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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Antique Brantford Refrigerator Labrador Style icebox. Single door oak in fair shape for age. Top lift for ice. Front door with latch. Zinc lining all there. Came from an old estate in Toronto. Icebox had good cleaning but needs a little TLC. Shows well, but front door board is loose. Dimensions 40"x18"x26"

`Large and heavy chopper. Very primitive. Hand forged blade and handle. Came out of a barn in southwestern Ontario.

Collection of workbooks by Ross Whitfield 1939 in Tyrone Ontario. Interesting scrapbooks of early WW11 through the eyes of a young boy.

16 vintage bottles in total. All from dig near Chatam Ontario. As per photos.

Small 8" bronze reproduction on wood base. Very good condition. 12" in height with base.

Do you remember your old phone number? Were you on a party line? Black rotary dial phone works great and in very good condition. Office intercom has really old Bakelite headset with original braided cord. Working condition not known.

Not old but well made box with attractive trim and full brass hinge. Good sturdy storage box.

Beautiful hickory skis, never mounted with bindings. Peterborough brand, roughly from late 30s. Almost 7 feet tall.

Mountain Boy Sledworks, originally from Silverton Colorado. Hand crafted classic glider. Made with red steel runners on a hand crafted birch sled. 2 piece construction lets Sled body articulate for steering. Will look good on any front porch or wall but built to fly on firm snow! Never used. Excellent condition, as new.

Extra large crock with handles. Please note repair to one handle. Some wear from age but no cracks. Plunger is not original, but still quite old.

Large 12"x8" cast iron pot with handle on 3 legs. Very good condition. Small 7"x5" cast iron pot has old heat crack on one side, approx 2" long. Ash shovel in good condition.

Large collection of post cards, books, cut out ladies fans, greetings and retail calling cards from Eatons and Simpsons

12 in total. 1949 to 1972. Assorted condition, fair to rough.

Antique dresser from Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands, NY. Made by boat builder cabinet maker Walter Wagoner. The Wagoners are still living in the area with a marina on the river. Unique and interesting Eastlake inspired with medallions and trim in contrasting stain. Newspaper stuffed in back of mirror dated 1890s. Dresser in excellent condition but mirror is faded from age. All original.

Large white ironstone pitcher with handle. Excellent condition. Pretty details and clean lines. No chips cracks or crazing.

1931-1948 Crown brand, all glass tops with zinc collars. Plus 2 antique blue quart jars, and canning pot with hand made wood steam rack inside.

Armstrong Furniture Vintage (Kitchener?)Trestle style hall table. Great decorative piece, solid walnut. In fair condition. Top split. Needs some TLC.

2 medium size lamps in good condition with clear chimneys. Both old, turn of century.

Wright Ditson (precursor of Spalding) #6 hickory shaft iron for A.H. Findlay (who built some of the first courses in USA) I the late 1800s. Club dates from 1900-1905. Original grip. Very good condition.

24"x24"x30" table. Some simple scallop detail on skirts. Turned legs. Very sturdy. Good shape. Some wear from age as per photos.

All Crown jars, quart and pint sizes, all glass tops with zinc collars. Still being used in 2015! 12 in total.

Old butter box with great colour and character. One side has 2" missing from top, otherwise in good solid shape.

3 gallon crock, 2 gallon crock, and 1gallon liquid jug. All in good condition. 3 gallon crock has 1 star fracture on glaze only. No cracks. 2 gallon crock has calcification showing on dark stain. This can easily be removed.

Well worn and well loved. Sinew webbing intact and frames worn but in good condition. Leather straps for binding knotted on.

One man crosscut timber saw. 48" blade. Handle is marked "Guaranteed Superior" with eagle logo. Still sharp but some surface rust. Wrapped in ca as tarp for protection.

Brand new with all parts and instructions included. Bookshelf style hanging pot rack for kitchen. Black anthracite finish.

Very good condition, large 20"x24" cheese(butter) box.

Works great! Vintage heavy duty Philips standing mixer with 2 stainless steel bowls. Excellent condition. Untested.

Pretty English 8" green water jug in good condition. Commode with lid, ivory glaze with gold trim in very good condition

Small framed goods as per photos and old cash box. Plus a Fashion Flower arranger as per box.

