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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Heavy cookware with kids, 11 piece. Come to pickup at Category B time-slot.

Large dinnerware set with 2 oval relish trays, 21 saucers, 11 dessert plates, 21 salad plates, 18 dinner plates, 1 oval serving platter, 1 round serving platter, 1 round party platter with dip reservoirs, 6 salt and pepper shakers, 1 bud vase, 2 divided bowls, 1 small oval tray, 1 cake plate, 1 small basket candy dish, 2 candle dishes, 4 medium drinking glasses, 1 small drinking glass, 1 heart shaped candy dish, 1 round shallow large bowl, 1 round shallow medium bowl, 1 round shallow small bowl, 1 round deep medium bowl, 8 small ice cream bowls, 2 small goblets, 1 sherbet dish, 18 punch cups, 5 small champagne glasses, 6 medium champagne glasses, 8 large wine glasses, 1 sugar and creamer set with matching tray and spoon, 1 sugar and creamer set without tray and including extra spoon, 1 oil or vinegar bottle, 1 small pitcher, 1 medium vase.

Keystone 16mm Model C28 projector with reels not in working order. Needs new cord at minimum. 17 movies, 15 in original packaging.

D4900 Japan. 8 soup bowls, 2 veg bowls, 8 saucers, 1 small oblong tray, 1 gravy dish with lid, 7 cups, 1 soup tureen with lid, 8 salad plates, 1 round serving platter, 4 small soup bowls with handles, 7 small bowls with handles, 1 teapot with lid, 4 kidney shaped serving plates, 3 bread plates, 1 creamer, 7 cereal bowls, 8 dinner plates, 1 oblong serving platter.

Includes Binolux Vintage Binoculars 7x35 320ft at 1000 yards with leather strap. Tasco Fully Coated Optics Model No 320 8x30 wide angle light weight, 460ft at 1000 yds. Carson binoculars 10x24 with case. Sears Model No 2530 Fully Amber Coated 10x50mm extra wide angle 420ft at 1000 yds with case.

Porcelain French pitcher and matching cup set of 6.

Scottys Toy Shop gift set, Victorian Christmas House, Moonlight Bay Bunk and Breakfast, 2 mini lighted Christmas trees untested, Charles Dickens Heritage in box, miniature lampposts untested.

Farberware cookware with lids, 7 piece.

Assorted stainless flatware, large knives in butchers block, corkscrew, serving spoons, and slotted spoons.

Cuckoo clock, pelican wall hanging, Asian fan, wooden musical instruments, decorative boat, owl in tree wall hanging, wooden plate.

Lionel Trains No. 234E O Gauge Passenger Train Set. Engine, Pullman, Observation, Coal Car, metal track. 30 piece straight track, 25 piece curved track, 1 cross piece. Not in working condition. Some missing and broken pieces.

Set of 2 statues by artist Marie Brower. Marked Esco Products 1961 by Brower. Small corner of back of 1 head chipped.

St Frankoma 62 pieces

Assorted Mason jars. Ball, Kerr, Drey, clear, blue, unbranded.

Stoneware canister set, 5 piece. 4 jars with lids and 1 pitcher. Cream colored with blue bands.

Lite Brite, MicroMachines, vintage tops, old Fisher Price radio, Joe Namath jigsaw puzzle, Changeable Charlie, small tin toys.

Miller, Budweiser, Heilemans Old Style, 200 Jahre Speidel Biere, Handmade and painted in Greece, Altenkunstadt Germany, Hopfenu Malz Gotterhalts set of 3

8 large knives, 8 large spoons, 8 salad forks, 2 butter knives, 1 small ladle, 16 teaspoons, 2 large serving spoons, 8 sugar spoons, 1 serving fork, 8 dinner forks, set of 6 steak knives Supreme Stainless in box, 4 small silver goblets in box, 1 silver salad server made in England, 1 small Rogers relish tongs, 1 Corkex made in Switzerland, 1847 Rogers Brothers toddler set, 1 Puss N Boots toddler fork, 6 piece fondue fork set with wooden handles in box, Avon Eagle Crest spoon pin, 1 iridescent cake knife, 1 Gorham sterling napkin ring, 9 piece nutcracker and pick set.

15 decorative bowls. Glass and crystal unmarked. One is a Reed and Barton silver-plate burnt orange enameled Amoeba tray, mid century color glazed tear drop bowl. All in good condition. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Soldering gun, Palm sander, Ryobi rotary tool kit, 2 sanders, 2 drills, misc blades, drill bits, extension cords, 2 tool boxes, machete, staple gun, skil saw.

