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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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7 drawers embossed front and side. Cabinet is 30in tall, 50in when out. Many attachments and parts. See lot 36 for other parts which may fit this machine. Lots of items in drawers. Same item on EBay for $999.00 Untested. Note wear.

12 sails. Appears hand made. Note wear. As is

5 bills Uncirculated. Numbers ending 40 to 44

Oldham and Sons Automatic lamp. Believed to be Used for Marine Nautical Miners. Brass and Metal. Top and glass light cover both unscrew. Handle and front adjusting screw both move. About 7 tall. Note age wear. As is

Doctor is about 14in tall. Leather bottle is 12in

Mint stamps in unopened package inside glossy book

United States mint stamps in unopened pkg inside glossy book. Some wear on outer envelope.

Mint stamps in unopened pkg inside glossy book

Mint stamps in unopened pkg inside glossy book

Mint stamps in sealed envelope inside glossy book

Stamps in unopened pkg inside book. Minor wear on outside envelope. As is

Handmade box. Lots of pieces and parts. 6.5x3.5x3.5. These parts may go with lot 13 sewing machine. Untested. Note wear. As is

Sealed, Never opened. $99.99 when purchased

The Great War for Civilization 1914-19. stamped with 766512 SPR J. Watson C.E.

Unopened. As is

25 plus Variety of styles and sizes. Note wear. As is

Variety of styles and sizes. Necklace, car and about 30 trolls. As is. Note wear.

Reel, Lures, Book, sinkers, hooks, etc. Note wear, as is

14 pages in binder. As is

For built in vacuum. Hose has repair. Some attachments never used. Note wear

Knowles CAOs and original shipping boxes. Frame about 24in tall and 14in wide. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. Ready to hang. See photos for names.

Bank of Upper Canada one penny. Circulated. Note wear.

Largest about 3in long. Note wear. As is

About 7.7ft long, 7ft tall. Comes with assembly and workout instructions. Appears to be all there but no guarantees. Note wear. As is. Come prepared to take it apart and carry out. Heavy. Note two dimples in bench.

2 sets of 1993 Glo Trolls. Variety of styles and sizes. One watch, pencil topper, Dino. Note wear. As is

Knowles CAOs and original shipping boxes. Frame about 24x14in. Can be hung horizontally or vertically. Ready to hang. Se photos for names of plates

Bank of Upper Canada half penny. Circulated. Note wear, tarnish. As is

18in castle opens. Small crack at top see photo. 5-6 in Figures don't necessarily go with castle. Lots of moving parts. Some weapons are missing. Note wear. As is

Life magazine. Note wear. As is

Note creases on back of original box

Started in a plastic body in 1964. Many extra parts included. Note wear. As is

Used once. Comes with operation manual and Scrapbooking Studio CD. Note wear. As is

Circulated. Note wear.

4 in original boxes. Note wear. As is

Locks, comes with key. 52in tall, 28in deep, 15in wide. Note wear. As is

36in wide. Used very little. Stands about 8in off floor. Note wear. As is

Variety. Not sure if man in black suit is a wrestler. Larger are about 7.5in tall. Note wear. As is.

Various sizes from 12,10,8in tapers in original boxes to 5,4,3in. All unused. Most have price tags attached. About 45 candles. Note wear.

Small Smurfs are 8-9in tall. Hands and feet of puppet have Velcro Note wear. As is

Some in sheets as they came from manufacturer. Note wear. As is

9-16. See names of cars on packages. Plus Under Three car. As is

Plastic. About 6in tall. Appear To be complete with little wear. But, note wear, as is

14inches tall, about 20 wide at top, 17 at base. Note wear, as is

About 16.5in long, 4-5 wide. Many metal parts. Note wear. As is. Seller was told this is an engineers working model of an early local bridge.

Circulated. Note wear. As is

About 13x13in. Display art, record covers or photos. Unused

Louisa M. Alcott, (author of Little Women), Good Wives appears to be 1st edition as is Mr. Midshipman Easy, 1921. Tales is 2nd Ed. Dated 1932. All have wear. As is.

Variety. Mostly fast food collectible toys. Note wear. As is. No guarantee all toys are complete.

