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You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Variety. Longest knife is 8in

From the 70s. Baking and cooking tools with several recipe books. Some age wear on a few items. Untested

Largest is 4in long. 2 are plastic

About 15in long, 6in tall

7-8 in tall

7-8in at tall

Also Roll of unused Kodak Tri-X pan film in box. Camera is 3x5x4.

Ready to hang. 14x18

1986 Franklin mint precision die- cast model with over 100 component parts. Only ever out of original box to take these photos


Coins found in this coin purse. Variety

9in tall. 4 blue tinge, 4 clear. All have glass lids and metal rings. All Crown

18.5in tall, 13 wide

Three unused tool boxes.

Large boxer is about 6in tall. Shepard is about 8in long

Moving parts. 7in long with parts extended. Used

Shakers are 10.5in tall, unused knives in original box, pan also new in original box, includes dough mix and spices

Double wing plane, motorcycle with moving parts, canon, cement mixer in package. All about 4in long

11 Crown, 1Corona. About 7in tall. All have glass lids and metal rings

Spare parts for toy cars, unusual small toys

3-4in long. Vintage car, Olympic athlete, show boat, sports car. Lots of detail

About 10in long. Never out of box

Street Grind Skateboards. One full size one mini. Ready to play or display.

Variety of items from the 60-70s. Box has wear and one piece of lid is off but present. Was a music box but doesn't work


5-7in tall. 3-5in at base. Ready to spray gold or red for Christmas or just for decoration in a basket.

Longest is 6in. 1 grey is plastic. Note wear

Tallest about 4in. Horses are 3-3.5in long

15.5 gal. , 66x46x30

12in wide, 9in tall

Marjorette, Matchbox, one 1978, 1985

Pockets, whistle fits in mouth, zipper, shoe laces. Some marks.

Rug Hooks, jewelry hammer, military buttons

Tread loose on larger tank. Note wear. Wheels work, turrets move.

Big Bertha tank unopened. All others are used

Five Beer Posters. 17x23 approx .

About 16in tall at spout

1965, 1975, 1977, 1978

Electric polisher not present. 10in tall, 10.5in wide

Set of 100 and one of 25

Box is 8.5x3.5

Birdhouse ready for use. About 9.5x6.5

Canadian flag is 7 feet x 42in. Has small mark. U.S. flag is about 16x11. All are on sticks except Canadian. Some age wear

10in wide, 4-1/4in tall


Variety. All untested 2 small paints

Vintage moveable frame. About 19 long at base, 8 wide, 20-1/2 tall

Peterborough lift lock, Fredericton NB 1980, Home Hardware, City of Barrie re the J. C. Morrison, Calgary Stampede re RCMP 1973

Martyrs Shrine Pope Visit, Greater Summerside Fox dollar, Fortress Louisbourg NB MacPuffin Dollar, Brockville Sesquicentennial, Fredericton 1980 trade dollar

Century Saskatoon 1882-1982, Historic Niagara Old Courthouse, Fortress Louisbourg Cape Breton, MacPuffin, Prince Edward Island Matthew 18th annual Dollar, Bluenose

Variety. Some remnants, felt, leatherette, suede, silky, net, upholstery

12.5in wide, about 6in high


The Golden Bear set of clubs with Pitching wedge, 1 wood, 4 wood 3456789 pw.

Set of clubs and bag with umbrella

Majorette 1985, Hartoy, Matchbox, Dinky Toys, Novacar, Husky

1973 and 1986

36 gold and silver 2in apples, some still wrapped. 12 velveteen red 3in apples. All unused

8in across, cast iron is 4in

S S Kettle and stoneware candle holder. Kettle has scale but works well.

Music Box. Daddy's Little Dancer. Unused with box. Box shows wear. Plays tune Music Box Dancer. Working

Variety. Some in collector card pages

24in long, 10-1/2 wide. Use on a bar-b-que?

Styrofoam, about 14in long. All have leather weight tie attached. 2 need repair see photo

One dollar is dated 1973, two dollar is 1986

Both 1973

Both 1986

Ball is about 8in. Elves about 6. 6 Elves made in Czschoslovakia. In original box. Unused

Most 1952

See photos for dates etc


May be military. 23in Shovel folds. Box is 7x11.

Olympic Trust of Canada individual sports coins: ski, weightlifting, speed skating, equestrian, boxing, gymnastics

About 3.5in tall. Each has a different musical instrument. Harp needs to be glued

See photo with ruler. Tools between 6 and 15in

9.5in tall, 8 at base

Oven to table 12" bowl microwave and dishwasher safe. Bread warmer.

Golf balls. Ball retriever. Old putter and newer putter, some accessories

Box is 6x3

Beanie buddies

2 red, 2 blue, 1 green, 1 red 40 watt. Unused bilge pump. All untested

Wedding, Shower, Father's Day, hearts and much more. One unopened roll of Easter wrapping paper

Several unopened bags of bows. Some Christmas. Various sizes. A few are used

Several sizes of bows, mostly packaged with ties on back. A few loose. 10 large, 14 medium, 14 smaller. 6 wired, foil garlands

Loonie bank is 9in tall, has bottom plug. Church is 12x7. Wreath sits on base and can hold set of lights. Paint with acrylics, use as is or spray paint gold, silver or white. See lot 85 re painted cherubs

Worn around the neck. 24in long from each side of neck.

All untested

Lime green golf bag

About 30in long. Telescopic. Folds up. Bracket missing on one side.

Same picture on all 4 sides. Lots of wear.

2 are 8in wide. White tin is 4.5in tall. Age wear. All made in England

Gas cap with key, blower works, others are untested

12, 3x8 stryo blocks, flower picks, vases, flowers to make floral arrangements

Variety. Some vintage items. Stain on one item, see photos

Set of unused steak knives, lobster picks, box of Sweet and Low recipes

Over 12 bunches of floral materials to use as decorations in a variety of ways. Pail included


Loonie bank is 9x8 has bottom plug. Hands about 6.5. Use as is, spray paint gold or silver, or use acrylic paints. See lot 85 re painted cherubs

Includes jar of Duncan ceramic glaze. 28 cherubs in 6 different poses. These have been in shredded newspaper in a dry box for at least 20 years. Glaze is untested. See lot 85 re painted cherubs

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