12 place setting desert set, including dessert plate, sugar bowl and creamer. All are hand decorated with an iridescent finish and 22 karat gold trim. Great condition.

Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Assorted Christmas Decorations including ornaments, lights, garland, table decorations, florals, nativity scenes, santas, snowmen, etc. Lights untested and not all boxes were opened to check contents.

Set of 7 figurines from the collectors society

15 large long stem glasses, 12 large short stem glasses, 16 small long stem glasses, and 12 long stem wine glasses. All in good condition.

Fokker Triplane Big 4ft wingspan and Rosedale Dollhouse kit. Neither verified for pieces.

22 piece candle collection

Assorted Christmas decorations, ornaments, 4ft pre lit Hillside tree, Christmas bows, beads, wreaths, gifting supplies, and lights.

Assorted pieces. Original Rogers pieces, Shelton silver plated, Community, International silver plate.

Pick Up Sticks, The Brain Puzzle, Equilibrium, Isolation, Boggle, TriOminos, Perquackey, Foil, Loony Loop Puzzle, Rabicks Cube, Tabletop Croquet, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Cribbage, Simon, The Crazy Golfer Game, and assorted small puzzle games.

25 inch tall, 13 inch wide Clipper ship model, wooden with canons, anchor, 23 pin striped fabric sails, 4 masts on wooden stand

5 branch silver plated candelabra pair made in west Germany

12 complete place settings. 2 oval serving bowls, 1 oval platter, 1 sugar bowl with lid and creamer set, 12 saucers, 12 cups, 12 dessert plates, 12 salad plates, 12 dinner plates.

Assorted baking dishes including corningware.

Camera collection includes Sony Video Hi8 Handycam with carrying case, power adapter, battery charger, rechargeable battery pack, and extra battery. Miranda No 698701 camera with case, carrying case, 2 additional lenses, power off, and flash. Polaroid land camera SLR680 in box... outside covering is cracked from age. Fuji Discovery 800 zoom drop in loading, pre winding 40 to 80mm zoom with carrying case and manual. Canon MLAF35 with case and manual. Auto focus Revere 8 model 55 R34191 in original leather case that is worn. 1 open package Kodax Ultra Max film and 1 empty camera case. All untested.

New in box salad spinner, electric wok with power cord, Nesco 18 toaster oven, mini drip Hamilton Beach 4 cup coffee pot, plastic igloo half gallon thermos, Cory stainless automatic 18 to 24 cup percolator model no A24S, Think Big cookie jar, camping food trays and stand, coffee pot.

25 Danbury bells all in good condition.

Eagle Automatic Pencil in original box. Box a little worn.

Including measuring cups, timers, thermometers, choppers, grinders.

Including cookie sheets, cake pans, muffin pans, cookie cutters, rolling pins, cooling racks.

Assorted playing cards, poker set, ET The Extra Terrestrial card game unopened, Uno99, Rook, Skip Bo, Canasta, card sets, Q Bert, and Uno.

Includes corded and cordless telephones, vintage rotary phone, infrared emitter, Videocaster transmitter, Chargeatron home battery charger, AT and T answering machine, lighting timer, Archer amplified video selector, Optimus 800 MHz, Optimus wireless speakers, Archer antenna, and assorted cords.

41 piece battery operated game. Untested.

Vintage collectible tins. Red Dot Potato Chips, Ionol C.P. Antioxidant by She'll Corp., Bugs Bunny waste can.

Large lot, unsorted. Lawn and garden supplies, folding lawn chairs, misc yard tools.

13 piece carved wood bowl collection

Misc cookware. Pots and pans, pressure cooker, tea kettle, stewpots.

Assorted electronics including CPU, monitor, DVD player. Working conditions and matching remotes unknown.

Wooden workbench with misc wood pieces, assorted measuring sticks, and T Square.

Baseball glove, jump rope, Long Beach Grand Prix electronic game, plastic light sabers, rubber horseshoes, Air Pressure Super Soaker50, Jarts Lawn Darts, assorted marbles, Sport Craft lawn toss, basketballs, football, tennis ball, Batman walkie talkies, sidewalk chalk, Pro Kadima paddles.

1926 Steelcraft Roadster model car. Original box with Certificate of Authenticity and specification card included. Great condition.

1935 American Tandem. Original box with Certificate of Authenticity and specification card included. Great condition.

9 piece iridescent depression glass with floral pattern. 4 plates, 2 desert bowls, 3 cups. Great condition.

