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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Harman Kardon "Lyric" tuner and "Epic" Amp w manuals, with AR speakers, and a vintage turntable. Parts upstairs and downstairs - Come to C pick-up

Polaroid Land Camera, Contax camera. Film, lenses, slide & audio etc equipment. Too much too list! Must see pictures!

Drill Bit Sharpener, Bits, Router etc.

Fragile with some chips on candelabra

Includes Lathe, Moto-tool, Router table & Router attachment, drill bits, and magnifying headgear.

National, Sharp movie-making equipment.

Looks unused.

Pearce Wool Blanket, 2nd wool blanket, Men's suede Hat (size large), Metal Shoe shelf, Rug Pillows (with wear and damage).

New Fluorescent and others.

2 Shelves.

In fine shape with key. Measurement in pics.

Mission style stand - in good shape with slide out rack for components. 2 wool rugs (measurements in pics). One worn edging and fringe needs replacement. The other in fair to good condition. Wear consistent with age.

More Kerosene Lamps in Silver and Brooklyn Battery -Op Lantern.

Some chips on plates and damage on Xmas tree.

Large and Beautiful Volumes.

Miner's Lamps & Clock

It's all here - glass vintage ornaments, window candles, lights in various colors, street lamp globe, tree stand, wrapping paper, Santas, etc.

Dutch trinket plates, Hummel figurine, swirling Murano candy dish, small animal figurines - all in good shape. Also a small ceramic vase and large handmade round ceramic planter with some chips.

All intact and unused.

Flotec Drill Pump, Spray painting machines, and manuals included.

4 Nicely Framed & Matted Architectural Engravings, and 1 Framed Charcoal signed original by George Merkel.

Includes typographical Globe, NY Miner's lamp, Mobil Oil sign, a large arrowhead, geode, vintage calendar, small mallet, miners pan, and (cherry?) spice rack

Hand Painted and Gold Vase and Lamp.

Over a dozen new, unused, or unassembled models

Kerosene Lanterns Small lamps 4"x13" Medium Lamps 6" x 14.5" Large Lanterns 6" w x 15"

Vintage binoculars, a Ronson cordless shaver, a Sharp portable VCR and much more.

MORE LIGHT - 2.0 7 Lamps w/2 new globe

Charcoal and Pencil works and Thai stencil . Various conditions. Also loose frames and Boston Design Group poster.

Hand Painted with gold overlay. Pretty, rambling floral motif - breakage and repair at lip. Come to A

Many international, loose, watermarked, and categorized

4 Fancy oyster plates w small partial German tea set and 5 Ovington Bros teacups and saucers. Some wear.

Mini Singer sewing machine in pristine condition with its own case. Assorted thread spools in scalloped plastic case.

Vintage Paper Cutter, Paper Roller, steel wool, smart level.

2 Framed and matted lithographs of fishing boats

Vivitar, Olympus, Kodak, etc - most with manuals - please note Binolux binoculars may come with a different case in oxblood, not black.

Unused - comes with slide magazines and other optical accessories.

Drawers filled with high-end tools and supplies - too many to name . Heavy - bring boxes and help.

4 lovely bird engravings or Lithographs (one w/damage to border) and one larger aviary unframed plate with unused mat

Both in good shape. Untested. Some wear consistent with age.

Includes a ROYAL, 2 IBMs, one a Selectric w/ ribbons, and an early iMAC with all the attachments!

New Post-it notes, special pencils, pens, graph paper, labels, calligraphy pens with nibs, architectural supplies.

Building Blocks are unused.

Assortment of interesting and colorful plates, saucers and cups - some with chips.

2 porcelain Bavarian Birds, 2 Italian Parakeet lamps, and a rooster couple.

Model No. GTS18TBSAWW. 66 1/8 inches high, 29 1/2 inches wide and 30 1/4 inches deep. Come to pickup at the Category C time-slot.

Emperor Hall Clock

Drills w/batteries and box but no chargers! Grout, etc -

Battery Op and Key Operated.

Includes step stool, tape measures and sticks, hose attachments, saws, bug zapper, fire extinguisher, extension cords, garden loppers, etc.

4 Bronze birds, hanging owl candle holder, and a hand - carved eagle plaque (not nail hole).

Beseler 23CII Darkroom Enlarger and tons of other film developing equipment.

