. About 30 years old.

Vintage Tools, Variety

10inx5in, dovetail construction

Original box, neck strap, 1.45x teleconverter lens, camera, instruction book, untested. 

5in and 3.5in tall. Small is missing stopper.

About 40in long, 20in tall

5.5 in Vase was made in Slovakia. Box and holder look to be marble/stone

23in tall, 13in wide. 2 drawers, 1 door. Cardboard back

Heavy, well built, dovetail method. Each drawer has rail and floor underneath it. About 38in tall, 30in wide. Drawer pulls are acrylic.

About 4ft x 29in Cambridge, Quattro, Pima, Martex names on some towels. 2 have blue stripes

2 are wool and all are believed to be military. 50x77in Blue has tears, 73x57in red has slight wear

Vintage Chenille Bedspread, 8x7.5ft

White Owl cigar box and 4in decorated box

Variety of badges and crests.

See ruler and Penny for size

Pope Visit Commemorative Silver Dollar 1984

22in long. Brass fittings

Collectible Key Rings, Unusual variety

Rings, necklaces, pins, variety

Forks, spoons, one knife and a bread server. Needs polishing

No lids. Box says one dozen but there are 15

About 8in tall

All about 8 in tall

Box Of Old 78s Records, About 25

2 pair pants, 1964 beige has paint marks, heavy wool navy 1941 pants with police braces attached, have stains on front requiring drycleaning. 2 long sleeved shirts size 14 33, dated 1963 CCC Ltd.

1972 Canadian 50 Cent Coin

1884, 1877, 1927 collectible coins

8 jars, all about 7in tall. All have rubber rings and glass lids but no outer ring. Variety of makers.

Trays are 20 and 15in long. Pots are 5, 8 and 7in tall. All unused. Small box is 6in.

One 7.7x11 has handles and dividers, the other 10x6.5 has a lid. Both sturdy and decorative

Collector Ashtrays, Variety.

4 vintage YMCA 40 and 45in towels, 64inx8ft bedspread, pillow cases and 2 tablecloths, one 64x55in with partial painted design, 80x62in linen

Photo albums, scrapbooks, violin lessons, knitting stitches, certificates. One album has lots of down east postcards. Others are empty.

See ruler and Penny for size comparison

Tallest is about 7in

The PEI Link bridge, wildlife, fish, nest boxes for birds, etc.

Bird cages are about 4-5in tall, metal pails and mailbox, small bottles, angel wings, etc.

Canadian Girl newsletters have not been unwrapped for many years. There are several issues of Jewels also

9.5, 7.5, 6.3 in tall. 2 Crown and one Ball make. With lids.

Vintage. Large is 10in, brownish one is 9in. Both have lids. Both are Crown make.

Tall is 12 in, made in West Germany, other is 7.5in. Small chip at base

History of Britain 1944, story of English Literature 1945, Captain Barney 1951, My Cousin Rachel 1952, wildlife in Canada 1950 and more

Variety of Canadian and other country stamps. 1 stamp catalogue, 1 is an empty collector book ready for a new collection

Lots of match covers, 2 empty vintage cigarette boxes and one unopened, Cameo lighter, waterproof matches, and more.

Military Badges, Buttons, Pins, Variety

Military Buttons, etc. Variety

Variety, some with nibs

Box of pens and pencils, stapler, clock, Post It holder, file holder, misc holder, staple remover, coasters. Clock untested

11 jars all about 7in tall. Variety of makers.

About 14in tall. Moveable legs, arms and waist

Binoculars, old Oxo tin, whistle, tool set, coin holder, candle, Yale lock and keys, etc.

For Cricut machine. All unused, never opened, Alphalicious, Joys of the Season, Christmas Cheer.

10in Vintage Blue Bottle.

Used once. From Costco.

Black vase is about 8.5in tall, single flower vase is about 4in tall.

Plate is 10.5in, planter is 8.5in long, incense burner and wall candle holder

Collectible Key Chains, Variety.

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