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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

In response to other bids, the auction system will automatically increase your bid in the smallest increment possible (up to your max bid amount) in order to maintain your lead position.

To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Rare and highly collectible 1930s Children skis. Harvey Dodds, Montreal. Probably birch, well used and loved. 68" high.

Burled veneer top, Cabriolet legs on brass casters. Probably French origin. Was a wind out with leaf and reworked to single 34"x42" Some restoration work to underneath. Minor scratches and nicks but in relatively fine shape. One light watermark that disappears when treated. Heavy ornate top, dark walnut now with a golden finish. A good small table for condo or dining room with size restraints.

9x13x14 pine butter box. In great shape. Aged patina and colour.

Mountain Boy Sledworks out of Colorado. Still in box but showing a little wear(minor)marks on cross bar so can't call it new. Never used. Plastic skids on the bottom make it great to use on Ontario slushy, icy hills. Or you can just admire it's good looks hanging on the chalet wall! 46" long made of birch with willow handle bars.

Vintage 14" Baltic Amber necklace. In perfect condition.

A1 condition, no marks, no chips, 13"high, 9" mid bowl. Lion face on handle. Marked Fenton Baker & Co Ironstone.

All music rolls in good shape. From Christmas Jingles and Hymns to favorite war songs! 22 in total.

Referred to as kettle, cauldron or bean pot, this 6" cast iron smudge pot is in great shape with very little rust and no pitting. 3 legged with bail handle.

Smaller old torch. 5" diameter at base. Wood handle. Good condition.

12" classic Gripstand mixing bowl in A1 condition. Made in England by T.G Green & Co. No chips cracks or crazing.

19" tall, round flute base lamp. Big strong and sturdy. Great condition. Mantle, wick and chimney, All in working order. We use them in the screened porch.

Mid 1800s. 32"x22"x29"high. Well used, well loved pine desk. Solid, no damage, just scars and age marks. Great depth of colour and patina to the old wood.

7" pitcher in great shape. Cobalt blue and gold trim.

Cane is perfect. Body good with quality repair to one rocker as shown.

2 huge cauldrons, 18x8" each with lids. Wear. No holes.

14" handle hand carved.

Heavy, solid antique kettle, no holes. Just waiting to be shined up. From northern New York State, mid 1860-1880s, Great shape.

71/2"x5" , no cracks or chips, minor wear on rim from age .

Brass trim. Attractive little hand crafted box to keep small items safe and tidy. There is a packing sticker on front to wash off and a small corner that needs a little sanding where the dog chewed it. 18x14x12".

Made by Toronto Pottery and marked C&Ed Couture, Levi, Big Quebec Glazed Jug. Blue and double white bands on upper and lower body. A few minor chips as expected with age. No cracks. 14" high.

8" high copper measure marked 1L. Nice little copper mug with handle. No holes or leaks. Good shape.

Maple side table with drawer. 15x15x27. A few dings and small scratches. Some minor water marks on top that disappear when treated.

14" tall, 140-150 year old spools repurposed into candleholders. No cracks or chips. Great colour.

20" tall. Big, strong, stable lamp with heavy base. No cracks or chips. Clean chimney.

Heavy, solid 3 based candlestick with twin lion motif. May be historical but no markings.

Large handcrafted piece with original top and additions made over the ages. Ornate Ginger Bread trim on mirror. Sturdy drawers and filing cabinet. Has nicks, scratches and wear but a fun old piece with lots of character 64"high to top of mirror x 42"wide

From the 40s, 50s and 60s. Wood raquets with presses so they don't warp. Check out the old screw down press!

Pretty little washstand. Dovetail drawers. Good shape. Clean and clear finish. Top is 28"x17", height is 26".

Chamber pot and 3 piece soap dish marked Wood&Sons, England. No markings on 12" pitcher but gold banding matches with previous lot and soap dish. No cracks or crazing. One small chip on base of chamber pot.

