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Signed 925 about a size eight or nine. Measures 1 1/4 " not any missing stones. Estate found so it needs a cleaning.

In great shape ,painted no damages could be used easily.3 feet long 24 in wide 18 tall

32" wide x 18" deep x 47" in height. Has casters so easy to roll around .Maple wood with a light green paint ,stressed paint finish .

Measures 36 7/8" wide x 21" deep x 38 1/2" in height. oak bench made from an old bed

guitar sounds very good, not any damage and not warped, has all strings , it has some crazing to the finish. Other item is a vintage tambourine in good condition .

Signed sterling locket, measures 1.5" with a 22" chain

great shape, minor wear measures 32 in by 19 in by 22 in tall.

small wicker mirror is a couple of years old the large one is 1880s , 44 tall by 38 wide

About 90 percent have stamps early 1900's postcards, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter and thanksgiving.

This early box measures 10. 3/4" x 5 x 8". It has inlay mother of pearl. See photos where I took pics of chip on corner and crack on the back.

large 22 by 31 oil on canvas . no holes a few little dimples overall a great old oil !

Nice early 1860 era gentleman's chest . Large with deep drawers . the mahogany is figured with very prominent grain . The entire chest is all original pine. Some minor wear and a few pieces of veneer gone. 48 in tall by 42 wide

Measures 42 length x 17width. X 19 height. Inside is cedar lined with western aromatic cedar. Good clean piece made in the 1960s by Huppe ,Victoriaville Quebec

no rust, a couple of dings ,solid copper

First oil lamp that is all clear measures 20" including chimney and the other gold color measures 17".

Miss muffett measures 5.5" both are in mint condition, no cracks or chips.

Solid cast iron ,exc shape


refinished years ago some early repairs ,overall good condition. Normal scattered wear , 36 in wide by 18 deep by 18 tall

The earrings are scrap they are missing stones on one of them. Ring is a size 7.5 and vintage 1930s and in good condition.

They measure 16" in height and foot size is 11" long and nice and wide. They have the red trade cloth lining. age unknown

Measures 64.5" in height x 16" deep x 25.5" wide. SURFACE WEAR ,with key , a few scuffs and scrapes. Made in Kitchener by G . Lippert company

6 feet tall with brass hooks ,some minor wear

comes with original hinges and handle, has some damages and pieces gone, Scattered wear , natural pine with traces of original green paint. 33.5 x 73

We will start with love birds chocolate mold, measures 7 x 6" no trust on it it's old chocolate circa early 1920s, turkey half mold measures 4 1/4 x 4 3/4" ducky measures 4 1/4 x 2 3/4" large bunny with bridal gown measures 6 3/4" x 3 3/4" and the last is rabbit measures 4 x 3 1/4" all without damages.

A few dings ,painted green

waterloo county dry sink , this is a 1970 version of an original dry sink right down to the square nails, all solid pine ,professionally built. Excellent pine finish , a few scuffs here and there . The sink part is 5 inches deep.

good clean rug

Neat old sewing cabinet 24 inches tall , comes with sewing items , normal wear

exc shape 3 feet by 3 feet by 1 foot deep. shows sign of wear

Large one is 70.5 and two small ones are 41" and width of all is 8 7/8".Good shape normal wear

early handmade sloop , 3 sails 1 mainsail with battens , 2 gibs one with boom , has rudder as well . all the rigging is wound up etc ,great project ! Weighted keel all original paint and varnish. 3ft by 4ft high by 8 in wide. has age related wear

Size 8 ring not any damage gold is good not any wear, nice vintage ring.

The one razor made in Canada needs cleaning, the other one is in very good condition.

This smart tree stand is expandable, it gets quite large to accommodate your tree, and it's in the original paint. Thrown in is a box of glass ornaments in the original box, nothing is broken.

The first and tallest basket measures 6.5". X 6.5 wide, the green basket measures 4" x 8" the little basket with red ribbon measures 2 3/4" x 4" and the last basket the smallest is 2 3/4". X 3" and is the only basket with damage.