Zippers, buttons, pockets, laces buckles, etc. Note wear and marks. as is. both about 14in tall. Minnie has Walt Disney label. Hard heads, soft bodies

9-16. See packages for names of cars. As is

Several frameable ads

Most about 5in tall. Note wear. As is

15 toys and display. No guarantee all toys match display but seller believes they are correct. They hook together to form a train. Also comes with 12 child safety posters 17x13. Note wear. As is.

Circulated. Nickel. Note wear, tarnish. As is

Bakelite/plastic case. Makes sound when turned on in basement. Otherwise untested. As is

83L Red top vinyl bins are about 25x17x15 deep. Top on blue 76L bin is cracked by ends but fits well. 2 cardboard are 23x14x10. Note wear. Some writing on these boxes.

All have moveable arms, some legs also. About 5in tall. Note wear. As is

Most unopened rolls. Variety

Circulated. Note wear, tarnish. As is

All cd's are there. Over 50. Untested. note wear. As is

2 action figures and 1976 collectible book. Note wear. As is

Lots of moving parts. Looks to be In good shape. Untested. Note wear. As is

30 plus. Appear to be all Fast food toys for under 3. As is.

Appears to be first edition and all there. Some staining on front and back cover. Note wear. As is.

All unopened.

Square planter is 15wide, 12deep. Round is 17wide, 14deep and has drip pan. White is 12 wide, 11 deep. 19in Garden sheers, 14in spade also

About 50 unused candles. 10,12in tapers. Most have price tags attached. 2 metal candle holders. Note wear

Canadian Quarter, dime, nickel, penny

About 16x11x12. Can be flattened for storage. Used, clean, note wear

All have tags, created by Max Groening. Homer is about 11in tall. Note wear. As is

Lots of moveable joints. 93 Bandai on back. Note wear. As is

Circulated. Note wear.

Circulated. See dime for size comparison. Note wear. As is

Tilley key case, M.V.S. Abegweit ferry knife, 60s pocket diaries, Dow Ale King Beer opener, etc.

Variety, some brass, naughty reversible ashtray, gauge, leather key case with 2 keys, etc. Note wear, age, as is. See penny for size comparison

About 16x11x12. Can be flattened for storage. Used, clean, note wear

2, 9in are stuffed toys, rest are 4-5in vinyl/plastic with many moving joints. Note wear. As is

11 medallions, placemat and holder. Note wear. As is

Various sizes. One has black tape over cracks. Tallest is 12in. Note wear. As is

Set of 8 unopened with original Happy Meal bag. As is

Variety. 60 plus magazines with historical front covers, interesting ads and articles. Some framable. Some wear. As is

Full of historical photos and stories. First 168 page edition contains issues a thru 6 depicting the first year devoted to history and future of Cape Breton Island. Issues 12 and 19 also. Note wear

25 pails and buckets with shovels, lids. Original store display. Note wear. As is

7 medallions, holder, placemat and checklist. Note wear. As is

Arms, legs, head move, knees bend. Cloth Cape. Note wear. As is

Some cardboard, some plastic. Note wear. As is

Unused Cricut Christmas Cheer cartridge, punch, Art magazines, Page protectors and refills

Works. Long reach, long cord. Note wear. As is.

Smaller Vases about 6.5 to 8.5in tall. Large is 10in

Longest is 4ft, other is 3.2ft.

Variety, Guy Lombardo, Tchaikovsky, Peter Dawson, Lenny Herman, Lawrence Welk, Lenny Dee and more in a vintage 12x14 record album. Plus 2 with no label and recorded on one side only. All untested. Note wear. As is

Several have dividers. Most 3 ring. One vintage 14in ledger binder and a pad of 16 column ledger paper. Note wear. As is

Variety. Note wear. As is

All have feet. Parrot, White Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse. 4-4.5in.

All 4 have feet. Santa, bear, chick, Batman. 4-4.5in tall.

Posters and booklet show workout instructions with graphics. Note wear

Weider Leg, foot weights, 4, 3 pound weider barbells, hand/arm squeezer. Note wear, as is

Albums about 12x14in. LPs Not tested but appear to be in good shape. Note wear

Framable front page headlines, car, house etc. ads showing prices in the 80s, 90s. Comics. Note wear. As is. Most are complete. Many historical events covered.

Large hunchback is 9in tall, bear is about 8in. Note wear. As is

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