18 inch tall, 21 inch wide clipper ship model with 19 fabric sales, 4 masts, 1 anchor on each side

Mother with fruit and child statue on decorative base.

Assorted vintage toys and games. Silly Dillys, The Wild West Restickables, Headache, Murder To Go, The Grape Escape, Pig Mania, Basketball Game, assorted puzzles, coloring books, peg game, spelling letters, Spirograph, etch a sketch.

1926 Speedster. Has battery corrosion. Original box with Certificate of Authenticity and specification card included.

1935 Gillham Auburn Luxury Limited Edition. Original box with Certificate of Authenticity and specification card included. Great condition.

15 piece set with 4 plates, 4 saucers, 4 cups, sugar, creamer, and tea pot with lid. Great condition.

6 piece misc vases, tallest 19 inches

14 bells in good condition.

20 assorted decorative ash trays

Snow village and log cabin night light.

Hand painted pitcher and bowl craft project, decorative, unfinished.

Fontanini Heirloom Nativity in box in great condition.

Miniature wine dispenser made in Austria, 20.5 inches tall, 14.25 inches wide, double vessel with etched glass.

1935 Duesenberg. Original box with Certificate of Authenticity and specification card included. Great condition.

1949 Gillham Sport Numbered Edition. Original box with Certificate of Authenticity and specification card included. Great condition.

Vintage 1968 Silver Gull Bird CV76 W Germany Figurine. Great condition.

Tally Ho by master carver David Lawrence

Rockys Raiders with original box

Package Tour by master carver Peter Calvesbert with box

Hide and Seek Rhinoceros by master carver Peter Calvesbert with original box

Placemats, napkins, tablecloths, aprons, doilies, table covers, kitchen towels, quilted small appliance covers, paper napkins.

Soup crocks in box.

Statue of conquistador on horse. 18.5 inches tall with spear. 13 inches wide from horse tail to nose. 1969 and Leonardo Art... engraved on rear base.

19 piece Japanese tea set, sugar bowl with lid, tea pot with lid, serving plate, 5 plates, 6 saucers, 5 cups, gold detail. Great condition.

Retired E 15 O without box. Great condition, but actual picture was accidentally deleted. The image included is a computer image.

Clear blue glassware set of 22 pieces

Assorted China tea cups with matching saucers, 12 sets. Additional 2 plates, 1 cup, and sugar bowl.

Small electric kitchen appliances, including yogurt maker and hand mixer.

4 3D puzzles. Tiffany Lamp, Neuschwanstein Castle, The Capitol, Mississippi SteamBoat. All pieces not verified.

Misc electrical supplies, bolts, screws, etc.

Misc plumbing and household supplies, including all containers.

1 Coleman PolyLite 34 cooler, 1 small Coleman cooler, 1 Rubbermade cooler, and a small Pro Fisher tackle box with fishing gear.

Hand painted porcelain collectibles in box and in great condition.

Owl by Andrea 6350 with wooden base, Chickadees by Andrea 6726 1983, Blue Heron by Andrea 6721. All in good condition.


Jar set of 8 with snap down lids.

Assorted dishes, including 4 Christmas mugs, 1 tea kettle, small Asian teapot with cracked candle warmer base, 2 oval white melamine bowls with small matching bowls, royal blue salt and pepper shakers, yellow fiesta salt and pepper shakers with matching sugar and creamer and mug.

Small misc kitchen appliances, including Hamilton Beach food processor, juicer, cup warmer, Nesco electric casserole with enamel comply and aluminum lid, George Foreman grill, automatic egg cooker, etc.

Stuffed momma cow with 3 calves, 12 pairs of ladies gloves... Leather, nylon, suede, silk., massagers, working music box with key, hand stitched framed art, glass jewelry boxes, Easter bunny figurines, Easter bunny plush toys, paper weight.

Misc nuts, bolts, nails, etc. Containers included.

Hand crank drill, old sprinkler head, miter saw, Fulton combination molding plane, pliers, wrenches, screwdriver, 2 framing squares, Eastman Chickadee II, old boat bow light, handled rug beater.

14 inch tall, 13 inch wide brass peacock, believed to be used as a card or photo holder

Misc collection of 29 pieces. Carousel cookie jar, metal horse and carriage, 21 wooden rocking horses, 1 glass horse, 2 matching musical horses, 1 ceramic, 1 horse in shell ornament, and 1 crocheted horse.

E 9 J without box. Great condition.

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