This jewelers case measures 13. X 13" x 5" in height. Very early walnut case. Turntable moves 360 degrees, glass on top

As you can see from photos, it does need repair. Measures 10" including fringe. Extremely early bag, around circa 1870s

This vase is made in Holland and measures 9 1/4" in height x 6 1/4" wide. Not any damage cracks or chips. Signed

19 by 15 framed and matted , exc shape vivid colors . Beautiful native Ontario artwork

Measures 24.5" x 14" in height, painted red ,metal.

You can use these for gift or price tags or both buy chalk paper and it works well. Tag makers are only three months old.

Royal Doulton Bunnykins lamp without the lampshade the condition of the lamp is perfect.

Slight damage underneath , wheels work fine hubcaps are missing , been refinished years ago .Red paint is worn but nice, metal handle is in great shape

This is a signed sterling and 14 k gold cigarette case, measures 4. 1/4 x 3 1/4" no dents or damage, needs a touch of cleaning.

comes with , key , pendulum , untested, has alarm mechanism

Please see all photos for makes of cups and saucers, not any chips, cracks or fading.

The tallest oil lamp is the brown pottery one, it measures 9 1/4" including shade. Not any damage.

Side table with drawer , no major damages ,scuffs and scrapes

painted black no damages

14 k gold on sterling match safe. I also listed the cigarette case on lot148

Tray not included in lot . The crown hook is new and measures 5" x 5" next item is a little box next is a lighter in original box signed Grand Prix pinnacle gas. Sterling amethyst ring about a size eight signed 925. Flats is a designer piece signed sterling and something else I can't despiser. It measures 1 3/4"

Each wood plane measures 8 7/8 in length x 4 3/4" not any damage.

the black duck measures 17.5 inches long and the one with the blue bill measures 15" long. As you can see they both had neck repair.

nice early 1900s clock with key

The serving spoon measures 9" signed sterling made for H.J. Howe and the fork is signed the same I don't have a scale for grams but both of these weigh together 3.9 oz

32" wreath, brand new in box, mint condition

Some age to them, but not antique. Each sconce measures 12.5" wide x 5.5" in height. Not any cracks or chips, crazing, but made to look that way.

Santa measures 25" in height x 16" wide no damage dirt Or odors

New mobile 23 channel in original box and backing.

exc shape used once ,13 by 19 by 30 inches with filters , scenery ,gravel books,etc

This bracelet has two totem poles, both sterling, some type of animal, not signed. Locket signed sterling Disney Mickey with old movie camera, signed Disneyland and sterling.

lanterns untested

Needle point on left with early frame measures 12.5 x 9.5 neither have any damages.

Large covered bowl with handles measure 9" including handles x 5" in height including cover. The next item is open sugar bowl measures 4" x 2.5" signed see photos and last is a jar of collected sea glass from Lake Ontario.

See photos for descriptions. One gallon jug and chamber pot. No chips or cracks on chamber pot and on jug,

Each coffee mug measures 4" in height x 5" wide including handles. No chips or cracks.

This is a lot of mixed pieces, please see all photos.

Large painted older watering can

Measures 4x2" and is in very good vintage condition. Made in USA, missing one gun

early hardwood stool, good shape

Relish jar measures 5" including cover the carnival candle sticks are vintage as well as the relish with starburst and cut centers.

The one wood plane with the number on it is the one made in Bath, it's the best of lot other two are in good shape but missing blades.

The vintage Toby type jug measures 5.5" x 7.5" including handle. The salt and pepper is signed

The white turkeys are made in black Japan and the blue ones are occupied Japan, not any damage, just a little dust.

Size eight ladies 925 sterling ring

Kapsel leather measuring tape and two local yardsticks

Not any damage on punch bowl or cups. Bowl measures 4" x 9.5

Bowl measures 9" x 2.5" not sure the flower pattern.

no damages nice iridescent finish

I can't even guess how many soldiers are in this lot, each measure 2.5"

14 inches tall , cute little plant stand

The decanter measures 10.5" including stopper, all in excellent condition.

Oneida, Sheffield England and Gorham silver plate.

AM headphone radio in original box, never used. Made in Korea.

Very good condition, both are new and not vintage.

lamps untested early 1900s

Canisters each measure 8.5" in height. All three items are in excellent condition and the apple timer works well.

Measures 29 x 35

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