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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Set includes: teak style bed frame with 2 matching night tables(currently connected), queen mattress and box form base. Solid plank base support. Comes with comforter, sheets and 2 pillows. No visible stains. **lamps not included. Located on second floor... bring tools and help to lift down the stairs.

3 chairs and small table. Chairs measure: 22.5X21X34 each. Table measures: 24 diameter x 31.25. Chairs have minor outdoor wear. One chair has a visible stain on the seat (see photo)

2 Area rugs both 5x8 colours are difficult to photograph but centre and edge colours are dark brown with tan patterns with maroon flecks.

Portable Hose stand measures 18X22X32. Blue watering canister and sprinkler. Plus nozzle for the hose

100% pure NZ Merino Wool. 16 skeins.

Four Kitchen appliances. Includes a Cuisinart electric rice cooker, Tfal food grater, ice cream maker, and cheese and yogurt maker.

22 skeins of two tone blue yarn.

Blower, vacuum, leaf shredder. Tested.

Blue, white, beige

Multi colours. See photos

Framed artwork. Signed by N. Morriseau. Picture measures 22X21.X28.75. Frame measures 27.75X28.75

Adjustable sport roof racks. Not sure if all hardware is present.

Aero bed in a bag (single size) with built in air pump and fitted cover sheet. Comes with an assortment of travel bags and cases. Mattress fills quickly ands stays firm, however it has not been tested long term.

9 full and 3 part skeins, as well as a started project. 100% pure new wool, feels soft to the touch, not picky at all.


Off white

Navy blue. Basket not included

Carousel Protector, slide case binder pages, portable screen, and JPEG converter unit... converts negatives, slides, photos and business cards to JPEG format.

Chairs measure 23X25X37. No visible stains on either chair or the extra cushions.

21 skeins of Sugar Brown yarn

Measures 82.5x 55 x 24. Open. Closed 82.5X41 x 35. Mattress has removable cover with minor noticeable mark, see photo. Plus a futon slip guard. Located on second floor... bring tools and help to lift down the stairs.

Yarn - 16 Skeins, light blue

Cherry red


Yarn - 10 Skeins, light blue

Knitting and quilting magazines. See photos for more details

Plus 13 skeins: white and 1 striped

Unique retro lamp shade measures 15" diameter (oblong) and lamp stand is 59" tall

2 coolers, large and small, dish set with mugs and cutlery, 4 thermoset, 1 fry pan, 1 Tilley hat, 1 guitar case

Measure 17" x 95" long. No visible damage.

Multi colours. See photos

Yarn 13 skeins - black

Yarn - 11 Skeins, light blue

23 Skeins of black yarn with a spiral pattern weave.

6 skeins of cotton cashmere rust red colour. And 8 skeins of casks rink chunky

Light green

Cream. See photo for one item started


Hard and soft cover books. See photos for authors and titles.

Sony AM/FM CD clock radio. Tested

6 piece set (plus lids). Varied sizes. Some wear from stacking and cooking.

Vintage cameras, cases and new Sunpak tri pod

Yarn 11.5 skeins - yellow

Yarn - 14 Skeins, forest green

Yarn - 11 Skeins, purple with colored specs

Grey Brown colour variation. 10 in total

Grey and blue

13 skeins of pure wool yarn.

2 small teak table lamps with wooden bases. Measures 8" diameter lamp shade, lamps 16" tall.

Includes: 2 chairs, table and umbrella and stand. Table measures 42" diameter, chairs measure 2X54X41. Chairs have visible wear on the seat due to use and weather. Frames have minor wear, umbrella base is cracked.

Wheel measures 15" wheel barrel measures 26X36X42. Good condition, no visible damage. Spreader has noticeable rust. (See photos)

Yarn - 16 Skeins, brown tweed, black tweed

Dark red with speckles of multi colours. See photos. One item started

14 mason jars. Varied sizes. Plus one large green wine jug.

Teak wood Dresser measures 33.5X18X29.5. Made in Canada. Located on second floor... bring tools and help to lift down the stairs.

Teak wooden desk with hutch and chair. Desk Measurements 48.5X24X29.25. Hutch measures 30.25X10.75X32.5. Desk has a drawer for a keyboard, shelves inside the cupboard, bottom left drawer has hanging folders. Located on second floor... bring tools and help to lift down the stairs.

2 Chenille Double bedspreads, cream colour, note: some wear and faint stains, 2 pure virgin wool blankets, size double in red and blue, Ralph Lauren burgundy polar fleece blanket

Assorted Crystal includes cream & sugar set, small vase, candy dish and swan

Yarn- 10 Skeins, black with coloured specs

Yarn 14 skeins black and burgundy


Crystal jug 8" tall, bowl is 4.5"x7", and serving trays are approximately 8", 11" & 14"

Axes, saws, hammer and 2 tarps: blue measures: 12'x 8 'black measures: 53" x71"

Yarn - 9 Skeins, brown

Yarn - 13 Skeins, light green

Rust red colour, 10 full skeins.

Variety of colours. See photos

Black, brown and one grey/silver/black mix

Green, white, cream, brown. Baskets are not included

Assorted authors, hardcovers and soft covers.

Assorted. See photos for tiles

3.5HP 30 litre wet dry Shop vac with accessories. Tested.

Dark brown

Antique chair measures 17X19X33. Note some wear

Antique chair with needlepoint cushion. Measures 16X21.5X33

Wooden Dresser measures 38X17X23. Has to be refinished. See photos. Has locks but no keys

Lamp shade diameter 16". Lamp height adjusts from 47"-68". Matches the two table lamps in lot #242.

Set includes: assorted plates, bowls, cream and sugar, tea pot, coffee pot, 3 mugs. Plus platter and bread basket. Microwave-dishwasher, oven-freezer safe

Classical, opera. Includes Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky, Beethoven and more. See photos for titles and genres.

Lamp shade is 17" diameter. Lamp is 29" h

Yarn - 7 skeins navy blue

Yarn - 10 Skeins, red

A variety of seeing and knitting items. Includes 2 sewing baskets and lot and lots and lots of knitting needles, etc! See photos for details.

Navy blue and dark pink

Grey, black, white. One item already started. See photos. Basket is not included

Multi colours, white, green, pink. 2 items have been started. See photos

See photos for titles and authors

60 + books varied hard cover and soft covers. See photos for authors and titles. **shelf not included

Set of 3 glass pots with lids by Vision Corningware.

Yarn - 11 Skeins, black

4+ skeins of pink, 6+ skeins of beige, and 5 skeins of off white. With a few started projects.

9 full and one part skein of Mercerized Cotton yarn

Dark green colour yarn

Black with one item started


Multi colours. See photos. Includes an afghan that has already been started.

Green and red. Baskets are not included

Low Profile Dresser with mirror. **requires refinishing. Notice wear on the top. See photos. Base of dresser Measures 72.5X16X24 high and would be ideal for placement under a window. Mirror measures 22X41. Located on the second floor bring tools and help to remove from the home.

Assorted Towels & Sheets Varied sizes: fitted and flat sheets. Mixed bath, hand and wash clothes. 4 Heating pads with removable covers. (All tested & working) 3 are oversize and relatively new.

Antique children's rocking chair. See photos for wear.

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