6 pieces total. Fair shape. 1 litre measure, chamberpot, old jelly mold, lantern, hammered pot and ash tray.

Good shape for age. Two tone glaze no makers mark aside from heart with 6 inside. 14x12. Some minor chipping and one small crack on base.

Antique bed warmer. Great shape. Works perfect! Does not leak. Ready for winter.

Royal Dalton figurine. A1 condition never out of box. 71/2 "

7" copper pot aluminum lined. Needs a little shining up. No marks or wear.

Works great! Came from old house at Bathurst and St. Clair area. 7" diameter, everything there to hook it up.

14" tall finger lamp. Great shape. Mantle and wick in working condition.

1930s 8" round mixing bowl, 10" icl. handle. D&B Co with pat pending mark. No chips, cracks or marks. Iridescent uranium green glass.

Large hinged oak box for wood and kindling. Rope handles. big iron hinges. No marks or wear. Sturdy and strong. 24"high, 31"wide, 22"deep.

3 heavy Cast irons, ready to press anything! Surface rust, some pitting, one with wood handle has repair .

Bright finish, great shape, no holes or leaks. 7" base.

Very good condition for age. Working condition unknown. Interesting linen trim on case. Treadle style bobbin.

Antique Skeleton keys. 6 assorted various sizes. 1"- 6" for cabinets doors and gates.

Brand new! A1 condition. Give you pet the gift of fresh water. Works great. Hold 2 gallons and refills bowl automatically. Microban bowl prevents bacteria build up. Great for multi dog homes or when gone for long periods of time.

Beautiful craftsmanship and glazes. 2 sets of 4, one set of 2. 10 in total. One chip on rim of blue mug.

No markings, but very attractive with dove tail joints. In good shape for age.

NORFOLK APPLES 19"x12" Simcoe Ontario fruit box. In good shape, sturdy with great graphics.

15 in total. Some interesting shapes and sizes. Blue milk crate included.

Rapid Wash, Made by C.T Childers Galensburg , Illinois

42" tall, 34" wide. A few nicks but in great shape for age. Originally from dresser but hangs well on it's own.

Still in packaging! Perfect for kitchen or family room. Large 28"x34" with rustic grey barn board frame.

Not a set but look very good together. They look great from afar but there is damage and repair to both. Basin is 16" diameter, jug is 14" high.

5 assorted bottles all in good shape. No cracks or chips. Smallest is 4" . Tallest is 9". All Aqua glass. Mostly medicine bottles.

Swivel dresser mirror. Looks good but has some wear. Veneer lifting in spots but still presents well.

Huge 16" diameter wash basin. Marked Wood & Sons Ltd. England. No chips, cracks or crazing. Beautiful ivory bowl with gold trim. Some very minor wear on the embellishments.

Great shape, very heavy, needs oiling before using. 7" pot.

Marked on blade: John Askham, Broad Lane Works, Sheffield, England. 2 knives and forks. Good condition, no rust. 3 tine fork and steel blade run through entire length of tool. Pewter Collars. 4 units in total

Printed in 1969, this catalogue will interest most readers but will be valuable to collectors of early North American antiques, students, and those interested in Canada's early days.

Helmet, shoulder pads, neck guard, elbow pads, shin guards. Youth large extra large. Fits for a 10-12 year old. Some wear but good quality protective equipment, high end gear.

All cork tops, so made before the 50's. All from a dig west of Chatam. 3 pint 7" bottles. The smaller 1/2 pint bottles are 4"tall. Could use a little cleaning.

7" and 8" white FireKing casseroles. Great for microwave. No chips cracks or wear.

SILVERFOOT Travel wallets for passports, eyewear retainers, bear bells, funky belts and as all travel bag . All with First Nations inspired trim. Made in Canada. All new with packaging. 16 pieces in total.

Big and Red! 10" diameter, almost 8 inches high! Great condition. Minor scratches on lid, very clean body. Great collectors piece.

Patent July 14, 1908 Ball Ideal quart jar in great shape. No chips or cracks.