Keep yourself busy on those snowy days! Build a model, play chess, marbles, do a crossword, paint all day.

9 Gold rimmed fancy stemmed wine goblets, and a set of gold rimmed juice glasses. Bohemian style cranberry glass urn w/overlay and gold leafed tumbler.

Fancy raised gold numerals with Tempus Fugit emblem on face. Chain, chimes and pendulum - untested.

Ansonia pendulum wall clock. Damage and wear to face and side. Untested.

Folk art reverse painting. Ansonia, CT. w/key - untested 25.5" h x 15" w x 4.25 deep

Too many to list! Look through the pics - heavy - bring help and boxes to PICK UP C. Different Tapes, string, Locks, Clamps etc

Antiques, Furniture, Clocks, Decorative Arts, Coffee Table Monticello, Wallace Nutting, etc.

Includes compasses, tools, charprint paper and cases.

All in good shape, untested. One Linden Quartz

3 shelves - solid. Some minor wear. Measurements in pics.

Recorder & Art/ Music Books

Cloisonne Vase, Goblets, Silverware Case, art glass, marble slab, etc.

Let's Go Camping!!!

Classical, Jazz, Holiday, Glen Campbell, Harry Belafonte, Beethoven, Nina Simone, Satchmo - you name it - it's here

Jam Packed - all clean.

Photography etc Come to B. (Hint: they're in the tool room!)

Shure Microphone, turntable, Realistic mike, Panasonic RX 5300 Boombox, Walkman, recorders and Samsung digimax camera w brochure.

Parts missing on the vase. Condition on candlesticks - fair - wear with age

3 Shelves.

More Tools, Assorted Screw Box, Various loose ceramic tiles,

WWII commemorative Cross Military Medal...paired with an eagle nutcracker!

Unused - in mint condition.

Air Booster fans, Marvel Maker Foam cutter.

Includes Faller German locomotive and models, Ozzy Osbourne Action Figure Mint in Box, New Bright Fire Tracker, Tons o' Wind-ups, Radio Shack toys etc...

With Electric Scissors - untested.

Colonial & Crosswords

How-to- sketch books, figure drawing, oil, watercolor, carving, etc and a big coffee table book on Versailles.

Crissy, Barbie Beauty salon, Dancerina, small partial tea set, ladies wedding cap & veil.

Vintage Meat Grinder (again, looks unused), teak bowl, unused plastic tumblers, electric beater, coffee carafe, etc.

2 Arm Chairs & one side chair w/new in box pads. Cuckoo clock in poor shape - hand missing, gnarled face and loose parts - needs some TLC.

In good condition - with key. Untested. Come to B pick-up.

Assorted Lot of ceramics, terra cotta, cloisonn?? etc. Chips on 2 vases - others are fine.

3 Nicely framed Classic ships with Descriptions. Slight stain to back of one but has not affected lithograph.

2 Aviary and a seascape - all nicely framed. Measurements in pics.

Fiction, biography, reference. Many on history: Vidal, Updike, Follett, Eckhert etc.

Leather, Vinyl, Canvas travel Bags, Satchels and luggage in various conditions. Atlantic bags are unused. Some with stains and some reparable slight damage. Come to B

All in decent shape. Untested . Measurement in pics.

Cacti, Philodendron, spider etc. Healthy and HEAVY - Bring help and a truck. Come to C pickup.

SONY dual cassette player, 2 Samsung DVD players, Unused Bell Clock Phone, flip phone and accessories.

2 Time Life Series - one on WWII and one on the Sea ships.

NORDIC TRACK CXT 990 - Heavy - Bring Help and tools. Near door - easy access - street level.

Tons more art supplies with loose smaller picture frames (most unused) colored pencils, mini spray gun, and more.

Includes Singer Button holer, assorted spools of thread, yarn, instructions, etc.

Includes a shredder, paper, envelopes, etc.

War & Political Theory Books

Anniversary plate, Silver overlay pitcher, 8 tumblers, 4 small blue aperitifs, sterling coasters, etched cruet with stopper (seems to be a mismatched stopper) Condition: Good in general, some wear.

Etched leafy pattern. Goblets, cordials, champagne etc. Good Condition. Come to B

GE AC Unit w/new cord, Legacy car mats, sharper image vac & car supplies and rolling/folding IFRZ rack.

On desk in sunroom - lots of variety.

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