Over 30 assorted cookie cutters. Medium mixing bowl in very good condition. Pastry blender, whisk with white wood handle(1950s). 2 pie plates, glass and stoneware. 2 rolling pins. Grater and sifter. All ready for a bake a thon!

Small, attractive 16" square 21" high tilt top with brass catch and tri foot pedestal. Good condition.

1 Improved Gem Quart, all other jars Crowns. All glass lids with zinc screw tops.

3 old iron , one with cast handle, one with detachable wood handle, one without. Plus trivet. No pitting but some rust from age.

6" copper kettle with trivet. Brass reflector lamp ( works). Tiny oil can and brass trumpet kazoo!

Aluminum with copper top. 5 piece flour, sugar, coffee, tea, grease canisters. Good condition on most. A few small dings on 2. Large 3 litre measuring tin, excellent condition.

Early Cream top milk bottle. Niagara Falls quart dairy bottle. Dutchman Dairy, B.C., ACME bottle.

Need to use some Goo Gone to get rid of masking tape labels. 7 Tobacco tins in good condition.

10 in total, clear, green, white porcelain, various sizes, various mfgrs.

Old primitive wooden hand crank wringer. Fair condition, wood missing from crank handle. Very heavy.

Description of plates as per photos . Excellent condition.

5 vintage green glass footed dessert cups. Could have a touch of uranium to them as they glow a little. I have not personally tested them. No chips or cracks.

Large heavy commercial advertising poster. Rare. 66" tall, 48" wide. Very good condition. A few small nice on edges but not noticeable.

NORIS washer, plunger style washing aid from the 20s-30s.

Old knitting mills spools, some still with yarn. Plus 2 wooden winder tools, really interesting as gears made entirely from wood.

Hand thrown red stone wear. High gloss brown glaze. Strong and well made.12' high.

From the Jos.T.Pearson Sons Co. Philadelphia, PA. Size 8 hosiery boards used for forming fine knits, wools and silks. Steam was used in the process so the socks would keep their shape. Very good condition. 4 in total.

Big, heavy and just waiting for your next big gathering. Cream and Green roaster has some dings, Graniteware roaster in very good condition, just needs more elbow grease to bring it up to snuff.

Still works great! Bissel Standard carpet sweeper. All wood body, pure bristle brushes, cast arms and wheels. Made to last. Good condition, labels still legible.

Economy brand washboard, well used but in good shape for age. Glass corrugated insert.

24" from base to top of globe. Base in very good condition. Globe is in poor condition with a badly done repair. Still quite stunning if turned to show good side. Untested.

10 in total. Clear, white porcelain, green and black composite. Various sizes and mfgrs.

Built for comfort rocker with low seat and wide frame. Not sure of age or hardwood. Great condition. Small chip on arm but hard to see as chair was restained I the past

Vintage cookie tin with approx 20 cookie cutter. Vintage sewing box from Eatons. Lots of wood spools and vintage sewing need. Old wood recipe box.

Pre and post WWII issues of National Geographic. Very good condition in light of age.

12 in total. Old medicine and alcohol bottles from a dig near Chatham. Various conditions and sizes, as per photos.

7 issues of Blackwoods Magazine from 1920 1921. Some rough edges, and browning with age, some volumes more intact than others.

Tally Ho Ottawa Soda Bottle. dated 1915-1920. Minor damage on bottom Heavy green flask bottle ( no cork) great condition.

6" copper saucepan, very good condition. Small brass watering can, still in working condition. Brass barometer still working. Large brass trivet in goon condition.

Ingersoll cream cheese dish with spoon. Thistle cordial glass. Milk glass saucer. China serving bowl. Wire candlestick. Ruby glass vase. Milk glass lamp cover. Good condition. No known cracks or chips.

Vintage Pictorial magazines from England. Great advertising, and photo history of the times. Good condition on one issue. Fair on the second. Main subject is Funeral for George V.

February 1891, May 1892 issues of the Christian Herald magazine. Rough around the edges and yellowed but an incredible and interesting read. Worth saving.

3 gallon glazed crock with small ears. Small crack beside each ear, otherwise good shape overall. Watertight and pretty glaze . 9" tall fuel can with wood handle has wear appropriate to age. Solid base.

Large and heavy barrel style grinder, with interesting latch to open barrel and remove cylinder. Mounted on board for stability and display.

Approx 18" with chimney. Large sturdy and clean. Some pretty detailing on base.

