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Never out of box. Note wear on box. As is

Not counted but likely 70- 80 at least plus some pins and woggles

38in long. Note wear. As is

Never used. About 14in long in sheath. In original box with detachable belt, screw and paperwork . Note wear on Box

Unopened locking Limited edition, about 6.5in long. Note wear on box

Cinnamon Bark candle has been used. 2 working battery operated plus over 70 12in taper candles, citronella, votive, etc. All boxes have lids. Note wear. As is

Looks like "Britains Ltd England" on the bottom of one. Never out of box. Note wear on box. No lid. As is

World war 1 canteen? Handsewn repair to canteen cover. Note wear. As is

Variety. Note wear

Use for decorating floral arrangements, weddings, fly tying lures. Most have wired feet. Note wear. As is


See photo for details. As is, untested. Not opened by seller in fear of damaging it. Stem does turn arms. Note wear


Limited edition. With key. Note wear on original box

As is. Note wear. About 8.5x5. Tape has been added see photo

Each gun has the same name as the box lid, Pirate, Cadet, Pistolet. Box of Pyracaps included. Note missing parts in box and wear. No guarantees. As is

11 Crown, 1 Ball make. Several sizes. Note wear

Round silver brooch is engraved on back. Note wear

Variety of Scarves, pins, badges/patches, hats, necklaces, etc. May be some wear. As is

Variety. Longest is 5.5in. Note wear. As is

Very old planer is about 8in. Oil can top unscrews, clip is about 4.5in. As is, note wear

Summerside PEI, Midland, Fredericton, Winnipeg, British Columbia, Peterborough, Prince Edward Island. As is note wear

As is. Note wear

As is. Variety. Large Box of seaside finds. Minerals of Canada chart with Gulf collector rocks in unopened envelopes

Some unusual. 3 with no rings. Some have bubbles in glass. Crown, Ball, Gem. Tallest 9.5in Note wear.

Ferning pins, wired picks, vases, Kling, wires, 10 dry Sahara foam blocks. Make your own flower arrangements for weddings, for sale or for home. Note wear. As is

Seiberling All-Tread, Firestone, Good Year, Uniroyal tires. Largest are 6in. As is. Note wear

As is. Note wear on all items. Boxes are about 13x4.5. Groundhog target is about 15x11, smaller targets are 7.5x8.

Source/material not identified. Appear to be horn/bone but no guarantee etc. One is made into a horn with mouthpiece, the other has two hangers in bottom

Includes 2 steel Lincoln wartime pennies and 1964, 1976 half dollars. Roll of dimes, roll of pennies and loose coin. Older Nickels. They appear to be all American BUT No guarantees, warrantees, promises, etc. As is.

Pen holders with pens, working calendar, glass hold-it-all, paper weight, stamp dispenser. Note wear. As is

4x6 double frame with velvet back is in original box. 3 chains, unused, 36, 45, 24in. As is. Note wear

Mastercraft, Home Hardware, 3 sets in original containers. Untested

Specially commissioned for Canadian Tire. Limited edition. Some tag glue marks on front of pkg, see photo. Note wear on box

Die Cast Metal, limited edition, locking coin bank. About 7in long. in original box

Bank. Unopened Home of the Handyman delivery truck. About 8in long. Note wear on box

Cloth tape measure with brass fittings, Bell goggles holder (no goggles) vise, screwdriver, lock, float. As is. Note wear

15 sticker sheets, 12x12 Chalkboard multi colored paper pad, Cricut ABC cartridge - all unused. 16 Fiskars texture styles on 8, 2-sided used plates, just place paper and rub

Last numbers 230 to 234. As is

Memorial mugs, badges, vintage song book, recipe book.