Brand spanking new in packaging. Teal/turquoise Pinter frames. 14"x14" square. Perfect condition

A1 condition, 9" fluted lip vase. Pink Satin glass. Classic Bunnykins 2 handled cup in very good shape.

Old remedies from the past. Darlington Carbonate of Magnesia. Purity Aromatic Cascara. Certified Sulphur Molasses. Product still in packages.

3 old hand mixers in great shape but one is missing plastic trim on handle.

5 in total. All good condition. All cork top.

22" high some surface rust but would clean up good.

No markings, labels ripped off . Good strong box. Good condition.

Dovetail joins. Brass hardware. Great condition.

Vintage 20" high oil lamp. Clear base and bowl. Solid, sturdy with no chips, cracks breaks or repairs burner is showing some wear conducive to age. A heavy duty sturdy lamp, great to use on patios and decks.

Royal Dalton figurine. Looks perfect but long crack up the back. 71/2"

14 in total. Big tea tin, Teniers biscuit tin, 4x Erinmore Mixture, Club chewing tobacco, Magic baking powder, princess Julianna engagement, Flying Dutchman and Ritmeeter tobacco

Royal blue speck kettle, grey sauce pan, blue funnel and 8" heavy spatterware pot with lid

Antique Skeleton keys. 7 in total. Various sizes.

26"x12"x12" wooden 2 section crate. From California. Great graphics but faded.

Round 12" silver plate server with 10" bowl. Excellent condition.

Large white wash basin with wheat sheaf design. 15" diameter. Excellent condition. No cracks, chips or scratches. Very minor light crazing. Early Meakin bowl.

Small hand carved arrow back chair. Solid construction. Leg refit at base indicative of age. No screws or nails used to build this chair.

Medium Granite ware canning pot with strainer insert and lid. Looks brand new. Cream and brown large enamel pot with lid. Both in great condition.

13"x13"x11". Intact but well worn.

2 imperial quart jars. Lots of bubbles in the heavy old glass. Old style sealer lids. One Aqua, with a very small chip on edge, the other very pale Aqua almost grey with no chips.

Ball Sure Seal /2 gallon clear sealer with wire cap. Lots of bubbles in the old glass. 1950 clear Crown 2 quart jar. Both in good condition.

In excellent shape for it's age. Woven seating is solid. No nails used in entire piece. 10"x12"x20".

Well loved but in great shape. No tears in pads, cushions and handle foamies. Includes bench with weight bar rest, leg press, leg curls, abdominal rest, overhead bar, it's all there. Some free weights available. You'll have to use the Internet for set up instructions.

Antique firkin with lid and handle, repurposed into small table lamp. Works perfectly.

2 wall sconces, cobalt salt shaker, German bell and stein.

6 in total

Great shape, solid and sturdy. Painted long ago cream/ivory. Both box and lid are good condition.

16x9x9 wood crate with handles. Great graphics.

Small 11"x8"x6". Large box is Heavy with markings onside PROV.REGT& ST. LOUIS 1903. Wear on both.

Heavy brass and cast iron. 10" high. Great shape, some oxidizing on surface. Cat not included.

Intricately etched, in good shape. Some tarnishing. From early 1960s.

Shades of the grim reaper! Good shape but a little dirty. I refuse to bring it in the house to clean it.

Pint size Improved Gem with zinc cap. Perfect Seal Widemouth Pint with spring wire closure. Really old Crown quart aqua jar. No lid. Lots of bubbles I old glass, no chips or cracks.

2 sturdy chairs with cane seats. Some wear on the caning but still very solid. Frames are A1. Last owner was smart enough to put metal slides on bottoms.

18" white with asymmetrical embellishments. 14" classic pearl black graduated size beads. 9" black and natural beads.

3 bowl set, 9", 8", 6". Good condition. Small flat chip on lip of medium bowl, hardly noticeable.

8" plate circa 1930s. A1 shape, no chips cracks or wear. Great colour.

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