Sleek lines to blue glass pitcher. Approx 8" high. Patented candy/apothecary jar from 1915. Blue and gold paint detail worn off jar

Large vintage transferware water pitcher. 14". Very good condition. 3 5" vases, unique green colour. Small shallow bowl, 8 " diameter". All good condition but 1 vase has damage on lip as shown.

Large hanging 2 plate rack, 24". Horizontal 2 plate rack approx 18" wide. Both are sturdy and strong.

Larger than life commercial poster of Mr. Depp in his classic role of Captain Jack Sparrow. Huge theatre poster 5.5x4. Very good condition.

Great big commercial advertising poster for the animated movie "CARS 2". In new condition. 4x5.5 size.

1965 Mustang ride on toy , Effanbee electronic doll, American Toy Institute, McCalls Magazine, Bisquick baking mix. All sleeved, some fading with age.

Huge 4x5.5 advertising poster for Disney Junior. Poster in new condition. Minnie Mouse And Disney Junior in 3D animation.

New large commercial advertising commercial advertising poster for Playhouse Disney. 5.5x4 Poster is in new condition. Beautiful colour computer animated graphics.

Beaver mother and baby by A. Wolf very good condition. Black female bust approx 8" high, good condition. No makers mark.

Vintage enamel wash basin, plate and small lidded canister. Steel colander and kettle. Folding egg basket, hanging wall shelf.

1962 soft plastic Hanna Barbera characters Yogi Bear and Barney Rubble. Approx 5" high each. A little fading but still soft and good condition

Mounted on board for display. Big red and very heavy. Cast iron with white enamel feed. Good condition

9 volumes in total.1937, 1940, 1941, 1948, 1949. Interesting reads on pre and post WWII. Good shape, binding intact, some fading and soil from age.

1969, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1974All in acid free sleeves. Very good condition. A little fading with age. Still hilarious after all the years.

6" popcorn bag. 5" peanut bag. 7 bags in total. Perfect condition. Used at Maple Leaf Stadium in the 30s.

Large 10" 2 tone crock with love bite from original firing. Very good condition. English mustard jar with label still edible. Very old but I have not researched for dating. Good condition.

10" strand Amber. 6 necklaces in total.

Primitive all wood winder on backboard with hanging peg.

2 Bromwell sifters with measures on side, working but worn. Press in good condition.

Planter has a few dings on the base, but otherwise in good shape, just needs a cleaning. Bed warmer is a repro from 60s-early 70s but still shows well.

Hand painted by Nancy Shier from Bracebridge, antique coffee pot repurposed into small lamp with shape. Works great. Approx 14" tall with shade. Very good condition.

1950s, 60s nylon stockings. Interesting packaging and marketing highlights like "Seamless". 6 Packages.

2 bowls, 1 side plate, 2 blue lunch plates, 2 dinner plates. Good condition.

2 copper kettle waiting for a shine. 7" and 6" base. Good condition. One is missing ceramic whistler on spout.

12 items in all, masher, pastry blender, juicer, recipe holder, whisk, dipper, sifter, ice cream mold, 2 saucepans, scoop, ladle and ashtray.

7 vintage items in total. Hot plate, iron spatula, red ricer, 2 graters and a coffee tin with lid.

Vinegar crock with cork has unique glaze, cant confirm dating but very old. Bean pots in great shape, ready for some hearty stews or winter casseroles.

Player piano rolls, boxes are not in great shape but all music still playable. 6 rolls in total.

Huge 5.5 feet by 4 feet commercial advertising poster for the movie PRIEST. These posters were used in theatres, movie stores and bus shelters.

Antique children's books. Fair condition. Yellowing and fading, but spines intact and covers clean.

Very good condition. Large 48"x 56" commercial advertising poster used in theatres, movie stores and malls.

God Bless Our Home mounted crossstitch. Hand loomed place mat. 2 lengths hand crocheted lace. Embroidered wall hanging with hanger. Hand tatted doily and lace cuff. Plus a 16" floral basket!

As per photos approx 10" x 8". Vintage Saki barrel woven five cover with elaborate knotted cords.

All whisky flasks were cork necked. Medicine and bitters bottles, Coca Cola, Heidelberg and Molson, 14 bottles in total.

Small 3' cash box, cookie tins, painted can with winter scene, souvenir bottle opener.

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