7 kits, 2 large bags of wheels, 2 finished cars. Kits untested but appear to be complete. As is

Original box. About 9in long. Never used. Untested

For card makers, scrapbookers. Punches, stamps, glitter, etc. As is

Chin strap in place. 7.5in tall. Note wear. As is

Carburetor Kit and compass unopened. Braukmann automatic air vent. Note wear. As is

As is. note tarnish, wear, etc

2 tanks, 2 jeeps and an airplane. Matchbox, majorette, Mattel 1981, Soma 1988. Small jeep and soldiers are plastic. Note wear

Dinky Toys, Solido jeep is 1/43 scale, flatbed is Corgi Junior, ambulance is Husky, plane and soldiers are plastic, spare rifle. Note wear

See ruler for size. Dune Buggy, Fork Lift, racing car with doors that open. Doors on 8in Tonka horse trailer open. Note wear

Great for table centrepieces with plenty of flowers to decorate vases. As is

38in long in sheath. Strap for hanging. Note wear. As is

About 17in tall. Shoulder strap on one, part of one on other. 2 screw-on lids missing from one. As is. Note wear

Largest 12in long, smallest 2.5. Also 4 vintage wooden floats, largest is 5in. Note wear. As is

As is, note wear. 4 in original packaging, one is a gun, knife and key chain

As is, note wear and tarnish. 1960, 1970, 80, 90, 2000s

Vinyl Minnie is a 10.5in bank without stopper. Vinyl Mickey is 9.5in Disney. As is. Note wear

Note wear. As is. Untested. Box of Pyracaps included

As is. Not metal. Note wear

Variety of tools in 19x9x9in like new box. Untested

Lots of flowers to decorate vases. Great for weddings, church luncheons, table centerpieces. As is

Variety. One blade broken off on Barlow knife. Longest about 5in. Note wear. As is

Note wear. As is. All are dated 1954, circulated

Gretzky/Sakic, Brodeur/Joseph, Lindros/Nieuwendyk, Zamuner/Stevens, Macinnis/Blake. Note wear, tarnish etc. As is

4 are empty. Quarters book has a few old worn coins. Note wear, tarnish, aging, etc. No guarantees. As is

Light and figurines are 6-7in. Lid and bowl don't match. Light works. As is

Uncirculated. Ending 225 to 229. As is

34 in. Has tape over crack. Note wear on all bats. As is. View photos

20x14 wood frame. Unfinished blue piece about 24x24. Scissors, yarn, needles and several kits not started. As is. Untested

9 t-shirts, 1 Sweat shirt, various sizes, all unused. Some seconds. Many Appliques to iron on, fusible web, heat bond, 16 cotton-like cushion forms to be stuffed to make cushions. As is. Untested

Sea glass, vintage buoys, sea shells, red sand, decorative rocks, etc. As is

About 9in tall. Each cup is 3.5in tall. Rubber cup feet. 2 handles do different operations. Untested.

John Denver, Harry Belafonte, Brenda Lee, Patsy Cline, Anne Murray, Marty Robbins, Bay City Rollers. Untested

Variety of tools in 15x7x5 box. Untested

Mostly unused. A few pieces missing, see photo. Untested

Large hoop, wood frame parts, needle punch kit and tools, matting, yarn. All untested. As is

Variety of sizes, color, purpose. Note wear. As is

Many coins in collector books. Incomplete. Note wear, tarnish, etc. As is

30 plus postcards

Variety. All untested. As is

Variety. All appear to be complete but no guarantee. As is. See photo

Several kits, needles, forms, extra canvas sheets and yarn

Variety. 1 shot glass. Please view all photos. 5 carry cases. As is, note wear

Note sticker residue on wings. About 6in long

Appears to be unopened. Box is about 14in long. Untested

3 bowls sit on 12in tray. Candle is unopened, nice smell, insulator Is 3.5in tall. Note wear. As is

Variety of sizes. White is about 62x33in. Others are smaller. One has seam in centre

Hats to decorate or use as is. 2 large ladies black, 2 large men's black, 2 lace and more. As is

Milk weed pods, dried flowers, maple keys, acorns, pine cones and unknowns. Some have been painted. As is

About 30in wide, 14 talks all is about 6in wide. Note wear

See ruler for size comparison

Variety. As is. Green cloth included

Variety, includes green cloth, red sand. All items as is.

4 unopened. 3/4 to 2.5in. As is

Variety. All pieces appear to be complete but no guarantee. As is

50 plus. Wide variety of great ideas for fun and learning with children. As is

About 12 Gilwell Reunion Log N Beads, several vintage Provincial Notes, Campfire Songbook, 3 mugs, apron, programs. As is

Large, medium, small, 12, 8, 5in tall

Largest cherub is 8in, smallest is about 3in. Swan is about 7.5. As is

About 10 in wide. Note wear. Untested

Decorate a gift or give as a gift. Bow ties easily removed. Holes in head for hangers. As is

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